Hello everybody, Ember Hinote here and ready to embark on a new task. You see I kinda went to see the movie Frozen and I kinda fell in love with it. So as I was searching around Tumblr, I came across pictures of Matthew and Alfred as Elsa and Anna and boom! This happened. So I hope that you all enjoy this!

"Mattie, psst!"

The young, slumbering male stirred slightly while still trying to keep sleeping. He could feel the soft tugs on his blanket and that could only mean one thing. He might as well get as much rest as he could because a certain little bundle of energy was definitely not going to let him get anymore that night.


There were more tugs to the blankets covering him and the boy tried to continue sleeping. The bed shifted slightly at the increase in weight as that bundle of energy had successfully climbed to the top of his bed. Matthew could only smile slightly as he continued to try and sleep, though it was much lighter now as he had been disturbed. He soon felt someone crawl on top of him.

"Mattie!" whispers the loud voice in his ear as they began to shake him. Trying to keep asleep was going to much more difficult now. "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"

"Alfred," says Matthew, his eyes still shut in hopes that he could continue sleeping. "Go back to sleep…."

He feels the small hands of his younger brother lift up off his shoulders; Matthew grinned. Maybe Alfred had finally listened to him? But that dream was quickly dashed when he felt his brother flop back down on his back with his tiny arms spread in a melodramatic fashion. Honestly? Where had Alfred learn to do that?

"I just can't," says Alfred as he stares up at the ceiling with wide blue eyes. "The sky's awake, so I'm awake. So we have to play!"

Matthew did all he could to suppress a chuckle. He would have to admit, as annoying as it was to be woken from his sleep, his younger brother was acting rather cute. Matthew turned and tossed Alfred off of him and his bed.

"Go play by yourself." Alfred tumbles off of the bed and to the floor in slight disappointment. Why didn't Mattie want to play with him? Didn't he understand that since it was bright outside – be it that it was still dark, the moon was rather bright – it was time to play some more? Alfred sat on the floor contemplating on how he would convince his older brother to play with him for a minute when the idea finally struck him. A bright smile lit up his face and he quickly scrambled back on to the other boy's bed.

Matthew knew that Alfred wouldn't be giving up that easily but he could wish it. He felt his brother climb back on to his back before reaching his face and gently pulling back the eyelid so that one lavender iris could be revealed.

"Do you wanna build a snowman?" asks Alfred suggestively.

At that point, Matthew opened both his eyes and smirks over at his younger brother. So that was how he wanted to play, huh? After moving Alfred aside, Matthew sat up and stretched out a little to wake up. But before he could completely stretch out and wake up, Alfred snagged his hand and began to tug his elder brother after him. Matthew could see the excitement and cheer in his younger brother's eyes as they ran down the corridor towards the grand ball room. Alfred was yelling in glee as they ran down the staircase and all the while Matthew was attempting to shush him so that they would not wake their sleeping parents to disturb their fun. If they found out then all the fun would have to wait until morning.

"Come on, come on, come on, come on!" cheers Alfred as they rapidly approach the door of the grand ballroom with Matthew in tow and attempting to shush him. His brother should have known better by now. Alfred wanted to play and playing quietly was not an option for the young wheat blonde boy.

Once they arrived, Alfred began to laugh and cheer much louder than before while Matthew hurried to shut the door. If they were going to play then it might as well be undisturbed as well. But as he shut the door, Alfred continued to pull him along. Honestly! Where did he get all that energy? The elder platinum blonde couldn't help but join his younger brother in the laughter.

"Do the magic! Do the magic!" says Alfred eagerly as he tugs his elder brother to the center of the room.

Matthew smiles towards Alfred and pulls his hand free of the tight grip. He rubs the index finger and thumb of his right hand together before he begins to swirl his hands in a small circular motion with sparks of blue ice coming from his fingertips. Alfred's eyes were wide with amazement as the sparks of ice began to form together into a small glowing ball with sparks and snowflakes dancing around it.

"Ready?" asks Matthew to an eager Alfred. The look on his face was enough of a response, a look of anticipation and enjoyment. Matthew tossed the ball into the air with a trail of snowflakes and a stream of blue light following it. Just as it was about to hit the ceiling of the ballroom, it burst, sprinkling the room with a cloud of glittering ice particles sprinkling down over them.

"This is amazing!" shouts Alfred as he dances around and attempts to catch the glittering bits of ice in his chubby hands while laughing.

Matthew then leans over, catching Alfred's attention. "Watch this." He stomped his foot on the ground and immediately a large snowflake appeared beneath him before turning to ice. Ice spread from his foot like ripples in a tide pool until the floor of the entire room became their own personal skating rink. Alfred began to slide back, keeping his eyes locked on his elder brother and a cheerful grin on his face.

It wasn't long until the entire room became their private winter wonderland with snow and ice everywhere. Matthew assisted Alfred in rolling snowballs for a snowman. Matthew sat his brother down on one of the chairs left in the ballroom as he continued to construct the snowman for his younger brother's amusement. Sure it was a bit of a chore to find coal for its eyes and buttons, sticks for its arms, thin twigs for hair, and a carrot nose but he knew that Alfred's happiness would be enough of a reward for his efforts. Once done, he turned the snowman around and hid behind it, moving the sticks with his hands.

"Hi, I'm Ivan," he says while deepening his voice slightly. "And I like warm hugs!"

Alfred was elated by the snowman and quickly ran over to hug it. "I love you Ivan!" he squeals as before embracing it and smiling at Matthew. The younger boy's smile was truly worth the difficulty it was to find the items for Ivan's construction.

Soon Alfred and Ivan the snowman were dancing around on the ice floor with Matthew propelling them with his powers. Once they were done with that, Matthew took Alfred sledding down small snowy hills on his lap and having Alfred jump into soft piles of snow.

"Hang on," Matthew began to create mounds of snow that were steadily getting bigger as Alfred began to jump from pile to pile. But soon Matthew began to notice a small error, Alfred was jumping rather quickly.

"Catch me!" cheers Alfred as he leaps on to another snow pile and hurrying to leap on to another. "Again!"

"Wait!" exclaims Matthew worriedly, trying to keep up; Alfred was jumping faster and faster. "Slow down!" But that was when Matthew just had to lose his footing on the ice and fell on to his back.

"Whooo!" cheers Alfred as he leapt of a particularly tall pile of snow, thinking that there was going to be another there to catch him as he fell.

"Alfred!" shouts Matthew as he quickly shot a stream of blue snowflake, hoping to create a snow pile to catch Alfred but it instead struck his younger brother in the head. Matthew watched as Alfred hit the slope of the previous snow pile and roll down it, unconscious. He quickly got up and ran over to the younger boy. "Alfred." He watches as a snow white streak appeared in his brother's hair as he began to cradle the smaller boy in his arm and on his lap. Matthew was terrified and did the one thing that he could think of as he tried to control the fear that seeped into his voice. "Mama! Papa!" shouts Matthew as he continued to cradle his younger brother, unaware of the ice spreading and growing thicker around them until the entire ballroom was covered. "It's okay Alfred, I got you."

They had felt a slight chill in the air and knew that something was happening, so they raced down the stairs in the direction of where the chill was coming from. The doors to the ballroom soon swung open to reveal their parents standing in the ballroom's entrance in shock.

"Matthew, what have you done?" gasped their father as he stared at the scene. He and his wife race towards their sons in worry. "This is getting out of hand!"

"It was an accident," says Matthew as he continued to hold on to Alfred protectively. He gently snuggled his face in Alfred's hair. "I'm sorry Alfred."

Their mother soon took Alfred from him and cradled him in her arms while their father looked on with the same worry.

"He's ice cold," she gasps.

"I know where we have to go," their father said as he looks on at Alfred before racing towards his study and pulling a book off of the shelf. He quickly flipped through the pages before finding the right one with a picture of a dark shape behind a man lying on a stone slab. A map slipped out of the book and fell to the floor before he took off running again.

This time, the entire family was on horseback. His wife rode with Alfred tucked in her arms, attempting to warm him while Matthew was sitting in the saddle in front of him. As the horses galloped away from the castle, a small stream of ice tailed them, marking the path. Unnoticed to them, a young blonde boy with thick eyebrows was making his way through the woods with his reindeer. This boy was Arthur with his companion named Mint. Arthur and Mint look at the ice train in surprise being as he was an ice harvester.

"Ice," he whispers before jumping on to Mint in hopes of catching up with the trail. "Faster, Mint!"

The two hurry down the path until they come across a clearing with many boulders around it. The pair quickly hid behind one of them and watch as a well dressed man and his family stand in the middle. He wondered why they were in the wood at night instead of sleeping in their beds as from what he could tell by how they dressed, they were rather wealthy.

"Please! Help!" cries the man. "My son!"

At first, nothing happens and there was only silence. But then the boulders began to move and roll towards the man, surrounding him. Arthur and Mint quickly duck down behind the boulder that they were hiding behind in hopes of not being caught. He gasps as he watches the man pull his family closer to him. Soon the boulders stop rolling and they unfurl to reveal faces; they were trolls!

"It's the king," gasps one of the trolls. Instantly a murmur ran through the rest of the trolls, surprised to see such royalty before them. They begin to part way for another troll to make his way through.

"Trolls," gasps Arthur aloud.

The boulder before him unfurls to reveal a female troll. "Shush!" she orders, "I'm trying to listen!" She pulls him and Mint closer to her and Mint immediately takes the opportunity to lick her face. Her eyes shift between Mint and Arthur and a smile grows on her face. "Cuties," she coos, "I'm gonna keep you."

"Your majesty," says the elder troll as he takes Matthew's hand. "Born with the powers or cursed?

"Born," answers the king immediately, "And they're getting stronger."

The elder troll then let's go and looks over at the queen. He gestures for her to bring Alfred down so that he could take a look at the unconscious boy. She kneels down and reveals Alfred bundled up in blankets. He places his hand on his head before turning back to the king.

"You are lucky that it wasn't his heart," says the troll. "The heart is not so easily changed, but the head can be persuaded."

"Do what you must!"

The troll places his hand once more on Alfred's head before pulling it back to reveal the memories Alfred had of him and Matthew enjoying the elder's powers. "I recommend we remove all magic," With a wave of his hand, the scene changed from the two siblings sliding down the hill together to Matthew pushing Alfred in a sled, "to be safe." Each wave of his hand changed each memory to ones of a normal snow day where the siblings were outside instead of indoors to make it all seem natural. "But don't worry," says the troll, "I leave the fun." He then gathers up the memories in his hand and places them back into Alfred's mind. "He will be okay." Almost immediately Alfred began to stir which relieved the family.

"But he won't remember that I have powers?" asks Matthew curiously as he stares at his younger brother.

"It's for the best," says his father as he places a hand on his shoulder. Matthew looks at his hands dejectedly.

"Listen to me," says the troll as he touches Matthew's arm before turning away, "Matthew. Your power will only grow." The lights above them began to display an image of a grown man moving his arms and causing wonderful shapes to appear. "There is beauty in it." The lights soon moved further up where they changed from blue to red as the snowflake burst causing the shapes around the man's image to attack him. A faint scream came from it. "But you must learn to control it; fear will be your enemy."

Matthew gasps and immediately turns to his father for safety and comfort. The king takes Matthew into his arms. "We'll protect him," he says. "He can learn to control it, I'm sure. Until then, we'll lock the gates. We'll reduce the staff. We will limit his contact with people and keep his powers hidden from everyone, including Alfred."

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