Last time on Sailor Moon Solar IV, Usagi was given a pink
gem that would keep her psychic power under control and
and the Dark Youmas returned. Can the Sun Soldiers defeat
the Dark Youmas? Find out next!

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Sailor Moon Solar: The Forestville Mystery
Episode 104: "Sun Soldiers Powers Weakening? Is There Any Hope?"
By CKNight09 (The Crystal Knight)
Rated: PG-13

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Notes: If you have 'NOT' read, Please read these in this order:
'Sailor Moon Solar: Beginnings',
'Sailor Moon Solar I: The Sun Moon Child',
'Sailor Moon Solar II: Kaleidoscope'
'Sailor Moon Solar III: Sunlight Trio'
please go back and read them! They will make sense!
This series takes place about a few months after 'Sailor
Moon Solar III: Sunlight Trio.' Thanks!

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Usagi, Nissha, Taiyo, Amanda, and Andrea returned to the Gunshi
House. Usagi had an uneasy feeling. Usagi spoke.

"I wonder who revived the Dark Youmas that have come to Forestville?
There must have been two factions. A Inner Solar System group and
an outer Solar System group. I know that this group may be stronger.
I wonder who their commander is and I wonder what their plans will
be next."

Usagi thought.

"They will be after us."

Nissha spoke in a fearful tone. Nissha sat down in a chair.

"Listen, you girls have faced challenges before right? These
Dark Youmas are nothing but mere monsters ready to be defeated
by you, right?"

Luna asked. Nissha shook her head.

"We always felt that back then after we recovered from our injuries
and found Usagi and we defeated the Dark Youmas, that there would always
be more Dark Youmas that we have to face some day. It seems that day
is upon us."

Nissha spoke in a tone that she knew that more Dark Youmas would arrive.
Usagi thought about her mother, Julia Gunshi. Was there something more
to this house that they were residing in? Usagi's psychic ability had awakened
around the same time the Dark Youmas returned to the earth. Usagi sat in another
chair. She thought about everything that she had been through so far. Usagi
thought that those awakening visions may show something about the Dark Youmas.

"Those Dark Youmas of the Outer Solar System may be darker and stronger due to
them dwelling in the Outer Solar System."

Taiyo thought. She knew the previous Dark Youmas were easier than the new
sect that had appeared. Usagi stood up.

"Are you okay?"

Nissha asked.

"Yeah, I just going to rest a bit. I am feeling tired. Luna, do you want
to come with me?"

Usagi announced. Luna spoke up.


Luna agreed.

"Corona, go with her okay?"

Nissha asked.


Corona told them. Corona followed Usagi and Luna. Usagi went into the bedroom that had all the
drawings of her. Usagi stared at the drawings of her.

"These pictures might help me discover more about myself and might help solve the
mystery of what happened to the citizens of Forestville."

Usagi spoke as she sat on the bed.

"How are you feeling Usagi?"

Luna asked as she jumped on the bed.

"I am still feeling a bit weakened from this pink gem, other than that I feel fine."

Usagi answered as she laid down on the bed.

"Be strong Usagi, I know that you'll still feel weak after awhile. But, you'll
feel better soon."

Luna tried to encourage her.

"Luna and Corona, do you think I am weak?"

Usagi asked.

"Of course not, Usagi-San! You're the keystone that holds the others together. Nissha
and Taiyo look to you for strength."

Corona replied.

"Usagi, you have grown quite a bit since I first met you. You seem to take your job
as a Sailor Senshi more seriously these days."

Luna told her.

"Those Dark Youmas has reminded me of the day that Mudious stabbed me to awaken Sailor
Earth. Those Dark Youmas has refreshed my memory of that day."

Usagi spoke as tears flowed from her eyes a bit.

"But, Usagi you have been able to endure your hardship right? You're stronger than
you let on."

Luna told her. Usagi nodded her head in agreement. Usagi slept for a short time and
Nissha came in and woke Usagi up.

"Another Dark Youma has appeared. We must go! The Dark Youma must be defeated!"

Nissha told Usagi. Usagi got up and her Nissha, Taiyo, Amanda, Andrea, Luna, and
Corona left the Gunshi House and transformed into the Sun Soldiers and faced the
Dark Youma.

"Sun Fire Burst!"

Super Sunlight Trio Sailor Solar spoke as her power formed in her hand and she
released it and throwing it at the Dark Youma, but the attack faded before it
reach the Dark Youma. Super Sunlight Sailor Solar was shocked.

"Solar Flare Arrows Strike!"

Super Sunlight Trio Sailor Sun called for her power and released it and in the
same manner the attack faded away.


Solar Sailor Moon said as she turned into a beam of Sunlight but the Dark Youma
deflected the attack and Starlight Sunlight Trio Solar Sailor Moon fell to the
ground. Then the Dark Youma blasted the Sun Soldiers and a huge explosion hit the
Sun Soldiers and they were re-transformed.

"You have no power over us! I will allow you to live for now, but I will return!"

The Dark Youma snarled at them and vanished.

"What do we do now? Our powers seems to be weakening."

Nissha thought.

"This is what I have seen in my visions."

Usagi announced.

"We should return to the Gunshi House and discuss this. If we stay here, we will
be attacked again."

Taiyo suggested. What will happen now that the Sun Soldier's powers are weakening.
Is there any hope? Be there!


Next time on Sailor Moon Solar IV: The Sun Soldiers why their powers are failing
and Usagi has a vision that will strengthen their hope and the same Dark Youma
returns. Can they defeat it? The next episode of Sailor Moon Solar
IV: The Forestville Mystery is:

"Stop Solar Power From Leaking Out! The Lost Hope Increases!"

Be there!

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