Legend of Harry Potter: The First Grey Mage

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Flamel Manor

Harry was walking towards Nicholas's study. It was late in the night but he knew that Nicholas couldn't sleep. It was a side effect of consuming the elixir of life.

He knocked at the door thrice and opened the door when he heard a soft "enter".

He walked in, swallowed heavily and said "Professor Flamel, I noticed that you have been teaching me spells and not how to apply them in practical life."

Nicholas's started smiling at this question. "Harry, do you know why I did not teach you the practical applications of any of the spells?"

"Because I wasn't ready?" answered Harry with uncertainty.

"Oh on the contrary you were more than ready. Now would you like to try again." said Nicholas with amusement.

Harry was puzzled. He had only one thought in his head 'If I was ready then why didn't Professor Flamel teach me this part of spell casting.'

Nicholas took note of Harry's puzzled face and said "I did not teach it to you because you did not ask for it."

"Ask for it?" said Harry incredulously.

"Yes Harry. This is an apprenticeship. I will teach you the basics. I will not volunteer to teach you more than that. If you want to learn anything more than that, you have to ask me."

"So I could have learnt more than basics in these six months." said Harry to no one in particular.

"Harry, you actually did better than most of my apprentices. They would take about a year to notice this fact and ask me about it. After this I usually start the accelerated programme."

"Accelerated Programme?" asked Harry.

Nicholas then took out a device that resembled an hourglass on a necklace

"This Harry is a time turner. It is used to go back in time for about five hours. We will use this device on every alternate day as regular use tends to degrade your muscle and causes stress to your brain."

Harry looked at Nicholas and asked him "Why didn't you try this "Accelerated Programme" before?"

"Well...there was no point in the accelerated programme before. If you hadn't asked me to teach you something more, we wouldn't be going through this accelerated programme. Anyway, I will give you the rest of the day free. I believe a certain French friend of yours has written a letter to you, I believe Tibby delivered it to your room."

Harry blushed crimson and hurried out of the room intending to read the letter in his room.


Ron stopped bothering them and sometimes started joining them to study. As a result his grades improved dramatically. The only moot point in Hogwarts was Draco Malfoy. Yes the blonde Slytherin with an ego bigger than the castle of Hogwarts. He tried to become Andrew's friend in the Hogwarts Express but the friendship flew out of the window when he started insulting Hermione and her muggle background.

Right now he was returning from the great hall after finishing his lunch.

"Ron, for the hundredth time The Chudley Canons will not win the league. Their keeper is the only one who plays properly which is only because so many of the opposition chasers have scored that he gets a lot of practice."

Ron was about to retaliate when somebody bumped into him causing him to sprawl on the ground.

"If you are going to kiss my feet Weasley, you better do it soon because I don't have time for you." said an obnoxious voice. That voice belonged to a sneering Draco Malfoy.

Ron's ears turned bright red and got up quickly and tried to "One-up" Draco by saying "I wouldn't kiss your feet for all the gold in the world."

This worked as Draco pulled out his wand and fired a tickling charm which hit Ron. Ron couldn't control his laughter fell to the ground laughing. Andrew pulled out his wand and pointed it at Draco.

He was about to utter the stinging hex when a familiar smooth voice interrupted him "Attacking a student Mr Potter, Ten Points from Gryffindor."

Ron who was still laughing tried to get up by pulling at the robes of the person closest to him which turned out to be Snape.

Andrew tried to control his amusement when there was a mini tug of war between Ron and Snape who eventually cancelled the laughing charm.

This brought Ron back to his senses, Snape who was still holding on to his robes said in a cold voice "Fifty points from Gryffindor for assaulting a professor. Now go back to your common rooms or I will take you both to the headmasters office next."

Ron suddenly lost all semblance of self control and immediately fell to the ground laughing. Andrew had to drag him back to the common room.

Once they reached the common room, Andrew pushed the still laughing Ron at one of the sofas and Asked "Snape almost killed both of us. Why did you laugh the second time. do you know that we have cost our house sixty points."

Ron who finally got his laughter under control, took a deep breath and said "Andrew, by now you must know that the twins are troublemakers and often land up in detentions and visit the headmaster regularly."

A confused Andrew nodded.

"Well they told me that whenever they would go to his office, the passwords were mostly name of candies. When Snape threatened to take us to the headmaster's office, I imagined him saying "Chocolate frogs" as the password."

The silence of the Gryffindor common room was disturbed by the loud laughter of the aforementioned two students.

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