Midnight ch7 After Midnight had calmed down, she went right back to her grumpy sarcastic self. They all jumped as an air vent they hadn't noticed rattled. The cover fell to the ground with a clatter. "Never fear! I, the great Jolt, has come to save you!" The pokemon was male but... "A sylveon?" Midnight gasped. The pink pokemon smiled and nodded happily. "Yes! I have come to rescue you from the clutches of these evil pokemon." Midnight, Mooney, and Eclipse stared at him. "Well, it's the best we're gonna get, let's not get picky." Mooney said, leaping into the air vent. Midnight and Eclipse followed. "These air vents go through several different houses, cheaper I guess. I happen to live in the eevee adoption center." Jolt said, leading them towards freedom. "I came to save you after I heard screaming." Midnight frowned. They exited and found themselves in a fake jungle. A fountain doubled as a small pond. A bunch of eevees came hurtling out of the bushes and Midnight disappeared from view as they tackled her, and she gave a yelp of surprise. "Hey!" A leafeon came bounding after them. She wrangled them up with leaf tornado, which dropped them harmlessly onto the ground. The eevees ran off, possibly to terrorize somebody else. "Sorry bout that. I take care of all the little ones here, my name's Abby, nice to meet you." The leafeon smiled warmly. There was a yelp from afar. "Hey! Put that poor flareon down! Nooo! Don't dump him into the fountain!" There was a scream then a splash, and Abby raced towards the little monsters. "Everything that evolves from eevee can be found here." Jolt smiled. "As soon as my trainer finds me, everything will go back to normal." The sylveon said. Two kids came running in, and ran over to the eevees. The door was wide open, now was their chance. "Come on, we can help you find your trainer!" Eclipse offered. Jolt paused, but ran after them. Their was a shriek of alarm from one of the kids, but the small group was already gone. "Come on. Your trainers were heading to Kalos, right?" Jolt asked happily. "I can't believe this! A dude that looks like a girl! You're a fairy type named Jolt and you're pink! It makes as much sense as your name being Fartikus!" Eclipse burst out laughing in confusion. "I'll have you know, pink is a perfectly fine color." Jolt huffed. "Shut up, and calm down!" Midnight interrupted. "That's her! That's my trainer!" Jolt cried out as they reached the daycare outside Lumiose city. The sylveon jumped up and down joyfully. The girl had long, honey colored hair, blue eyes, and wore a light blue hat with a green feather accessory, white boots, and a pretty blue and white dress. "Jolt! I thought I lost you forever!" The girl's eyes lit up as she noticed the sylveon. "Who's your friends? Did they lose their trainers?" The girl looked at the other pokemon with concern in her eyes. "Well, we'll find their trainers." Of course, Jake and Draco were just around the corner. In short, while the they were gone, Tom had left, and Jet had evolved. Eclipse joined Jake's team, Jolt's trainer, Lily, decided to travel with the group, and the pokemon got to meet Jolt's sister, Mist, and Jolt's many nieces and nephews. "All these are yours?" Eclipse gasped, looking over the many eevees, most of which had the ability adaptability, that played in the huge field. "Yes, their father was a Japanese eevee, but Lily let them all go after the 100th egg hatched." The vaporeon smiled as she watched the children. "So, how does one get an egg?" Mooney questioned, coming over to sit next to them. Mist smiled. "When two pokemon love each other very much, an egg appears. Its very amazing to see. Just 'poof' right out of thin air." "Well, I think your family tree won't halt any time soon." Mooney said. Lumiose city was bigger than any of them had ever imagined. "Go explore guys! Just... don't get lost again." Jake told them. "Don't worry! Jolt will go with them. Meet us at Hotel Rich something." Lily laughed. Only Midnight, Mooney, Eclipse, and Jolt decided to go. Mooney sighed, lagging behind the two females. It was hard to see the espeon as a clone. It wasn't just that they were two different eeveelutions, you could see the difference in how they walked. Eclipse walked confidently, as if evil was but a made up word. Midnight walked as if evil lurked around every corner. Always alert, walking with a gait that told you she was distrusting of all. You'd think the pokemon she must have been, the one like Eclipse, was hiding behind a stone heart, hardened by every single hardship she'd ever endured. Midnight was distracted by a a commotion in a nearby building. Inside, a girl and a mamoswine were being photographed. Midnight led the group inside. "Hello, friends. Come. You'd look wonderful in these pictures." The mamoswine spoke in a kind voice. "Maybe we'll just watch." Midnight sat a little out of ways of the photo zone, while the Jolt sat on the couch. Mooney and Eclipse sat next to Midnight. As the camera people paused in their photos to clean one of the lenses on one of the cameras, Midnight walked forward and accidentally stepped on the lady's shoe. "Ick," the lady sniffed snobbily. "What hobo does this thing belong to?" "Oh no! An umbreon stepped on your shoe! Somebody call an ambulance! A high heel has been smudged!" Midnight yowled dramatically. Snickers cane from all the pokemon in the room. "You better save it before a toddler gets a fingerprint on it!" Midnight continued sarcastically. "It's in the middle of our photo shoot!" The girl complained. Midnight rolled her eyes. Then, Midnight 'accidentally' photo-bombed the next picture. "Get this hideous mongrel out of here!" The girl screamed, stomping her foot. With a terrifying screech, Mooney flung himself onto the girl's perfect hair-do. He messed it up until she looked like an experiment gone wrong, screeching like a fearow the whole time. Taking the hint, Midnight pretended she had a limp, and that Mooney had merely been provoked. The girl ran around screaming until Jolt and Eclipse expertly tripped her, making it seem like she had attacked them. All the while, the cameras were taking their photos. "Who's a mongrel now!? Ya little rat-faced snob!?" Mooney screeched as the group made their get away.