Legend of Harry Potter: The First Grey Mage

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Light and darkness...Yin and Yang...two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without another.

The two factions presume that magic has two divisions...LIGHT and DARK, which is untrue. Magic is completely dependent on the intent of the spell caster.

For example, you cast a spell meant to transfigure a chicken into a turkey, unless you mean it, the spell will not work, you have to imagine the turkey in your mind and then cast the spell for it to work.

Each faction fights for dominance whenever it has a chance to.

A good example will be the World War 2.

This was the war that was started by the Germans invaded Poland on Sept. 1, 1939.

Gellert Grindelwald took advantage of this and imperioused Adolf Hitler.

Then Gellert Grindelwald proceeded to launch a similar war in Europe for the magical population. He was finally defeated by Albus Dumbledore in 1945 after which he was presumed dead...

Every century, a light mage and a dark mage is born who lead their respective factions...It's time for the first grey mage to be born.



31st OCTOBER 1981

3 year old Harry wondered why his parents are panicking. Just a few seconds ago they came down after playing with Andy, they heard a creak and saw a figure enter the house. He heard his father shout "Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off -"

Lily and Harry rush to Andrew's room where Andrew is in his cot playing with Dorea Potter, Harry's Grandmother.

"What is going on Lily ?" asked Dorea, fear evident in voice.

Lily did not hear her mother in law's question, She was concentrating on the sounds of the battle going downstairs.

"Voldemort" She whispered, Dorea paled . Suddenly the sound of battle stopped downstairs.

There was silence for a while until they heard slow and soft footsteps climbing the stairs.

Lily and Dorea knew that it wasn't James as he always ran on the stairs making a loud thumping noise.

Lily sneaks a look at Harry and observes that he is trembling. Lily came to a decision"Harry, go hide in the cupboard ." she said "And remember no matter what happens me and your father love you"

"But-" "Don't argue with Lily, Harry. Do as she says." said Dorea tensely.

Harry reluctantly hid inside the cupboard.

As the cupboard closed, the door flew from its hinges and struck Lily down. Voldemort looked at the prone form of Lily Potter and muttered "Worthless Mudblood".

Dorea felt helpless. The most powerful dark lord of all time, Lord Voldemort was standing right in front of her and she was defenseless because she did not have her wand, but she vowed to do anything to protect her grand children.

"Stand aside woman!" He said said coldly.

"NO! I will not let you harm Andrew!" shouted Dorea defiantly.

"Very well, you have made your choice" said the dark lord. "AVADA KEDAVRA" he bellowed.

A jet of green light left his wand the green light struck her, she fell down...dead. Harry chocked back a sob seeing his grandmother die.

Then Voldemort's red eyes turned towards Andrew Potter.

Pointing his black colored wand at him Voldemort uttered the killing curse.

Time slowed down as the jet of green light streaked through the air between Andrew and Voldemort. Harry jumped out of the cupboard and tried to knock down the crib, but he couldn't reach there on time.

He helplessly saw his younger brother get struck by the killing curse. Suddenly a golden glow enveloped Andrew. A rune symbolizing victory, Sowilo appeared on the spot where the killing curse struck Andrew and the curse immediately bounced back and hit Voldemort.

Before Voldemort could scream because of the pain, he fell down...dead.

Voldemort's soul was very weak and unstable due to him making the horcruxes. A small part of the soul latched on to the closest living thing near him which happened to be young Harry.

The horcrux immediately tried to takeover Harry's body. Harry tried to repel the possession with all his might and magic, but the piece of soul was too strong for him. Harry was losing the battle for the control of his body.

Suddenly he heard the cry of a phoenix.

This cry was not of an actual phoenix but the family magic of the Potters.

It was an interesting backlash when the fidelius charm broke. Many people said that the magic will be reabsorbed into the environment.

This is untrue as the environment has got natural magic hence it stays suspended for some years.

But, here was the heir of the Potter family in mortal danger, the family magic flowed into Harry trying to battle the possession, thereby increasing the size of the core of the young wizard.

The magic boost was enough to overcome the attempted possession. The soul was ejected out of the boy but not before Harry absorbed the knowledge and magic of the soul.

Then the magical core of the young wizard was filled with the family magic of the Potters.

Harry James Potter, a boy who had average stores of magic, was going to become an average wizard now has ancient and potent magic running through his magical pathways and as for him being an average wizard, only time will tell...

While this was happening a rat like man scurried through the wreckage of the cottage. He found his master's wand next to his master's corpse. Peter Pettigrew pocketed the wand and transformed into a rat and ran away to hide.

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