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I have always had these mental barriers with other people. Emotional barriers if you will. I will instinctively think that I mean less to other people than what is perhaps the case.

Maybe it all started with Bro. He taught me to keep a poker face and to keep emotions contained behind the glasses.

In reality it is a barrier that only I can see. Like when quietly sitting next to someone, and constantly convincing yourself that it's a comfortable sort of silence. The other person has no reason to be uncomfortable, it all in you head.

It's all in your head Dave.

Also when the fuck did I start talking to myself? That needs to stop.

I never really bothered with other people at school. Like if you wanna be my friend, fuck if I'll stop you. If you wanna hate me, go ahead like I care. But if someone decided to mess with the few friends that I had managed to not scare off (Only John really) they were in a world of hurt, all those days i spent lying practically dead on the roof after some "lessons", would not go to waste.

John has been my best friend since forever, only I don't feel like I'm his best friend. Well I mean he's my only friend, but that's not the point.

I know just about everything there is to know about John, but when it comes to awkward points in a conversation, thoughts start to creep in. "He hates me" "Why the fuck does he think I'm interesting to talk to" "God dammit he's cute" "if I don't say something soon this is gonna get awkward"

Ok maybe one of those wasn't quite this the others, but John Egderp just happens to be the cutest little fuck in all the world. But if he found out just how homosexual my thoughts are of him, I'm afraid my only friend will leave me.

It's all in your head Dave.

Eventually it got to me, the waiting for something, ANYTHING to happen. even if my stupid ass mental barrier shit was gonna keep me away from other people, I might as well enjoy the one relationship I had to the fullest.

Somewhere along the line I actually confessed to him. When I told him what I thought would be my last words, he made this squeak (squeal?) that I keeled over at. And grabbed me into this massive bear hug that nearly tore me into pieces. I couldn't breathe but at the same time I had no intention of making him stop.

"How did you know I am in love with you", he whispered.

"I had no idea you were a homosexual John". I paused for effect, or maybe for breathing purposes. "Be my boyfriend?".

John took a deep breath, I could see his gorgeous bright blue eyes bouncing with joy. It seemed like a million years before he answered my question. "Dave, of course! Like I could refuse your cool guy charm ;)"

Relief flooded through me. John started sprouting an excellent shade of red. And I replied with a grin at him.

My barrier appeared to be crumbling. Who would guess that a nerd could break down the stoic cool-guy Dave Strider.

This is real, don't fuck this up Strider.

"How about we go eat some super romantic spaghetti-o's at my place?"

John still blushing replied, "Can we watch Con-Air too?"

"Anything you want Egderp".