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Canon up to Sirius falling through the veil at the Department of Ministry, which it then takes a sharp turn left and follows the plot in my own head.

To make certain things fit better, and because it's the way I want to write this, this fic will be up to date with real life things: cell phones, music, computer wise, etc.

Also, to help with my story line a few characters have their ages changed a bit-

Narcissa Black (later Malfoy) & Lucius Malfoy instead of being five (or so) years older than Severus Snape, the marauders and Lily Evens (later Potter), they will all have been the same age and in the same year at school.

Harry Potter's birthday and age stays the same, he just turns 17 at the start of this. However, Draco Malfoy will be a few months younger. He is only 16 at the start of this and will turn 17 on... well you'll find that out ;)

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"Son, are you sure that's who you saw?" Seeing his son nod his head yes, it was all he could do not to tear out his hair in frustration. How could it come to this? Fate couldn't be this cruel, could she?

All sorts of plans started rushing into his brain, but he felt so lost that not one seemed like it could be successfully put into action. How would they be able to make this work? They had to come up with something; his son's life was on the line! And mine as well, if the Dark Lord finds out he thought to himself. Well, they did have a few options - kidnapping him is always an easy fall back, but that might not work the way they meant for it to. As he was pacing in front of the fireplace thinking, his family was doing the same, desperately trying to find some way to salvage this. From the corner of his eye, his son stopped his own pacing.

"Son, do you have an idea in mind? If so, please share."

"Father, we need to be able to talk to him, but it's not like we can just invite him over for tea and a chat. But he might listen if we showed up at his house with a gift, a gift grand enough that he won't start hexing us until after we speak with him."

"That sounds like a great idea, but what kind of gift would be enough for him from us?"

"Easy. We give something he's longing for. Or rather someone."

"The only someone I could think of that would be enough, would be his parents. And they are dead, you do remember that, don't you boy?"

His son just smirked at him. "Yes, of course, Father. But he had a godfather that he cared deeply about. His godfather isn't dead, he fell into the veil, remember? And if you also remember, a person can be brought back from beyond the veil safely by someone of their blood line."

It was like the world stopped for a moment and everything fell into place. Yes, yes. They just might be able to make this work. And hopefully also all come out alive.

"Go and find your Mother, we have work to do."

Harry looked down at his newest tattoo with a huge grin, it took almost all the money he had saved over the past year but to him it was money very well spent. He was glad it was done and he could finally get up, sitting for hours on end was hardly his idea of fun. The man that had done all his tattoo's to date looked at him with a grin and teased, "Well Harry, is this it or will you be in next week with another drawing, demanding more of my time?" Harry laughed while twisting around to look in the mirror. "You did a great job Mike, I can't thank you enough." Mike looked at Harry's chest and asked the question that had been on his mind since he first saw the drawings Harry made for this one. "So, are you ever going to tell me the meaning behind this one?" Harry looked sad for a moment but replied "I think after all the long hours you worked on it, you deserve to know. The piece represents a few people I hold very close to my heart."

Pointing to the flower over his heart, "This lily is for my mom, that was her name; Lily." He moved to the animal next to it and tells Mike the stag is in remembrance of his father, that the big black dog was for his beloved Godfather, and that the wolf was for the last remaining parental figure he had left. "And the words above them Memento Vivere mean remember to live." Mike smiled at him and let him know how wonderful he thought the meaning behind the tattoo was. After chatting a little bit more, Harry went to pay and headed back to his relatives house, hoping he wasn't running too late.

Not long after he left he was walking up to the front door at 4 Privet Drive with a smile on his face and a light spring in his step. He was so glad his aunt and uncle left on that month long cruise and left him and his cousin home alone. Ever since Harry saved Dudley from the Dementors' attack (thanks to that bitch, Dolores Umbridge) two years ago, things changed between them: they started writing to each other while in school, without his aunt and uncle knowing, and had gotten much closer. Both boys had been thrilled to learn they would be alone for the month and planned many things to do together. It was only two weeks into their vacation and already the boys had been so busy. They had been going to the local gym every day, since Harry didn't want to get out of shape after working secretly so hard every day at Hogwarts in the room of requirement, and Dudley got to keep up his boxing training. So it was a win-win for both boys. A few days got spent in the mall getting them both new wardrobes (thank you Aunt Petunia for the credit card and telling Dudley to get whatever his heart desired, not expecting he would buy his cousin anything), and just hanging out enjoying the free time.

One day while passing an eye glasses store, Harry remembered the eye correction potion he saw in a wizard catalogue he had at home and sent Hedwig off with the order form as soon as they got home. He received the potion two days later and took it that night, so it could work while he was sleeping, like the bottle said. Waking up being able to see without his god awful glasses was a wonderful feeling. Almost every night the two cousins sat for long hours talking to each other and catching up on things they missed out on during the year or didn't go into detail about in their letters. Dudley told Harry about not dropping boxing like his father wanted him to, his fear that his dad would make him and his thoughts on being gay and would his parents ever be ok with it (not bloody likely they both agreed). In return Harry talked for hours about how much he still missed Sirius, his regret at not being able to bring him back yet and how he wished Remus was around more and not off on Order business all the time. He also told Dudley more about his self-training and why he was still keeping it a secret from just about everyone. He wasn't sure who was really his friend and who wasn't, Ron stopped talking to him when he found out he was gay and wasn't going to be marrying Ginny, and Hermione took Ron's side saying that it just wasn't normal and right. It had hurt him deeply to lose them both and still made his heart ache at times, but mostly he was angry about it.

He started training after that horrible day when he found out the prophecy that Dumbledore kept from him, the prophecy that made it clear it was him and him alone that would be up against Voldemort in the end. Dumbledore had told him no, he would not allow Harry to train, that he had no need for it and that he would be more than ready when the time came. Harry knew he wasn't nowhere near ready so when school started back up after the summer he began going to the ROM after classes a few times a week to work on hexes and reading up on spells not normally taught. One book had told explained that a good defence was to never stay still and to keep moving, giving your opponent a harder target to hit. Reading that made him notice that he'd have to work out to give himself the stamina needed, so he started running, swimming and using the Muggle weights the room provided him with. After months of hard work he was in the best shape of his life and was pretty proud and happy with his new toned body. However he kept it a secret from most of the school using strong glamours that made him look like he hadn't changed at all.

Of course, as things normally go, he wasn't able to hide it from everyone. One day in the dorms he had forgotten and went right into the showers without the glamours on. Luck was on his side and the only one up at the time was Neville Longbottom, who was the only one in his dorm room that was still willing to talk to him and treat him normally. After finding out what Harry was up to and swearing not to tell anyone, Neville asked to join Harry and became his training partner, working just as hard as Harry and grew to enjoy it just as much. Dudley had been shocked that no one thought to help train him and brought up the question of why that was. Did they not want him to win? The more Harry thought about that, more and more questions came to mind and he started to question the actions of Albus Dumbledore. But he wasn't going to think any more on that tonight, for tonight he had a party waiting for him. A party just for him!

As he walked inside the house he was able to tell that thankfully he wasn't late at all, and still had some time to take a quick shower and change before people started arriving. He still had no clue who would be showing up as Dudley had taken care of the guest list himself. He had only asked for three people to be invited but was pretty sure only two of them would show up. He rushed up the stairs talking two at time while yelling to his cousin that he would be back down shortly. Stripping off his clothes as soon as he entered the bathroom he took a quick shower, taking special care on washing his hair in hopes that it would behave more than usual. After finishing up he wrapped a towel around his waist and went into his room to get dressed, singing Happy Birthday to himself softly as he looked in the closet he had yet to notice that he wasn't as alone in his room as he thought. When he dropped his towel to step into his boxers he heard a loud cough and someone muttering "oh Merlin" behind him, with a loud gasp he spun around and was shocked to see his two (new) best friends sitting on his bed. Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood sat before him on his bed, one blushing while covering her eyes and the other laughing loudly at him while he stood naked in front of him. His shock quickly turned into happiness that they came, part of him had been nervous that they wouldn't come to his muggle house even with them saying they would come any time invited. Neville and Luna had accepted Harry's offer to stay for a few days and he was looking forward to hanging out with them outside of school.

After some jokes about him being naked, his friends told him they would see him downstairs and left him to get dressed. He picked out a new pair of skin tight black jeans that a flirty shop keeper had told him he looked edible in, and paired them with a dark green vest that he was going to wear open, showing off his new tattoo and of course the abs that he worked hours upon hours on. After running his fingers through his hair, deciding it wasn't worth it trying to fix it since it would just end up messed up in no time, he declared himself ready and went back down to wait for the other guests to arrive.

A few hours later the party was in full swing, the music was loud with a beat that rocked the house, the food tasted amazing and the liquor was just as good. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Harry was a little put out that Remus hadn't shown up but he knew Remus was most likely doing Order work and would have wanted to come if he'd been able to.

Harry was having the best birthday party ever; he danced, drank, ate, and hung out with his friends for hours. Some people had left when the hour started getting late, but still a nice sized bunch stayed behind, hoping to stay until they passed out or got kicked out. A small group of people had made it to the back yard and Dudley was trying to teach them a drinking game he learned called beer pong. Luna shocked them all by being really good at it, while Harry found out that he was total rubbish and ended up drinking all the cups on his side when he went up against her. He was just drinking the last cup when he heard someone knocking on the door. He looked over to Dudley and asked who he thought it could be and Dudley grinned and said he hoped it was the male stripper he hired for Harry's birthday. Laughing, Harry went back into the house with Neville, Luna and Dudley following him, all trying to say something but, having had as many drinks as he had, he wasn't able to understand them as they talked over one another. He swung the door wide open and stared in shock at who it was. All he was able to do was gasp and stutter out "Well Dudley, it's for sure not the stripper."

A small group of wizards and witches portkeyed to the front of the Dursley's house, on the outside of the wards. All of them hung back, while one took out his wand and tested the wards to see if they could get past them. The man didn't seem to like what he found, as he frowned and cast again. After a third time he gave up and turned to his companions with an angry look and told them, "Well, we can get in, it seems like the wards are very basic and only stop people that mean Potter harm from entering. No ward against the Dark Mark, or even Voldemort himself. I'm appalled at the lack of protection for the boy; we'll have to set our own up after we get inside." Looking back at the others with a nod, he stepped past the wards and right away stopped at hearing the loud music coming from within the house. Clever Potter to put up charms to stop his neighbours from hearing, he thought to himself. He waited for the others to join him and was amused at the looks they got when they noticed that some kind of party was going on. Not caring nor not wanting to prolong this trip because of some party the boy was having, he walked to the door and knocked loudly, stepping back to wait for someone to open the door.

A few moments later they all heard loud voices coming from behind the door.

"Bloody strippers, always late!"

"Harry wait, glamours up, it might be you know, one of us." On the other side of the door, this got some raised eyebrows and questionable looks.

"Nev, don't be silly! The only other one he invited is Remus and he already knows what Harry looks like." Outside there were a few more raised eyebrows at this, while Remus blushed guiltily and looked away from the looks he was receiving.

"Harry, I swear to God you better not hog all the hot ones, you greedy bastard! Birthday boy or not, leave some blokes for the rest of us."

"I still think one of us should open the door and make sure it's a - you know - a Muggle."

At that, the door was flung open and a smiling and very different looking Harry Potter opened his mouth to greet them. However he wasn't able to get many words out once he saw who was in front, seeing that man standing at the door of his house; all he could do was stutter and tell his cousin that it wasn't the stripper. When it looked like Potter was getting over his shock and was about to start hexing first and asking questions later, the man put his foot in the door and with both hands raised showing his wand was put away he calmly spoke to the boy, "Potter, if we swear on our magic not to harm you or anyone in your house will you just let us in to talk and explain why we are here?"

Harry, after drinking all night wasn't as clear headed as he wished he was, still seeing no wands in sight made him pause and think for a brief moment. If willing to swear on their magic, what harm could be done? Harry didn't know if it was because it was his birthday and he was in a great mood, or if it was because he had been drinking, or if maybe it was the odd look on his teacher's face but he said: "Alright, if you swear it, you can come in." Harry and the others heard six voices spoken as one as they said "I swear on my magic not to harm or let harm come to Harry James Potter or any of his guests."

After hearing them swear, he remembered just what was going on inside the house, and with a remorseful glance at his cousin, he said: "Dudley, I loved the party, but I think it's time to end it." With wide unsure eyes, still staring at the wizards in front of him, Dudley nodded and went to turn off the music. As he did, he loudly told everyone that thanks for coming, but the party was over. A few moments later with most everyone grumbling the house was cleared out.

Harry eyed the group of people behind his most hated professor, the potions master Severus Snape, with distrust but lead them into the living room to see what they had to say nonetheless. Unable to see who was with him, as all of them wore cloaks with hoods that covered their faces quite well, he asked Snape to start explaining.

Severus could tell that Harry had been drinking and should be sober for this, so he politely offered him, Neville and Luna sobering potions. Harry snorted, "Thanks, but I'm not taking anything from you right now. Nev, go up to my trunk and get sobering potions for us." Severus raised one eyebrow at the thought that they would have some on hand already but otherwise said nothing. Neville returned with the potions needed and handed them out. Taking his, Harry frowned at Snape and with an even dry tone asked "Now, what is so important that I had to interrupt my birthday party and ruin the wonderful wasted feeling I was so enjoying?"

Severus looked at someone behind him, "Maybe we should start this off with someone you know and might trust more than me, which might help speed things along." Harry nodded his agreement and was unable to hide a breathtaking smile as he saw Remus Lupin lower his hood and grin at him. He moved in a rush to go and embrace the man, but stopped a few feet from him and let his thoughts finally catch up to him. Why was Remus with them, but was unable to come earlier in the day to his party? Remus noticed Harry stop with a question in his eyes and smiled to himself. "Hello Harry, sorry I'm late but I had some stuff to take care of. You understand, right?" Harry did understand yes, but something was making the hairs on the back of his head stand up and he decided to go with his gut, feeling that something wasn't right. "I'm sorry to do this, Remus, but I must ask you to prove you are who you say you are." Remus, with a proud look in his eye, bowed his head once and waited for the questions.

"Who are Moony, Padfoot and Prongs?"

With a quick grin Remus replied, "Why, myself, your father, and your godfather, of course."

"What is my Animagus form?"

Remus didn't answer at first, instead he asked if Harry was sure he wanted him to answer that. Harry knew it might be a risk, not knowing just who was in the room, but he also knew that it was a question that only four people could answer correctly. So with a level glare, he said yes.

"Well, that's a trick question, Harry, as you have more than one." Ignoring the gasps, Harry made a hand gesture to let him know to continue.

"The first form you found out about was a timber wolf, and the second was of a black panther. We have been unable to test you to see if you have any other forms, but made plans to do so before you went back to school."

Before Harry could agree or say anything else, one of the other cloaked figures had felt that enough time had passed with him being ignored and with this new information was unable to hold back his excitement. "My pup has two forms? TWO? How could you not tell me, Moony?" And with a whoop he flung off his cloak and went towards Harry to grab him into a hug.

Severus tried and failed to bite back his groan at seeing the foolish man rush towards the boy without thinking. He could see the shock, hope, fear and then panic in Potter's eyes as he tried to take in just who his eyes told him was in front of him.

"S-S-Sirius? It can't be!" The boy exclaimed and in an instant his right hand was raised and with a whooshing sound his wand came flying towards him. In the next second he was in front of Severus, with his wand against his throat and a growl erupting from his throat, using his other hand, he froze the others without saying a word.

"Explain, right fucking now, Snape."