Hermione stood in her sheer nightgown standing on the balcony outside the window of her bedroom in the cold hours of the morning. The wind blew through her hair and she shivered in the cold. Everyday she woke to find her bed empty, empty since her boyfriend, Harry Potter, who she lived with, had gone of to fight Voldemort one year ago. Harry and Hermione had been dating for three years, since right before they left Hogwarts. Originally Hermione had loved Ron Weasley, she even thought she would spend the rest of her life with him, but Ron had been killed when Voldemort had tried to take over Hogwarts. In the end Voldemort had been forced away from the one sanctuary magical children had left and now a war had broken out in the hidden magical world and many had gone to fight.

Ron's death had brought Harry and Hermione together and made them realize their feelings for each other. Now Hermione found herself, and not for the first time either, looking out the window longingly, waiting for Harry. She longed to see him, feel his touch and hear his strong voice. Harry had insisted Hermione live far away from the magical world so that she would be safe. Hermione would have said no, but she was pregnant and agreed to keep their child safe. Hermione had given birth to their son alone, at home, and named him Ron after her departed friend and lover, Harry had agreed thinking it was fitting to name the baby after his best friend, but before Harry could meet his son Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts, had taken the little boy to keep him safe and Hermione was alone again.

Suddenly Hermione saw something darting through the sky in the horizon. A black haired man in worn blue robs was flying towards her house in the middle of nowhere. Harry was coming home. As Harry approached Hermione stepped back through the bay windows into their room and watched as he landed his broom on the balcony and came running to her. Their lips meet for the first time in a year and Hermione felt like she would melt into him, she whimpered in pleasure and felt weak in the knees. Harry pulled his lips away and smiled at her, he had missed her so much. Hermione guided him over to the bed, lied down, and took Harry into her arms. She guided him towards him, felt his touch on her skin, and felt like she was where she belonged. Harry slowly guided Hermione's nightgown off and covered her perfect body in kisses. He stepped off the bed, undressed himself, and then rejoined Hermione on their bed. Harry entered Hermione gently and they fell into the passion that both of them had yearned for, for over a year. When Harry was spent he collapsed onto Hermione and lovingly stroked her bushy brown hair. After a time Harry's exhaustion from his long journey caught up with him and he fell asleep with his head on Hermione's perfectly flat stomach.

When Harry woke up Hermione was smiling and running her fingers through his now shaggy and untidy black hair. Harry smiled back at her and, getting up and sitting next to her, asked Hermione a question that took her completely by surprise.

"Hermione where is Ron?" Harry asked brightly with a sparkle in his eyes only to meet Hermione's eyes and find confusion. "What, what's wrong?"

"Don't you know, Harry, I mean I assumed that working so close to Dumbledore you must know."

"Why would Dumbledore know where our son sleeps? Hermione, I'm confused what is going on?"

"You mean you don't know? Oh God how could you not know. Harry, Dumbledore came two months after he was born and took Ron away somewhere. I thought you knew Harry; he acted like you suggested that he take Ron away. Dumbledore wouldn't tell me were he was taking him, he said it was best if I didn't know where they hid him."

"Dumbledore took our son away? What makes him think he has the right to do that without talking to us about it?"

"Harry, I'm sure Dumbledore thought what he did was for the best." Hermione started to say, but Harry rushed off the bed grabbed his robe, and headed out of the room. Hermione pulled on her silk robe and followed Harry's footsteps down the marble stairs and into their living room. She found Harry standing in front of a blazing fire looking into the face of Albus Dumbledore.

"I don't understand Albus I thought we were friends. How could you take my son away before I even had a chance to know him? Ron would have been safe here with his mother."

"Harry, please try to understand. Your son is not truly safe anywhere until Voldemort is destroyed. Least of all was he safe in your home. I lost Lilly and James to Voldemort's evil. I am not going to lose you and Hermione in the same manner for the same ill. Your son is safe and happy." Hermione, who had been quietly watching and listening, now made her voice heard.

"Please do not do this to me Albus. Don't keep my baby form me. I gave birth to him alone in this huge house and he was all I had since Harry left. How can you take that away from me with out even warning me?"

"Hermione I thought it would be better if you didn't know. I thought if you knew you would try to protect him and in so doing keep him from being protected. There is a real danger out there facing your small son, he needs as much protection as he can get. I'm sorry if that means he has to be away from his parents and think they are dead, but that is how it has to be if Ron is going to be safe." In the end Harry and Hermione accepted the inevitable and realized that Dumbledore was right to keep Ron's hiding place a secret. In the years to come Harry and Hermione married and, once Voldemort's power were once again broken, had three other children, daughters Lilly and Marie and son Sean. But Hermione always wondered about Ron. She worried about him and loved him as only a mother could, even though she had parted from him when he was only two months old. When the war had ended Hermione had become a teacher at Hogwarts and Harry had started playing professional quidditch.

~*~*~*~ Know eleven years had elapsed and Hermione was eagerly awaiting the start of the new school year. At Hogwarts Hermione taught Defense Against the Dark Arts and couldn't wait to meet the new first years - Ron would be starting school this year. Over the years Harry had led his quidditch team to four World Cups in a row and after the fourth year decided to retire so that he could spend time with his children. The oldest, other then Ron was Lilly and she was nine. Harry wanted to spend some time with her before she went off to Hogwarts. So Harry and Hermione relocated their family to a house in Hogsmead. ~*~*~*~

On September first Hermione and Harry walked up to the castle with their children. Hermione needed to prepare for the Sorting Ceremony; she brought Harry and the kids so that they could all meet Ron at the same time. It was a big day for all of them. A little after the Hogwarts Express pulled into the Hogsmead station Hermione took her place at the teachers table and Harry sat with the children at one end of the Gryffindor table. As the older students started to enter the hall most of them stopped to talk to Harry about his quidditch career and why he had given it up, but son the students took their seats and waited quietly for the first years to enter. And they did, a group of very timid group of eleven-year-olds walked into the Great Hall, all huddled together. They looked around, impressed by the ceiling, scared by the faces, and slowly headed up to the high table. At the very end of the line was a skinny black-haired, green-eyed boy standing next to a tall red headed boy.

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