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Chapter 1

Emma Swan was the adoptive daughter of one of the richest family in town. Her biological parents had abandoned her on the side of a street where her adoptive mother Lisa had found her. They raised her like she was their own and Emma loved them like she was their own. But still Emma found something missing. She had money. She had friends. She had everything you could buy but she desired something much more important. Love. She wanted someone she could finally share her life with. Someone who would fall asleep next to her and was still laying next to her when she woke up. Someone who would know her deepest secrets and wouldn't judge her. Someone she could trust.

Emma sighed. She sat in her parents home and ate some lasagna while their cook Paul was cleaning the dishes from the last meal. "Paul?" "Yes, Miss Swan?" "How did you meet your wife?",Emma asked and he looked at her surprised but then smiled. "I bumped into her accidentally. Spilled my coffee over her.",he said with a chuckle and Emma grinned. "But I can't really run into women and spill my coffee over them.",Emma said and Paul chuckled. "No, Miss Swan. You probably shouldn't." "How did you know that you loved her?",Emma was curious. She never really felt love. Sure she had some crushes but she never felt real love for them.

"I think... to that there is no real explanation. You just know it. I knew the second I saw her smile and her bright gray eyes that she is the one.",Paul told her and Emma sighed. "Thank you. I'm heading out." Paul nodded and Emma walked out of the house. She wrote her best friend Ruby to meet her in the park and drove to it after Ruby had accepted.

Ruby already waited for Emma with a half-eaten hotdog in her hand. "Hey, Ems. What's up?",Ruby asked and hugged Emma. "The usual...",Emma said and they started walking. "If you want to meet your true love you maybe should start going in clubs or blind-dates instead of always pity yourself.",Ruby said and Emma looked down. "I know...maybe this evening?",Emma asked and Ruby nodded with a grin. "I'll come over so we can decide what we want to wear before we go.",Ruby suggested and Emma nodded.

In the evening they did exactly that before they went into a club. They looked around and spotted two nice-looking women. "Ready, Emma?",Ruby asked her and Emma nodded nervously. They walked over to the women and Ruby directly started flirting with a small brown-haired woman with Australian accent while Emma looked at the black-haired woman wide-eyed. Ruby saw this and sighed. "That is my best friend Emma.",Ruby introduced Emma who smiled nervously. "Hey, Emma. I'm Belle and that is Mary-Margret but I call her Snow because she has a little snow fetish.",the brown-haired woman said. "Belle!",Snow shrieked and they laughed.

Ruby saw that Emma started to have a panic attack and quickly ordered some shots which they all directly drowned. "What's going on with you?",Ruby hissed and Emma shrugged. "I don't know... I...I just can't... it's so long since I was with a woman... what if I do something wrong and she laughs over me? I can't ruin my parents name.",Emma said and Ruby sighed before she pulled out her phone. "Well. If the sex is the only thing which bothers you than I can do something about it.",Ruby said. "How?" "With a prostitute.",Ruby answered casually. "What! I can't! That's... that's..." "Hey. I do that too from time to time. When I don't find someone nice to sleep with. I have my needs.",Ruby answered and Emma sighed.

"I will make you a fuck-date tomorrow." "But..." "Nuh uh. You don't get a say in it. That was pathetic today, Ems. And you won't stop whining. Don't worry. The girls are sweet and hot. They are all healthy and can not talk to anyone about their job with you. They do everything you want and are good in it." Emma looked at her hands. "You really think it will be okay?" "Yes. And now try your luck with Snowy...",Ruby said and they rejoined the two women. Emma couldn't do it and left after half an hour. Ruby was a bit pissed but nevertheless called the agency who promised her to send a fitting woman for Emma.

The next day Emma was pacing in her apartment. Ruby had told her when the woman would come but nothing else. Not even a price. It was quiet when suddenly someone knocked on the door. Emma's heart stopped for a moment before she walked to the door and opened it. A woman with black shoulder long hair stood in front of her. She had brown mesmerizing eyes and full kissable lips. "Are you Emma Swan?",the woman asked her. Emma nodded and the woman smiled slightly. "May I enter?" Emma stepped to the side and studied the woman's frame. She wore a black dress which barely reached her knees and fitting high-heels. The dress had a deep v-cleavage and showed the olive skin underneath.

The woman entered the apartment and turned after a few steps back to Emma. In her hand she held a handbag which didn't really fit to the outfit but Emma didn't minded. "I'm Regina.",the woman introduced herself and Emma closed the door. "H-hello.",Emma answered and scowled herself for her nervousness. Regina slowly walked towards her and placed her free hand on Emma's collar. "I was told that you haven't much experience.",Regina said and Emma swallowed the lump in her throat. "My friend... said that I... I should do this for some... bravery...",Emma stuttered and Regina smirked.

"You don't need to be afraid of me.",Regina said and her hand traveled down Emma's torso. She bit her lip and looked back up to Emma with a seductive smile. "I...I'm not..." Regina laughed and put down the bag before she took Emma's hands in her own and placed them on her hips. "I'm usually more confident...",Emma said with a nervous laugh and Regina smiled softly. She pulled Emma's face down to hers and kissed her sensual. Emma hesitantly kissed her back and Regina slowly started to unbutton Emma's blouse. Emma broke apart from Regina who looked rather confused.

"I...I'm sorry... but I can't...",Emma turned away and paced. Regina sighed. "Of what are you afraid?",Regina asked her and crossed her arms. "I...I just..." "You are afraid that you aren't good enough in bed. But hey. That's why I'm here. I won't judge you. I promise.",Regina said and looked around. She walked into the kitchen and searched for some alcohol and smiled when she found some whiskey. She walked back to Emma with the bottle and opened it. "Drink.",Regina said and threw the bottle in her hands. Emma quickly drank some big gulps before Regina took the bottle again. "Wouldn't want you to vomit on me.",Regina said with a smile and put the bottle away.

Emma took a deep breath and than pulled Regina against her. They kissed heatedly and Regina gasped. "Mhm. Easy tiger.",Regina said and grabbed Emma's ass. "I have some things with me we could use if you like." "That sounds good.",Emma said and Regina grabbed her bag. "Lead the way, tiger.",Regina purred and Emma chuckled. She led Regina into her bedroom where she closed the curtains before she walked back to Regina and cupped her cheek. They kissed passionately. Emma pushed Regina on the bed and crawled on top of her. Regina almost ripped Emma's blouse and pushed it away. She admired Emma's thin torso and nice firm breasts.

She kissed Emma's neck and cleavage before she switched their positions. Emma quickly took Regina's dress off and caressed the exposed skin. She sat up and they kissed once again. Emma's hand gripped a fistful of Regina's hair and she heard Regina's moan. "Emma..." She felt herself getting aroused and sighed contently. Maybe she had really needed that. She unclasped Regina's bra and threw it next to the bed. She cupped Regina's breasts and sucked at one while she kneaded the other one. Regina's moan grew louder and her hands disappeared in Emma's blond long curls. She pressed herself against Emma and smiled. "Look. You are really good.",Regina said to boost Emma's ego a bit more.

"I think it's rather because of you. Who could not try to please such a hot woman?",Emma answered and Regina laughed. She undid Emma's bra too and pushed her than back down on the bed. She planted kisses all over the exposed skin down to Emma's jeans. She unzipped her with her teeth while they had locked eyes and quickly unbuttoned the jeans before she pulled it down and hummed when she smelled Emma's arousal. "Someone is happy to see me.",Regina said and threw the jeans behind her. She crawled back up and kissed Emma softly.

They finally got rid of their panties and Emma flipped them over once again and spread Regina's legs. She smiled when she leaned down and kissed Regina's inner thigh. "Mhm...",Regina grabbed her hair and pulled her to her pussy. Emma chuckled and blew some air over her slit. Regina shuddered underneath her. Emma licked her teasingly slow and Regina huffed. "Come on! Stop teasing me..." "Impatient, aren't we?",Emma asked and Regina just pulled her harder and Emma finally gave in.

As she laid there Emma moved closer, molding her lips to Regina's glistening labia as she started French-kissing Regina's smooth pussy. Regina groaned and moved her feet apart to give a little more room, and rested her hands gently on Emma's head. Emma slowly licked up and down the full length of her slit, tasting Regina's sweet nectar as her tongue started to probe her inner folds. Regina's flow increased as her breathing deepened, and she started rocking against Emma in a slow fucking motion. Emma used her fingers to ease Regina's labia apart and extended her tongue to explore further, feeling her heat radiating across her face as she thrust harder, trying to push her tongue even deeper.

"Oh yes honey!" Regina gasped. "Keep sucking my pussy like that and you'll have me cumming in no time!"Emma matched her tongue movements to her thrusts, so that as Regina pushed against her she was deep in her oozing hole. Emma was happy for her to set the pace, and Regina's hands were now holding her head firmly against her. Her flow increased and Emma's face was covered in Regina's sweet juices. "Oh Fuck! Oh God! Eat meeeeee! EAT MY CUNT! OH, I'M CUMING!" She squealed and jammed Emma's face against her pumping pussy. Regina squirted in Emma's face and hand before she collapsed slightly.

Emma crawled back up and kissed Regina hard. Regina quickly flipped them over and grabbed her bag. She pulled the strap-on out and Emma gasped. "That's a huge one...",Emma said and looked into Regina's eyes. "I'll be careful.",Regina answered and smiled softly. She put the strap-on on and wrapped Emma's legs around her waist. Regina softly guided the fake cock into Emma who braced herself for the unpleasant feeling but it never came.

Regina hovered over her with a concerned look. "Are you alright?",Regina asked and Emma looked between their bodies. Regina had fully entered her and she hadn't felt the pain she knew from all of her ex-boyfriends. "Y-yes...",Emma stuttered and Regina followed her gaze. "I promised you that I'm careful.",she said and Emma smiled at her. "Thank you... for everything.",Emma said and Regina looked at her surprised before she smiled. She held with one hand Emma's leg while the other supported her weight. She thrusted slow and deep into Emma while she made sure that she would always brush against Emma's clit.

Emma moaned and dug her nails into Regina's back who hissed slightly but didn't stopped nor said anything to it. Slowly she started to increase the thrusts and watched how Emma's breasts bounced with every thrust. She leaned down and took a nipple in her mouth at which she tugged softly before releasing it again and soothing it. Emma pulled Regina's head to hers and kissed Regina softly. "God... fuck me..." "You know... I feel honored that you call me god but I have a name too.",Regina said cheekily and Emma grinned. "Harder..." Her hands wandered down to Regina's ass and dug deep into it. Regina grunted softly and thrusted harder into Emma.

"Oh fuck! Yes! Regina!",Emma screamed when she felt her climax approaching. "Fuck! Reginaaaa!" Regina smiled and sucked on Emma's neck. Her own climax wasn't that far either and she let herself go. "Em-ma! Oh god... Emma! You are so... fucking tight...",Regina moaned and pushed faster into her. They finally came together and Regina collapsed on Emma. They tried to catch their breaths and smiled at each other. Regina slowly pulled out and took the strap-on off before she laid down next to Emma. "Finally grew yourself some balls again?",Regina asked Emma who smirked and nodded. Regina looked on the clock next to Emma's bed and quickly scrambled on her feet. "Fuck...",she cursed and started to redress. "What?" "I have a personal meeting and are almost late.",Regina explained her hectic.