Author's Note: Yeaaa…the idea for this story originally isn't for HTTYD but rather Frozen. Been obsessing about Frozen when the trailer for HTTYD2 comes out and then I got obsessed about it to. So yay! Go figure?

I'm not very good with timelines but I'm pretty sure that the HTTYD's timeline doesn't match with Frozen's and I'm preeeeety sure they are very very far apart (HTTYD maybe in the 8th century and Frozen in 18th? That is so very far apart).

But! The power of fanfic allows you to do as you please! Muahahaha!

So, in this story, the both HTTYD and Frozen are in the same timeline, also, Hiccup is 22 and the events of the second movie has come to pass (since the movie isn't out, I have to make my own version of why and what happen). Oh and Elsa is 23.

Take note however that this story will not be purely romance. Oh no, there will be adventures, conspiracies, killing and the standard fantasy story elements. So don't expect romance between our two favorite characters all the time.

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How To Thaw A Frozen Heart

- A FanFiction by Wixeron -


Prologue - The Proposal

The Queen of Arendelle or as she was famously known, the Snow Queen Elsa sighed as she leaned back into her chair. Being a leader was never easy, especially as the ruler of a kingdom as you always have to make decisions that are often hard to make.

And right now, Elsa had quite a decision to make.

You see, being a single ruler without an heir to the throne led to succession problems and that was never a good thing for a kingdom. Sure if anything happens to her, the next in line for the throne would be Anna, her younger sister and Princess of Arendelle. But what happens if anything were to happen to Anna?


Elsa smiled at the thought of her sister's name. Her sister was basically behind almost everything that happened in her life when she thought about it. The good and of course the bad things as well. But she did not regret it and wouldn't trade anything in the world for what had happen to them.

Elsa took a cup of hot chocolate from her work desk and took a sip of it, enjoying the wonderful taste of chocolate in her mouth. She sighed in contentment and went back to her thoughts, to Anna again.

Despite everything that had happened, Elsa and Anna was still royalty and have responsibility to their kingdom. Anna was very lucky that she met her true love (she hope it was true after 'that' incident). Even luckier that Elsa approves and supports Anna's relationship with Kristoff and allows for their marriage (even though they haven't considered it yet). If Elsa wasn't the queen, their relationship might not happen due to Kristoff's status as a commoner.

But, Elsa was very grateful that everything that happened in her life had happen the way it is. If not, Anna might have to be married to a foreign prince or duke and moved out of Arendelle, leaving Elsa alone or worse, married to someone that does not love her. It almost happened before. But now, she doesn't need to move out of Arendell and could stay with her.

Now, all Anna had to do is marry Kristoff, make some babies and Arendelle's succession problem will be solved! Right?

Not really.

You see, being a queen who also was single was not easy. This was because a single queen was very enticing to men, especially men of power. It was the chance for a prince, duke or other what not to be king. And who wouldn't want to be king? And not to mention that even kings would take this chance for more power and land grabbing.

And thus she received lots and lots of marriage proposal disguised as alliance treaty of sorts. It was surprising really. She never thought that men would desire her since she's a...freak. Of course, her own people never called her as such since they knew and understand. But what about those that don't? Hell, if she wasn't the queen, she was sure that there would be witch-hunters coming for her head.

It showed that well, with power and position, you might be able to get away with almost everything. It showed that for power, men would do anything, even braving a life with the Snow Queen.

Well, at least no kingdom declared war on her yet because of her power.

If anything, her status as the Snow Queen has made her and her kingdom more famous than before.

Still, she couldn't just flat out refuse her suitors in fear of offending them and affecting future relationship with her kingdom.

Although a part of her wanted to refuse all of them as she wanted to experience love and especially wedding to a person of her own choosing. Well, technically, if she chose a suitor it would be a wedding of her own choice, but what about love?

She wanted love like Anna had at least.

Sometimes she envied her sister. Anna doesn't need to lead Arendelle as Elsa was there to do it. She doesn't have to worry who she would have to be married to as Elsa had taken care of that as well (Elsa could have just ignore her relationship with Kristoff and marry Anna to a foreign prince, but she wasn't that heartless). She could enjoy the perks of royalty without doing much and that was quite heavenly if Elsa had anything to say in the matter. But as long as her sister was happy, she didn't mind.

She doubted that she can love any of those suitors. It wasn't that she's a pessimist but because of her status and power, it wasn't easy for her to love, especially after what she had been through.

Meanwhile, her queenly part of her told her that choosing a royal suitor would be wonderful for the future of her kingdom. Another part of her told her that she can rule well without the help of a man, thank you very much.

But still, it would be nice to have someone to help her, to share everything she had and to want her not because of her kingdom or power but because of herself.

Elsa sighed again and put down her cup. She then picked up the list of suitors that are available for her to choose from.

The list of suitors was quite long and she felt a little giddy at being desired, even though for different reasons. Although according to Anna, she wasn't lacking in the beauty department (she was told that Anna envied her exotic and regal beauty). She examined each name and their association carefully, thinking of where each suitor comes from and what advantage that Arendelle could gain from it, that is, if she were to choose a suitor.

Elsa raised an eyebrow when she reached a name. The name was Prince Dieter of the Southern Isles, the very same place where 'that' guy came from. Elsa then searched for the official letter from the Southern Isles and was about to read it when the door burst open and Anna came bounding in at her older sister.

"Elsa! Do you wanna build a snowman?" Anna asked and Elsa smiled.

"I want to, but maybe a bit later? I'm going through something for a bit," Elsa replied and Anna pouted for a moment before her face brightened again.

"What are you doing then?" Anna asked and Elsa was tempted to brush her off and say that it doesn't concern her. But then, it wouldn't be fair to her sister as it was the matter of kingdom and they promised not to keep secrets or hold anything from each other anymore.

"Well, you know that there are a number of…parties 'interested' at me, correct?" Elsa said and Anna only nodded in reply. "Well, it seems that one of the parties is from the Southern Isles,"

Anna gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. "No way! The nerve of them! Are they trying to insult us? That good for no-"

"Anna," Elsa cut her sister short and began to skim the letter. "They're saying that what 'that person' did was not known to them and they will see to it that he will be sufficiently punished. They want to mend the relationship with our kingdom,"

"Well, mending relationships doesn't always need for marriages between the two kingdoms! They could do just as well by giving compensation!" Anna finished with a huff and her hands on her hips.

Elsa smiled at this. "That is true. But you can't blame them for being an opportunistic,"

Anna eyed her sister suspiciously, "Sooo, please don't tell me you're considering the Southern Isles as your possible suitor…"

Elsa lightly laughed at this. "Why not? At least it would spite 'that person',"

Anna smiled at this. "Well, that's true. Sooo," Anna moved closer to her sister and placed her hands on the chair's arms. "Do any of the suitors interest you?"

Elsa smiled and sighed at this. "All of the suitors' personal biography looks very very interesting. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised by that,"

"Buuut?" Anna continued.

"Until I've meet them in person I cannot decide then. You can't judge a book by its cover after all, isn't that right, dearest?" Elsa finished with a sly smile.

Anna withdrew and rubbed her arms together and looked away with a sheepish look. "Eheheh. Well to be fair, you've met most of them,"

Just then the Kai, the head servant of the castle appeared at the door and knocked at the open door to announce his arrival. He looked worried. "Excuse me, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, I have something that requires Your Highness's attention,"

Elsa raised an eyebrow at this. "What is it?"

"You received another marriage proposal…from the Vikings of the Viking Kingdom of Berk," Kai said and Anna gasped.

"Vikings? Aren't they savages? Brutes? I heard that they pillage villages and burn them and kidnap and ra-" Anna said but was cut short by Elsa.

"Thank you, Anna," Elsa said and glared at her sister for a moment before returning her attention to Kai. It seems that Kai wasn't finished yet.

"There is more, Your Highness, the Berk Vikings has sent their emissaries and they are awaiting your highness's presence to deliver the marriage proposal personally," Kai finished and Anna gasped again.

Elsa was shocked for a moment before gaining her composure. "Thank you Kai, please tell the emissaries that I will be there shortly,"

Kai nodded and gave a curt bow before taking his leave.

Elsa sighed again. Although she never encountered Vikings personally, the Kingdom of Arendelle and the rest of the world had their fair share of encounters with them. Most of it were not well. The Vikings were not unified but rather splintered into clans or tribes. Most of those tribes were as Anna said, savages and brutes, preferring to invade, raid and pillage villages and settlements as well as attacking ships. Fortunately, some were not as 'brutal' as they preferred to trade to get what they want rather than using violence.

Unfortunately for them, as the tribes were not very big, they were often…annihilated by the larger countries and kingdom for their transgressions. Because of this, Viking activities around large kingdom's and continent were rare for more than three decades.

But then, Elsa remembered something very interesting.

"Viking Kingdom?" Elsa said to herself and Anna turned to look at her. "Have the Viking tribes united under a single banner?"

This wasn't going very well for Arendelle, Elsa mused. This was because the Vikings' origin was quite close to Arendelle. Should they choose to invade…

Elsa looked at the list of suitors again. Suddenly, those names look very interesting to her.

Meanwhile, an hour ago…

Ever since the Eternal Winter of Arendelle two years ago and Elsa's powers were revealed and accepted, there was no need for further isolation. Thus, Arendelle has opened its ports for trading with other kingdoms. Because of this, it wasn't weird to see people of different cultures at Arendelle's port.

However, today, Arendelle would see her weirdest visitors yet, because the visitors were Vikings. The Vikings were twins, Tuffnut and Ruffnut who were the assigned the task as Kingdom of Berk's emissaries.

Which was weird because if you knew the twins from when they were little, you wouldn't trust them with such an important job at all. The twins, ever since they were small were known for their tendency to fight with each other, cause havocs and more importantly, stupid.

But that was when they were little, and soon they grew up and the weight of responsibility as well as the numerous events they had in their lives matured them. Added with the fact that Hiccup revamped the whole Viking's system of education (and personally taught them himself), and suddenly, the twins weren't so stupid any more.

If anything, they became even more dangerous than ever before. Back then, they would fight each other for the most trivial of things. But now, they would plan with each other and two heads is better than one after all.

Because of this, they were one of Hiccup's most trusted when it comes to handle things that require finesse.

That and Fishlegs wasn't very good with people as he was with statistics and Snoutlout considered being an emissary as 'lame'.

"Geez, look at 'em sis. It's like they haven't seen a Viking before," Tuffnut said while eating an apple.

Ruffnut rolled her eyes at his brother. "Of course they haven't. Vikings rarely set foot here. Speaking of which, we shouldn't be here either,"

Usually, their job was as emissary to other smaller states or villages within the Kingdom of Berk. To be honest, they never interacted with other kingdoms before this.

Tuffnut grinned at this and apple juice leaked from the left side of his mouth. "I know! We're doing this behind his back! It's like when we were little, wreaking havoc and stuff,"

Ruffnut groaned. "Riiight, back then our damage was only to our people, Tuffnut. But here, we mess up and the whole kingdom would pay for it,"

Tuffnut wiped the apple juice from his mouth before continuing. "I know, I know, but come on, we can't isolate ourselves for ever. Hiccup thinks that it is for the best to protect the dragons but for how long? Besides, have you seen the stuff this kingdom has? They got silk! I'm sure Gobber wouldn't mind!"

Tuffnut then took out a parcel of purple silk and watched it with interest. "Phew! The things that we have to do to get this. It's better be worth it to at least bring Gobber to our side,"

"I'm sure Gobber will side with us. He sees more logic and reason than Hiccup does lately anyway," Ruffnut replied.

"I know, right! Geez, what happened to the old super-trusting Hiccup we know? Back then, any stranger with good intention – well at least when they appear to and Hiccup wouldn't hesitate to teach them about dragons! Now, he's like super paranoid and stuff," Tuffnut said and stored the parcel away.

"You can't blame him. We grow up, reality kicks in and a lot has happened. Including…Astrid," Ruffnut said and suddenly, the wares on the side of the road seem more interesting.

Tuffnut sighed and threw his finished apple in a trash basket nearby. "I know, it's been years already and a lot of people are worried. Even his father,"

"Yeah. I know it sounds harsh especially to Astrid but I wish he would move on! He's all mopey and shit. Do you know he evaded me for a long time because I reminded him of Astrid?" Ruffnut said and Tuffnut snorted.

"Yeah, it was ridiculous. It's as if you're his ex or something. Still, this is our chance! It will be good for our kingdom and Hiccup!" Tuffnut said with a grin.

"Riiight," Ruffnut rolled her eyes. "By trying to play matchmaker with him and the Snow Queen of all people?"

"Hey, don't look at me. Hiccup doesn't show any interest at the other Viking girls ever since Astrid. And Hiccup is always weird, so I figure his taste would be weird too. Maybe he'll like the Snow Queen?" Tuffnut replied.

"But she resembles Astrid too much!" Ruffnut said.

"What? Pffft! No she doesn't! The Snow Queen is like, the opposite of Astrid," Tuffnut replied.

"Yeah right, say that to Hiccup when he sees her. Well, I guess that since we've come this far, it's going to be a waste if we give up now. So are we gonna do this or not?" Ruffnut said and crossed her arms.

"Hell yeah! Hiccup's not the only that can come up with plans!" Tuffnut said with a sly grin.

"Yeah! Especially, crazy convoluted plans!" Ruffnut replied with her own sly grin.

"Let's go!" They both said and rammed each other's head, resulting with a loud 'thunk!' sound that attracted everyone's attention.

"Arrgh! Oh, that feels awesome!" Tuffnut said and they both heads towards the castle.

Author's Note: So, this chapter hints a bit at the world building I have in mind for the HTTYD's side. A lot of things happened to Hiccup and the gang, especially to Astrid. What exactly happened to Hiccup and Astrid I wonder?

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