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(Within Fire Country)

Deep within one of the many forests of the Fire Country, bodies of bandits laid strewn across the ground with a few hanging on branches. There weren't even twitching, all of them were dead, killed in different ways each: sword slashes, broken necks along with other broken body parts, burned alive, drowned, slashed in multiple places or stabbed. These bodies were once missing-nin who had originally tried to kill their target for the large bounty on the target's head. But instead they were the ones who were killed

The killer of these men, who was still fighting some remaining bandits, was a young man who looked like he was in his late teens or early twenties. He stood about 171cm in height and had tan skin with no signs of baby fat whatsoever merely lean muscle. His hair was a short spiky red color, but a red colored kitsune mask that had blue colored designs covered his face, thus denying people the chance to see his true identity. The clothing he wore consisted of a long black cloak with long sleeves, a hood attached, and red stripes going over the sleeves, including around the wrist collars, down the cloak's edges. and the back as well as the hood too. At the center of the cloak's back was a large red whirlpool symbol. Underneath that was a long-sleeve blue shirt and mesh shirt under the former. Black fingerless gloves covered his hands and dark crimson bracers were strapped around his forearms. Over his legs were black pants, while he had blue sandals on his feet. In the man's right hand was a katana that instead of silver had a red blade, which was attached to a black and red striped handle with a round black guard. The blood on the blade blended in easily with it every time the man struck someone down.

As he struck down another one, the leader a missing-nin, decided to use ninjutsu instead of trying to charge in blindly. Acting quickly the ninja formed several hand seals. "Katon: Great Fireball Jutsu!" And unleashed a large fireball straight towards the redhead man. Said man did nothing as the fireball consumed him in an inferno of death.

The missing-nin watched the scene with relief as his attack burned the spot where the redhead man stood. That was until he briefly saw something pass by him and then nothing but darkness.

The kitsune mask man watched, left hand raised with a double-bladed edge ninjato in it and blood on it, as the missing-nin's head fell off from its body towards the ground, followed by said body soon after. With all of them dead the mask man cleaned the blood off of the ninjato, but not the red-bladed katana, before sealing them away and began making his way towards the border. But just as he made a turn he paused and a second later thrust his left hand out with speed that a few could keep up. The hand grabbed something and the Kitsune man looked at it he saw it was a bug or to me more precise a kikaichu, a unique insect used by a clan that the redhead was familiar with.

Looking at it for a few seconds the mask man shifted his gaze to the left, his eyes concentrated on something that he could see. Then he looked back at the bug and with a simple movement, crushed the kikaichu. Once done redhead released its remains and then disappeared from the area.

Shino Aburame, a jonin-rank shinobi of Konohagakure, was staying perfectly still behind the tree he was using as a cover. While upset and angry of one of his bug's death, he knew that logically he would be no match for the kitsune mask man due to the high chakra he was given off. Furthermore the kikaichu had not died in vain, because while the mask man was focused on that one, another of Shino's insects had managed to acquire some of the man's chakra to confirm his true identity. Even after six years and despite drastic changes to his person from what could be seen, the man's chakra remained the same and Shino confirmed that the kitsune mask wearing man was indeed Naruto Uzumaki.

In all honesty Shino hadn't even expected to find Naruto. He had been returning from a mission given to him by his clan, to check out a site where rare insects that could use chakra were spotted. The mission had been successful and Shino began his journey back to Konoha, with a jar of some of the insects. That is when he noticed several chakra signatures a mile or so away from the Aburame. Several of them were at least chunin level but one of them was far greater, near Kage-level if not greater. Not only that but it was familiar too while the weaker chakra signals were disappearing one by one. And so after sending several kikaichu carrying a scroll for the Hokage, Shino rushed off to investigate and he was indeed right in who it was: The large chakra had belonged to Naruto Uzumaki; a former Genin of Konoha banished six years ago.

After making sure that Naruto was gone, Shino headed back to Konoha to inform the Hokage that his suspicion were correct and that Naruto was still alive and heading towards Wind Country, most likely Sunagakure. He had contemplated about sending some of his insects to track Naruto but the Aburame went against it. The reason was because it was clear that Naruto would easily detect them the moment they were near him. Thus Shino decided it would be wiser to inform the Hokage right away.

(Wind Country, Sunagakure)

Within the center of the village known as Sunagakure, where the Kazekage's tower was, the Godaime Kazekage, Gaara, was currently in his office. Normally, like almost every day, the young Kage would be sitting in his desk doing the bane of all Kages…paperwork. However today kami seemed too be on Gaara's side as there was little documents to look over and sign, so the redhead managed to finish up early and was now spending time by sitting cross-leg on the floor with an infant, about a year old, in front of him.

The infant, a boy to be precise, was almost an exact replica of Gaara, except instead of reddish brown hair the child had full brown hair and while he had the young Kage's green eyes, he didn't have the black rings around his eyes that Gaara possessed, nor the kanji for "Love" written in red on his forehead. The baby, wearing a light brown sleeping suit, was sitting up right on his bum, with a purple baby seat supporting him. The infant was happily playing with the number of toys around him, picking one up, playing with it, and then putting it down and moving onto the next. Now and then the infant would look up towards his father, in which Gaara would give a small smile, in return causing his son to giggle happily and returning his attention on another toy.

Gaara heard the door to his office open slightly before closing behind him. But he did not seem to mind and neither the new occupant in the room, as he knew who it was. "You still haven't learned of knocking even after six years huh Naruto?"

The revealed and unmasked person, Naruto, whose whiskers were now darker, just smirked at his fellow jinchuuriki and good friend. "I wouldn't be me if I did that now would I?" Then he looked at the baby who was staring back with a curious look in his eye and a chubby fist rubbing his nose. "Hi Gakuto-chan how you've been?" Naruto asked kindly. The baby only gurgled before stretching his other arm out towards his father, his eyelids becoming heavy. "Hey where's Kanna-chan?" Naruto asked his friend who was picking up his sleepy son from the floor.

"She is back home with Matsuri and your daughter, whom I'm sure is the reason for your arrival." Gaara said as he used his sand to put everything in his office back in place while at the same time sealed up Gakuto's toys. "Matsuri wanted Kanna to stay in doors since she seems to be less anxious in seeing the rest of the village then Gakuto is."

Naruto shrugged and followed Gaara out. "Well if you're going home then I might as well follow you. I have too pick-up Kiko-chan and meet Yujin-san at Spring Country since Suna might be getting some unexpected guests in a few days." Naruto said as he followed the Kazekage out of his office.

Gaara raised an eyebrow at that before narrowing, understanding the hidden message. "Someone from Konoha saw you." It was not a question.

Naruto shrugged. "Yeah I figured it would be better to head back here and pick up Kiko-chan instead of just waiting for them to give up searching for me."

Gaara said nothing at first as they exit the building and headed back towards the young Kazekage's house where his wife, daughter and his friend's daughter would be waiting for them. While jumping through the roofs Gaara looked back at Naruto. "You know you could accept my offer of giving you asylum, saying that you're staying here under my protection. Heck why haven't the other nations or villages that you've save done the same thing?" The Kazekage commented.

Naruto shrugged. "Well for one I don't feel like being a burden to my friends and two giving me asylum would cause to much political problems with Konoha and most likely Fire Country if I accepted yours or the other's offers." Naruto answered.

Gaara gave the redhead a questionable look, blinked and said, "Since when has any of that stopped you?" He deadpanned.

Naruto smirked at the comment. "True but I didn't have someone precious to take care of during those times."

(Konoha, Hokage Mansion, Hokage Office)

Tsunade listened to Shino as he finished his report. When she first read the scroll the Aburame had sent beforehand she thought it was her bad luck again only to find out it wasn't. It looked like lady luck was on her side this time…that is depending if they could convince Naruto to come back. As she dismissed Shino, Tsunade's thoughts went back to how this whole mess had started.

It had begun when Sasuke Uchiha, one of the two survivors of the Uchiha Clan massacre, the other being his older brother and the perpetrator of said massacre, had deserted the village of Konoha. The reason: To join the rogue shinobi Orochimaru for power to kill his brother Itachi Uchiha after the Snake Sannin gave Sasuke a curse mark. He left the village at night and was escorted by four of Orochimaru's elite shinobi.

In response the Godaime Hokage, Tsunade Senju, granddaughter and grandniece of the Shodaime Hokage and Nidaime Hokage respectfully, as well as one of the Sanin, trained under the Sandaime Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, her teammates being Jiraiya and the rogue-nin Orochimaru, had sent out a team to retrieve Sasuke and bring him back. However due to the lack of manpower within the village, thanks to an invasion a few months prior, all that Tsunade could send out was a team of genin led by a newly minted chunin to retrieve the Uchiha. One of the genins was Naruto Uzumaki, the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki and one of Sasuke's teammates.

The mission was a success, though two of the members were critically injured they would live however after intense surgery and medical ninjutsu done by her, Shizune and several other Konoha medic-nins. The team, with help from the Sand Siblings, killed all four members of Orochimaru's elite guards the Sound Four along with the fifth member Kimimaro Kaguya who succumbed to a disease he had according to Gaara. Naruto himself faced and defeated Sasuke Uchiha, bringing his unconscious teammate back to Konoha. But little did anyone know that would be Naruto's last time in the village.

Since his birth and becoming the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, Naruto Uzumaki has been hated by the majority of the village and sometimes beaten too. The leaders of these beatings and other sorts were the members of the Civilian Council. This group consisted of wealthy merchants and other positions of power that were more interested in their desires then the village, such as making Naruto's life miserable. They also worshipped Sasuke Uchiha, keeping him on a pedestal in order to get on his good side and his clan's wealth. And with said boy injured by the one that they scorned for so long, they finally had a way of getting rid of the demon brat. Through careful planning and sneaking in a few documents into certain piles they had managed to begin their plan.

To explain more clearly Tsunade Senju, the granddaughter and grandniece of the Shodaime Hokage and Nidaime Hokage respectively and the current Godaime Hokage, was focused more on healing the members of the retrieval team particular Choji Akimichi and Neji Hyuuga, the two being in critical condition then all the others sent on the mission. Also in order to calm her rattle nerves when doing these serious medical operations, she drank a lot of sake to keep going. In fact she was so busy (and drunk) that she hadn't been looking at what she was signing one day when she was more focused on the current status of the retrieval team members. For if she had she would've noticed that one of the forms was a clause slipped in by the Civilian Council, with the help of Danzo, wanting her approval for a four year banishment of one Naruto Uzumaki, along with sealing his chakra, nullifying any summoning contract he had and forbidding him from entering Konoha and to a lesser extent Fire Country during his banishment. To Danzo, with the boy out of the village he could capture him and make Naruto into the weapon that Danzo believed he should've been.

But it was too late and the deed was done. The next day two ANBU, both assuming that the order they were following was approved by the Hokage and Council, entered the hospital room that Naruto was resting in and informed him of his banishment. This news shocked Naruto and it was then after anyone who saw him would say he looked like a broken man whose entire life was shattered in an instant.

Though the only people who'd seen him after that were zero since his female teammate refused to meet with him since she blamed Naruto for Sasuke's condition, his sensei seemed to be more concern with said Uchiha as well, the rest of his friends and loved ones were busy and unaware of his banishment and the fact that the ANBU had taken him to the prisoner wing of the hospital so he could finish recovering before they put the seals on him didn't help much.

However according to the ANBU, or former ANBU now courtesy of Tsunade, Naruto somehow had managed leave the village before any other seal was placed minus the seal that broke his contract with the Toads. After that he disappeared off the face of the map and even with Jiraiya's spy network couldn't find him. And since his contract with the Toads had been canceled they couldn't reverse summon him back to Konoha.

Tsunade found out after finishing up her other business and when her former teammate Jiraiya appeared in her office with a rare angry look on his face when Gamabunta told him that Naruto's contract was cancelled. When the Toad Sage told her, followed by him scolding her for not looking at what she signed, the Godaime Hokage went ballistic in a form both of rage, guilt and grief that she was tricked into banishing someone that she had just recently held dear to her like a son almost. After calming down, and demolishing the gate that Naruto had left through, along with everything else nearby that wasn't inhabited Tsunade called a meeting of the council in order too find out who tricked her in doing this deed.

After finding out the culprits, with them being either killed, imprisoned or removed from their positions on the council Tsunade had to deal with two more problems besides finding Naruto: Akatsuki and dealing with a group of furious nations and villages, the latter which consisted of Spring Country, Wave Country, Tea Country, Wind Country, Sungakure, Takigakure and Yukigakure. All of these places and the people in them, especially the village leaders and Daimyos, were greatly indebted too Naruto for saving them. They were also not pleased of how their hero was treated during his childhood and now his banishment, favoring over a boy, who had tried to turn traitor, just because he was the last of his clan. And while they still traded with them or have an alliance, due to politics stopping them from breaking all ties from Konoha and Fire Country completely, they were hardly friendly with the village founded by Hashirama Senju and Tsunade had a good feeling that they would secretly offer Naruto asylum if not so already.

The former, Akatsuki, was more troubling then the latter. Jiraiya told her that it was a group of several S-rank missing-nin. And seeing how two of their members were Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki, the latter being a former member of Kiri's Seven Swordsmen. And that her other former teammate, Orochimaru, use to be member showed that this group was one not too be trifled with. Also from the little information the Toad Sage could uncover were that Akatsuki had an interest with the bijuu, all nine of them, for whatever reason or purpose was unknown. But anyone with an interest in the Bijuu was anything but good, especially if they were a criminal organization. Tsunade believed that this group and in turn finding Naruto were more important then worrying about a bunch of pissed off nations and villages. So for the past six years since that horrible day Jiraiya has had his spy network looking up for any signs of Naruto's whereabouts. While he still sent information regarding anything else of importance too Konoha, anything concerning either Akatuski or Naruto were sent directly too her, the contents only known too Tsunade, Jiraiya and Tsunade's assistant and senior student Shizune.

Once the door too her office clicked shut leaving just herself and Shizune, Tsunade let out a long sigh before speaking to the open air. "What do you think Jiraiya?"

Behind her, sitting on an open window was the Toad Sage and her former teammate Jiraiya. The man also had a frown on his face and was deep in thought before speaking, "Well Shino seemed pretty sure that this person was Naruto when he sensed the chakra. Aburame members aren't usually wrong when it comes to identifying chakra, similar to the Hyuuga clan. Jiraiya said, feeling relieved that after six years of no news of his godson that said boy was still alive. Then he added, "Got to admit that wearing a mask to hid his face was a pretty smart move of the gaki though the description of it rings a bell but I can't remember where." The Toad Sage said.

"Tsunade-sama what should we do?" Shizune asked, finally speaking with the Hokage's pet pig, Tonton, letting out an oink, as if asking the same thing too.

After thinking for a moment Tsunade let out a sigh. "According to Shino, Naruto appeared to have been heading towards Wind Country, most likely going towards Suna since Gaara is Kazekage and those two are friends." The Hokage said before pulling out a scroll. "We'll send a team there to see if the gaki is staying at Suna and hopefully convince Naruto that it's safer in Konoha then anywhere else."

Among all those that were angry over Naruto's banishment, Gaara was at the top of the list. A testament to that was that the young man almost killed the entire civilian council when he heard them saying some negative things about Naruto. Being a jinchuuriki himself, Gaara understood what Naruto went through and along with that was deeply indebted to the Uzumaki for helping him to get out of his original belief, namely killing everyone and acting like a psychotic killer. In fact Gaara owed Naruto for everything and getting him to where he was now, as Kazekage of Sunagakure and a married man to boot.

After telling Shizune to get Team 7, the young woman left the office thus leaving two of the three Sannin as the only occupants in the room. Jiraiya looked towards his blonde female teammate. "You know the chances of him wanting to return are slim." He said grimly.

Tsunade sighed, knowing how true that was. "I know Jiraiya, I know. But what choice do we have? If that group, Akatsuki, finds out where Naruto is then they'll attack Suna twice as hard since Gaara is also one of their targets. Suna doesn't have enough manpower to repel them. Also what's stopping Danzo from sending his ROOT goons to get Naruto when, not if, he learns about this and whether or not he succeeds will have a war against Suna because of his actions." The Hokage then lead back on her chair looked down at her desk, rubbing her forehead. "We just have to pray that Naruto still has some love for the village to come back. And if he does I'll announce his heritage to the villagers and shinobi, to make his life easier, Minato and Kushina's enemies be damned." The Hokage finished.

"Speaking of shinobi, why did you decide to send Team 7?" Jiraiya asked the Hokage.

"Well I'm hoping that by sending his old team, one of them being his crush, it will convince Naruto to return back to the village willingly." Tsunade replied before adding, "However by the sound of your tone you have your doubts about that."

"While normally that kind of thing could work but concerning this certain team it's a different matter." Jiraiya said. "Kakashi focused more on Sasuke then he did on Sakura and Naruto, with said kunoichi being a fangirl despite your training and hit Naruto more then you did to me. Hell I even heard that she blamed the gaki for hurting the Uchiha before Naruto left the village six years ago. I mean sure you managed to change Sasuke's way of thinking and views towards Naruto but that was after the gaki left. And then there is Sai the new member whom I'm sure you've noticed that he screams 'ROOT' all over. All in all I think either team 8, 9 or 10 would've been a better choice, hell sending Shizune or Iruka would be even better." Jiraiya stated.

Tsunade sighed in annoyance since she knew what Jiraiya was saying. "I know what you mean, but those teams are already out on missions and by the time they return Naruto might be in a different place now. And now that you mention it Sai will most likely report this to Danzo, being one of his drones and that seal on his tongue."

"I'm still looking into that but it's a piece of work though." Jiraiya added.

"And that warhawk will bring it up at the next meeting and will either try to push for the gaki's return or worse him and those other coots will want to label him as a missing-nin. Also some of the members of those other teams saw Naruto as the fox due to the Civilian Council's actions of breaking sensei's law until they were finally broken out of it." Tsunade finished.

When Naruto was banished, that had inadvertently removed the Sandaime Hokage's law concerning Naruto's status as a jinchuuriki and revealing it to the younger generation. With that gone the Civilian Council, along with several other civilians and shinobi that hated Naruto because of the fox, revealed to the younger generation of the Kyuubi. Because of that said generation was now divided upon what they now thought about the former genin and more importantly it caused a rift between the dubbed 'Rookie 12' Naruto's old friends.

On one side were the side that didn't believe the crap that the Civilian Council and other Naruto haters said and saw Naruto as a person and friend and not the fox. The first one was the lazy genius Shikamaru Nara who had quickly put two and two together and didn't hate Naruto thinking he was the fox. And following him was Choji, Shikamaru's best friend who believed Shikamaru and was good friends with Naruto too when they were younger. The next was Tenten who didn't see anything that screamed demonic or evil about Naruto along with her boyfriend Neji Hyuuga who also owed Naruto for helping the Hyuuga Prodigy open his eyes. After that was Shino Aburame and Neji's cousin Hinata Hyuuga. The former, like Shikamaru, figured it out quickly and found it illogical for Naruto to be a threat to anyone or to be even considered the Kyuubi in human form since it was the same as saying an Aburame was a bug. Hinata refused to believe that her longtime crush was a demon since she knew that someone as caring, protective and determined such as Naruto could ever be a walking mass of destruction and malice.

The last person, surprisingly, was none other then Sasuke Uchiha who after his return to Konoha and his discharge from the hospital had a long private chat with both Tsunade and Jiraiya. They showed him the results of using Orochimaru's curse seal; the same seal said man had given to Sasuke, and what the seal did to the body. That was to discourage Sasuke from doing another stunt like that one again. What they did next was that Jiraiya and Tsunade revealed to Sasuke the truth behind the Uchiha Massacre, which Jiraiya had learned from Sarutobi before the Sandaime Hokage's death, and every file on Naruto and the miserable life the boy had in the village. It was from these things that changed Sasuke from trying to leave the village to gain power to kill his brother Itachi as well as regretful for his actions that caused Naruto's banishment

The other side unfortunately was the side that believed Naruto was the fox despite what their parents said, with their reasons being stupid and shallow until a year after the boy's banishment. Sakura and Ino were the worse, the both of them being Uchiha fangirls and thus hated Naruto for the 'extreme injuries' given to Sasuke. And Kiba hated Naruto because of the power he had, along with his defeat by said boy's hand and the fact that Hinata had a crush on Naruto too. Lee was somewhat on their side since he wanted Sakura's attention but that caused a rift between him in his sensei Maito Gai, said taijutsu master disappointed in his prized student's "un-youthful" decision. This caused several rifts within the teams of the Rookie 12. However that all quickly changed when Lee, Ino and Sakura were scolded by Gai, Shikamaru and Tsunade respectively of how foolish and shallow their hatred for Naruto was did the three finally snap out of it while Kiba had it beaten into his head by his mother, Tsume Inuzuka, and his sensei, literally.

"For now let's just hope that Kakashi can convince Naruto to come back without using force." Tsunade of the present mumbled but loud enough for her former teammate to hear.

(Hidden Location)

Deep within the darkness of a dark cave, the astral images of nine figures could be seen standing in a circle. One of them, with metallic silver and rippling eyes, spoke first. "It appears that the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki has been discovered." The man said before turning his attention to another person, a male that had the unusual appearance of having a venus fly-trap attached to his body. "Zetsu" The first man said.

Zetsu spoke to the others in his two different voices. "Turns out he's actually Kodama (Fox Spirit), that wandering-nin whom made a name for himself these past few years." White Zetsu said. "He was headed towards Wind Country, most likely to Suna since he's good friends with the Kazekage." Black Zetsu finished.

"So now two of our targets are in the same place." Kisame, a former Kiri-nin and member of the Seven Swordsmen with a shark like appearance, said.

"Maybe but its most likely that he won't stay there for long." Pain, the leader and the man with the unusual eyes said. "According to Zetsu the jinchuuriki was seen by a Konoha shinobi who most likely put two and two together and has reported it to the Hokage. Meaning they might send a team to retrieve him from Suna."

"He'll also be a challenge to take down." Kakuzu, the banker of Akatsuki, said. "If he is Kodama then he'll be S-rank if his achievements are anything to go by. The bounty placed on his head is enough to set someone for life."

"Perhaps we should ignore him for now." Itachi Uchiha, the man responsible for the Uchiha Clan Massacre and Sasuke's older brother, suggested. "While this is the first sighting we have of him for over six years, we do not know Naruto's full abilities right now. Going after him unprepared would be unwise."

Pain nodded in agreement though he was confident he could handle the boy. "Agreed besides we need to seal the Kyuubi last anyway. What is the status of the other jinchuuriki?"

"Well the Ichibi is in Suna as you already know. The Nibi hasn't been leaving Kumo as much but she still takes missions so there will be an opening the next time she does. The Sanbi is still in the same lake it's been in for the past three years, undisturbed so now would be the best time to snag it before Kiri gets wind of its location. The Yonbi is still wandering around Earth Country and the last time he's made contact with anyone from Iwa was two years ago so he's pretty much isolated though Iwa seems to be getting restless of having their jinchuuriki out of the village so they might send people to get them. The Gobi is actually back in the village and by his own will from the looks of things. The Rokubi was traveling around Fire Country with a member of the Tsuchigumo Clan a few months ago but they were allowed to join Kiri again since the civil war was over and the jinchuuriki was given a full pardon by the Godaime Mizukage. The Nanabi is currently in Takigakure though she does take missions so we can wait for the next time she leaves the village. But she's also gain more control over her bijuu and she can fly now too. The Hachibi we should also avoid for now because he's being confined in Kumo though he leaves the village now and then to train in some mountain area in Lightning Country." Both sides of Zetsu said together.

"I see" Pain said before looking at the rest of the members of Akatsuki. "Will focus on the Sanbi since its still in the wilderness and is alone. Sasori that will be your assignment and afterwards you and Deidara will make your way towards Suna. Deidara you will go capture the Ichibi since your skills will be useful with the jinchuuriki being in the village most of the time." The rogue Suna puppeteer and the Iwa bomber nodded.

"Wouldn't it be better for me to get the Sanbi since it's in the water and I'm a Suiton user?" Kisame said, voicing his opinion.

"True but you and Itachi will be going to retrieve the Yonbi since it's far away from the village. According to our intel the jinchuuriki has the Lava Release Kekkei Genkai, which is also enhanced by the Yonbi. You're Suiton techniques and chakra absorbing abilities would prove more beneficial with that." Pain said.

After hearing the reason and the logic behind it Kisame nodded and backed down.

Pain continued soon after. "It is doubtful that the Rokubi will leave Kiri for missions anytime soon since the village is still recovering for the civil war, which goes for the same for the Hachibi whose brother the Raikage keeps him in Kumogakure. So we'll ignore those two along with the Gobi and the Kyuubi for the time being, which leaves us the Nibi and Nanabi. The former is assigned to Hidan while the latter is assigned to Kakuzu. Since we don't know yet when they will be out of the village you two will remain on standby and make the best of it while increasing our funding so we can continue later missions."

"Fucking great, more dumbass bounty hunting when I could be doing better shit in Jashin-sama's name!" Hidan cursed with his usual swearing mouth.

"Shut it Hidan you're damn religion is the reason why we have to earn more cash in the first place." Kakuzu snapped.

"What will I be doing leader-sama?" White Zetsu asked.

"You will continue surveying the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki so we can get a better grasp of his abilities. If he is indeed this Kodama person then he will not be an easy target." Pain said before eventually ending the meeting and one by one the images faded away.

(Three Days Later, Wind Country, Team 7)

The reformed Team 7, consisting of one jonin and three chunins, had recently made it into Wind Country about yesterday and after camping out in a cave to avoid the nighttime sandstorms, the team had continued on its way towards Suna, with two different set of orders. The first and official order was for the team to deliver a scroll with a letter from Tsunade discussing the trade agreements between the two villages. She had originally planned to send it a week later since the deadline was only two weeks away but she figured that this would be a good excuse to get a chance of finding Naruto. This led to the second and unofficial order given to Team 7 by the Godaime Hokage: confirm Naruto Uzumaki was staying in Suna and try to convince him to return to Konoha for safety against Akatsuki…force being only a last resort.

Also with the Kazekage's sister, Temari, staying in Konoha due to her role as ambassador, Tsunade wanted the team to leave as soon a possible before the Suna Kunoichi caught on and warned her brother and Naruto a head of time. Of course the idea of questioning Temari about how long she knew, if at all, of Naruto's interactions with Suna came up, but Tsunade shot that down. Not only would that cause international problems between Konoha and Suna, Temari was very strong willed and equally skilled and might escape before they could question her. Also Tsunade would probably get an earful from Yoshino Nara, the woman being angry that the Hokage and Jiraiya might've ruin her chance of getting a daughter-in-law since it was well known that Temari and Shikamaru Nara were dating. The fact that the lazy genius was always assigned to escort Temari helped too.

But back to Team 7, Tsunade sent them as not only were they the only team available she could trust, but she hoped that they could better convince Naruto. But as explained by Jiraiya before, force might open right at the get go do to the history of that this team had with Naruto Uzumaki, who originally was a member of it. Kakashi Hatake, the jonin instructor, was ashamed of himself for not trying to be a better teacher to his team and not pointing Naruto and Sakura in the right directions to make them stronger. Those things had caused him to lose respect from his jonin colleagues and even his leader a bit. For the past six years he has been doing everything in his powers to make amends for those failures, especially to his sensei for failing his legacy and hopefully he can correct that mistake today.

Sasuke was also hoping for redemption on his part that caused Naruto's banishment. After the meeting with Tsunade and Jiraiya six years ago, Sasuke became a change man from the brooding avenger boy he was once. He was ashamed of what his clan had become before Itachi killed them and while he understood why his brother did it, Sasuke still desired to be the one to bring Itachi to justice and at the very least to understand why Itachi did it. Of course Sasuke was also focus on finding Naruto but also knew that trying to get the blonde to return to a village that treated him like shit wasn't going to be easy (A/N: They don't know Naruto changed his hair color)

Sakura had changed much over the past six years, and not just her skills. While originally she hated Naruto for "critically injuring" Sasuke, she soon learned the hard way that that kind of thinking did her little good as Sasuke yelled at her for siding with him when he tried to leave the village to join a sick missing-nin and nearly got the team sent to get him, including Naruto, nearly killed. It also should be noted that Sakura was nearly strangled to death by Tsunade during one of her lessons did Sakura finally see how shallow her reasons were and that she had done nothing but hurt Naruto.

The fourth and final member and Naruto's replacement, Sai was well…really had no opinion on the matter of what he thought of Naruto. This was due to the fact the pale boy doesn't know the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki personally and that he was focus on following both the orders of the Hokage and his true master Danzo Shimura. Said orders were to bring the jinchuuriki back to the village so Danzo, whether with or without Tsunade's permission, place a loyalty seal on Naruto to ensure his loyalty to Konoha and to Danzo.

Back in the present the four Konoha shinobi continued their trek across the desert before Sai's eyes widened for a brief moment. "Kakashi-san, I see my ink birds and rats returning." The pale boy said to the jonin.

Said jonin and his two other students stopped when Sai announced this. Kakashi had Sai send several of his ink creatures ahead to scout the land towards Suna just in case Naruto passed them or something. The rest of the team watched as the ink creatures landed on a pulled out piece of paper Sai had out. Quickly the animals took the forms of letters while the rest formed a map. "What do they say?" Kakashi asked.

"They say that a person that matches the description that Shino-san gave is walking away from the village… towards the border of Fire Country by the looks of it." Sai said in his usual monotone voice.

Kakashi's visible eye widened for a moment but returned to normal before anyone saw. "Which way?" He asked quickly.

Sai pointed towards the east. "About four miles that way, just near where there is a cluster of rocks nearby. If we move now we should make it there in about thirty minutes or less and can intercept him." Sai reported.

"Okay everyone we move towards the cluster an wait for Naruto there. We won't move until we confirm it is." Kakashi said to the others. "And remember we're to try and convince him peaceful to return to the village…force is to be used only as a last resort, understood?" Kakashi emphasized the last part towards Sakura especially, who had a dark look in her eyes before it vanished. Soon all three chunins nodded before they took of towards the direction Sai pointed too. While they were running Sasuke decided to bring up one fact, "You know the chances of us even getting to agree to come back to the village are very low." Sasuke said.

Kakashi didn't say anything to that, but merely nodded at the truth in those words. Sai however commented, "Doesn't matter if he agrees or not duck-butt. Our orders are to retrieve him no matter what." Sai said. The comment on the Uchiha's hair earned a glare from said boy and a lump on the head courtesy of a certain pink hair girl and a sigh from the jonin.

(With Naruto)

Naruto halted in his leisurely walk, being careful not to awaken the small sleeping bundle strapped to his back. His blue eyes narrowed. "Kurama…" Naruto said to the Kyuubi that was sealed inside of him.

"I sense it too kit" The fox with nine-tails said, who had originally been asleep but now had one eye lazily open. "Several chakra signatures heading towards you. And three of them are familiar and the fourth one is unknown." Kurama added.

"It has to be Konoha." Naruto thought to himself but also to Kurama. "The chakra signatures are a bit different but still familiar? The only people I can think of that the old hag would send after me would be…" Naruto's eyes widened as he figured it out before they narrowed followed by a low growl. Kurama, having already figured it out as well, chuckled darkly.

"Looks like it's going be a regular team reunion." The Kyuubi said dryly.

Though he knew that Kurama was joking, Naruto also knew that he couldn't really escape using Mikado, his own Space-Time Ninjutsu that he created from studying his father's Hiraishin (He had managed to acquire his father and mother's notes on the night he ran away from Konoha, when he learned about his origins from the Kyuubi himself. Said bijuu stated that he had no desire to have a weak container or being anyone's pawn, especially a certain warhawk) due to the fact that he had none of his special double-edge bladed ninjato close enough to teleport them too, excluding the one he kept in Suna with Gaara's permission. But he couldn't go back there because even though Gaara could deny Konoha of giving them Naruto, the Uzumaki knew that it wouldn't stop his former village from trying to brink him back to Konoha for his "safety". So Naruto figured that the best thing to do would be to stall his former teammates long enough for him to place one of his ninjato close enough for him to teleport too but far enough so that he would have a good distance away from his pursuers.

With that decision made Naruto bit his right thumb and then formed the hand signs before slamming it on the ground, saying, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" and then a puff of smoke that reached Naruto's waist appeared. When it disappeared, in its place was a fox with a long tail and dark red fur with two yellow stripes that looked like lightning going of its body from its eyes to its tail. "Hello Naruto-sama, do you require my assistance?" The fox asked with a voice that was obviously male.

"Hey Doro-san, I got some pursuers heading towards me and don't have enough time to get some distances from them either." Naruto said as he touched the red bracer on his left hand, releasing a ninjato that was sealed in it. He then handed it to the fox named Doro. "I need you too take this and Kiko-chan to the borders of Fire Country, which is a few miles away, while I distract them. Once you reach the border send a pulse of chakra through this ninjato. That will alert me and I'll teleport right away." Naruto finished.

"Understood Naruto-sama" Doro said as he used his tail to grab the weapon by its handle. Then Naruto carefully detached the baby carrier that held Kiko before attaching it to Doro's body, making sure that the toddler was resting on the fox's back. The slight movement pulled back the hood on the girl's orange sweater, revealing her red hair with pigtails. The jostling also woke her up slightly as her eyelids open, revealing weary and tired purple eyes that stared at Naruto's blue eyes. "Daddy…?" She said tiredly, her eyelids slowly closing.

Naruto just smiled at his three-year old daughter before rubbing a comforting hand over her red hair. "Don't worry sweetie Daddy just needs to deal with some bad people. So you'll be riding Doro-san for a little bit but Daddy will be back soon." Naruto replied to the child, whom had already fallen back asleep. Giving a nod to the fox, Naruto watched as Doro sped off towards the border at a speed that would've made a certain green spandex wearing shinobi and his mini-version jealous. As the fox sped off Naruto let out a brief sigh, eyes closed, before they snapped back open instantly, a determined and hard glare now showing in his eyes as he prepared to deal with his former team.

A couple of minutes later Naruto was walking through the cluster of rocks that Sai had described around the same time. The redhead had a calm look on his face as he walked through the cluster of rocks. He continued walking when he sensed several nearby chakra signatures. Acting on instincts Naruto vanished from his spot on top of a large rock looking down at his previous position just as four people surrounded it, three of them he recognized and one he didn't.

Kakashi was the first to recover from the surprise of how fast Naruto moved but was even more surprise when he got a good look of his former student. The Uzumaki now had red spiky hair that his mother's clan was well known for instead of the yellow hair that he had inherited from his father. The former Konoha shinobi however still had his blue eyes. Snapping out of his stupor Kakashi gave his signature eye smile. "Yo Naruto! How's it been?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, as if he was trying to figure out if Kakashi was joking. "Kakashi…I would call you sensei but seeing how I'm no longer one of your students and that you've never really been an actually sensei, I won't." Naruto said nonchalantly.

'Okay I guess I had that coming" Kakashi thought to himself before regaining his composure and speaking. "Naruto, we've been sent by orders of the Hokage to-"

"I have no intentions of going back to that hellhole of a village." Naruto said in a serious voice, cutting off Kakashi's sentence. "Despite the fact I was banished I feel a lot happier then I've ever been in my whole life and I won't be taken back to a place that would rather see me dead."

"If you refuse to come back willingly then we will capture and force you back dick less." Sai said emotionlessly, though the last part earned a tick mark from Naruto but said person merely pushed it aside.

"I'm guessing he's my replacement?" Naruto asked, getting a nod from Kakashi. "His manners needs some working since its clear that he has no knowledge of negotiating if he talks like that." Naruto commented.

Sakura gave Sai another lump on the head, seeing how he made the situation worse. While that was happening Sasuke spoke. "Look Naruto the Hokage made a mistake and she's sorry. She even put down those idiot Civilian council members that tricked her and she's willing to compromise. Also there's a group of-" This time Sauske was cut off by Naruto.

"S-class missing-nin who are after me for the Kyuubi, blah, blah, blah." Naruto said boringly. "I already know that and I've been doing a wonderful job of staying out of their radar and I'm more then ready to deal with them." He said.

"Naruto please you can't really believe that you can take on a group of shinobi of Kage-level strength on your own! You won't be able to stand a chance by yourself. Tsunade-sama knows this and wants you to come back so she can protect you." Sakura said but flinched at the glare the redhead gave her.

"I really don't want to hear anything from you Sakura. Especially not about helping me seeing how many times you've countlessly hit me for petty to no reasons at all just for being myself or trying to help you." Sakura couldn't help but flinch again at that and had the decency to look ashamed. "Now you all have one chance to get out of my sight and never bother me again. Or else I'll use more… extreme methods."

Kakashi sighed seeing how this was not going the way he wanted it to go. "I guess there really isn't anything we can do to convince you." He said, not asked as he pulled up his headband, revealing his sharingan.

Ignoring the roaring demands of Kurama to rip the "cursed eye" from Hatake's face, Naruto calmly replied, "No there isn't" He finished before using his advanced shunshin Zanzo (Afterimage), disappearing into thin air and then reappeared before Team 7, shocking them at the incredible speed the redhead just showed. However before they could react Naruto raised both his hands and shouted, "Funryu Taiho! (Jet Cannon)" And fired a powerful blast of wind chakra from both of his palms, which he had thrust forward. The results were all four members of team 7 being blasted backwards from the impact of the wind and sent them back a great distance. Kakashi was the first to recover, having done a flip in mid air and landed on the ground. Sai and Sauske skidded across the sandy ground while Sakura, who had been in the center of the attack, had more trouble recovering and instead crashed into a nearby rock, causing a small crater in it from the impact.

"Well… that was interesting." Kakashi said as he regained his breathing. Despite having been able to land easier then the others, Naruto's attack took a lot of air out of him, literally. "At least now we know that he's a wind user." The Copy-Cat Shinobi commented.

"Yeah but that means lightning techniques won't work as well." Sasuke commented as he got up and had already pulled out his chakra blade chokuto. "We don't even know the full extent of his abilities so that makes things even more troublesome." (Back in Konoha a certain Nara sneezed)

"What makes you think I'll give you times even to react?" Naruto asked as he began focusing wind chakra into his right pointer finger. "Kuki Yubi! (Air Finger)" And fired a large blast of wind in the shape of a bullet right towards the two sharingan users. However Kakashi's experience came in handy as he quickly countered it. "Doton: Doryuheki! (Mud Wall)" Kakashi said as he finished the hand signs and slammed both hands on the ground. Then a wall of earth with four dog heads appeared before Kakashi and took the bullet of wind head on. While the earth wall managed to stop it the impact caused it to crack severely. 'For my Doryuheki to be so seriously damaged…that's one hell of an attack Naruto has.' Kakashi thought to himself as he surveyed the damage.

While this was happening, Sakura and Sai had not been standing idly by. Sai quickly took to the air on an ink bird while Sakura had charged towards Naruto's right side with a large clump of rock in her hand. Using her chakra-enhanced strength Sakura threw the rock towards Naruto. But in response Naruto merely smacked the rock to the side with ease and a bored look on his face as if he was unimpressed. However Sakura used that brief moment to get closer to the redhead, preparing to deliver a strong punch to the face to knock Naruto out. But instead of getting the results she hoped for, Sakura was shocked to see Naruto merely raise his left hand and the emit a brief pulse of chakra that canceled out the chakra in Sakura's fist, allowing Naruto to grab it with ease.

Naruto smirked at the shocked and confused look on his former teammate's face. "In the end Sakura, all you're good is hitting with your fist, thus showing your uselessness." Naruto remarked dryly before grabbing Sakura's wrist and pulling the pink head closer towards her and then delivered his own chakra-enhanced punch right into Sakura's stomach. This caused the Haruno to keel over and cough out some blood.

Suddenly Naruto's ninja senses went up and the redhead turned to see Kakashi upon him, a suppression seal in his hand. Not to be overtaken by this Naruto raised his right finger and fired another Kuki Yubi but this time instead of being large as the first one, this one was smaller, the actual size of a bullet, and a lot faster too. It quickly pierced Kakashi's right shoulder, surprising the jonin at the sudden attack and dropped the suppression seal. But before he could recover, Naruto threw Sakura right at Kakashi, sending both teacher and student flying backwards.

Before he could relax Naruto felt a shadow over him. Looking up the redhead saw Sai on his large ink bird release a dozen smaller ink birds with explosion tags attached to them, straight towards the Uzumaki. But Naruto remained undeterred as he formed hand seals. "Futon: Yofu! (Hawk Wind)" And then Naruto blew out some wind from his mouth while at the same time swiped his arms like wings and fired a large gust of wind in the shape of a hawk. The bird of wind made contact with the smaller ink birds and suddenly the ink birds dispersed while at the same time the explosive notes attached to them went off, causing a large explosion in the air.

Taking advantage of Naruto's attention on Sai, Sasuke charged in. His sharingan was active and sending lightning chakra into his chokuto. The Uchiha's plan was to touch Naruto with his blade and send out a brief pulse of electricity through the redhead's body, paralyzing him. At the same time Sakura and Kakashi had managed to get themselves untangle and the former charged in on Naruto as well.

But none of them expected what came next. Naruto shot out his arms towards Sakura and Sasuke and extending from them were chakra chains, the same ones Naruto's mother, Kushina, could use. The chains moved at blinding speed before wrapping themselves around Sakura and Sasuke with the latter losing his grip on his chokuto. With both of them caught Naruto began swinging them around like flails, with Naruto striking Sasuke into the ground hard while swinging Sakura upwards right towards Sai who hadn't even seen it coming. The kunoichi medic slammed right into the artist boy, destroying his ink bird and sending both of them crashing into the ground.

After receding the chains back into him Naruto looked around for his former sensei, only for him to be nowhere to be found. 'If he's not coming from the front, behind, left, right or above then that only leaves…'

Popping out of the ground beneath Naruto were two hands that made a go for his redhead's feet. But instead Naruto shouted, "Funryu Tejun! (Jet Step)" And suddenly Naruto's feet release a powerful burst of wind chakra that sent Naruto high into the air. At the same time, Kakashi was hit dead on by the burst of wind chakra and the Naruto was sure he heard a few of the jonin's bones break. But it turned out to be naught when 'Kakashi' suddenly dispersed from existence revealing it to be a shadow clone and not the real one.

Naruto looked to his right and saw the real Kakashi leap towards him, a tanto in hand. However when Kakashi swung the tanto at Naruto, lightning chakra infused with it, Naruto brought up his right bracer and sent chakra through it. Thus a chakra shield appeared from the bracer and blocked the sword strike. Naruto then followed it up with grabbing Kakashi's right shoulder, where the wound from Naruto's Kuki Yubi, still was. As it had yet to heal the sudden pressure on the wound caused Kakashi to flinch and lower his guard but gave Naruto an opening.

"You're moving way to slow Kakashi. Your age catching up to you?" Naruto asked mockingly. Then without warning Naruto shouted, "Funryu Kenju! (Jet Pistol)" And plowed a wind chakra punch right into Kakashi's chest, breaking some bones for sure this time as well as sending Kakashi plummeting to the ground. Naruto however landed gracefully on a large rock overlooking where Kakashi crashed.

"Chidori Senbon!" A voice shouted from behind Naruto. Said redhead spun around to see Sasuke fire a hundred or more lightning chakra senbon flying straight towards him. But Naruto reacted quickly while thinking, 'I'll have to use a technique from my bloodline element to counter this since I can't use a higher level Futon Technique to stop it.' Naruto thought as he formed three hand seals that ended with the ram seal. "Onmyoton: Sekinetsu Satsuei no Jutsu! (Yin-Yang Release: Red Hot Shot Technique)" And then Naruto fired a large ball of red energy surrounded by electricity from his mouth, and was the same size as a Gokakyu no Jutsu (Great Fireball Technique). The ball made contact with the flying senbon but merely knocked them to the side as it continued flying towards the still shocked Uchiha.

It was only a few seconds before it made contact with him did Sasuke snap out of his stupor and performed a quick substitute with a nearby rock. When the ball struck the rock it exploded; not a loud explosion but still pretty noisy and sending small debris of rock flying everywhere nearby the point of impact.

Before Naruto could celebrate several ink lions jumped up from all around him, getting ready to pounce on the Uzumaki. Acting quickly Naruto sent chakra to both of his bracers, causing chakra blades to pop out the front of the bracers. Now armed Naruto began slashing through the ink lions with ease, ignoring as some of the ink splashed onto his clothes.

Back with Kakashi, the jonin had been pulled out of the crater he had made by Sakura who soon began running a diagnostic jutsu on her sensei. In front of them was Sai, standing guard and drawing three more ink lions. As Sakura began healing Kakashi as best she could, or until he could still fight, the silver hair jonin commented, "This is not going as well as I thought it would." Kakashi murmured but loud enough for Sakura to hear.

"I still can't believe how strong he is now. Naruto was never this strong six years ago." Sakura added as she healed the wound on Kakashi's shoulder, stopping the bleeding that had begun. "And those chakra chains were tough, I couldn't even break out of them."

"Yeah…" Kakashi murmured, a far away look in his eyes as he remembered another Uzumaki who used the same chakra chains. "Where's Sasuke?" The jonin asked, getting out of memory lane.

"Duck-butt had just barely avoided some attack I've never seen before. I sent an ink clone to check on him while I'm having my ink lions distract dick less." Sai said without looking at Kakashi. "But I can't keep this up forever though and my attacks aren't really doing much to tire him down."

"Knowing Naruto, he won't tire out so quickly." Kakashi said as he started to get up, Sakura already finishing healing the more serious and painful wounds. It still hurt a little for him to get up, but Kakashi knew that lying down wasn't something he could do. "We need to find a way to freeze his movements and then I can place a chakra suppression seal on him however…" Kakashi said, deep in thought.

When he saw the curious looks on his two students he explained. "So far Naruto hasn't shown any signs of trying to finish us off. This could mean that he doesn't want to kill us because he may still care for us or that he doesn't want to be put into Konoha's bingo book. Or it could mean that he's buying time to make an escape. The last one makes more sense since he made it clear before the fight that he doesn't want to cause a scene." The jonin finished.

"Do you think he already has an escape plan and is just waiting Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked while Sai drew one more group of ink lions to attack Naruto. The redhead didn't even look exhausted as he continued using his chakra blades to fight the lions and now a recovered Sasuke.

"Most likely, which means that we need to subdue him now before he escapes. We won't get another chance like this in a while." Kakashi said as he pulled out a kunai and charged in to join Sasuke, followed by Sakura and Sai.

Naruto had just destroyed the last ink lion when Sasuke charged towards him. Deactivating his chakra blades, Naruto unsealed the red bladed katana and parried Sasuke's chokuto before delivering a swift kick to the Uchiha's chest. But that didn't stop Sasuke who recovered quickly before bringing down his chokuto again. However Naruto managed to stop the strike with his own sword once more but the redhead glanced to see Sakura and Kakashi coming at him, the latter with a tanto in hand. Not wanting to be pinned down so the others could strike, Naruto managed to swiftly knock Sasuke off his feet before sending a strong kick to the stomach. This sent Sasuke skidding backwards with the air knocked out of him too.

During the charge Kakashi had seen Naruto draw the red sword and his eyes had widened as he recognized it. 'Impossible! That sword… it's Kushina's! But it should still be in the estate at Konoha!' Those were the thoughts going through Kakashi's head. But the jonin kept his composure as he prepared to get behind Naruto, hoping to knock him unconscious with a chop to the neck.

Naruto saw Kakashi out of the corner of his eyes, as well as Sasuke, who had recovered, coming up from his left while Sakura did a jump in the air and intended on attacking from above. Naruto was about to act when he felt something…liquid grab his legs. Looking down Naruto saw several ink snakes wrapping themselves around the Uzumaki's legs. They weren't holding him down indefinitely but they were restricting his movements severely. Still Naruto had been in these kinds of situations before and knew how to act accordingly in both freeing himself of the snakes and knocking his former teammates off their feet. Clapping his hands Naruto shouted, "Futon: Tatsumaki no Hashira! (Tornado Pillar)" And right a way a pillar of fast spinning wind popped from the ground, surrounding Naruto. While it dispersed the ink snakes, a few seconds later the tornado expanded and struck Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura all at the same time. The spinning wind must've been sharp as the three members of Team 7 had several cuts on their bodies, with only a few being deep enough to cause bleeding.

Just as the tornado dispersed Naruto felt a sudden spike in his chakra; Doro had finally reached his destination and planted the Ninjato as ordered. "Well I have to say that this little reunion was fun but I'm afraid I have to be going now! See ya…maybe." Naruto said the last part with a smirk. Before any of the Konoha shinobi could act the redhead disappeared into thin air, leaving no trace that he was there whatsoever much to the shock of the others.

'Was that the Hiraishin?' Kakashi thought to himself in surprise as he looked at the spot that Naruto had been standing moments ago. Finally snapping himself out of his state of shock, the Copy Cat shinobi got back up on his feet as he went to rejoin his team. Sakura was healing a few of the wounds she had just required from Naruto's last attack. Sai had just landed besides her and since he was slightly chakra exhausted from making so many ink creatures at once, he didn't have multiple cuts on his body. Kakashi was actually a little bit better then Sakura since his flak jacket took most of the damage from the tornado, though now it had numerous holes in it though he had some cuts on his arms. Sasuke was the farthest away from the expanding tornado and was slightly graze by it then injured really.

"No one is seriously wounded I presume." Kakashi said to the three chunins as he lowered his headband to cover his sharingan eye. He winced though since the bones that were broken by Naruto's Funryu Kejun hadn't been fully healed.

"My wounds aren't to bad that I can't move properly." Sasuke said as he sat down on a small rock, catching his breath. That battle was very intense and took a lot out of him. "But I'm pretty sure if I fight again I'm going to be hurting a lot during the whole time."

"I'm fine except for chakra exhaustion and I didn't bring any soldier pills with me." Sai exclaimed as he put away his tanto.

"I don't think we can continue the mission even if we were in top shape." Sakura commented. "Whatever Naruto did just now it looks like it took him far away from here." She added.

"Sakura's right" Kakashi said as he looked around for some hopeful signs of Naruto, but of course found none. "It looked like he used some kind of technique similar to my sensei's Hiraishin. He's probably gotten a good distance away from us too and it be impossible for us to track him since we don't know which direction he teleported too."

"Before we caught up to him it looked like he was going north through Fire Country." Sasuke said while Sakura began healing his wounds.

"He won't stay in Fire Country for long, not with Konoha knowing that he's still alive." Kakashi said as he pulled out a scroll and began writing in it. His plan was to send Pakkun ahead of them to inform Tsunade of what had just transpired. With their wounds and low chakra, it would take Team 7 a while longer to get back to the village. "The only place north that Naruto would go to is Spring Country since he's good friends with Koyuki-sama." Kakashi added as he finished writing. Once he was done with the scroll he took some blood from a wound and performed a quick set of hand seals. Slamming his hand on the ground he said, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" And followed by a small puff of smoke appeared a small puppy with a Konoha headband on his person.

"Yo" Pakkun said before he got a good look at Kakashi. "Whoa Kakashi, the hell happened to you? You look like you came back from a date gone wrong." The dog-nin exclaimed.

'Is that what I really look like at those times?' Kakashi asked himself, a sweat drop appearing in response towards Pakkun's description. But he soon shook it off as he handed the dog-nin a scroll. "We just had a confrontation with Naruto-"

"Didn't you say that the Hokage wanted you guys to negotiate with him?" Pakkun asked, interrupting Kakashi's explanation.

"Yes but we weren't able to convince and force to try and detain him." Kakashi said, an annoyed tone in his voice. That was a sign to Pakkun to shut up and let Kakashi finish speaking. "This scroll has the info of what happen along with which way we believe Naruto went and the location. This is for the eyes of the Hokage ONLY do not let anyone else see it before her. Also tell Tsunaed-sama I'll have a detailed report when we return to the village." The Copy-nin said.

"Got it" Pakkun said as he took the scroll with his mouth, biting down on it so while his teeth didn't tear through it, it wouldn't fall out of his mouth. Without wasting a second Pakkun sped off at impressive speed towards Fire Country and towards Konoha.

While Pakkun was performing his task, Kakashi turned towards the rest of Team 7. "Pakkun will most likely get back to the village a day or two ahead of us. We'll move at a more leisurely pace so we don't exhaust ourselves then we're already are and not reopen our wounds. But it's imperative that we get back to the village as soon as possible to think of our next move before Akatsuki gets to Naruto." Kakashi said.

"Heh, personally I doubt they will give him much trouble seeing how he managed to toss all four of us like rag dolls." Sasuke grunted as he sheathed his Chokoto.

"We were trying to capture him without causing any permanent damage." Kakashi rebuffed. "Akatsuki won't care in what condition he will be in as long as he's brought back alive."

There was a brief but tense moment of silence before Sai broke it. "By the way what was that attack that he used to deflect your Chidori Senbon? I never saw a technique like that before." Sai said looking at Sasuke.

Kakashi was also curious as well, since he saw the technique, or a little of it but he did see the explosion. If Sasuke hadn't dodged it then the young Uchiha would've been fatally injured or dead. "I was wondering the same thing Sasuke. The technique looked like a Katon technique." The Copy Cat said.

"I had thought so too but it wasn't since I didn't see any fire chakra in it." Sasuke said as he got up. He looked towards the crater formed by the attack's explosion; internally glad he had dodged it. "I was able to see the words he said and he said Onmyoton, not Katon."

Kakashi's visible eyebrow went up, surprised by that. "Onmyoton? Are you sure?" Kakashi asked intently.

Sasuke nodded. "Yeah it might be a kekkei genkai or something." The Uchiha suggested.

"To be honest Sasuke I hope you're wrong and just heard it incorrectly." Kakashi said quietly but enough for the rest of his team to hear. "Because if it is then I think things got just a hell of a lot harder."


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Fanon Jutsu

Zanzo (Afterimage): An advanced version of Shunshin, in which the user leaves a transparent image of themselves while moving to a different location. This is more perfect as it doesn't require smoke and the transparent afterimage makes a good way of tricking the enemy.

Funryu Taiho (Jet Cannon): A Wind Technique when the user fires a blast of wind chakra from their palms, blasting the enemy backwards. When used at close range it can break some bones.

Kuki Yubi (Air Finger): Naruto focuses wind chakra into his finger and fires it like a bullet towards the enemy. This is a very useful technique as Naruto can change the size and speed of the attack to whatever he desires.

Futon: Yofu (Wind Release: Hawk Wind): Naruto inhales a large amount of wind before exhaling it. As he does this he swipes his arms to the side, like wing almost. This gives the wind release take the form of a hawk, which has a powerful impact to it while the sides of the attack, or "wings" can cut apart nearly anything.

Funryu Tejun (Jet Step): Focusing chakra into his feet, Naruto can launch forward at an impressive speed, allowing him to avoid attacks, reach his enemies and get them by surprise, or to strike his enemies below him with the wind chakra released.

Funryu Kenju (Jet Pistol): Similar to Funryu Taiho except with only one arm. Cocking his arm back while focusing wind chakra into his fist, Naruto launches it forward and releases a powerful blast of wind that is good for both short or mid range. The power of the attack is enough to send a person backwards and make them cough up blood.

Onmyoton: Sekinetsu Satsuei no Jutsu (Yin-Yang Release: Red Hot Shot Technique): A technique using Yin-Yang Chakra, Naruto fires a ball of red energy from his mouth or hand that can have its size changed according to the user. It can either be fired small, the size of a person's head and used rapidly, or very large and dense that it can deflect smaller attack with ease before exploding up making contact with something bigger and stronger.

Tatsumaki no Hashira (Tornado Pillar): Clapping his hands together, Naruto summons a tornado around him. This tornado can deflect almost anything with the spinning sharp wind encircling Naruto. When the technique is at an end, it expands/disperses, the wind still sharp and moving as it expands. This can be an extra attack as an enemy can be injured by the wind. They either received numerous cuts or are pushed back roughly.