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The arrow pierced his thigh, just above the knee, stopping him in his tracks. It was as if time had stopped, icy tendrils slithering through his veins, clasping at his heart, which thudded loudly in his ears as he gasped in pain.

'Kili!' His brother's shout sounded faint in his ears as he dropped to the ground, his leg frozen in an icy grip.

His vision temporarily greyed as a blurry shadow appeared before him. As his vision returned he watched as an arrow plunged itself into the chest of the orc, sending him tumbling down, swiftly followed by another.

Turning, Kili found the figure of the elf, Tauriel, standing on the river-bank, her bow ready as she moved to eliminate her next target. As more elves joined her on the river bank Kili turned his attention back to the lever.

His leg felt leaden as he tried to sit, and he pushed his full weight onto his uninjured leg as used the steps beside him to steady him. It didn't have to be pretty he just needed to reach that lever. He grimaced as his leg seized painfully, his knee refusing the bend, as he pulled himself toward, and eventually lunging forward. He none too gracefully fell against the lever and allowed his weight to pull it down, falling back against the floor as his vision greyed once more.

He sagged upon the ground, his chest heaving. He felt the vibrations beneath the stone as the gate opened, releasing the trapped barrels. He sighed once before beginning to move to the edge of the bridge as his brother called back out to him. He didn't have time to think; he just moved, blinded to everything but his target and the pain.

He shifted his legs over the edge, the arrow dragging through his muscle, causing him to grimace as he hefted his entire body over the side. He was only vaguely aware of the cold spray of the river as he landed against the base of the barrel, the arrow snapping against the rim with a loud crack. The break reverberated through his leg to the bone, and he ground his teeth together as he slumped back against the edge of the barrel.

Kili could feel the barrel drifting across the water, and could hear the rush of the waterfall ahead, while metal striking metal rang out above his head. As the barrel drifted beneath the bridge he breathed heavily, his head lolling against the rim of his barrel as his eyes began to close.

The barrel suddenly shifted in the water's current and his foot slipped across the bottom. After everything else, that was all it took; he slid down as the world darkened around him, the icy pain clawing at his bones and gripping at his heart… his brother's shouts drowned out by an abyss of pain and cold.