Title - Cold And Broken Hallelujah
Chapter Title - Boyfriend Got A Fetish?
Author - OblivionsGarden
Genre - Hurt/Comfort/Romance
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Rae decided to leave the boys to themselves for a few days, saying she'd found a simple hunt in Idaho she was going after. She needed them to get their heads around everything without her around. Whilst she was there they'd only have more questions that she couldn't answer. She stopped a few towns over, paying more for a slightly more upper class hotel rather than the usual cheap motels. If the boys got suspicious and went to find her, they'd never look there.

As she watched poor TV, sat cross legged on the bed, she decided there was at least one thing she could fix.

"Balt?" She called out, picking the label of the beer bottle in her hand. The cheaper alcohol had never tasted as good to her since she'd tried Craig with Crowley. "Balthazar, I need to talk to you."
"Hello, darling." He appeared on the bed beside her, his legs stretched out. "I was just about to join in an orgy so I hope this is important."
"Charming as ever." She rolled her eyes at his careless, flirty nature. "I just wanted to say sorry."
"And since when does Rachel Singer say sorry?"
"I always say sorry!" She defended. "If I was wrong."
"Liar." He chuckled. "You're stubborn as a mule. Gabriel had to tackle you to the floor before you'd admit you were wrong and apologize once. Remember?"
"Hm. When I said there was no way he'd be able to get a pair of Johnny Depp's glasses." She grinned. "Forgot he was the trickster archangel." The pair shared a chuckle as Rae moved to stretch her legs. "What happened to those?"
"Sold them on ebay."
"Why? What do you need money for?"
"Don't. It's just fun."
"You are the weirdest angel I've ever met."
"And you're the weirdest little human."

He smiled fondly, looking down at her. He noticed the smile slip from her face, replaced with an apprehensive frown. He bit his lip to suppress a sigh.

"What's wrong?"
"It's just... Recently I've been wondering if I am... Human." She needed more help on this, but Balthazar couldn't know about Crowley.
"Well think about it, what other human has an archangel as a guardian?" She asked. "And... When I made my deal I could smell the hell hounds. Still can."
"You can smell them?"
"Mm hmm." She nodded. "What?" Rae's eyes widened as his face paled.
"I'll look into it. But, Rae... Being able to sense any hellish creature is never good. That's why you can see a demons true form right before they take your soul."
"Well I didn't exactly think it'd mean I'd be the new queen bee around heaven and hell." She sighed, standing and moving across the room in aggravation. "But it's not human is it?"
"No. Not at all." Balthazar moved towards her pulling her into a warm hug. "I'll find out."
"Really? What about your orgy?" She smirked.
"Please. I can organize an orgy faster than you can say the word."

He winked and dissapeared, leaving Rae with a smile on her face. The action was short lived however when she realised just how serious her situation was. If an angel was worried than she should be damn terrified. Wanting comfort, she decided to call the one man who could give it just by talking to her.

"Thought you were on a hunt in Idaho." Bobby answered.
"I am. Tired of research." She lied, relaxing back onto the bed, a new bottle of beer in hand. "Can I ask you a question?"
"If I was on a hunt for a fang or a wolf or whatever and I got bitten and I turned... Would you kill me?"
"What? Rae are you hurt?" Panic set into Bobby's voice and she could almost picture him beginning to pace the floor.
"No, I'm fine. Just hypothetically, if I ever became something we hunt, would you?" There was a long pause before Bobby's sigh drifted through the receiver.
"No... I couldn't do that to you. Especially after Karen."
"Sorry." Rae bit her lip, a wave of guilt washing over her. "I should've thought."
"S'alright. What're you asking for anyways?" Bobby brushed over the moment as he always did, never letting Rae feel guilty for anything she did. "You've been acting weird for days."
"I'm fine. I guess finding out Sam's soulless is kinda making me question things."
"Y'know I ain't buying a word of what you're selling?"
"Yeah, you never do."
"I ain't gonna force you to tell me but I'm always here when you're ready. You know that, right kid?"
"Right." Rae smiled even though he couldn't see her. As she did, Crowley appeared at the foot of her bed, his smirk fading almost instantly. "Uh, I better get some sleep. Gotta interview the vic's family in the morning. Goodnight, Uncle B."

She hung up with a frown, climbing off the bed and setting her beer bottle on the bed side dresser. She stood awkwardly before the demon as his piercing stare ran up and down her body. His nostrils flared, his fists clenched at his sides and she could tell something was wrong.

"Crowley... What's up?" She asked in a small voice.
"You've been talking to angels." It wasn't a question, she knew but she felt the need to nod.
"An old friend. Gabriel introduced me to him. He said he'd help find out about-"
"You don't need their help." He snapped, cutting her off. "Angels and Demons don't work together."
"But you're not working together." She frowned. "I mean, you're both looking for the same thing but Balthazar doesn't even know about you."
"He'll be able to smell me."

Crowley growled, crossing the room. Rae backed up until her back hit the wall, Crowley not stopping until he was pressed against her. When she placed her hands on his chest, he gripped her wrists and held them above her head.

"I am the one you come to not those feathered freaks." His voice was gravelly in her ear, his breath hot on her cheek. "Understand?"
"But he can help-"
"Understand?" His voice was dangerously low and she knew she should be scared, and part of her was but she also couldn't help becoming aroused at how close they were stood and the authority in his voice.
"Yes." She murmured.
"What else did you... Discuss with him?"
"What? Nothing. Well, I mean I apologized for arguing with him and we spoke about old times with Gabriel-"
"Did you fuck?" The question was sharp, demanding, catching her off guard.
"Wh- No! He's like an Uncle to me."
"You reek of him."
"We sat on a bed together and he hugged me."

Crowley released one of Rae's wrists, tugging on the other until she had spun, her back to his chest. He pressed her front against the wall, his lips back at her ear.

"You. Are. Mine." He whispered. "Understand?"
"Obviously." She retorted, unable to stop herself. "Crowley, he's an angel I've know for a long time. You... Whether I'm human or not, are the only one I've given myself to. The only one I ever will." Her voice was breathy as she tried to wriggle out of his grasp.
"Good. See that you keep your word."
"I might not be one of your black eyed minions but you're still my king."
"Your king?"

As she turned her head, from the corner of her eye she saw the briefest of smiles cross his face before he took his lower lip between his teeth. He glanced down, pressing his hips forwards against her bum. She moaned lightly in response, arching her back to push back against him. His hands slipped from the top of her arms as he moved slightly to the side. He aimed a slap to her rear and she gasped in shock.

"You don't get to play tonight." He released his grip, moving towards the bed. "Thankfully you chose a nice room." He shed his coat and blazer, leaving him in just his shirt, tie and trousers. "Come here." Crowley stuffed his hands in his pockets, the fabric straining even more against the bulge of his crotch. His arrogant smirk sent butterflies to Rae's stomach as she moved to stand in front of him. "Kneel for your king."

Rae obediently dropped to her knees, watching in anticipation as Crowley pulled down his zipper and undid the button of his trousers, pulling out his semi hard cock. His hands moved back to his pockets as he waited wordlessly for Rae to begin. Rather than take him into her hand she moved her head forward, pressing a soft kiss to the tip before running her tongue along his length. When she finally took him into her mouth his hands left his pockets, instead tangling into her hair and pressing her head down. She gagged a little at first as she went deeper than she had before, moving her hands to grip his thighs. He eventually pulled away from her, using his own hand to stroke his length.

"Strip." He commanded, his eyes filled with lust. Rae stood on shaky legs, beginning to unbutton her shirt. "Slowly." Crowley added as an after thought.

She undid the top few buttons at an agonizingly slow pace but Crowley seemed pleased. His hand didn't cease movement on his cock and watching him pleasure himself only made Rae's panties damper than they already were. She shed her shirt, tossing it carelessly across the room. Next she slid down her jeans, leaving her in her panties, vest top and bra.

As her hands reached for the hem of her vest, the strange tingle she'd felt on her thigh whilst manning Bobby's phones ran down her spine. She paused, glancing to Crowley who had the faintest of smirks settled onto his face. She continued, pulling the vest up and over her head as the feeling spread up to her breasts. She bit her lip, suppressing a moan from escaping. She reached behind her, unhooking the bra and letting it slip from her body. She turned her back to Crowley as she slipped her fingers into the waistband on her underwear, bending forward as she pulled them down her legs, giving him a full view of everything. The feeling moved to her rear, to her heat and she couldn't help the loud moan that escaped her.

She stood back up, turning to Crowley. With a click of his fingers she found herself on her back on the bed, her hands tied to the top posts, ankles to the bottom, legs spread wide. She pulled against her restraints, testing them but they had no give. Crowley was sat on the side of the bed, now completely nude.

So light that she almost couldn't feel it, he traced his fingers across her collar bone, down between her breasts and continuing on until they reached her hips. He stood, moving around to the bottom of the bed, leaning between her legs. He moved his head up, darting out his tongue to flick against her nipple as his fingers danced around her folds. She moved her hips upwards only for Crowley to move his hand away and push them back down. He tutted twice with a small smile and a shake of his head.

"Didn't I say you don't get to play?" He looked up for confirmation but all Rae could manage was a meager nod. "Good girl. Stay still then."

Quicker than she could fathom, Crowley's head dipped low and she could feel his breath on her heat. She resisted the urge to buck her hips as she felt gentle kisses being pressed to her thighs. Soon his tongue was dipping into her warmth, flicking back and forth on her clit whilst his fingers were pushing inside of her. Fighting to stay still was too overwhelming and before she could stop herself her hips were raised, hands in tight fists, eyes closed tight and lips parted in a silent scream of pleasure.

Crowley stood up, looking down at her, his lips glistening with her juices. His eyebrows were raised, his mouth in a mocking smirk.

"You just can't behave can you?"
"Your fault." She breathed. "You can't use your tongue like that and expect me to stay still." Rae let her head fall back, eyes falling closed.
"Well, when I'm faced with a feast fit for a king I have to dig in." He winked.

Rae moaned, pulling against her restraints. She heard Crowley's chuckle as she was suddenly on her hands and knees, his hands gripping her waist. His cock rubbed against her clit sending shivers to her centre. She pushed backwards, urging him on. A slap hit her rear with a sting of both pleasure and pain. She reached her hand below her, managing to reach his length. She stroked him a few times before another slap reached her. She released him, moving instead to press her fingers to her clit. Another slap.

"Please, Crowley." She begged, aching for the feel of him inside her.
"When you learn to behave." He grunted, his cock pressing against her again.
"Since when does a demon care about behavior?" She retorted.
"Since I am your king."

Without warning he thrust himself into her, completely filling her up. She let out a scream, burying her face into the pillows before her. Crowley's speed was relentless as he pounded into her, occasionally aiming a slap at her rear.

He stopped only to switch her back into her restraints on her back before slamming into her again. She wanted her hands free to reach out to him, to touch him but she couldn't slip her hands through the binding. When he saw her struggling he dipped his head to her neck, biting and sucking at the flesh.

His grunts and groans filled the air as Rae's walls clamped around him as she came for a second time. He pulled out, chest heaving, spilling his seed over her stomach and breasts. He stayed hovering above her whilst they both caught their breath. Crowley raised his hand, fingers poised to click.

"What did you learn?" His voice was barely above a whisper.
"You're my king and I belong to you." Rae whispered back.
"Good girl."

A click and her restraints were gone as Crowley collapsed beside her. As his eyes fell closed Rae took a moment to just look at him. He was never quiet, always talking about something. Usually in an arrogant tone full of ego but now he was just still, eyes closed, chest rising and falling with his breath. He looked relaxed.

"Enjoying the view?" He asked.
"I am as it happens." Enjoying the soft chuckle that sounded, Rae rested her head onto her pillow. "Question."
"Of course." She smiled. "Do you do this with all of your mildly attractive contracts? Or am I supposed to count myself as the lucky one?"
"Mildly attractive?"

Crowley frowned as he rolled onto his side to look at the young woman beside him. There were many human things that baffled him and self pity and lack of self confidence was one of them. Being ashamed of the many limitations that came with being human was understandable. He pitied humans for them himself. But the meat suits could be amazing. That's why he chose his carefully. A handsome man from England, living in New York, successful and looks damn fine in a suit. Should he choose a female meat suit, Rae's would've been first choice. Dark sparkling eyes, a mischevious smile, healthy body with curves in all the right places and could probably pull of any outfit given to her. Mildly attractive did not describe her at all.

"You don't give yourself enough credit." He offered. "And no. I don't do this with my other contracts. You're the first and only."

Rae stayed silent, a blush creeping onto her cheeks at his words. What did he mean by not giving herself enough credit?

"So, no new case yet?" Rae asked the Winchesters as she dumped her bags in the corner of their motel room and sat down on the tattered sofa.
"Not yet." Sam smirked a little and nudged his brother as they sat opposite her. "Something you wanna tell us?"
"Hm?" She frowned and noticed their now matching smirks. "What?"
"You been having fun working alone, Rae?"
"Uh... If by fun you mean fighting ghosties then yeah, I had a ball."
"Meet any one new?"
"Victims families?" Her frown deepened as she waited for them to get to their point.
"Hm. How about a man?" Dean raised his eyebrows. "You know, it gets lonely, being a hunter. We all need someone to take our... Frustrations out on."
"Ok, you guys are gonna have to cut the crap and come out with it cause I don't know what you're driving at here."
"You might want to look in the mirror. At your neck."

Face dropping, Rae jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Sure enough, clear as day, a dirty great love bite was just above her collar bone. She groaned lightly, making a mental note to tell Crowley to ease up on the biting. Or at least get rid of it before she went back to Sam and Dean. With a deep breath she returned to the main room ready for the endless teasing she was about to endure.

"Sooo, who's the guy?" Dean chuckled as she tried in vain to make her round neck tee shirt cover the dark red mark.
"No one."
"Sure." Sam remarked. "If there's one thing I know it's that there's no way in hell Rachel Singer would have a one night stand. So, who's the guy."
"Just, a friend. A hunter actually." She lied. "You don't know him."
"No... More, friend with benefits." At least that part was true. "Ok, this is weird. I'm talking to my brothers about my sex life can we change the topic please?"

Sam and Dean did change the topic. For a short while. But then they continued to ask about her new 'boyfriend'. She went out the following day, just to get away from them for a while. In the town centre as she wondered aimlessly, she spotted a lingerie store. With no case to be working on she darted inside, a little embarrassed to be in such a place. She was used to buying her underwear from wherever she got new clothes. She'd never been into one of these high end places specifically for underwear designed to arouse and be taken off again.

"Hi, can I help you with anything?" A perky young girl around the same age as Rae with curled red hair approached her as she entered.
"Uh, no I'm good."
"You sure? You look terrified." The red head chuckled. "Boyfriend got a fetish?"
"Wha- No!" She defended. "Just thought I'd try something... Sexy."
"Well, we've got sexy." The shop assistant smiled warmly. "What's your style? Pink and girly, red and sultry, black and mysterious? Or anywhere in between?" She gestured around at various garments. "Or we have fancy dress outfits, PVC, crotchless-"
"Black. Or maybe red." Rae interrupted. "Nothing too girly or frilly. I don't want to look like a china doll."

The red head, or Emily as she introduced herself, lead Rae around the shop, showing her various things. Rae picked up a few pieces to buy, insisting she didn't need to try them on but she'd like to look alone for a while. When Emily left, Rae wondered the store, eyes widening at the more, kinky pieces. Without thinking she stepped through a beaded curtain and found herself faced with a room full of plastic toys. Her first instinct was to turn and run but curiosity got the better of her.

The sheer sizes of some of the toys alarmed her and the further into the room she delved the queasier she felt. She turned back until she spotted a batch of lipsticks. She frowned to find make up in the midst of all the sex as she picked up a shade of purple. However when she removed the lid she found the whole object to be made of plastic. The bottom twisted and the whole item began to vibrate in her palm. Startled she dropped it to the floor where it vibrated itself in circles at her feet.

"All new discreet vibrators. Put them in your make up bag and no one will know the difference." She read the label on the stand before picking it from the floor. "Yeah until your friend asks to borrow your lipstick and vibrates her mouth off." She snorted, replacing it onto the shelf.

She moved to leave the room but on a second though, moved and picked up a lipstick and headed for the counter.

Rae hid her new purchases inside the store bag in the bottom of her duffel. It was bad enough she had a love bite for the boys to tease her with let alone finding lingerie and a vibrator.

She sat at a small table outside Dean's chosen place of dining 'Fat Mack's Rib Shack'. She was flicking through yet another newspaper to find a case.

"Good news, boys! I've got a job for you."

When she heard Crowley's voice she looked over the top of her paper, taking a breath as he approached the table. She never thought she would've been happy to see the king of hell walking towards for her. Crowley took a chair from another table, turning it around and sat down on it backwards. Another thing that was new to her were all the little things she was beginning to find arousing. Like sitting with his legs so far apart on the chair.

"My, my Rachel..." He smirked. "That's quite the mark. New boyfriend?" He nodded to the bite mark with a testing smirk.
"Friend. With. Benefits." She spat out through clenched teeth.
"Hey, leave off." Dean interrupted. Sure, he can tease Rae but if a demon joins in he flips. "I'm gonna say this once. You can take your job and shove it up your ass."
"Is that any way to talk to your boss?"
"You're not my boss, dick bag."
"Dean, Dean. Been through this. Quit clutching your pearls. You've been working for me for some time now. Sam and Rae here, longer."
"We didn't know."
"Like that makes a difference to you. You'd sell your brother for a dollar right now if you really needed a soda." Rae avoided looking at either of the brothers, instead focusing solely on Crowley. "Look, I'm sending you-"
"Beg pardon?"
"I've done some shady stuff in my time, but I am not doing this. No."
"Ten quid says you will."

Crowley reached to touch the back of Sam's hand, creating a burn the spread across the skin. Rae met Crowley's gaze and found a slight annoyance in his eyes.

"You like pain, Sam? You like Hell? You need to stop thinking of this as some kind of deal. This is a hostage situation, you arrogant little thug. I own your brother! Do you understand me?" A simple click and the burn was gone. "Come on, Dean, smile. It's not that bad. Here's incentive... You bag me a live alpha, and I'll give you little Sammy's soul back, with a cherry on top."
"What, alpha vamp not good enough for you?"
"Best mind where you poke your nose, if you want to keep it. Your merry little hike up the food chain starts here." He dropped a newspaper onto the table. "Businessman found dead in his car, chest ripped open...heart missing. Sounds like?"
"No, it's not a full moon."
"Werewolves turning on the full moon, so '09."
"Yeah, we killed one months ago on a half moon." Rae frowned.
"Things have been out of whack for a while now, I guess." Sam agreed.
"So, it's settled then. You bag the howler, bring it home to papa. See you soon, boys."