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Cyborg was pacing the room. He had been for the past five minutes. Every now and again he would sit down, but would jump back to his feet a second later as if the chair had burned him. Raven was staring to get a little anxious. She had passed boredom three minutes ago.

'Cyborg, I'm sure that if you wait a bit longer I'll wake up.' Raven thought sarcastically, doing her best to send the message out telepathically. He didn't seem to get it. Cyborg sighed, grumbled a few things under his breath, and then turned and walked away.

'He has nothing to say to me before I die? Seriously?' Raven thought incredulously. Cyborg's footsteps got further and further away, before stopping right where Raven guessed the door was.

"Look, I'm not gonna say anything, Rae. 'Cos I know you're gonna wake up." He said simply, before turning and walking out the door.

'At least someone believes.' Raven thought, giving a small sigh of relief. She was broken out of her musings, however, by another set of footsteps. Small clang, barely any noise betraying them. Had to be Robin. Raven smirked. 'Well, seems as though Beast Boy really is going last.'

"Hey, Raven." Robin said beside her, his upbeat voice laced with sadness. "I see you're still here."

'No duh.'

"Right...uh...y'know, I'm not too good with this death stuff. Like, I've seen people die, people that I was close to. But this just feels...different. I don't know, I mean...gah!"

Robin threw his hands in the air out of frustration. Kicking the bed that Raven was floating under, the Boy Wonder fell backwards into the chair, muttering several colourful words before abruptly getting back to his feet.

"I can't do this. I won't do this. I'm not losing another friend. I'm not letting you die. You have to wake up Raven, that's an order."

That being said, Robin spun around on his heel, marching out the door. His footsteps stopped for brief moment, and the loud noise that followed gave Raven the impression that he had just punched the wall.

'Wow...' Was all Raven could think, remembering Robin's short speech. Never had she heard their leader sound so desperate, so small. Mentally shaking her head, Raven brought her thoughts back to herself.

'How long will I be here before I wake up?' She asked herself, before the light around her flashed for a split second, leaving her with spots in her eyes and a small headache. 'OK, ow. Apparently not much longer. Well, either that or I'm about to disobey orders.'

Raven hastily pushed that thought from her head. 'Now is not the time for that.' She berated herself. 'I wonder how long it'll take for Beast Boy to-'

"Hey Rae."

'Well that was quick.'

Raven felt her heart soar at the sound of his voice, despite how sad his tone was. Her headache had gotten slightly worse, but she didn't care about that right at that moment.

'This is ridiculous.' She thought to herself. 'I'm Raven. I shouldn't be having these feelings. And even if I did I shouldn't be having them for Beast Boy. There would be no way he would reciprocate them.' Something that felt like a lump of ice started sliding down inside Raven's stomach, but she chose to ignore it as soon as she heard Beast Boy clear his throat.

"Aaahhhh...this is messed up, dude. I mean, Cy's stopped talking, Robin is furious, Star's just...crying. I mean..." He shook his head vigorously, his hair whipping around. "No, I'm s'posed to be talking about me. I mean us. I mean...Ah damn."

Beast Boy flopped down into the chair that was beside the bed, absently scratching the back of his neck nervously. Sighing, he stood up again, and made his way to the side of the bed, clearing his throat again. Raven listened intently, her head void of all thought.

"Jeez, this is going to be difficult. Uh, let's see. Yeah. I never told you about my parents, did I Rae?

'His parents? What does that have to do with anything?'

Beast Boy gulped nervously. "Well, they were scientists, and we lived in Africa. I actually got my powers there. That's not important. The point is they died saving me."

'His parents died to save his life?'

"Then, after that...some stuff happened, and I joined the Doom Patrol. They were great, y'know? Sure, they always treated me like a kid, but I liked being around them. They were like my family. But eventually, I got sick of Mento and left."

Raven was still listening, her mind racing. 'Why is he telling me all this?'

"Then...then I became a Titan. And that was really, really cool. But...after a while...Terra came along."

Raven felt as though she had been hit in the gut. 'Why did he have to mention Terra?'

"I...I loved her. At least I think I did. But then she turned to stone, then she forgot everything. She's pretty much dead to me.

Raven was starting to piece it all together. Her eyes widened. 'I'm seeing a pattern here. But that would mean-'

"And now...this." Beast Boy continued, his voice thick with unshed tears. "You. Stuck here in this coma all because I had to rush it. I'm sorry Raven. I'm so sorry. Please, wake up. Everyone else I loved has left me, and almost always they were saving me in the process. I can't lose another person that I love. I love you, Raven. That's why I need you to wake up. I can't lose you. Not you, not after everything else. Not after you saved me."

Beast Boy broke down, sinking back into the chair, sobbing. Inside her head, Raven was speechless. 'He...he loves me? How could he love me?'

The cold ice that was melting inside Raven's chest and stomach was gone, replaced by a new, warm feeling. It spread quickly through her, making her completely forget the pressure that was in her head. Her mouth slowly formed into a smile. A large smile. Then she was suddenly reminded of the pain in her head as it started throbbing with a new intensity. She winced, shutting her eyes tight as the bright white light exploded into her vision.

'This had better be me waking up. There is no way in hell I'm dying after that.' She thought fiercely, as the light overwhelmed her once more.


Beast Boy sat beside Raven's bed in the med bay, crying as quietly as he could. He didn't want any of the others walking in and finding him like this, again. He had finally done it. He had told Raven how he had felt about her, albeit her not being conscious at the time. He was so distracted he didn't notice Raven slowly descend back on top of the bed, or her eyes open and focus on him.

'I'm awake. I did it.'

"Be...Beas...Boy..." She mumbled, still not fully awake after her long slumber. Beast Boy's head shot up, his eyes meeting Ravens. A massive grin spread across his face. Hastily wiping his eyes and nose of his uniform, he leapt off the chair, arriving beside Raven's bed in record time.

"Raven! You're alive! Awake!"

Raven slowly shook her head. He had gone from depressed to happy in under a millisecond. Beast Boy whirled around, sprinting for the door.

"I gotta tell the others!" He called over his shoulder.

"Wait!" Raven said. This was as good opportunity as any. Beast Boy tilted his head in confusion, before running back to her bed, kneeling down beside it.

"What's up?" He asked, staring at her.

"Beast Boy..." She started, but stopped. How was she going to say this? 'Oh hey look when I was asleep I heard you say you love me so I wanted to tell you that I have feelings for you as well,' just didn't seem to have that strong of an appeal to her. She decided to do something she otherwise never would have considered doing. She decided to wing it.

"When I was...asleep, I could hear everything."

Beast Boy's happy expression turned into one of pure fear. She had heard him? His brain was telling him to run, but his legs wouldn't obey. He was stuck, staring into Raven's eyes as she leaned ever so slightly closer.

" heard...everything?" He squeaked, trembling slightly. Raven merely nodded. "Even when I told you...?"

Raven didn't answer him at all, she was too busy slowly leaning towards him. She was telling herself to stop, telling herself that she couldn't do this. Couldn't feel. Out of the blue, Knowledge's words sounded in her mind.

'There is no reason to be afraid...'

Raven smiled, a tiny, barely noticable smile as everything clicked into place. Knowledge had been right. Raven was afraid. Afraid of what would happen if she allowed herself to feel love, or come even close. What she didn't realise was that she had always felt it.

Every time she had seen her friends, every time someone had cheered her name, and even when she had been with Malchior, although then it was a lot stronger. She had felt it, various levels of love for various people. She had felt love for Malchior, or something very close. With that in mind, she pushed forward, touching her lips to Beast Boy's.

The kiss was brief, but before she pulled away Raven could have sworn she had felt electricity surging through her veins. Staring at Beast Boy's face, she had to supress a laugh. His eyelids were drooped, and his jaw was hanging wide open. Shaking her head at his gobsmacked appearance, she pulled herself and Beast Boy back up to their feet, before Beast Boy finally snapped out of his trance. After wildly looking around the room, his eyes settled on Raven's once more.

"You...kissed me."

Raven nodded, fighting the urge to roll her eyes. "Yes. I did."

Beast Boy looked around again. "But your powers come from your emotions, so why isn't anything trashed? Unless..." He added, his ears drooping slightly. "You didn't feel anything from the kiss."

Beast Boy's shoulders drooped along with his ears, and he turned slowly towards the door. Without thinking, Raven's hand shot out, her fingers wrapping around his hand. Startled, Beast Boy turned back around, only to come face to face with Raven once again.

"Love isn't destructive like Rage, Beast Boy." Raven said quietly, her eyes on Beast Boy's face.

"L-Love?" Beast Boy stuttered, looking like he was running the risk of fainting.

Raven shook her head, a small smile on her face. "Not yet. But maybe in the future."

Beast Boy looked stunned for a second, before his mouth twisted into a mischievous smirk. "Well then, I guess you won't mind if I do this."

Beast Boy gently freed his hand from Raven's before wrapping both arms around her waist and dragging her closer. Raven got the hint, having barely enough time to roll her eyes before she wrapped her arms around Beast Boy's neck. Inside her mind, she could hear the unanimous cheering of her emoticlones, and could almost see the smug smile on Knowledge's face. She forgot about them completely, however, when Beast Boy pulled her into a deep kiss.

There was no electricity running through their veins this time, but they both felt a warm feeling spread through their bodies. Raven inwardly sighed contently, pushing forward to deepen the kiss, only to jump away from Beast Boy as quickly as she could when a loud squeal pierced the air.

Starfire stood in the doorway, a tissue in her hand and a massive grin on her face. "Oh this is most glorious! Friend Raven had awoken and has found the romantic feelings for Friend Beast Boy!" She babbled quickly, talking more to herself than to anyone else. Beast Boy and Raven, who were now standing a few meters away from each other with identical blushes, winced slightly at the ridiculously loud voice. "Uh...Star?" Beast Boy tried to talk, but was cut off by Starfire's loud voice.

"The others must be notified of this at once!" She declared, and, before Beast Boy and Raven could stop her, she had flown out of the room, back towards the ops center. Beast Boy sighed, walking back over to Raven. Taking her hand in his, he grinned at her.

"So, how long will it be before the others find out?" He asked rhetorically, his grin widening.

"Oh, that's hard to say." Raven said back, rolling her eyes and smiling slightly at him. "All we can do is hope that things stay normal."

Beast Boy looked down at their linked hands, hoisting them up so Raven could see. "This isn't normal. Not around here."

Raven looked back at him, disconnecting their hands and pulling him into a tight hug. "Well, when you wake up it's a new day, and anything can change or happen."

Beast Boy chuckled, before pulling back to look at Raven. "And change is good, right?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

Raven rolled her eyes, before smiling back at Beast Boy. "Change is great." She said, before pulling him towards her once again.


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