Prompt: 40 chapter Spuffy fic. Sets in S6 of Btvs and during Buffy's resurrection. Buffy comes out of the grave a Vampire and the spell can't be changed to change her back. It has another consequence, she is evil and can't be cursed. They have to stake her but she is not willing to turn to dust but first, she wants to surprise them. She finds a patent leather shiny bright red tube top that goes down just above her stomach, an underwear short patented shiny black leather skirt, fishnet stalking, some shiny black patent leather boots to put on to go along w/ her slate eyeshadow, black liner, mascara, red blush, and red lips. She colors her hair a bright yellow w/ it cut down to her chin and curled inwards at the bottom to cup her face w/ her bang hanging high over her eyebrows. There's a slight slit at the end of one side of her skirt showing the skin of her right leg a little beyond her hip. She goes to the Initiative to get Spike's chip out. They reach Angel in L.A. and get out Angelus. It's a threesome fic.

Make that 3 small gold studs on the right side of her nose.

And a regular vampire face with the shiny yellow eyes.

M for sex scenes

Have all 3 [Spike/Angelus/Buffy] in the fic but w/ it ending up Spuffy. Drusilla will come to join her new/old family, wanting in on the 'fun' times. The Scoobies will be tortured but mainly Cordelia cause Buffy never liked her and Angelus hates that Angel loved her to replace Buffy.

And I meant that her bang will hang over right forehead only. It's higher than the other side like what sometimes prostitutes do to their hair.

No povs, just a fic.

Spike will be sad, angry, and upset that she's a Vampire at first until she takes out his chip. So will Angel until she gets the soul out.

Notes: This fic was written years ago and I have vastly improved in writing since then... I hope. If you have read thru the messy POVs and bad basic grammar and stuff, then I congradualte you. Oh, and the torture scenes. That too.

I have been asked about writing a sequel multiple times so I thought I would update with this note regarding what happened there... (TL;DR: no sequel)

My sequel died while I was writing this. I got a bunch more flack for this fic than I anticicpated. I mean, I anticipated it but holy mother of zeus! Some people DID NOT LIKE IT. I say DL;DR but some people insist! So, there was a possibility for a sequel but as I continued to post that possibility drained quicker than... (I was going to make a joke about Dawn draining Anya but...*cough*) And I know you should write for yourself and never let the haters get you down but it was a really invovled fic and I was just starting out writing. I mean, I just re-read and I cringed. I have improved vastly... I hope. My prompter also never read the fic so... that was a bummer too. They dropped off the face of the planet though so... who knows?

Angel... here's the thing. Poor Florica (or not cus she's kinda evil ish) made that deal with Spike to get Angel's soul outta Buffy. We know Florica used blood mojo magic to get that soul into Buffy, actually using her own blood when she gave it to Angel Inc. Which means she connceted to this soul, in my opinion. Which means, is Angel's soul flying high in heaven? Or is it currently sitting on her desktop in a prophecy orb? (hint: I imagine the second option)

So going back to shoving souls in peeps, I really wanted to see what would happen for pure torture-like enjoyment if they shoved Angel's soul into Spike by mistake. Like, they thought they were shoving it into Buffy but there was some mistake invovled or maybe Dawn did something, idk, where it accidentally went into Spike instead. Because the Scoobies 2.0 don't care about Spike one bit so they probably just wnated to kill him off. Instead, they get Spike with Angel's soul and can you just imagine that brain space?!

Meanwhile Dawn is learning magic but is not excelling so I was thinking about some storyline where she tries to learn dark magic but gets stopped by Buffy because Willow burned herself out using dark magic and Dawn doesn't have the choice of becoming a vampire again. So I was playing around with the idea of having Buffy shove Dawn at the Scoobies and saying "fix her". And maybe that means shoving a soul in there so she can see how not right it would be to do dark magic and kill herself. Or something else. B/c Dawn with a soul would want to save Buffy through and through... nothing solid there.

Good white light magic doesn't work on Buffs. So putting a soul in her without dark magic isn't going to happen. So maybe the Scoobies 2.0 go visit Florica. Florica will refuse outright but hey, what is that glowing orb on Florica's desk? Is it ANGEL"S SOUL?! Why don't they just take that. Hence the mishap that leads to Spike ending up with Angel inside him. hehe.. kinky. However, Buffy is half vamp - half slayer which makes her 100% demon. (being that the slayer half is the demon half of her former human self). Anyway. If the Beastraki could control the demons that escaped out of the hellmouth somehow, maybe Scoobies 2.0 find a way to use controlling powers on evil!Buffy. . . cus that wouldn't turn out bad? right? RIGHT? muhahahaha

Anya I always figured would pop on back. I never had the chance to read the comics so IDK what happened in cannon. But in my mind she ends up in a purgatory state and D'Hoffrin offers to let her come back as a demon after some time but it's complicated. B/c there is so much of an overabundance of demons on earth he has to wait until the people of earth and the PTB take care of that so that there are enough humans to take advantage of.

Faith is gonna be her angsty self and maybe get on with Spike when he has Angel inside him but not really with anyone else. Maybe she tries hitting on Oz a bit. Maybe she wants to leave the Scoobies so she can redeem herself by cleaning up the world. Faith is Faith.

Xander and Tara are a lot closer becaue of their mutual PTSD inducing nightmare experience. So Xander gets real worried over Tara having visions b/c he knows that she's dying (b/c of Cordy)... Oz is the zen werewolf. Tara would do better if she weren't 100% human so she could live thru the visions. Oz... meet Tara... Tara, bond over Willow with Oz. Ooops, did Tara get bit? Looks like Tara is now a werewolf. Oh nooooooo. Yay?

Xander also has to get some time in there b/c he wants to strengthen himself up so he's not longer the stupid muscle. I feel like he tries to train with Faith but it gets messy b/c they kinda rub off on one another? In more than one way? And Spike w/Angel's soul might be a good option to learn from but holy hell would they be angsty around each other. . . so yeah that probably would have happened.

Also, for my grand twist. I was going to introduce... dun, dun, dunnnnnnn... the 3rd slayer! For whatever reason, they never introduced a 3rd slayer after Buffy died in S6. At least I don't remember them canonically mentioning it. S1 she died and boom, we have Kendra. Then Kendra goes bye, bye and we have Faith. Then Buffy dies by swan diving off the tower and... no one new? Only the Buffy Bot? Like... that was always weird to me. So I was imagining introducing a 3rd slayer from one of the potentials. Wesley was going to find her. Because, if you remember, I never said Wesley died... Or Gunn for that matter. It is assumed but never finalized. No body, no death.

Wesley went to England with the bunch of them to meet with the counsel. He just stayed behind while the rest of them went back to Sunnydale to check out Willow's grave and also take care of Buffy. Wesley was going to find the 3rd slayer and bring her to them in his watcher-like role.

NOT KENEDY. I did not like the Kenedy plot line at all when it happened. S7 as a whole was very... issue-y.

Anyway, it's all out of order up there and there is definitely a plot in there but like I said. It never happened. And I cannot ask people to read Red Roses in its current un-edited state and it is so very large, I do not feel like going back to re-do POV and fix all crappy introsepctions and basic grammar. I always invite others to write a sequel if they so wish though! So if you had any interest, write away :D

Thank you so much for the love! It is very much appreciated!