Title - Cold And Broken Hallelujah
Chapter title - Suck It Up, Winchester
Author - OblivionsGarden
Genre - Hurt/Comfort/Romance
Disclaimer - I do not own Supernatural in anyway shape or form. I only own the plot points surrounding my oc's, not recognized from the show. For this chapter I own, Rachel and any other minor character not recognized.

Summary - Rachel starts working with her old friends the Winchesters who thought they knew her. She thought she knew herself but with the apocalypse rising and demons round every corner, she finds she hasn't really got a clue about who she really is. CROWLEY/OC

A/n - I've been playing around with this oc for a while now and trying to make her fit a character. Cas didn't work and nor did Dean. Then I tried Crowley and all these new plot points came to mind and I was more excited to work on this fic.
This fic starts in Season Five Episode Six. Crowley as according to the show doesn't show until episode ten so he won't appear for the first 2/3 chapters. I'd like to establish the original character first and give her some background before I throw her into the main story.
Some points will differ from the episodes to accommodate the character. But nothing drastic will change.
I hope I do the existing characters justice and that you enjoy. Please, if you want to give criticism, make it constructive. Telling me my writing is crap does nothing to help me improve.

Anyway...Enough rambling from me...

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"Agent Page and Plant, FBI." Dean Winchester held up his fake id for the doctor to see.
"Gentlemen. What brings you by?" The grey haired man asked.
"We need to see Amber Freer's body." Sam Winchester placed her badge back inside his jacket.
"Really? What for?"
"The police report said something clawed through her skull?"
"You didn't read the autopsy report I emailed out this morning?"

As the doctor spoke a young woman marched into the morgue, pulling something from her pocket. She smiled warmly at the doctor as she came to a stop beside the tallest Winchester.

"We've been having server issues." The woman held up a badge. "Agent Richards. Sorry I'm late, but I see my partners are already here." She shot a smile at the brothers who hesitated a moment before smiling back.

The doctor nodded and walked further into the room, the woman following closely behind, tucking her brunette hair behind her ear. Sam frowned at his brother who shrugged his shoulders in confusion before they followed the pair. Once they were gathered around the body, the doctor pulled back the sheet, revealing Amber's head.

"When they brought her in, we thought she was attacked by a wolf or something." The doctor finished explaining about Amber having done this to herself and phantom itches before he left the three 'agents' alone. As soon as he was out of ear shot the brothers turned to the female.

"Well, the Winchesters are all grown up." She smiled.
"Rae, what are you doing here?" Sam grinned pulling the much shorter girl in for a hug.
"Working a case. And by the looks of it, now we're working together."
"Well, it's good to see you." Dean too moved forward to embrace the girl.
"Right, that's enough physical contact for one day." Rae pulled back with another smile. "How about we go speak to the family she was baby sitting for when she died?"
"You got a ride?"
"Yeah, at the motel. It's not multiple passenger friendly. You still driving the impala?"
"As if he'd drive anything else." Sam snorted.

A young Sam Winchester morosely made his way down the school hall. Once he reached his locker he pulled his hands from his pocket, unaware of the butterfly knife that fell out and landed by his feet. A girl whose hair was tied into two braids darted forward, picking the weapon up and discreetly handing it back to the boy.

"If I were you I'd keep this hidden. The teachers would flip." Sam smiled at her accent. British, he knew, where exactly he wasn't sure.
"Thanks. I'm Sam." He smiled shooting a hand forward in introduction.
"Rachel." She shook his hand firmly. "Call me Rae."

As the two youngsters spoke, Dean Winchester came strolling by. He smiled at his brother when he noticed the girl.
"Sammy... Who's you're friend.?"
"Dean, this is Rae. Rae, my older brother, Dean."
"Rae?" Dean frowned, tilting his head slightly.
"As in Rachel, not Raymond."

The now trio climbed out of the impala, heading towards the house. As they walked Rae fiddled with the constricting fabric of her grey skirt with a frown.

"You look different." Dean noted.
"Good different or bad different?"
"Grown up different. And seeing you in a monkey suit? Never thought I'd see the day."
"Yeah, you and me both." She grimaced.
"So, you're a hunter now?" Sam joined the conversation as they slowed their pace.
"What you think you can tell a girl about all the things that go bump in the night and have her just sit back and be ok with that?" Rae scoffed.
"Defending yourself is enough." Dean stopped walking, causing the others to halt too. "Why get into the profession?"
"I've never really been good at much. Hunting monsters and saving people... I can do that." She marched on forward, ignoring the brothers and wrapping her knuckles against the wood of the door.

Fourteen year old Rachel sighed to herself as she made her way towards the principals office. The school was empty save for the caretakers, the principal and the teacher who had kept her behind for the after school detention she'd just finished with. She knocked softly on the principals door, pushing it open with the toe of her trainers as she lifted the books in her arms.

"Sir, I just finished that essay in detention. I was told to bring it straight to you so you'd know I'd finished-" She cut her sentence short as she looked up from the essay in question.

The principal, a tall, lean, grey haired man was glaring at her from his desk. Sam and Dean Winchester were beaten and bloody, tied to the chairs opposite. Side stepping into the room, Rae dropped her books and pushed the door shut, ignoring the brothers protests.

"You're the one who's been killing all those kids."
"It's time to leave, kid."
"Not without those two." She gestured to the boys.
"Rae, get out of here!" Sam shouted.

She ignored him, ignored the harsh sound of her heart, pounding in her ears and charged forward. The principal aimed a swift kick to her chest, knocking her onto her back. Rae rolled to the side, climbing to her feet and facing him again. She leapt forward, this time knocking him to the floor and landing on top of him. She managed to get in three quick punches to his face, followed by a headbutt to his nose. He grunted, rolling her over onto the back, his large hands on her throat. Coughing and gasping for breath, she blindly reached her hands around, feeling for anything to be used as a weapon. She felt the wood of his desk and then the plastic feel of a power cord. She pulled hard, the desk lamp falling to the floor. She grabbed the lamp, smashing the base against the principals head, again and again until her moved from above her.
Whilst he wiped the blood from his face, Rae scrambled around the back of Sam and Dean. She began to untie the restraints on Dean's wrists when she spotted the silver of his gun, tucked into the back of his jeans, beneath his jacket. She pulled the weapon out, aiming at the Principals chest and shot. He dropped to the floor, lifeless, as Rae untied the brothers.

"Rae... Where did you learn to do that?" Dean picked his gun up from the floor where she had dropped it.
"I go to martial arts on Monday's and Wednesdays and kick boxing on Thursday's and Friday's. And my Uncle hunts out in the woods. He taught me how to use a gun. Said I'd probably need it one day." Her voice was quiet as she avoided looking at the corpse in the centre of the room.
"You're alot cooler than you look."
"Are you alright?" Sam could see the terror in the young girls eyes.
"I just shot my principal. I'm doing great." She paused, looking from the body to the boys. "He isn't human is he?"
Sam and Dean shared a look of shock. "What?"
"The way all those kids were killed... Their heart, I mean... Werewolf, maybe?"
"How do you know that?" Dean frowned.
"I read. I mean, I've never really believed but then again, I have been wrong before."

Neither of the boys said anything. They didn't need to. Rae already knew she was right. Dean made sure to destroy any evidence of the three of them having aver attended the high school before they left. They left the body to be found, knowing there was nothing left to tie them to the scene.

Rae headed back to where she was currently staying with Sam and Dean, opening the door just as Sam spoke.

"Maybe there's a powerful witch in town."
"Witch?" Rae kicked the door shut behind her and moved towards the table. "What happened?
"Dean just cooked a ham with a joy buzzer."
She grimaced dropping the bag of fast food on the table. "Can we not call it a joy buzzer, please."
"Why not?" Dean frowned using his flip knife to cut himself some ham.
"Sounds like something lonely, middle aged woman use."
Dean laughed, continuing. "Is there any link between the uh, joy buzzer and the itching powder." He said the word louder reveling in the grim look on Rae's face.

Eventually they headed to the place where both items were purchased. The Conjurarium.

"It's so weird being on a case with you. I feel like a kid again." Sam smiled fondly as he remembered some of the good in his crappy childhood.
"Yeah, tell me about it."
"So, how'd you know we were working this case anyway?" Dean asked as they pulled up outside The Conjurarium.
"Didn't. Heard about the case and came down. Saw you two in the morgue and just... Went with it I guess. I don't usually work with other hunters."
"Why not?" The three stopped in front of the door, Dean's hand hesitating on the handle.
Rae paused, shaking her head gently. "Not important. Shall we?" She gestured inside and Dean nodded pulling the door open.

"Girls, have a little look around and put your bags in the cabin. Then we'll discuss the activities for the week." Mrs Carter, Rae's current teacher smiled over enthusiastically as the girls surrounding her dispersed.

They had just arrived at Camp Cloud, a 'quite woodland retreat full of games and fun for kids of all ages'. Rachel's current school, an all girls school, was more than willing to send some of their pupils there. There were two other schools staying their, in other cabins at the same time. And as Rae looked around, she spotted two familiar faces by the boys cabin. She snuck away from her friends and moved closer.

"Are you two following me?" She smirked as Sam and Dean turned to face her with matching frowns. "I'm guessing you guys aren't here for the campfire songs."
"No. Spirit in the woods actually. Goes for teeny girls so... Stay safe." Dean informed her.
"Yes boss." Rae mock saluted the eldest brother who rolled his eyes at her. "So who is the guy?"
"We're not sure yet." Sam shrugged, stuffing his hands in his pockets.
"Well, I can do some research if you like. We have computers in the cabin apparently."
"Thanks, Rae."
"And uh, what about your friends?" Dean glanced over her shoulder. Turning, she saw three girls clearly waiting for her to join them.
"I swear to god if they try to give me a make over or start a pillow fight I will roundhouse kick them in the face."

Driving back to the motel from the waste of time that was The Conjurarium, Rae decided she should speak up.

"Listen..." She paused, unsure of how exactly she should word this. "I heard about your dad. I know it doesn't help but, I'm sorry." Neither of the boys answered but Sam, looking at her through the rear view mirror, offered a small smile. "And the apocalypse too. The Winchesters never catch a break, huh?"
Dean frowned. "How do you know about that?"
"Hi, my names Rachel. I'm a hunter, nice to meet you." The boys smirked, forgetting how quickly word spread around the hunting community. "So, what now?"
Sam sighed. "Back to the motel. Figure out what we missed."
Rae groaned slumping down in the back of the impala. "I hate research." Dean made a small noise of amusement. "What?"
"Nothing. The teenage nerd version of you used to love it."
"Yeah, well... When I was a kid I didn't know much about hunting so I was still fascinated by everything. Now I've either seen it before or it just make me depressed to know there's so much crap in the world."
Sam nodded his head slightly. "I can understand that feeling."

Rae once again bypassed her new school friends, papers clutched in hand, to find the Winchesters. They were sat on a bench at the edge of the wood, talking in hushed tones. She smiled a little, wishing she had had a sibling to grow up with.

"Hey." She greeted, wiggling herself in between the two. Dean groaned and shuffled up making space for her. "I think this might be who you're looking for."

She held up the papers for them both to see. On the first was a picture of a tall, bulky looking man in a stetson hat. The picture didn't look too old. Twenty, thirty years ago tops. Beneath the name Phillip Welsh was printed below.

"One problem." Rae bit her lip.
"Son of a bitch."
"We gotta find whatevers keeping him here. Must be something in the woods right?" Sam shrugged.
"Well, apparently he was fond of his hat. Used it to cover girls faces when he dug their graves. When he was questioned by cops he had said he didn't like the way the dead stared at him. Maybe his hats somewhere in the woods. Is that possible?"
"Very." Dean nodded. "Well, until we find it stay in the cabin."
"He goes for teenage girls. You are a teenage girl."
Rae rolled her eyes. "Teenage girl with a rock salt gun, dumb ass. I'm coming with." She stood up, holding up her hand to silence Dean's protests. "Three people can search faster than two. Besides I saved you ass last time didn't I? Suck it up Winchester."

It was a little past midnight when Rae snuck out to meet the Winchesters. She placed her phone and wallet in her jean pockets knowing that if anything went wrong she wouldn't have time to run back and grab her bag before leaving. The brothers were just a little way into the forest, hands rubbing together to keep warm in the cold night air. Rae had her own gun stuffed into the back of her jeans. Her uncle had given it to her and she had loaded it with rock salt instead of normal bullets. Dean handed her a knife and a torch in addition. She switched the knife for the gun, knowing a knife isn't much use against a spirit.

"Hopefully we won't have to fire. If we do we gotta get out of here quick before anyone back at camp calls the cops." Dean spoke in a low tone, just incase any of their teachers were still awake. "I've got an iron bar too, but that's all. Let's get searching."
"We should split up. It'll be quicker." Rae whispered.

Both boys hesitated before deciding she was right. They each split off alone, Rae heading to the far right, close to a lake that ran through the area. She shone the torch at the ground, straining her eyes for any sign of that hat.
It took around an hour, but eventually Rae saw what seemed to be the brim of a hat sticking up from the ground. She dropped to her knees, placing the torch in her mouth and beginning to scrape at the dirt with her fingers. When the hat was half way free a strong force sent her flying into a tree. Her touch dropped to the ground and her gun was sat by the hat. When she gained the breath that had been knocked out of her she climbed onto her knees, looking up at the spirit leering over her. She scrambled towards the hat but before she could reach it the spirit's cold hands gripped her ankles and dragged her back, rolling her over so she was staring up into his evil eyes.

"You're so dead, you creep."

Phillip Welsh chuckled low in his throat before he began to claw at her flesh. She could feel his fingers tearing into her and the warmth of her blood spilling out. She let out a scream, hoping to god that the brothers would hear her. She tried desperately to fight him off but she couldn't grip onto anything. She caught sight of Dean, charging up behind him and swinging his metal bar straight through his head. The spirit dissapeared and she mustered enough energy to climb to her knees. Dean was at her side in a second, removing the plaid shirt he had over his black tee shirt and pressing it against her neck. He knew that was the most important. If it was too close to her jugular... He didn't even want to think about it.

"The hat. Sam, there... The hat." She gasped and suddenly slumped against Dean.
"Rae? No, no, no. C'mon, stay conscious! Rae!"

Dean lifted the girl into his arms as Sam found the hat and lit it up. The younger brother took Rae's gun and torch and ran after his brother. They ran to the outskirts of the forest and up into the main road. Dean instructed Sam to stay with Rae whilst he went back for their current, stolen, car.

When Rae came to, she found none other than John Winchester watching her from the bed opposite. He smiled in relief when her eyes fluttered open. She frowned, pushing herself to sit up in bed.

"Evening. How're you feeling?" John asked pushing a glass of water towards her on the night stand.
"Ok. My necks sore, as is my stomach. But I'm alive, right?"

John glanced to the side of the small motel room. Following his gaze, Rae saw Sam and Dean fast asleep on the sofa. Each was covered in blood she presumed to be her own.

"I'll drive you back home." John said.
"Thanks." She smiled a little. "John... They don't know who my uncle is right?"
"No, I kept my promise." He smiled shaking his head. "Although I'm not sure keeping it a secret changes anything. Your life is far from normal, kid."
"It sill could be." Rae defended.

As Rae climbed to her feet, adjusting the large blue shirt covering her frame, one she assumed to be John's or Dean's, Dean woke up.

"You're leaving?" He asked getting to his feet.
"I have to let my uncle know I'm ok."
"Right. Well, maybe we'll see you in the future short stop." Dean smiled at the short girl.
"Oakie Dokie." She grinned right back as John left to start the car. "Thanks by the way. For saving my life."
"It's what we do."
"Right. Well, stay out of trouble. And tell Sammy I said goodbye."

As the trio worked further on the case, Sam and Rae headed to the local library to find some more out. When they returned to their temporary base, Dean was still eating the ham.

"Dude, seriously, still with the ham?"
"We don't have a fridge."
"We found something." Rae shook her head, placing a map down on the table.
"Um, tooth fairy attack was here, pop rocks and coke was here, then you've got itching powder, face freeze and joy buzzer all located within a two mile radius."
"So, we got a blast zone of weird, and inside, fantasy becomes reality."
"Looks like."
"And what's the A-bomb at its center?"
"Four acres of farmland...and a house."
"Our motel isn't in that circle, by any chance?" Suddenly Dean became sheepish.
"Yeah. Why?"
Dean hesitated, then holds up his right hand. The palm was covered in thick hair. Sam grimaced, looking away.
"What?" Rae frowned
"That's not what I think it is, is it?" Sam asked.
"I got bored. That nurse was hot."
Suddenly Rae realised what they were talking about and pulled a face. "Oh, dude. That's disgusting."

Once they had met Jesse and then Julia they headed back to the motel once more.

"I take it you got our message."

Rae frowned at Sam, wondering who he was speaking to when she saw a man with dark hair and a trench coat inside.

"Oh. You must be Cas. I'm Rae." She held a hand out for him to shake.
"Rachel. Yes I know, I have heard of you."
"Oh." Rae frowned, lowering her hand.
"Don't worry, he does that sometimes." Dean moved to sit on one of the beds.

After Castiel left, having told them they needed to kill Jesse, Rae stood, pulling some casual clothes from her bag.

"Dean, no offense but the angel on your shoulder is a bell end." Dean opened his mouth but didn't answer.

Rachel came to decide, no matter how much Dean stuck up for him, she was right. Even after the whole ordeal, when Jesse took his parents and left, Cas showed no remorse. She didn't like him and she wasn't sure there was much he could do to change her mind.

The brothers and Rae headed back to the motel to sleep, unsure if they would continue working together or return to the usual, pair and solo routine.