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Harry has started to notice a certain girl in 5th year and her 4th. She cheers him up we he is down. She is smart and brilliant and she is in Ravenclaw. He first meets her under the full moon by the lake and he is moonstruck for her.

Chapter .1.

Harry had another fight with Ron and Hermione they wanted him to be a happier person but he couldn't Cedric Diggory was dead because of him. His parents were dead too all because of him Voldemort is back. He was walking along the beach in the moonlight.

When he saw another person sitting by the lake.

"May I join you?" he asks the girl

"Sure", the blonde says smiling her grey eyes piecing his soul, "You're upset"

"Yes I am", Harry replies

"There was nothing you could have down to save Cedric and your parents. It is just how things happen. But are love ones never really leave us they are just waiting for us to join them beyond the veil", the girl says

Harry looks at her she knew what he was upset about. Talking to her was making him feel better.

"Did you know someone that died?" Harry asks softly

"Yes my mother", the girl says

"When? If you don't mind me asking", Harry asks

"When I was 9 on this night 5 years ago", the girl replies

"I'm sorry for your loss", Harry says

"And I am yours. But remember what I said are love ones never really leave us they are just waiting for us to join them beyond the veil", the girl says

There was silence for several minutes before the girl says.

"My dad and I believe you, you know about Voldemort being back. I want to stand and fight with you", the girl says

"Thanks you are one of the few that do want to stick by me", Harry says

"The others don't know what you been through. Like with me", the girl says

"Do you get picked on?" Harry asks her

"Yes. People hide my clothes and everyone thinks I'm loony", the girl replies

"How old are you?" Harry asks

"14", the girl says

They look into the each others eyes and a connection forms. She was beautiful. Long blonde hair and grey eyes. She was 5'1 and she didn't care he was the boy-who-lived.

"I would like to get to know you better", Harry says with a blush

"I would too. I like you for who you are", the girls says

"Thanks not many people do they all think as me as the boy-who-lived", Harry says

"You don't have to worry about that with me. Be yourself. I can help you", the girl offers

Harry smiles his first real smile in weeks.

"I would like that", Harry replies, "I better get going to Gryffindor Tower do you want me to escort you to Ravenclaw Tower?"

The girl tilts her head smiling. Harry could feel her emotions. They were kind and gentle.

"Yes please. Let's go I will saw you where the common room is", the girl says

They hold hands and all the hurt goes away and peace settle on them.

"See you tomorrow?" Harry asks outside the Ravenclaw Common Room

"Yes. Be careful the nargles don't get you", the girl says

"What's your name?" Harry asks moonstruck by her brain and beauty

"Luna Lovegood"

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