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CHAPTER 10 – How To Thaw A Frozen Heart III

"Alright, so how do we do this?" the Viking King asked, not wanting to make the first move. He wanted to see how the Queen would handle this sensitive discussion.

The Snow Queen tapped her chin in consideration while looking away.

Hiccup smiled at this. 'She's cute,' Hiccup thought.

"Well, I could just give you the solution to the problem," Elsa said and Hiccup gave her a skeptical look. "That would be much easier,"

"Really? After all the buildup and the tension, we're just going to skip to the end? No climax at all?" Hiccup questioned and Elsa giggled.

"That's true," Elsa smiled. However, she didn't say anything else for a moment after that and they ended up staring at each other.

The truth was that, Elsa already knew a way to start, but she was afraid that the Viking King might not take it well. A risky move, but it was something that she has to do.

"I can tell that your problem is because you are…" Elsa hesitated to finish.

"Afraid?" Hiccup said with a calm face.

"…yes," Elsa answered. One of the many things that she had learned about ruling was how to properly play by rival rulers' egos. Rulers can be prideful and wars had been waged because of hurt pride. As such, it was important that the Queen did not hurt a foreign ruler's ego on purpose…unless of course, she was insulted first.

Pointing out a ruler's weakness was a very risky move.

Hiccup sighed. "Yeah…I am afraid. I'm afraid of a lot of things,"

Well, they've got this far. Might as well let the cat out of the bag.

Elsa smiled. "Can you tell me?" she said with a soft voice.

Not many would admit their weaknesses and mistakes willingly to repair them. But if they do, then to Elsa, they were not weak.

Hiccup looked down at his hands. "I…I was afraid of the world and my people,"

Elsa's widened at that. 'Afraid of his own people?' the Queen thought. Back then, Elsa was also afraid of the world but she was also afraid for her people.

Afraid of hurting them.

Elsa then remembered what the twins had told her and she understood. However, she wanted to hear Hiccup's own words.

"What do you mean?" Elsa asked. Hiccup sighed and started to gather snow in his hands.

"You know, when you ride a dragon, when you can fly," Hiccup placed a small sphere of snow on the ground and began to gather more snow. "The world becomes a lot bigger,"

Hiccup placed another small sphere of snow on top of the previous one he had built. Elsa realized that he was building a snowman.

"I wanted to explore the world, to see what was out there," Hiccup said and Elsa nodded.

In her years of isolation, there were many times that she wished she could have just…let it all go and explore the world outside of her castle. Of course, she couldn't do that and books became the means for her to explore the world instead.

"And I found out that the world was cruel and scary," Hiccup said as he finished his first miniature snowman.

Elsa was silent. She knew that fact, but only from the experience of others. She had heard of slavery, pillaging and other heinous acts against humanity but had never seen it happen in front of her eyes.

Hiccup was reluctant to continue. "What…did you see?" Elsa asked, egging Hiccup to go on. It was needed, for both of them.

Hiccup continued making more little snowmen. "A lot of things," he shrugged. "I've seen trail of bodies in the ocean. At first I thought that it was a shipwreck. But then I found out that those bodies were dumped from slave ships,"

Elsa's eyes widened at this.

"I found entire village oppressed by stronger forces for the resources on their land. I found how far man would go for greed," Hiccup continued.

"People are what they love, Hiccup. And what they love is cargo. They love spices, and linens, and silks. And as long as it is delivered on time and in sufficient supply, then they are content, to be nothing more than figures on a ledger,"

"My, my, my! Such a beautiful and powerful beast! And from the looks of it, you managed to tame it? My, oh my, this changes everything. You and I, Sir Hiccup, can have a wonderful future together. What say you?"

Hiccup remembered the conversation he had with the unsavory people he encountered during his travels.

"And then I met the man that would be my friend and eventually, enemy," Hiccup said sadly.

Elsa understood who it was. "Varin Hafrson,"

Hiccup nodded. "It's…sometimes I wished I never met him at all. He was as afraid as I am of the world. Because of that, we feed each other's fears and it grew,"

"What kind of person was he?" Elsa dared to ask about this person that was integral to Hiccup's past.

Hiccup smiled sadly. "He was…a hiccup like me," Hiccup said. "He was a good man at heart and he had good intentions but…"

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions,"

'I guess we all started with good intentions,' Hiccup thought.

Hiccup's smile faded as he finished another snowman. "Do you know he was a slave since he was fourteen? The same age as when I first learned that dragons can be tamed,"

Elsa's eyes widened. "And you've met him only a few years ago?"

Hiccup nodded. "He was forced to fight other people's war, forced to do heinous things to people that didn't harm him, forced to become something that he wasn't,"

"Why are you helping me?" Hiccup asked the man in front of him.

"Because I'm a Viking like you," the man said.

Hiccup gave him a skeptical look. The man, Malcolm, didn't look like a Viking at all.

"My name is Varin Hafrson," the man told Hiccup.

"I thought your name is Malcolm?" Hiccup asked again.

"My master didn't like my name, or my 'savage' background,"

"After all the things that he went through, he still had a good heart,"

"I'm a monster, Hiccup. I've been a slave…and now I'm a slaver. And all of it for what!? Spices!? Fabrics!? Do you know how many people suffered and died for-for a crate of those things!? And I…had a part in it,"

"But in the end, we both were consumed by our fear,"

"These men, they will not stop to get what they want! Once they know of the dragons, they will come and take everything! And they won't ask nicely…" Varin said.

"But although we both feared the world, when it comes to our people, our fear was different. And at this point, our idea on what we should do diverged," Hiccup said. "Varin feared for our people. I feared of them, of what they could become,"

"You can't hide forever Hiccup! They will come one day and the only way to stop them is to attack them! Prevention rather than cure!"

"I'll hide them for as long as I can! What you want to do will turn our people into the very people that you hate!"

Varin looked betrayed but he still didn't want to back down.

"I'm doing this for our people!"

"Are you!? Or are you just doing this to redeem yourself from what they made you do, from what they turn you into!?"

Elsa pursed her lips before asking again. "What do you mean?" Elsa already knew the answer, but she want and need to know from Hiccup himself.

Hiccup sighed. He was building his seventh snowman now. "Before I went exploring, the Vikings fought against dragons and each other,"

"At first, to me it was a normal thing. Low on food? We'd go raiding rival tribes," Hiccup said and Elsa gave him a worried look.

"You could say that I was very fortunate that my clan was one of the nicest ones. We didn't raid unless it was truly necessary, we were rather receptive to the dragons and we didn't use them to conquer other tribes," Hiccup explained.

'Until he decided to become King,' Elsa thought and Hiccup shared the same sentiment.

"But when I came back with Varin, I finally saw the reality behind it," Hiccup said. "I remembered the day when our clan was raided instead,"

"They knew we had dragons so they chose to attack during a heavy blizzard where it was too dangerous to fly," Hiccup continued. "Most of the young members of our clan was kidnapped,"

"When we mounted a counterattack…we found out what happened to them, especially the girls…" Hiccup couldn't finish but Elsa had a nagging feeling she knew what happened.

"I-I'm sorry," Elsa said and Hiccup nodded.

"Of course, that was the eye opener, so to speak. When we saw what happened to them and the other casualties from our tribes, we swore bloody revenge. At that time, all we saw was red," Hiccup continued.

"After it was done, the aftermath was horrible. And it was done by my clan, my people," Hiccup closed his eyes as he remembered that day.

His friends was covered in blood and they were silent with their rage. Astrid's hair was red instead of his favourite golden. The twins didn't joke around. Snotlout didn't brag at all.

And his hands was red with blood. Hiccup turned to look at the bloodied body of one his kidnapped clan members.

'It could be Astrid,' he thought. 'It could be one of us,'

'But instead of becoming the victim, we became the monsters,'

It was at this point that Hiccup realized their innocence from their early days was gone.

What they did and what the other tribes did to them was considered normal in the Viking's way of life.

But was it right?

"Isn't it strange?" Hiccup asked her with a smile. "I'm more worried about what could my people turn into, instead of what could happen to them,"

"You're more afraid of what our people could become? Rather than what could happen to them? You're a fool!"

Elsa was silent as she didn't think she could answer when the time comes for it. Would she rather her people die as humans or live as monsters?

"I saw the cruelty of the outside world and I see it in my people," Hiccup looked away. "And keeping them away from the world seemed like the best option,"

'Seemed?' Elsa thought and she realized, Hiccup was also looking for a way out.

"And that's the end of the shortest version of my story," Hiccup stopped building any more snowmen and looked at her again, this time with a sad smile.

"So…what do you think?" Hiccup asked and Elsa returned a small smile.

"I…would like to tell you my story as well. Unfortunately, it is the shortest version as well," Elsa said and Hiccup's smile grew a little bit.

"Fair enough," he shrugged.

"Well…you've already known that I was born with my…"

'Curse? Blessing?' Elsa thought.

"…powers," Elsa continued and Hiccup nodded. "My parents didn't allow me to use it outside of the castle and even then when indoors, I could only use it secretly. At first, I thought it was a wonderful thing to have. However, after an incident that involved the well being of my sister, I grew afraid it,"

"I was also afraid of the world and afraid of and for my people. I was afraid of harming them and afraid of being harm by them as well. You could guessed what their reactions were when my powers were accidently exposed," Elsa said and Hiccup nodded.

"However," Elsa smiled. "My sister, my wonderful, courageous sister, Anna…she never feared me. Never gave up on me even after all the pain I've caused her. Never stopped believing in me, and showed me that I'm not alone,"

Hiccup was silent, waiting for her to continue. "I isolated myself for 13 years because of fear. Fear of the outside world, fear of myself, fear of trying something else and because of that, I've caused considerable pain to my family, lost precious time that could be spent with them and many more,"

Hiccup's eyes widened. "Yes, 13 years," Elsa nodded with a smile.

"What I've learned was that fear...they won't go away by hiding. To be afraid was inevitable. To stay afraid, is by choice,"

"Children learn that there are no monsters hiding in their closet when they opened the closet doors for themselves," Elsa continued. "Hiding from the world won't make the fear go away,"

Hiccup looked away. "So I'm a coward then,"

Elsa leaned forward to touch his hand. This made Hiccup turned to look at her again.

Elsa shook her head. "You are brave and courageous. Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. You must have been afraid when you decided to unite your people,"

Hiccup's eyes widened as he remembered the day he decided to become King.


"Everyone," Hiccup addressed his whole tribe in front of him.

The time was now. The moment of truth.

Hiccup's hand was shaking with nervousness and fear. He tried to hide it by balling it into fists but it wasn't working.

This was harder than telling his dad the truth about the dragons.

Suddenly, he felt a warm hand holding his hand and he saw Astrid. She nodded at him with a soft smile.

It didn't dispel the fear entirely, but it was enough. Hiccup returned the smile.

"I don't want to become the Chief...I want to become the King of every Viking!" Hiccup stated and everyone was quiet.

"Are you joking?" Snotlout broke the silence. "You barely wanted to become Chief! Heck, you barely a Chief and now you wanted to become the Chief of all Chiefs?"

Hiccup stared at Snotlout and then turned his gaze on everyone who was silent. Years ago, they would laugh at him, but now…

"Yes. I want to be king not because I crave for power! Or just because I feel that I can! I want to be king so that we don't have to fight and hurt and kill each other anymore! I don't want to live in fear everyday knowing that we might be attacked by fellow Vikings. To be attacked and raided for what!? For food that we barely have enough for ourselves? For our meager resources? For our children and women!?

I don't want to live in fear knowing that I might not see the faces of the people that I care anymore when we are attacked!

We don't have to live this way! No more raiding other tribes when we can help each other! No more taking when we can give! No more unnecessary deaths and suffering!" Hiccup said with voice full of confidence.

The crowd was still silent.

"I know we could be stronger! I know we could be better! And I want better! From all of us, and for all of you! So, I ask you, my family, friends and people! Will you condemn yourself to this endless loop of pain and suffering!?

Or will you stand by my side and change the history of our people forever!?" Hiccup finished.

The crowd roared with approval.


"You must have been afraid during your journey to become the King for your people,"

"You can't win against me, Hiccup! Against us!" Varin gestured to the people behind him. "I have fought WARS. You?

You are afraid of the world and want to hide from it. We want to tame it! Can your peace loving people fight against us!?" Varin claimed.

Hiccup felt fear creeping in his being at seeing the manic look on Varin's face and the bloodthirsty look on the enemy Vikings.

"And you're still afraid right now," Elsa said and Hiccup gave her a pained look.

"I am," Hiccup answered. "I still am because…I lost the source of my courage, the reason why I can be brave"

Tears began to gather in his eyes and Elsa understood.

'Astrid Hofferson,' Elsa thought and her heart pained as well for many reasons.

"But Hiccup, she can't be your only source of courage," Elsa said. "I…I used to think that Anna was my only courage…that if I lost her, then I would lose everything,"

"But that isn't true. I have many reason to be brave. I have to be brave for my people, for my friends and for what I believe in," Elsa said and she wiped Hiccup's tears away.

"Please Hiccup, remember why you are brave. Please…remember what is more important to you than your fears. Please remember that you are not alone, that many people want to see you to be brave again. You were brave before. Please do so again. Please…be braver," the Snow Queen smiled and she hugged the Viking King.

"I…I," Hiccup tried to find words to say but failed.

Elsa tightened her hug and it wasn't long until Hiccup hugged her back. Hiccup then felt Elsa began to slowly stroke his hair.

The comforting gesture calmed him and Hiccup closed his eyes to remember why, he was brave enough to do what he did.


"Hiccup, why did you want to do this?" a voice on his chest asked as he was counting the stars.

"Hm? Watching the stars? Well, it is romantic and relaxing and-" Hiccup answered and he received a slap on his chest in response.

"Not this, silly!"

Hiccup chuckled. "Alright, then what it is?"

"Why do you want to be King?" Astrid asked and Hiccup was silent for a while.

"I'm afraid," Hiccup started. "I'm afraid of losing you, my family, my friends, the people that I care about,"

"And yet you risk losing us with this plan of yours," Astrid stated and Hiccup bit his lip. Sensing his silence, Astrid brought his face close to Hiccup's.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have said that," Astrid apologized.

"No-no, you're right," Hiccup said and looked away, the logic of it hurt him.

"And you're also right!" Astrid grabbed Hiccup's face to look at him again.

"I know…but it's hard," Hiccup said and Astrid smiled.

"The right thing to do is always the hardest," Astrid smiled and she leaned in. "And good things never come easy,"

They both shared a kiss that wasn't filled with passion or lust, but of innocence and love.

Astrid broke the kiss and Hiccup smiled.

"I agree, completely," Hiccup sighed before continuing. "Thank you Astrid, for being with me. I wouldn't know what I would do without you,"

"You'd be a wreck," Astrid teased and Hiccup gave her a soft smile.

"Yeah, yeah I would," Hiccup replied and Astrid gave him a worried look.

"What did I do to deserve you Astrid," Hiccup tried to cup her cheek but Astrid bat his hand away.

"Don't say that Hiccup!" Astrid said and rose to her feet.

"What? Why? What's wrong?" Hiccup rose to his feet but Astrid turned her back on him.

"If anything…I don't deserve you," Astrid uncharacteristically said and hugged her arms.

"Whaaaaaaat? Where did this come from?"

Astrid was silent for a moment until she heard Hiccup closing in.

"Do you remember the day when I found out about your secret?" Astrid asked.

"...yeah? Why?"

"What were you doing before I stopped you? What did you want to do if I didn't come?" Astrid asked again.

"I…I," Hiccup remembered. "I wanted to run away, to leave Berk forever,"

"You see Hiccup!?" Astrid turned around to face him and Hiccup could see sadness on her face. "You were willing to leave everything behind! At first, I didn't thought of it. But when you were unconscious after your fight with the Red Death…it occurred to me…"

"Nobody in the village understood you. You were an outcast. Your father didn't know what to do with you that he stopped trying. Gobber tried with his own way…the kids treated you like dirt. I treated you like dirt!" tears were pooling in her eyes.

"Astrid…" Hiccup tried to reach her but Astrid backed away.

"And the only friend that understood you that time was a dragon! If I wasn't there…if I wasn't so selfish…if I tried to understand…" tears slid down her cheeks and Hiccup lunged at her, giving her no chance to refuse him.

"Hey, hey…come on…you did nothing wrong," Hiccup tried to console her.

"Of course you would think that. You're so self-depreciating that you'd think everything is your fault!" Astrid replied.

"Eh…couldn't argue with that," Hiccup shrugged and Astrid giggled.

"Idiot," Astrid stopped crying and pushed away from him softly. "You could have just let me go back then…but instead you chase after me. You could have just leave after our flight, but you came back. Why?"

"Well, to be honest, Toothless was the one that wanted to chase after you," Hiccup grinned and Astrid punched his shoulder.

"Alright, alright. Well, at that time, I had nothing to lose anyway so why not try to convince you? And when it worked, when you were convinced, I knew I had chance with everyone else," Hiccup explained.

"And…when we were having our flight together, you, Toothless and I were so happy. It showed that we don't have to kill dragons to be happy. And then we met that Red Death, I knew that I couldn't just ran away alone and let the dragons and the people that I care about to suffer alone,"

Astrid shook her head with a smile. "You see Hiccup? If anything, we don't deserve you. Any other person that was in your boots would just leave, but you didn't. And after all we have done to you, you just…forgive so easily,"

"Well, I almost forgot about it too but thanks anyway for bringing that up," Hiccup grinned and Astrid punch his shoulder again.

"Okay, okay!" Hiccup chuckled. "I mean sure, I could ask for retribution and all that but I when I woke up seeing the happy atmosphere, I just…well, I don't want to ruin it just because I deserved to be selfish," Hiccup said.

Astrid smiled again and hugged his chest. "Gods, Hiccup, you are a piece of work; do you know that? You are the softest and most sensitive Viking alive,"

Hiccup pouted.

"But because of that, it makes you the bravest and strongest Viking alive,"

"You forgot the smartest," Hiccup added.

"And also that," Astrid giggled and nuzzled Hiccup's neck, making him growl. The sound and vibration excited her but she wasn't finished.

Astrid turned to look at Hiccup.

"Hiccup, you're stronger and braver than what you think, than what you give yourself credit for. Your strength and courage…is more than just me," Astrid said and Hiccup gave her a worried look.


Astrid placed a finger on his lips.

"Hiccup, there are times when you will be afraid, and it's okay. I get afraid too. And sometimes, it's alright to be afraid. It makes you realize what's important. After all, if you weren't afraid, Toothless wouldn't be alive, right?" Astrid said and Hiccup smiled. Astrid then took Hiccup's hands into hers.

"But, you can't be afraid forever. You will have to be brave for me and for everyone that's afraid," Astrid continued. "Do you see what you accomplished when you were brave? You get to ride dragons and get a shot to be the king,"

Hiccup chuckled.

"Promise me Hiccup, that you'll never stop being you," Astrid asked and Hiccup gave her a soft smile.

"You'll have to give me a guideline on how to be me, because you know about me more than I do," Hiccup said and Astrid giggled.

"Hopeless romantic," Astrid sighed. "What makes Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third? Well, it's hard to describe him,"

Hiccup raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

"'re a coward, yet it makes you braver. You're an optimistic but sometimes, you can be such a pessimist that it's annoying. You're stubborn and yet…"

Hiccup grinned.

"You operate on logic and yet you're illogical. You see everything differently and yet…you didn't see at all,"

"That…I don't know what to make of it," Hiccup scratched the back of his head.

Astrid smiled. "I told you that you're a piece of work,"

"But what I do know about you that is absolute is that you never gave up. You never gave up on what you believe in. You never gave up on us. You never gave up believing in people, in their kindness and their potential,"

Astrid's smile turned sad. "Hiccup, I know that the world and our people scare you…but please, never give up on them. They are not as bad as you think,"

Hiccup gave her a sad look. "How would you know?" Astrid didn't follow him during his travels, so she didn't experience it.

Astrid gave him a happy smile. "Because I believe. I believe that there are good people out there that's worth to be brave for. That is what I learn from you,"


Hiccup's mind then returned to the present and he smiled at the rare positive memory he had been able to remember about Astrid.

'Astrid was right…but it's hard to do. I can't just suddenly decide to be brave...' Hiccup thought.

"I have many reason to be brave. I have to be brave for my people, for my friends and for what I believe in,"

'Everyone...for what I believe in,' Hiccup mused.


"Sigurd, thanks for saving my ass back there," Hiccup said as he brought two tankards of mead.

Sigurd smiled. "That is my job after all,"

Hiccup shrugged with a smile. "And you're doing great at it,"

Hiccup handed Sigurd a tankard and The Viking gratefully accepted it. They both drank in silence for a while before Hiccup decided break the silence.

"So…can I ask you a question?" Hiccup asked and Sigurd shrugged. "Why fight for me? Your whole tribe was against me but yet you…you turned to me in an instant,"

Sigurd grinned. "Doubting my loyalty, my Liege?"

Hiccup returned the grin. "No. It's just that you're more than you look. Can you blame me for being curious?"

Sigurd shrugged before he sighed. "Well…to start…" Sigurd swirled the contents of his tankard. "I'm a weak coward,"

Hiccup spit his drink. "Whaaaaat? You? Ridiculous!"

Sigurd laughed. "No, it's true. In battle, I'm not weak and not a coward, but outside?" Sigurd shook his head.

"I hated raids because…" Sigurd hesitated.

Hiccup patted his back. "I understand,"

Sigurd smiled sadly. "My mother escaped after I was born the second she had the chance. She didn't even bring me with her and because of that, growing up was not easy. My old man was a good fighter and a good teacher, but not a good father. And you've seen my tribe,"

Hiccup nodded.

"They're bloodthirsty and never afraid. We are after all, known as the bravest tribe around. Anyway, I grew up bigger and stronger than most of them but none of them were afraid of me. And they'll take every chance they could to prove it to me and to the others. Because of this, I...was afraid of them," Sigurd continued.

"And believe it or not, they could sense the fear in you. And they sensed it in me. Because of this, I was…bullied," Sigurd looked ashamed at that.

"Hey, I've been through the same," Hiccup assured and Sigurd nodded.

"I know. But I heard that you never stopped standing up to them," Sigurd said. "I never did until I met you. All of my life I was forced to do things to 'built up courage' so to speak. Things that I wasn't comfortable with,"

Sigurd chuckled darkly. "I hated raids, correct? But I never said it to them. There was this one raid, when we attacked my mother's tribe. Do you know what I found? My mother with her new family. She had two children and...they were happy..."

Hiccup's eyes widened. What should he say?

"My father was with me at that time and he brutally beat her husband to death. Then he told me to kill my mother and her children myself,"

Hiccup stayed silent.

"As much as I hate her for leaving me and for being selfish and no matter how angry I was at that time, I still didn't want to do it. It was wrong. No matter what her sins to me, she's still my mother. And my step-brothers and sisters…they're innocent!"

"But I couldn't say no to my father. I was afraid of him and my tribe more than anything. My mother and…her children begged me not to do it, but I…" Sigurd said and he looked away.

"And the funny thing is, my father still deemed me as weak and nothing changed," Sigurd continued. "Until you came,"

"When you announced your plan, my whole tribe laughed and mocked you. They knew you were afraid and I can see it as well. But you pushed on with your belief and it makes me want to believe in it as well,"

"Remember what you told me when we fought?" Sigurd asked.

Hiccup smiled. "The one that I barely won?"

Sigurd returned the smile. "Yeah. You told me that you're afraid and you can't do it alone. You ask me to be brave for you so that when you're scared, I can be your courage,"

Hiccup laughed. "I hope I didn't lead you on. I mean, I'm already engaged!"

Sigurd rolled his eyes. "No you're not," He then sighed in relief. "You're weird. All of my life, I was surrounded by men that doesn't know fear. I never had someone to be brave for,"

Hiccup smiled. "Well, if you can be brave for me, then I'll be brave for you as well,"

Sigurd returned the smile and he gestured for a toast. Hiccup noticed and slammed his tankard with Sigurd's. "And thank you, for believing that I could be more,"


Hiccup sighed as he finally understood what his fear had made him do.

His fear made him stop believing in the world, made him stop believing that there are people worth to be brave for.

His fear made him stop believing in his people, just like how an over-protective father that doesn't believe in his children's ability to face the world.

His fear made him blind to the fear of others as well.

"Hiccup, being a leader is not easy. You have to make tough decisions that not everyone can do. You have to bear responsibilities that would make lesser man fall. But you must also know that you reflect your people.

If you want to change them, you yourself have to be the change. If you are kind and with good beliefs, then I believe they will be as well," Stoick advised.

'And if I'm afraid, they will be as well,' Hiccup thought.

His friends must have been afraid just as much, if not, more than him.

"But, you can't be afraid forever. You will have to be brave for me and for everyone that's afraid,"

Hiccup smiled.

He has been afraid long enough.

For his people, for what he believed in and for those that has fallen for him, he would be brave and belief again.

It was time for him to brave the world again.

Author's Note: For those that wondered why the title start off with III instead of I, well, it is continued from the movie. In the movie, to me there are two instances of a frozen heart being thawed. The first is when Anna was thawed when she got frozen, and the second is when Elsa realized that love thaws.

So yeah.

Oh and the sappy works is over! Next chapters will be all fluffy stuff! So look forward to it!

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