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"Slightest Chance"

. . .

There are two things Agent Clint Barton knows for sure, as he throws another punch at the large man who has the same amount of rage and flames dancing in his dark eyes as Clint does.

One thing he knows is that, it is only in a matter of seconds until Clint's leg gives out beneath him, forcing him to crumble down to the tile floor in a pool of his own red liquid.

The other man curls his hand up into a tight fist and then swings, aiming to hit Clint directly in the face, but he blocks it at the last second with his hand and then doesn't even hesitate before expanding his other hand to land a hard punch to the man's jaw. The man stumbles backwards, but doesn't fall to the ground.

Clint can hear the other man grunt at the impact and then growl in annoyance as he harshly spits out venom at Clint, "You know, Agent, I'm starting to reconsider killing you right away. I think instead I'll get my payback for trying to ruin this operation and torture you."

Instead of replying, Clint keeps his eyes locked on his targets face, watching his every movement carefully. He can't afford to make any mistakes now… certainly not now.

He grabs the man's arm and pulls him forward so they're only inches apart, and then, with one swift movement, Clint bends his arm and lands a hard blow with his elbow to the man's face, making blood come immediately pouring out of his nose.

Only for a brief second, Clint takes the chance by glancing over his shoulder while the man holds his nose with one hand and tries to regain his balance. Instantly Clint's eyes land on Natasha and a crooked grin forms on his face as he watches her unleash all her strength as she jumps in the air and kicks the bodyguard hard in face with the heel of her boot.

Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff were sent on a mission to stop one of the deadliest operations that have been going on for the last seven years. This operation didn't need long before the man who is in charge, Nathan Carter, to kill over a million of innocent people- and that was just innocent people. There were still thousands of criminals and competitions had to be eliminated.

An hour ago, Clint and Natasha ambushed Nathan Carter and his bodyguard, Marco Salazar. They were in an abandoned warehouse, waiting to make a business deal with some buyers. Outside of the warehouse, Natasha easily took care of the buyers while Clint headed inside the warehouse to take care of Carter.

Marco Salazar is a very well built, strong, dangerous looking man, who, by the looks of it, seems to be Latino. He has spiky black hair with dark brown eyes that are very close to looking back. His skin is tan and he wears all black, an emotionless expression resting on his face. He also has a single scar running down the side of his face, going over his eye- a scar that goes from the top of his hairline to the tip of his chin.

Nathan Cater is a middle-aged man who has harsh facial features and has flames burning in his dark olive green eyes. He wears a complete black suit with his black hair slightly greased back, some strands falling in front of his face. His tanned skin imprinted with thousands of small scars, but one large one around his neck, like someone tried slicing his neck before.

The moment Clint walked into the warehouse and was spotted by the bodyguard, Marco, a gun was pointed directly at his head. They argued for a bit, threats going back and forth, until Natasha sneaked in and helped her partner out.

That is when everything started to go south.

The fight started and Natasha and Clint had no problem dodging and blocking the attacks that were thrown at them, but the tables were quickly turned when Nathan managed to get his hand back on his gun –which was flung on the other side of the room during the fight. He didn't hesitate before pulling the trigger, aiming it directly at Barton.

Right as Nathan Carter's finger pulled the trigger, Natasha didn't waste a second before sprinting towards the man and pushing him to the ground, hoping she managed to make his shot miss.

It missed, in a way.

Instead of the bullet being imbedded into Clint's skull, the bullet went into the Agent's thigh, making a sharp, painful grunt leave his lips as he stumbled to the ground, clenching his leg.

As much as Natasha wanted to go help her partner who was in desperate need of her help, she had to stall Nathan and Marco until Clint managed to get back on his feet and join back into the fight.

It took a few minutes, but Barton ripped his jacket off him and tied it around his thigh, hoping that would stop the bleeding, and quickly got back on his feet to help Natasha out, who was now getting tagged teamed.

As of now, Clint can feel his body's energy begin draining out of him as he fights to keep his eyes open. Even for a well trained Agent, anyone who receives constant, severe, blows to the head and losses a lot of blood from a bullet wound would be exhausted and on the edge of falling into unconsciousness.

Natasha's head whips around, like it has been doing ever since Clint got shot in the thigh, and checks to make sure he's still holding up and still on his feet. With her back to the bodyguard who is on the floor after kicking him in the face with her heel, she doesn't realize he has already, somehow, gotten back up on his feet and wraps his arm tightly around her neck.

Her eyes widening when she feels Marco's strong grip around her neck, she tries using her nails to claw at his skin to make him let go, but it's no use. Deciding a better strategy, Natasha bends her arm and slams her elbow into the bodyguard's stomach, causing him to grunt loudly in pain, and then not a second later does Natasha throw back her head to make it collide into Marco's, sending him backwards into the wall, making him eventually sink to the tile floor.

The other thing Clint Barton knows is that once he heard the familiar beeping sound, he knew only one of them would be able to make it out.

There is no hesitation or a second thought of what comes to the Agent's mind as he listens to the beeping sound echo throughout the entire empty warehouse.

As Natasha goes to help Clint with Carter, the bodyguard's leg comes crashing into the back of her knee, making her fall forwards and land on all fours. Her eyes narrow at the floor until she quickly spins herself around so she's facing Marco and she slides her knife out of her boot, throwing it with perfect aim until the knife goes straight into the man's forehead, killing him instantly.

Smirking at her victory, she quickly climbs to her feet and turns to face Clint, but that's when she hears the beeping echo repeatedly throughout the warehouse, the sound so loud as it ticks. She isn't sure where it's coming from exactly, but she knows exactly what's making the ticking sound and she knows for sure her and Clint only have less than minutes to get out of the warehouse and far as possible.

Spotting the handle of Clint's knife that's tucked away securely in his right boot, Nathan ducks as Clint swings his fist at him and quickly snatches the small, but deadly weapon in his hand. He stands up straight away with a smug smirk before slicing the air with the knife, missing Clint as he jumped backwards when he saw the knife coming his way.

"Trying to kill me with my own weapon? Not right." Clint frowns as he slides out of the way to dodge another hit from Carter and then he curls his hands into a tight fist and punches Nathan in the side of his head.

A little disoriented from the hit, Carter shakes his head a little and blinks his eyes hard, meanwhile, Barton takes this as his chance to jump forward and bring up his knee –with his good leg- to slam it hard into Carter's stomach. He then kicks the boss of the operation in the knee, hearing a painful crack and shortly afterwards a piercing cry of pain leaving Carter's lips.

The knife slides out of Nathan's hand and he stumbles to the ground, allowing Clint to have a better angle to kick him hard in his ribs and punch him in his kidney. Nathan Carter begins choking on his own blood as he lies on the red-stained tile floor. He coughs up blood and lies there as a pool of dark, crimson red liquid surrounds him.

"Clint." Natasha's calm voice turns Barton's attention away from the fallen man and to her. He raises an eyebrow as he sees the desperate look in her eyes. "We need to get out of here."

Staying silent for a second to listen to the ticking sound, he nods his head sharply at his partner, "Yeah, about that." He turns his head to narrow his eyes at Nathan, "When the hell did you have time to plant a bomb?"

It takes the man a few moments before finding enough strength to make a short sentence. "Bomb… bomb was made for after the business deal." He then pulls out a red button, "Push this b-button and… and it activates the bomb."

"You were going to take the money from the business deal, make an escape, and then blow this place up. Coward." Natasha hisses out at him as she shakes her head disapprovingly.

"You'll… you'll never make it out of here." Carter says in a weak, but deadly tone, "Only one of you m-might make it." He lets out a chuckle despite the massive amount of pain he's suffering at the moment. "Especially not w-with his injury."

Natasha kneels down to pick up the gun Clint dropped in the beginning of the fight and aims it perfectly in the center of Nathan Carter's head. "Drop dead." She spits out, letting the last words Nathan will ever hear out before she pulls the trigger and listens to the sound of the gun go off as the bullet crashes into Nathan's skull and kills him instantaneously.

"Come on," Natasha wraps her arm around Clint's waist to help support him, "let's get out of here before this place goes up in flames."

The first step takes is Clint's last as his leg finally gives out, unwilling to support his weight any further, forcing him to fall painfully on his knees and then lie on the floor as blood seeps through his wound on his thigh and through his jacket that he wrapped tightly around it.

Natasha's eyes widen as she watches her partner fall to the floor with a painful grunt leaving his lips. She watches him fall backwards until his back connects with the tile floor and she watches with horror shining in her eyes as the blood comes pouring out of his leg, staining his clothes and the floor with his dark crimson blood.

She kneels down beside him and takes his scratched up cheeks in her cold hands. She stares him directly in the eyes and already she can see how his eyes are losing focus. She can feel her stomach doing flips as she watches his eyes begin to flutter close.

"No!" She hears her own voice yell towards the man she fell in love with ever since she laid eyes on him, "No, don't you dare, Clint! Don't you dare leave me like this. Come on! We have to go before this place blows up into a million of pieces."

He offers her a small smile, but it only lasts a few seconds before he begins coughing up his own blood. "S-Sorry, N-Nat. Don't…" He swallows hard as he squeezes his eyes shut before opening them again, sadness and emptiness consuming his usual bright, life filled, determined, and loving eyes. "Don't stay."

"What?" She stares down at him, confusion spreading across her face, "Clint, there's not a chance in hell that I'm leaving you. I'm not leaving you behind."

He shakes his head, "Nat, I can't move!" He lifts his hand up slowly so he can lay his hand on top of hers, which is still resting gently on his cheek. "I'm not letting y-you risk your life just so you… so you can try to save mine. It's not worth it."

"You're my partner." Natasha says a bit colder than she attended to make it sound. "How can you ask me to leave you?!"

Clint listens to the ticking sound for a few seconds before curling his fingers around her wrist and pulling it away from his cheek. He brings the back of her hand to his lips and presses a gentle kiss to her skin, making shivers run down her spine. "I'm not asking you to leave me, I'm asking you to save yourself."

"You're telling me to go save myself and leave you beyond, which I refuse to do, Barton! I can get you out of here." Tears are threatening to spill from her eyes, but they never escape, she won't allow herself because to her, tears mean weakness and it means giving up. She needs to stay strong- for her and for Clint.

"This is where it all began and it's the perfect place for it to end if it's going to end, Tasha." Clint whispers as he smiles sadly at her.

They're in Budapest. The warehouse they are currently in is located in the center of Budapest, Hungary.

Red lights begin to flicker inside the warehouse, catching both, Natasha and Clint's, attention. A loud alarm sound goes off, making the ticking sound barely hearable anymore.

In the corner of Clint's eye, he can see a metal gate slowly begin to lower itself so there is no way to exit the warehouse- all exits will be locked down so whoever is trapped inside stays trapped.

Placing both bloody hands on each side of Natasha's face, he pulls her head down so he can press a kiss onto her lips- a kiss that holds every emotion he is feeling. Anger, desire, lust, passion, anger, sadness, love. He puts everything he can into the kiss and then only a second later, he pushes her back, "Go."

"Clint-" She tries to say, but he shakes his head as he snatches his gun that lays a few inches away from his head and he presses it to his head. He whispers sadly, "I won't go in pain, I promise. Now," He swallows around the lump that has formed in his throat as he fights back his own tears, "go."

As much as Natasha doesn't want to, it's his last wish- his last request from her. She bites down hard on her bottom lip and starts running backwards, never moving her eyes away from his.

Clint watches Natasha make it to the door and with one final look from her, he watches a tear slide down her pale cheek, mixing with her own blood as she drops down onto the floor, laying flat on her stomach, and rolls under the metal gate before it can slam shut.

Letting out a sigh of relief after watching the woman he loves make it out of the warehouse, he doesn't even have a time to blink before the entire warehouse goes up in flames.

. . .

Natasha makes it out of the warehouse just in time and she manages to crawl a few feet away before the entire warehouse blows up- glass flying everywhere and flames bursting out from all different directions. Right as the bomb goes off, forcing the warehouse to explode, she hears a single gunshot; making her flinch and making her heart skip a beat.

She watches in horror as she lays her back against a tree bark, wrapping her arms tightly around- hugging herself tightly as she lets the tears finally spill from her eyes and slide down her cheeks.

Natasha didn't only leave beyond Agent Clint "Hawkeye" Barton, but she left behind her partner, her best friend, the love of her life. She left him behind and saved herself, just like he asked of her.

Now, the Russian sits there, watching the flames and smoke that are now devouring the warehouse where Clint is still trapped in. The suspense of not knowing whether or not if he was in pain when he died or not knowing if the bullet killed him or the explosion did kills her inside.

She does the thing she never thought she would do in her entire life- she prays there is a slightest chance he's still alive, but deep down, she knows there's none. She buries her face in her hands and lets the silent sobs escape her body as her body trembles with every cry that leaves her body.

Natasha isn't sure how long she stays there, in the same spot with her arms wrapped around herself, but she doesn't care. She stays there until the sun disappears below the horizon and it takes a long time for her to find the energy- the strength to call the other Agents- to call Fury to inform him what happened.

With a single breath, she whispers into the night, praying he can hear her wherever he is:

I love you, Clint Barton.