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Chapter .4.


Harry had spent Sunday studying with Luna and practicing his oath. He was prepared to do it today. Today the world will believe him. Luna walked with him to the Great Hall everyone was there. Luna kisses his cheek and sits down as Harry goes to the podium.

"Why are we here Dumbledore?" Fudge asks

"Harry has something to say", Dumbledore says to Fudge and motions for Harry to start

"I Harry James Potter Lord of the House of Potter hereby swear on my name and magic that Voldemort is back and killed Cedric Diggory. I also swear on my magic that Sirius Black is innocent of the crimes against him. Peter Pettigrew betrayed my parents and killed the Muggles. I fore more swear that Hagrid didn't open the Chamber of secrets 50 years ago. Voldemort did. He is the heir of Slytherin. I also swear I didn't put my name in the goblet of fire last year. Cedric should have won. Voldemort is back and your ministry is not prepared for when he goes to power. Umbridge is not teaching us practical defence we will lose if we are not prepared to fight. I think all Death Eaters need to be given truth serum. Especially Lucius Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle and Nott. This I swear a magical oath", Harry says holding out his wand that glows

There was an uproar.

"Silence let Harry prove he still has his magic", Dumbledore says smiling

"Expecto Patronum!" Harry says knowing he had to show them something big

The silver stag runs around the room. Everyone gasps Harry hadn't lost his magic. He was telling the truth.

"This is an outrage!" Fudge yells

"Be careful Minister Mr Potter has proven everything by his magic oath. Now are you all ready to listen?" Dumbledore says sharply

Fudge just nods there was nothing he could do now.

"Mr Potter. Jack Hammonton with the Quibbler. Do you think Professor Umbridge needs to be replaced as Defence Teacher?" Jack asks

"Yes. She is not teaching us anything. Anyone can tell you that. Raise your hands if it is so", Harry says

"It's true", George Weasley shouts

Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff raise their hands.

"You ungrateful brats", Umbridge snarls

"Auror's take away madam Umbridge", Amelia Bones says hating injustice

They quickly take her away.

"Who do you think should replace Umbridge as Defence Teacher?" Jack asks

"I think Remus Lupin and Alastor Moody should", Harry replies

"Mr Potter a question", Rita Skeeter asks

"Yes Miss Skeeter?" Harry asks

"Do you think the Minister needs to be replaced?" Rita asks

"Yes. We need someone to lead us into this time of darkness. We need someone who needs to prepare us to fight", Harry says

"Who do you think needs to replace him?" Rita asks

"Amelia Bones is fair let her run the Ministry", Harry replies leaving everyone shocked

Other hands went up for questions but Harry waved them off and sat down next to Luna.

"Everyone Mr Potter has proven he is telling the truth. I am willing to answer all your questions and add suggestion's. But I think the Wizengamot should be in session in two hours. Students your classes are cancelled today. Thank you everyone for hearing Mr Potter out. Your all dismissed", Dumbledore says

Harry and Luna quickly leave before the questions were started at Harry.

"Let's go to the Room of Requirement", Luna says, "No one will find us there"

Luna shows Harry were the door was and they go inside.

"That was a great speech", Luna says

"Thanks. That needed to be said. Hopefully it will make a difference", Harry replies

"Can you teach me the Patronus Charm?" Luna asks

"Sure", Harry says

They spend the next few hours in the Room of Requirement. Harry teaches Luna the Patronus. She gets it in 4 hours. It was a unicorn.

"Beautiful", Harry says watching the Patronus go around the room

"It is", Luna says smiling

"You're beautiful", Harry says kissing her lips

"Thanks", Luna says kissing him back

After hours in the room they head to dinner there was silence when they go into the Great Hall.

"Ravenclaw or Gryffindor Table?" Luna asks

"Gryffindor I suppose and give them a chance to talk", Harry replies

They sit at the table and Seamus comes over.

"I am sorry Harry for not believing you", Seamus says holding out his hand, "I am sorry for what I said"

"That's ok", Harry says shaking his hand

Many people apologies. And Harry accepts. Hermione and Ron come over.

"Great speech. How did you come up with it?" Hermione asks

"Myself with a little bit of Luna's help", Harry replies

"Why didn't you get me to help you?" Hermione asks a little pissed

"Because I could do it myself. You need to accept me for her I am. I am smart I just hide it really well", Harry replies

"You're really doing homework?" Ron asks

"Yes. With Luna", Harry replies

That's when Dumbledore stands up at the podium.

"Students. Amelia Bones is now Minister. She was has degreed a state of emergency. She wants everyone prepared to face the Death Eaters. Now Remus Lupin and Alastor Moody are now teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts. And Sirius Black will be helping them. He has been cleared of all chargers. Hagrid also has gotten a new wand. And an official apology for being expelled", Dumbledore says

Everyone but the Slytherin's clap. They had gotten rid of Umbridge. Got a proper Minister and they could learn Defence probably now.

"Now lets all thank Mr Potter for warning us", Dumbledore says

Everyone claps but the Slytherin's. Harry was happy he had the girl of his dreams. And he could enjoy school with Umbridge gone. Now all he had to do was get Hermione and Ron back to being his friends. But that was going to be a challenge in its self…

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