This is a story out of my usual genre, but I'm going to try it anyways. I've seen this idea be done a few times, but I'm trying to put my own spin on it. Special thanks to my friend for giving me the idea of this. If you're reading this, you know who you are!

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"Get her to the med bay, now!"

"Where the hell do you think I'm taking her, Disneyland?!"

"Whatever. Hook her up! NOW!"

'Where am I?'

"I'm going, man!"

"Friends, please! Stop the yelling!"

'Starfire, Cyborg and Robin? What happened?'

"I'm sorry guys, but I'm nervous."

"Yeah, me too Rob. Do you think that BB will be alright?"

'Beast Boy?'

"I hope so, Cy. I mean, he went willingly with the police after he regained control. So long as he remains calm, he should be fine."

'Police? Beast Boy? What's going on?'

"I've never seen him so angry before. He almost tore Mumbo in half."

"He did get really pissed when he saw Rae lying on the ground, though."

'I...I got hurt?'

"Yeah, I think I'll go down to the station. Seeing a familiar face will probably help him."

"I shall accompany you, friend Robin."

"Alright, you guys do that and I'll get Raven's diagnosis."

'What the hell is going on? Why can't I move? And why do I'

The last thing she heard was Cyborg bidding Robin and Starfire goodbye, before Raven was swallowed by darkness.


Light filtered in through Raven's closed eyelids, as she pawed at the air and groaned. Almost immediately, several cloaked figures were around her.

"I-is she OK?"

"She looks pale."

"Idiot, she's always pale."

"Well, you don't have to always be so rude!"

"Uh, that is who I am, remember? That's like me telling you to not be so happy."

"At least people like her."

"You trying to start something here, green?"

"That's enough, both of you! She is waking up and none of you are required to be here crowding her! You will be civil!"

"Whatever, I'm going. I doubt I'll be needed."

"Same here. See you guys around."

Raven opened her eyes, just in time to see an orange cloaked girl and a green cloaked girl disappear in individual balls of dark energy. Letting out a small groan, everyones attention was suddenly switched back to her.



"Hello, Raven."

Sitting up slightly, Raven looked around her, trying to ignore the pain in her head. Seeing the dark sky and the floating rocks, she heaved a sigh and turned to her companions.

"What am I doing here?"

Knowledge, Happy, Timid and Affection all looked back at her. Knowledge, naturally, was the one that answered her.

"You have been injured, and whilst your body has been put into a coma to heal your injuries your mind is still active. I cannot explain why, but your soul has now been trapped inside of your own mind. It would make logical sense that you would be stuck here until your body has healed itself."

Raven groaned. She hated this place. All of these other hers were always so annoying. A thought struck her as she looked back up at her emotions sharply.

"How long have I been in a coma?"

Knowledge shook her head. "Your concern is understandable, but it is also unnecessary. You have been in a coma for close to five hours, and at the rate that your body is healing you should wake up in about fifteen more."

Raven let out a breath that she didn't even realise she had been holding. She hated the idea of her friends worrying about her in this state, and the fact that they wouldn't have to brought her great relief.

"What about-" She began, but she was interrupted by what sounded like a sob. Whirling around, she found that there was no one behind her, and none of her emotions were crying or had been the one to produce the noise. Happy started to speak, but Raven held up a finger to silence her. She thought she heard... voices?

"Those would be sounds from the outside world." Knowledge said. "You could hear your friends talking before you got here, correct? Why not try it again?"

"How-" Raven began, but Knowledge cut her off.

"Concentrate on the voices."

Shrugging slightly, Raven did as she was told. Closing her eyes, she zoned everything else out, focusing entirely on the muffled voices. Feeling a strange coldness wash over her, Raven opened her eyes, only to be met with blinding white light. Looking around, she noticed that her emoticlones had disappreared. The voices were clearer now, and Raven could easily discern what was being said.

"-Get some rest, BB. I'll keep an eye on her."

"I'm not leaving her side, Cy."

Raven felt an odd warm spread through her chest at the sound of Beast Boy's voice. She felt the need to try to get rid of the feeling, but it felt... nice. Stowing away the experience to examine later, Raven continued listening.

"Come on, man! I know you're upset, but you can't beat yourself up and starve yourself forever! You haven't eaten since you got back from the cops! All you've been doing is sitting here beside her bed, crying!"

"It's my fault, Cy. Every time she gets hurt and ends up floating above this bed, it's been my fault."

Raven heard Cyborg sharply take in a breath, before there was a strange scraping noise, coming to a stop right next to the bed. 'Chair...' Raven thought absently, still engrossed in the conversation.

"You can't think like that, BB. Last time she was only lucky enough to hover above this bed because you saved her, even when everyone else had given up hope on you. This time SHE saved YOU. So get your ass off that chair and go and get some of your nasty tofu crap to eat."

Back inside her head, Raven was stunned. 'I saved him?' She realised that Cyborg and Beast Boy were still talking, and started paying attention once again.

"I can't stand this, Cy. Every time I transform into that thing Raven gets hurt and I get put in restraints. The police were...terrifying."

Raven's heart sank when she heard sobs escaping Beast Boy yet again. 'I'm hurting him...'

"BB? BB! Listen to me! What did they do?"

"They didn't DO anything, Cy. They were just so... cold. Just like every other time."

"Beast Boy. You're both going to be fine. You're not going to leave the tower. Raven is going to be OK. You can stop crying."

"I'm not crying because I think I'm going to be taken away."

"Then why are you crying?"

"I'm scared! Why do you think I'm crying?! I just nearly killed an insane old man as a rampaging monster in front of the entire police force of Jump and Raven is lying down right in front of us dead to the world!"

If Raven was awake, she would have shaken her head. They were getting so worked up over nothing; she was going to be fine within a day. 'Wait, they don't know that.'

"Look BB, You're here now and Raven is stable. Just keep it cool, OK?"

There was silence for a few seconds, before there was a scraping noise as metal hit metal. Footsteps started getting further away, before they stopped.

"BB, you wouldn't happen to be getting so worked up over this because there's something you're not telling us about Raven, is there?"

"Now isn't the time, Cy. You go on ahead. I think I'll stay here a bit longer."

Raven could almost hear Cyborg's pout when he spoke. "Alright, but I think that you consider little miss Raven here as more than a friend if you're getting this worked up."

Raven heard a growl from right beside her, followed by a crash from where she had been hearing Cyborg. She heard a quick "OK, I'm stopping!" Before heavy footsteps made their way quickly down the corridor. From right beside her, she heard a sigh and a slight scraping noise as Beast Boy sat back down.

Raven did the mental equivalent of shaking her head as she halted her concentration. The darkness from before was back, and Raven felt herself melting into it. 'He should really pick his moments better.' She thought as everything got darker around her. 'And what did he mean by that...'

Right before Raven blacked out completely, she was certain that she had just heard a voice from right beside her. Struggling to figure out what was said, the three words echoed around her as the lights in her vision dimmed completely. Right before she was gone completely, the words finally reached her ears, spoken with so much sadness that Raven could feel tears begin to form in her own eyes.

'Please wake up...'


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