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"You have to help me Jellal."
Meredy looked towards Jellal. "What is that on her back?"
"It's a seal. A very powerful seal that the council uses only on those they seem a high threat. It seals away the user's magic and transforms them into a completely different person."

Meredy looked towards Lucy with shock. "Why would the council do this to you?! You're not a dark mage or anything?"
"I… can't tell you." Lucy looked towards the ground.

Jellal and Meredy glanced towards one another in confusion.

"I still don't know if you really are Lucy." Jellal said. "I don't know how you even found us."
"I've been following the trail of dark mages that have been disappearing. It really was all luck that I found you." Lucy said smiling. "I guess I still have that with me.. Lucky Lucy." She smiled sorrowfully at Lily. Lily looked up at her with worry.

"Meredy, link us." Jellal said. He was beyond curious at what was going on.

Meredy steps forward and her hands light up. "Three spread sensory link".

Pink rays shot forward from her hands and lit up her own wrist, Jellal's, and Lucy's.
"If you lie to us, we will know. And we will kill you." Meredy said.

"What do you feel of Fairytail?" Jellal asked.
All too soon he was being overwhelmed with a myriad of emotions. Love, guilt, fear. The woman before him stood tall and stared right back at him with confidence.

"Fairytail is my family." She smiled.

"What happened at the last Magic Games?"
"We stopped the Eclipse Gate and I.." She began to think of the time she was naked and Natsu.. That time with his hands. Her face started turning red.

Jellal and Meredy started to feel embarrassment and a sense of nakedness.
"Ahh! What are you imagining?!" Meredy said trying to cover her chest.
Jellal coughed with a blush on his face. "That's enough."

Meredy broke her spell.
Jellal looked hard at Lucy. "You really are Lucy.."
She nodded her head.

"Lucy… If I help you.. If I release that seal, you may not even remember who you are, who you were, who anyone is. You will feel unbearable pain and you actually might die in the process."

"I am not going to die." Lucy said in a raised voice. In a softer voice, she spoke "I am not going to die. I have to help them. My family is in danger because of me again and I am not going to sit by and watch. I still have so much I want to experience with them. I still have so much…" Lucy began to cry.

Lily looked up at her in amazement. He hugged her leg.
"This is Lucy…" he thought.

"Lucy.. if I do this. You can't go back to Fairytail."

Her eyes widened.
"The council will know that I broke the seal. You will be affiliated with a fugitive."
"That's fine. It's a price I'm willing to pay."

"You're doing just fine." Lucy said
"What?" Jellal was surprised
"I mean you are doing just fine with not being with Erza."
"That's.. that's not.." Jellal blushed hard. Meredy smiled playfully at Jellal and poked him with his elbow. She was already beginning to like this Lucy girl.
"You are doing what it takes to protect the world and her. I will do the same." Lucy said with confidence.

Jellal closed his eyes in defeat. There was no way he was going to change her mind.
"I will do it."

Lucy looked up towards him in relief.
"Come. We need to get you prepared.

"Finally.. at last!" Cesar yelled as he marveled at the demonic tree.

Layla was being taken to the heart of the tree where she would remain as a protecting device. The tree began to attach its roots into Layla.


"Calm down salamander!" Gajeel kept a hold of Natsu. "It's not Lucy!"
"LETT ME GGOOO… what?!" Natsu said in confusion as he looked at the iron dragon slayer.

"What do you mean its not Lucy?" Natsu said in anger.
"Just shut up and watch okay?" Gajeel said pushing Natsu's head toward the show.

Gajeel and Natsu were up on a tree. They were watching from the shadows.

"The rest of our guild is here. We are just waiting for the devil to make her move."
Natsu blinked his eyes in confusion. "devil.. devil.. MIRA!" he thought as his eyes lit up.

Sure enough, the demonic tree began to roar as if in pain. The tree began to trash around and the mucuous bulbs were being popped prematurely. The untransformed people in the bulbs were being released.

"What! What's going on?!" Cesar said as his henchmen began to run around in fear.

From up above a siren began to sound. Suddenly, a ship appeared from the clouds.

Natsu's face was plastered with a wide smile. He could see his guild on the magic bomber Christina. Even Master Makarov was there.

"MMMEEEENNNNNNN! ATTACK!" Natsu and Gajeel heard Ichiya.

Soon the ship began to fire at the tree's base in all directions.

"That's our sign! Let's go Salamander!" Gajeel jumped off the tree.
Natsu jumped off the tree and flame blasted towards the fight once again.

"AS IF THAT WILL SAVE YOU ALL!" Cesar ran to the roaring tree and began to perform a seal. The tree's branches began to turn fluid like whips. Cesar was allowing his magic to be absorbed by the tree.

The tree branches extended out towards the ship and fought back.


Then Master Makarov jumped off the ship.
"MASTER?!" they yelled.


There stood titan Master Makarov. He grabbed onto the tree's branches and began pulling them off the tree.
The demonic tree began roaring even more, causing pain to everyone's ears.

"Miirraa!" Master Makarov yelled as he held onto more branches. The rest of the guild was on the ground now fighting dark mages.

"Mira?" Cesar said in confusion. Then it hit him. "NOOOOO!"

Lightning flashed next to him and he was lightning punched away. In his place stood a very pissed off Laxus.
"Too late." Mira smirked from inside the tree. "TAKE OVER!"

The branches began to explode in parts. Soon, the demonic tree branches were all fallen to the ground. The trunk remained standing alone. Cesar knelt on the ground and watched it all. His eyes brimming with angry tears.

With a blast, a hole appeared in the trunk's center. From it, Mira stepped out. She was smiling and about to walk towards Elfman and Lisanna who were smiling at her. But suddenly she felt extremely weak and collapsed.

"MIRA!" Her siblings yelled as they ran towards her. Elfman lifted her in his arms.
"Something's… wrong.." Mira said as she found herself becoming paralyzed.

Cesar began to smile maniacally.

Laxus lightning teleported towards Cesar and began to fight him. Cesar fought back easily as his rubber like magic allowed him to dispel the electricity.

Elfman and Lisanna slowly looked up at the demonic tree and were horrified.

The tree was transforming, as if it had learned take over from Mira. The tree's branches were growing back with thorns and the bark was forming hard scales.

"Elfman.. Lisanna.. we have to get out of here." Mira struggled to speak.
Elfman snapped out of his shock and picked up Lisanna. He started running towards the ship.

Master Makarov began to attack the tree but was getting himself hurt from the tree's newfound strength.
The dark mages watched in horror the tree's transformation and began to run away in fear.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU CAN NEVER BEAT ME!" Cesar laughed as he continued to fight Laxus.
"I'VE ALREADY WON. The tree was supposed to take on Lucy's magic but I think Mira's magic does it pretty well! Thanks to you now the tree is even stronger than before!"

Laxus punched Cesar hard in the stomach, causing to fly away and crash into a few boulders.

Laxus finally looked up at the tree and saw his grandfather struggling to fight the tree. He saw his guildmates attack the tree base as well while being attacked by thorny branches. Natsu's fire wasn't catching. Gajeel's iron was making much of a scratch. Erza's swords were barely cutting through as well.

"YOU DARE TURN YOUR BACK ON ME!" Cesar attacked Laxus and they continued fighting once again.

Four figures stood on the edge of a cliff. They watched the battle before them. It truly was one of Zeref's dark creations.

"Meredy, can you link me with the flaming one?"

Meredy nodded.
"Let's go." The man said.

The three ran down the side of the cliff and towards the battle.

A familiar magic was sensed. Everyone looked over towards the source in anticipation.

"Lucy.." Cana said with tears brimming her eyes. They had found her. Finally found her.
Erza looked over in shock. "Lucy.. Jellal?"

Laxus, Gajeel, and Mira looked towards the source in shock. She wasn't supposed to be here! And her magic… it was abnormally strong. What was she doing with Jellal?!

Natsu, Gajeel, Gray, Erza, and Wendy all watched her approach.

"LUUUCCYYYY!" Happy yelled as he flew to her but abruptly stopped. His eyes widened at the sight.

A very pissed off Lucy was running towards him. That alone was to scare him but something about her eyes made a chill run down his spine.

She ran right past him without a glance and Happy watched her back with fear. He trembled as he watched her run off. He knew what was wrong but he didn't want to accept it. Tears ran down his face.

She stopped right in front of the tree. She didn't hear the others yelling her name. Her dull brown eyes only focused on the demonic tree.


"MEREDY!" Lucy cut them off. Her magic began to soar. Her body began to light up with a golden light.

Meredy's arm lit up and a bright pink rays shot from her hands towards Lucy and Natsu.

Natsu's wrist lit up. "HEY! WHAT IS THIS?!" as he was running towards Lucy. Juvia's eyes widened in realization as she looked towards Lucy and Natsu.

"FIGHT THE DEMONIC TREE!" Lucy yelled at him. Natsu stopped in his tracks and examined her.

She was finally here. He had finally found her. Her golden hair and brown eyes. Just as he imagined her yet why was she looking at him like that. Why instead of a smile and her usual "Natsu~" was there those dull cold brown eyes staring back at him.

Lucy looked away and began to run towards the tree.
"Lucy!" Natsu yelled in desperation to see his best friend.
"FIGGHTTT!" She yelled back at him.

He looked back at the tree. He was confused. Why was Lucy not like Lucy. He decided on bugging her about it later and followed orders. He shot towards the tree. "Crimson Lotus Exploding Flame Blade!"

Lucy stopped running and felt the emotions in. She studied his movements, his swirling fires.

"Alright." She bent her knees and braced herself. Her body began to swell with magic. All the magic that had been stored away for a year was finally being released.


Soon everyone scrambled away from the tree. Even Master Makarov picked some people up to get them out of the way.

"CELESTIAL DRAGON'S" Lucy put her hands on the ground while looking towards the roaring tree.

The dragon slayers all looked towards Lucy is shock.


A large seal encompassed the entire base of the tree.

"That's impossible!" Cesar yelled in anger.

A large beam shot from the seal upwards towards the heavens. It engulfed the tree completely. The tree's roar began to diminish and soon there was silence. When the beam finally disappeared, nothing remained. The ground was scorched and even the roots of the tree had been decimated.

Cesar fell to his knees. His mouth agape and completely defeated. Laxus took the opportunity to punch his lights out. Now he didn't have to worry about him running away.

Having used up all her energy, Lucy fell over on her side.
Soon everyone in Fairytail was trying to run over to her, but Jellal beat them all to her. He slowly lifted her up bridal style and gave an apologetic look towards Erza.

Erza's eyes were wide in shock. "Jellal…"

He then looked over at everyone in Fairytail.
He saw Gajeel looking away as if he understood exactly what was going on. Lily was standing next to him with guilt visible on his face.
Laxus was standing with his coat in his hand. Meredy had given it back to him. He was clenching it hard. He didn't realize the pink magic band around his wrist on his other arm.

Mira was crying in Elfman's arms. She also knew what breaking the seal meant. Especially if she came with Jellal to do it.

Wendy was crying from something Carla had whispered to her.
He gave one last apologetic look towards Master Makarov.

And with that look the master knew. He closed his eyes and nodded his head.

Natsu and Gray had a horrible feeling. They ran out towards Jellal.
"Waiiitt Jellal!"

Meredy walked up next to Jellal. And with a whirl of wind they disappeared.

Gray and Natsu slowed down and stopped right where they disappeared.
Natsu sunk to his knees. She was gone.

She stood on a cliff and watched plutogrim attacking Magnolia.
She lifted her arm and drew a dragon arrow.

"Celestial Dragon's Soaring Strike" she whispered.

A beam of light in the form of a dragon roared and cut through plutogrim.

With plutogrim open, she put her hands to her keys. She saw their souls frozen in time.

She also saw an amusing little angry demon that was exploding things about him. She knew exactly who he was. And she was going to teach him a valuable lesson.

"Urano Metria." She smirked. The sky lit up with the stars and soon he was bombarded with them.

"That's for Natsu." She said between heavy breaths.

"And this.. this is for everyone. Celestial Dragon's Pure Prayer" She brought her hands together and closed her eyes. A light from the celestial world began to shine over plutogrim.

When the light faded, she opened her eyes and was greeted with the sight of her friends emerging from the ground.

Feeling light headed and weak she sat down and watched the fight. She coughed and was breathing hard. She could almost hear Meredy and Jellal yelling at her for coming.

But she would always watch over them. Whenever they needed her, she'd always be there. Their Lucy Heartfilia.

Gajeel, Juvia, Natsu, and Gray were all facing their opponents.
"Thank you Lucy." Natsu said to himself. His wrist with the pink seal glowing.
Gajeel smirked. He knew she was watching. And he was going to give her a show to remember.

He was dreaming. It was a long time ago.. when he was just a teenager. He remembered seeing a girl come in the guild with a bunny suit. She had blonde hair. She looked awfully similar to…

x x x x

A ghost of a smile was on his face. The pink seal on his wrist glowing

"So.. when do you think you're going to take this seal off Meredy?" Lucy tried attacking her.

"Oh.. you know.. when you finally decide who you love and want to marry."
"You know I almost died twice because of them! Laxus was on his deathbed and Natsu was almost blown to bits. I don't want to feel them anymore! Their anger their pain.. and most definitely their urges.. UUGGHH DISGUSTING!"

"They are men with needs. What can I say? Like this one here." Meredy pointed at Jellal as she ran around the campfire away from Lucy.
"I have no comment." Jellal said keeping his head down and out of Meredy's mischievous ways.
"Jellal~" Lucy whined for help.
"I am not getting involved. I am not here!" Jellal said ignoring the two girls and shaking his head vigorously as he tried to not remember his own experience with Meredy and Ultear's mischievousness.

"aagghhh Meredyy!" Lucy ran after her.
"Just accept it Lucy! Just accept their love!"
"You know if you keep this up, you're going to die an old virgin you know that? Do you want that?"

"Mira help me! I'm always feeling things now.. "
"Like what?"
"Urges weird emotions and and.. this thing is making me crazy! How do we get it off!" He tried to light it on fire.
"I heard from Juvia it is a sensory link magic. Meaning…. you are linked with Lucy!" Mira said happily.
"WHAT?! That's why I've been going crazy? I'm going as crazy as her!"

"Hahaha sucks to be you." Gray said as he drank from his seat.
"SHUT IT ICE PRINCESS." Natsu barked back.

"You know this could be a good thing for you Natsu. If you love her, she'll know." Mira said teasingly.
"What?" Natsu froze.

"You heard me" Mira smirked. "Even if she doesn't remember you, as you say, she'll feel your heart and maybe someday.. YOU TWO WILL HAVE BABIES!"

"Mira.. you're scary." Natsu said with a straight face.
"Cmon Natsu. Do you love Lucy?"
"Yea do you?" Cana came over. Soon all the girls came to crowd over Natsu. The men around the guild were snickering at the poor boy trapped within the grasp of demon Mira and fellow demon girls.

All of a sudden Natsu's eyes widen and his face lit up.
"You said she feels what I feel right?!"
"Yes…?" Mira pouted in disappointment as he avoided her question.
"Yea natsu?" Happy flew over.
"Tickle me till I cry."
"What?!" the girls said to his weird comment.
"Okay?" Happy used his wings to tickle Natsu.

"AHAHAHAHAHA AHHHHHH!" Natsu was lightning bolted unconscious.

The girls looked up towards the balcony and there was a very angry looking Laxus.
They gulped in fear.
Mira asked sweetly "Is there something wrong Laxus?"

Laxus turned away and went back into the Master's room. He slammed the door shut.

"What's up with him?" Cana said drinking her beer.
Mira giggled.

"What do you know Mira?" Levy asked.
"Turns out… "Mira looked around and came in close to the girls. She whispered.
"Turns out that Laxus has one on his wrist too!"

"NO….!" the girls all said together in shock.
"SHHH!" Mira put her a finger up to her mouth.
"How do you know?! Have you seen it?" Levy asked in a whisper.
"No.. but Evergreen told Elfman and I just had to get Elfman to tell me" she smiled in triumph.

"That's why he's been such a sour puss?" Cana said in realization.
"hehe exactly" Mira looked over smirking at the unconscious Natsu on the floor. "Ladies.. we have a threesome."

Gajeel spat out his drink in the dark corner he sat at. Lily looked at Gajeel in worry. "You okay Gajeel?"

"Oh dear…" Levy said. "Poor Lucy…"
"Juvia has had a threesome with Gray as well" Juvia said lifting a hand up to her cheeks.
"WHAT?!" Levy, Cana, and Mira said together.

"WHATTTT?!" Gray yelled also from his seat at the end of the bar.

Gajeel spat out his drink again. Lily looked at him like he was crazy because this time, he had spat his entire drink onto Lily. Lily looked at Gajeel with a drenched and not amused face. Gajeel started in a barking laughter. Lily attacked him.

Levy, Cana, and Mira all looked towards Gray.
"Graayyyyyyyy!" Mira said.
Levy looked horrified between Juvia and Gray.
Cana looked towards Gray and was laughing. "Gray I didn't know you were into that"
"NO NO NO ITS NOT LIKE THAT!" Gray defended himself from a very scary looking Mira. "JUUUVVIIAAAAA!"
"YES GRAY-SAMA!" Juvia sweetly said.
"But it is true!"

Now everyone in the guild was looking at a naked Gray.
"Gray.." Cana pointed at his body.
Gray looked down. "AAGGHHH!" He started frantically looking for his clothes.
"Please... please someone save me." He cried as he ran from Mira.

Upstairs, Laxus sat at the desk and rubbed his wrapped wrist.

In his solitude, he began to succumb to his memories. His heart was getting heavy with sorrow and guilt. And just as he was, he was being filled with happiness and warmth. It was always like that. She was always bringing him back up when he was down. He smiled knowing that the stupid spell was his only link to her. He would always let her feel how much he missed her.

Lying on the ground paralyzed, he felt her happiness and warmth. He answered back with the same. He smiled with his eyes closed.

"Luce.. the guild misses you."
"I miss you too Natsu."

"Promise we'll go on a mission again?"

"I'll always find you."
"I know."

"I know Natsu. I know"