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Naruto opened his eyes quickly, breathing heavily, and drenched in a cold sweat. He stayed laying here for a while, squeezing his eyes tightly shut. He tried his hardest to get the images from the war from his mind. Ever since things had calmed down, the village had been rebuilding, and everything had been going smoothly. They had even got Sasuke back, but the dreams still haunted him. He opened his eyes, swinging his legs over the side of the bed, and stood up slowly. He shook his head, trying in vain to clear his thoughts, and walked over to the sink. He grabbed a cup from the counter and filled it with water, taking large gulps to help his dry throat. Setting the cup down, he sensed a familiar chakra coming up the stairs to his door, and he quickly threw on a shirt to cover himself up before going to the door. Once he got to the door he opened it before his guest even had time to knock.

Sakura had come to check on Naruto, he had been more distant lately, seeming like he always had something on his mind. She arrived at his door, looking to the left over the railing to the nearby park. She hadn't even realized the door opened, and she lifted her arm to knock. She swung her arm forward frimly, only for something to suddenly wrap around her wrist. Surprised she yelped and turned her head, seeing Naruto with a goofy grin on his face, and yet still, a distant look in his eyes.

"Sakura-chan," Naruto said softly, not realizing he still had his hand around her wrist. "What're you doing here?"

Sakura swallowed heavily, letting out a breath she hadn't been meaning to hold. Her wrist tingled where he was holding it, and she didn't know why. It wasn't from lack of circulation, because he wasn't holding her tightly, she didn't understand what was coming over her.

"Sakura-chan?" Naruto repeated, and she shook her head, realizing she still hadn't spoken. She quickly pulled her wrist from his hold, but the tingling remained.

"Hey, Naruto," She said, trying to sound calmer than she actually felt, but it didn't work out quite right, her voice held a nervousness that she didn't quite understand, 'Why am I nervous around Naruto?' she asked herself.

Naruto noticed her voice, not connecting it to himself, and tilted his head sideways. The distant look in his eyes changed into one of concern. "Are you alright Sakura-chan?" He asked, taking a step toward her. She took another deep gulp and took a step away from him, shaking her head.

"I'm fine Naruto, I was just coming to make sure you were okay, you've been different lately." She said, doing her best to hide the panic in her voice, but why was she panicking?

The concern didn't leave his face as he took another step toward her, coming out into the daylight, wearing an orange and black t-shirt and black cargo pants. Sakura took yet another step back but found her back against the railing over the balcony. Cursing under her breath she looked at him as he lifted his hand and placed the back of it against her forehead.

"You're hot, Sakura-chan." Naruto stated, taking his hand away from her head. She felt like she wanted to sigh from the loss of contact, and actually had to stop herself from following his hand with her head. She shook her head, still wondering why he was having this affect on her. "Do you want to come inside and sit down?" He asked, moving out of her way so she could walk in.

She shook her head and focused, "I said I'm fine, Naruto," She replied, this time effectively hiding the feeling she was having. "But back to where I was, what's up with you? You've been acting differently."

Again his eyes went back to being distant, as he thought of his dreams, the look making Sakura want to cry out, his normally lively blue eyes seeming more like a dull blue gray. "Fine, but this conversation I want to take inside." Naruto replied, turning away from her and walking inside. She nodded and followed him in, glancing around his messy apartment.

It didn't smell unpleasant, because he had started throwing out old food, and taking his trash out regularly, but there were his belongings all over the place. Clothes hung over the backs of chairs, papers and books strewn about, and a scroll layed out over the table. Sakura dismissed all of this for a moment before doing a double take. Papers, books, and a scroll? Those weren't things Naruto normally had. She was about to question this when he sat down in a chair at the table and rolled the scroll up neatly. Sakura sat down next to him and he started talking.

"I don't understand, Sakura-chan." Naruto stated, shaking his head, "Why, why would anybody in their right mind want to cause so much death?" He looked at her now, his eyes glimmering with tears that were building up. Sakura opened her mouth to say something, but couldn't think of anything to say so closed her mouth and put her hand on his shoulder. She gave it a little squeeze to comfort him.

"No one in their right mind would want to cause something like that." Sakura said softly, she moved closer to him when he started breathing unevenly. "No one wanted what happened to happen, but what's important, is that the world is saved, and even better, you're still there to enjoy it."

Naruto's breathing slowed a bit, but was still heavy, and he looked into her emerald green eyes, "But at the expense of how many? Does that justify how many were lost?" He asked, tears rolling freely down his cheeks. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to think of what to say.

"Nothing justifies death, but you have to live and be happy in the image that they died to protect." She said, opening her eyes once more. He nodded and calmed a bit, the tears stopped flowing and he reached over the table, grabbing some napkins to wipe his eyes and nose. She rubbed his back gently, until he was done cleaning himself up, then she just let her hand set on his back. "Now, what is up with all these papers, books, and scrolls?" She asked laughing, trying to lighten the mood.

Naruto smiled, his eyes lighting up, "Can you keep a secret, Sakura-chan?" He asked excitedly. She looked at him confused but nodded slowly. He unrolled the scroll and looked at her again. "I've been studying lately, and I'm only a few moments away from perfecting it at the same level my father did." He says bouncing a bit in his chair. Sakura still seemed a bit confused so he elaborated, "The Flying Raijin Jutsu!"

Sakura gasped, smiling slowly, "That's brilliant!" She said excitedly as well, "What's holding you back?"

"I don't know, it takes precise chakra control, Kurama has been helping me. Training my chakra control with me, and I've done it twice when in his chakra mode, and once alone." Naruto said excitedly. "Is there any advice you can give me about chakra control?" He asked, tilting his head slightly to the side. She nodded her head, and started explaining to him all she could about the subject.

Practically the whole day passed, and they had only stopped talking twice, once to eat lunch, and the second time for dinner. It was about 11p.m. and Sakura was very tired. "Alright, I really need to go home." She said standing from her chair, her lower half was practically numb from sitting there for so long. Naruto nodded and handed her a kunai, one of the fourth's special kunai with a seal on it.

"I want to try it," He said, and Sakura nodded, "Go outside with it." He said, and she smiled. She turned away from the table and walked to the door. Sakura opened the door and walked outside, closing the door behind her. She stood outside, humming, on the porch for a while. Thinking maybe he wasn't going to be able to do it, she started to go toward the door again when suddenly there was a tall blonde man standing in front of her, his hand on the kunai she was holding, their hands touching. She gasped lightly, and he laughed, throwing his arms around her, "I did it twice just now!" He shouted. She looked at him confused and he chuckled, "I had one attatched to the roof above my bed, and before I decided to come out here I went to that one, and before I hit my bed I went to this one! I can do it any time now! You're help really worked, and I've been practicing and studying since the village was finished being rebuilt." He jumped with joy.

She chuckled at his antics. "Well I'm happy for you, but does it take a lot of chakra?" she asked concerned. He shook his head, which made her calm down a bit.

"The farther away it is the more chakra it takes, but with my chakra supply I could easily go from here to Suna and back at least three times." He said nodding excitedly.

"Oh, well that's good," Sakura replied, then stopped talking when she realized that he still hadn't taken his arms away from her. She pulled herself from his arms and handed him the kunai.

He shook his head, "Keep it, I want you to have it, in case I need to get to you quickly." Naruto said, "I still don't know how to make the seal so you'll have to carry that one."

She nodded, "But where do I keep it? When you go your hand is always on it right?" she asked, nervous about putting in the pouch at her waist. He pursed his lips.

"You're right, there is that, well unless you want to stay the night to help me learn how to make the seal, you could just carry it in your hand at all times." Naruto said laughing lightly.

She bit her lip while she thought, she had no one at home waiting for her, she had moved out of her parents' house and into her own apartment. Also, he seemed very happy now that she was helping him, he wasn't in his funk anymore. Would it really be that bad to stick around? She continued to think about it, and Naruto looked at her expectantly, waiting for her to hit him and call him a pervert. Finally she looked at him and nodded, smiling, "I'd love to stay the night!" She said nicely. His eyes widened slightly, before he smiled deviously. She stepped away from him slightly, afraid of what he was thinking. But was to slow when he lunged forward, wrapped his arms around her and suddenly they were in the air, falling from the roof toward his bed. "Agh! Naruto!" She yelled before they hit the bed. He landed on his back, her landing on top of him, clutching to him tightly out of fear.

He laughed, "You should've seen the look on your face Sakura-chan!" He yelled, she huffed and sat up. Suddenly he stopped laughing and looked at her wide eyed. She looked at him confused until she realized just where they were. She was sitting up, straddling his waist while he was laying on his bed. Naruto swallowed heavily, and Sakura blushed deeply before apologizing and jumping off of him. He chuckled softly, blushing lightly, before sitting up. Sakura went to the table and sat down, putting her face in her hands.

"Sakura-chan, it's alright, you didn't do anything wrong." He said, his voice coming out more huskily then he had wanted. When she didn't reply he shook his head, still fighting the initial arousal. He had been very lucky, he had kept his arousal in check when she was on top of him. Now that she was off of him, it wouldn't have been as bad, she wasn't guaranteed to notice, but if she did it would be embarassing. Naruto looked over at Sakura, her back to him, her face still in her hands.

What was she thinking, why did she not want to move when she found herself in the position she did? She had felt right, looking down on him from that position, but that wasn't right. Was it? Why suddenly, was she feeling this way around Naruto. Sakura, still thinking, shook her head gently. Was she truly attracted to Naruto? But no, that couldn't be right, it wasn't just physical attraction. The whole day, they'd been talking about the jutsu, and yet she had never wanted to leave or felt uncomfortable. In fact, the whole day had been really fun, and even though they only stopped talking about the jutsu while they were eating and they had talked about other things during that time. I feel nice, talking to him, looking at him, being around him, touching him. Wait, what was that last part?! She shook her head to clear her thoughts.

Okay, she had to admit, Naruto was an incredibly attractive man, with taut muscles, amazing spiky blonde hair, handsome face, beautiful eyes. But was that where her attraction ended? When she had first met him, she found him annoying, but he had changed that a bit and she actually thought it was cute that he still was a bit annoying to most others, rash, though he still was, selfish in her eyes, though that had changed, and his endless attempts to get her to like him made her detest him for getting in the way of Sasuke and her, but now she no longer felt anything for Sasuke because he... He... He tried to kill Naruto... She thought.

Was that why she didn't love Sasuke any more? Had his attempts to kill Naruto changed her feelings that much? But then, what does that make her feelings for Naruto? Now he was selfless, strong, smart, caring, kind, attractive, giving, fast, the list goes on. She hadn't thought until now how much he really meant to her. Sakura gasped as she came to a stunning realization.

She was in love with Naruto...

At first she was taken aback by the realization. But, at the same time, she knew that it was true. She gasped loudly, causing Naruto to turn his head toward her once again. He had since laid down on his bed, not messing with her about what had happened because he realized that she was embarrassed. He watched her quietly, wondering what she was thinking about. He shrugged and looked back at the kunai stuck into the ceiling. He looked over to Sakura again when she started laughing hysterically, and took her head out of her hands. He watched, with gentle eyes so as not to make her more uncomfortable, as she slowly turned to look at him. Suddenly he felt uncomfortable, her gaze causing him to squirm. She had a sweet smile on her face, which he couldn't help but smile back at. Her eyes fixed onto his, emerald green meeting crystal blue. He stood up, walking over to her, "Sakura-chan, you really didn't do anything wrong." Naruto said gently, scratching the back of his neck with a smile on his face.

"I know," Sakura said as she stood up, only centimeters away from him. Realizing the proximity, Naruto tried to step back, giving her some space, but he found himself unable to move and his breath hitched in his throat. When he was about to step back Sakura stopped him by putting her hands around his neck. He looked down at her, and she smiled up at him. "I enjoyed it." She whispered softly, standing on her toes to place a light kiss on his lips. The kiss lasted only a moment, but the effect it had was monumental. When she was standing normal again, Naruto still hadn't moved. Sakura became a little disheartened, did he not have feelings for her anymore? She was about to let go of him, but suddenly his lips crashed into hers again, their teeth colliding lightly.

Naruto's mind was racing, one moment, she seemed upset, and the next she kissed him. He didn't know what to think, all he knew was that the feeling of her lips on his sent a shock through his body, rending him paralyzed. After his mind registered what had happened he kissed her again. She smiled into the kiss, and they held this one longer. After they came out for air, Naruto looked at her with confusion. "What...?" He asked, not quite sure how to word his question. She looked at him and laughed.

Her laughter dying down she looked at him sincerely, and wrapped her arms around his neck once again, hugging him. She felt his hands go to her waist and pull her closer to him. "I...I love you... Naruto." She whispered, her head against his chest. She could feel his heartbeat, it was beating quickly, but when she said that it started beating even faster. If that was possible. It was beating so fast that she was slightly concerned it would fly out of his chest. He pulled her even closer to him, pressing every part of their bodies together. Sakura giggled a bit at how he was acting, but pulled herself closer to him anyways.

"Y... You... Sakura-chan..." Naruto said, looking down at her pressed to him. She looked up at him, her chin resting on his chest. She smiled at him, before turning her head and putting her ear to his heart again. It was comforting to her, hearing his heartbeat. He laughed a little, before they again were falling toward his bed. She shrieked a little again and pulled herself to him tighter. They landed on the bed solidly, Naruto still laughing. Sakura huffed and again sat up, and yet again they had been in the same spot. She looked at him and pouted.

"You really had better stop doing that, or I will beat you up." She said, blushing lightly at the position but not moving. He just looked at her and laughed, holding in his arousal once again. Had he not held it in he was sure Sakura would feel it against her, and be weirded out.

"Neh, I think it's really fun." Naruto said, laughing lightly. Than he remembered something. "I've gotta tell Baa-chan!" He said, "About the Flying Raijin Jutsu! She's the only other person who knows I've been studying it. Actually we made a bet, if I could master it by the end of the month, than I she would retire at the end of the year, electing me next Hokage." Naruto said smiling.

Sakura gasped, "You realize that she only has limited power, the council still has to vote that you are fit to be the next." She said, smiling at him, "But I'm sure they will, and I'm very happy for you." She leaned foreward and gave him a small kiss on his lips. He smile but, started to push her up and off of him. "What are you doing?" She asked curiously as he stood up too.

"We should be standing to do the jutsu, don't want to have to stand up when we show up." He said simply. He wrapped his arms around her again and suddenly they were in the Hokage's office, standing near the door. Naruto had his hand wrapped around a kunai that was stabbed into the wall behind her. Naruto let go of Sakura and turned toward the Hokage desk, where he saw a sleeping Hokage. "Baa-chan!" He shouted. She sat up quickly, before noticing that it was Naruto and waved him off. Slightly annoyed he said again, "Baa-chan!" but this time she didn't look up.

"Tsunade-sama." Sakura said softly, and Tsunade looked up at her, with a tired look on her face.

"Sakura, haven't I told you not to let him in here past 10?" Tsunade asked looking at them seriously.

"Y... Yes Tsunade-sama. But h-" Sakura started but was interrupted.

"Then what is he doing in here?" She asked angrily. Naruto looked at her and pulled the kunai out of the wall next to him. He turned and threw it at Tsunade who jumped and moved to dodge, when the weapon got behind her, Naruto was holding it again, behind her, Rasengan in hand as though he was about to hit her back with it.

"And that... Is my Flying Raijin Level 2." He said softly. [I know he wouldn't have known that occurance had happened. But I couldn't resist]

Tsunade's eyes were wide as she slowly turned around to look at him, his face serious but smiling. As she looked at him she couldn't help but gasp as he looked almost just like his father. Different clothing, but same face and hair. She started laughing, and crying, the sight bringing many emotions into her at once. Naruto walked forward and put his hand on her back, rubbing it gently. Tsunade looked into his eyes, "He would be proud, you know." Tsunade stated, and Naruto nodded smiling and glancing over at the photo of him and Jiraya on the wall. "Both of them would be."

Naruto chuckled, "Does that mean you aren't?" He asked and she shook her head. "So, about that Hokage position?" Naruto asked. Tsunade looked at him and chuckled lightly. Sakura watched both of them with a smile. She compared Naruto and Tsunade with how her parents act with her and smiled even wider. Naruto and Tsunade had started talking about his research of the jutsu and how he was learning with Kurama and the books and paper. He then started recounting the day, talking of how Sakura had come over and helped him with it, then he had preformed it twice, and then about Sakura agreeing to stay the night to help him learn how to place the seal, then about teleporting them to the bed, he slyly left out the part where she straddled him, and before continuing to her confession he looked at Sakura questioning her.

Sakura took a deep breath, "Then I confessed that I love him..." She added, nervously looking at her master. Tsunade looked at Sakura bewildered. But smiled and nodded.

"You finally did? Everyone could see it in the way you'd been acting around him, but you didn't even seem to notice. And this baka surely didn't notice," Tsunade said, causing Sakura to look at her confused. She had been acting differently? Tsunade was right, she really hadn't noticed, if in fact she had actually been acting differently. Naruto looked at Sakura and smiled softly, before laughing and teleporting back over to Sakura who still had the kunai in her hand. The action slightly startled Sakura, who still hadn't gotten used to the fact that he could teleport, and she jumped a little. He laughed before looking to Tsunade, who threw the kunai, effectively sticking it into the wall again. Naruto turned to look at Sakura who had her eyes on his.

"Back to my house?" He asked, smiling at her. She chuckled and smiled at him nodding her head. Naruto wrapped his arms around her again and they yet again fell from his ceiling. Sakura shrieked and clutched tighter to him. He laughed again when they landed and Sakura stayed laying against him, feeling the laughter go through his lungs.

"Naruto..." She said sternly, looking up at him. Naruto, stopped laughing and looked down at her nervously. "Didn't I tell you to stop doing that?" Sakura asked, and he broke into a sweat.

"It's the... Only one in my apartment that's in the open!" He said quickly, Sakura rolled her eyes at him, "But don't worry Sakura-chan, I won't do it again." She laughed and Naruto thought he was in the clear. He looked at her moving one of her arms out from under her and knew that wasn't the case, he arched his back so she could pull it out easier. She pulled out the hand that had the kunai in it. Naruto's eyes widened when he thought she was going to stab him. But his eyes widened even more when he realized there was blood on it.

That's when he felt the pain, and he groaned. She quickly stood up and he rolled over. She cursed under her breath and set the kunai down on the ground next to her feet. He groaned again when he was finally on his stomach and she gasped in surprise. How did he not notice until now? Sakura thought as she looked at the deep impalation on his lower back. She pulled his shirt up away from the injury. Kurama had already started healing him, but the wound wouldn't be healed by that alone. "Oh my god, I'm sorry Naruto!" She said, putting her glowing hands on the wound, feeling she had impaled just next to the spine and into the kidney on that side, she started healing him.

After a while the wound was healed but tender, and Sakura couldn't help but feel bad. Sure it wasn't as bad as wounds he had gotten on missions, including being stabbed just under the heart by Sasuke's Chidori in the Valley of the End, but that she had caused what could easily have been a serious wound, made her feel guilty. Naruto stood up from the bed, wincing slightly at the still tender pain. Sakura immediately told him that he shouldn't be up and that he should lay back down, but he waved her off. "The sheets need to be changed, you don't want to sleep on bloody sheets tonight do you?" Naruto asked seriously, and Sakura instantly gasped.

"And what makes you think I'll be sleeping with you?" She asked in mock anger, her guilt lightening quickly, and Naruto shook his head.

"I never said I didn't want to sleep in bloody sheets, because I couldn't care either way, I'm sleeping on the couch Sakura-chan. It's only polite." He said, pulling the sheet off the bed and throwing it in a clothes hamper. He went to a clothes cabinet while Sakura sat there with her mouth agape, and they say chivalry's dead she thought. He came back out and pulled a new sheet over the bed, before walking over to the couch on the other side of the room. He layed down on it, wincing again as the injury came into contact with the couch. Sakura frowned, and looked at the ground, clenching her teeth.

"I'm so sorry, Naruto." She said, shaking her head. She shouldn't feel as bad as she did, but she couldn't help the tears that fell from her eyes. Before the tears hit the ground Naruto was crouching beside the kunai at her feet and stood up, wrapping his arms around her. She put her face on his shoulder as she cried. "I'm sorry..." She repeated.

"Sorry for what? Now I know that I shouln't do that with a kunai in hand. And maybe that I shouldn't put it on the roof." Naruto responded smiling at her. He pulled her closer to him and they were falling again. But this time she didn't have the kunai in her hand so there was no chance of harm. Until he hit the bed and his wound hit the hardest. He groaned out in pain and she sat up.

"Now you really need to stop doing that." She said seriously. But he just laughed, shaking his head.

"What's a little pain to the next Hokage?" He asked and she smiled, laying back down on him. His heartbeat had finally slowed down, showing that he had finally gotten used to her proximity.

"What time is it?" She asked him, and Naruto looked over to the clock, gasping slightly. Sakura looked at the clock in question and gasped as well, "Nearly 2am? How long was I healing that wound?" She asked aloud.

He laughed, "To long it seems." He said, "And I was hoping to get some more studying in, oh well, I suppose we should go to bed." He said, moving himself out from under her. When he was about to stand up Sakura stopped him. Naruto turned and looked at her, her eyes asking him to stay in the bed, but her mouth saying nothing. He smiled and layed down next to her, kissing her forehead gently. "Goodnight," He said softly, and she cuddled closer to him, falling asleep with her head on his chest. He followed shortly after.

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