It was a nice day, just like any other in the Tumblr Multiverse. All members of the Rusellcest cast were doing their own typical things: Shipper was sharing his latest Vinnil fanfic with his boyfriend Auggie, Emo was hanging out with Mean Zoe, Fun was playing video games with Littlest, Double, and Geek, Mexican was enjoying his lunch of burritos, and Happy and Ecstasy were snuggling, enjoying a little quality time alone.

The entire gang altogether were pretty close. Sure, there are some who haven't really bonded much such as Auggie and Mexican or Emo and Geek, but overall they were pretty civilized together.

However, one event changes this all. Was it for the better, or for the worst?

After this story, you decide.

It was the next day, and Shipper was gleefully skipping towards Auggie's blog, clipboard with a newly written fanfiction attached to it under his left arm and his semi-dull pencil in his right paw - evidence as to how much writing and effort was put into the story.

"I can't wait until Auggie sees this!" he squealed with excitement, obviously proud of his newest masterpiece. "He's gonna think it's the best one yet!"

He approached his boyfriend's blog and readied to walk through the portal, but when he reached the entrance he was immediately bounced back, as if an invisible force field protected it.

"Huh? Blocked?" Shipper scratched behind his ear with the pencil's tip in confusion. "That's strange. He's never done that without good reason. I hope everything's all right in there. Hey, Auggie!"

Seconds after the white hedgehog called out his boyfriend's name, Auggie approached the blog entrance and smiled when his gaze rested on him.

"Oh! Hi, Shipper!" Auggie greeted with a warm, friendly smile.

"Hey, Auggie. Uh... Why did you block your blog?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I can't get through the portal."

"Huh? You can't?" Auggie rubbed his paw on his chin, deep in thought, then looked back at Shipper. "Let me check my Settings real quick."

He ran off to a door with a large gear on in. With much effort he rotated the gear, opening the door, which led to the controls to his blog, such as messages, customization of the blog's theme, and enabling questions, therefore enabling others to enter his blog.

He took a look and lowered his eyebrows in confusion. Questions were still enabled, even from Anonymous users, meaning anyone could enter.

"If questions are enabled, how come Shipper stated he can't enter through the portal?" Auggie asked himself. He turned back and went to the portal to find Shipper looking back at his clipboard and cleared his throat to catch his boyfriend's attention. "Questions are enabled. Are you sure you can't get through?"

"Positive! Watch!" Shipper placed down his clipboard and pencil off to the side and attempted to walk through the portal, but, just as last time, he was bounced away from the entrance.

"That's so weird..." Auggie muttered to himself.

"Could you try coming out?" Shipper suggested.

Nodding, the fluffy hedgehog stepped through the portal and immediately found himself standing next to Shipper.

"Now try going back in."

Nodding again, Auggie attempted to walk back into his blog, but he was bounced back from the entrance just as Shipper had. "What the?!"

"What do you think the problem is?" the white hedgehog gulped, beginning to grow quite worrisome.

Auggie stood in place and looked down, paw back on his chin, then finally suppressed a huff of annoyance. "If anything, it's a Tumblr bug."

"Tumblr bug?"

"You know, an error in the system. Well... Doesn't seem like we can do much of anything here."

"You know, I'm starting to get worried," Shipper announced as he picked his clipboard and pencil back up. "What if the others are facing the same problem?"

"There's only one way to find out."

"Let me the fuck in!" Emo roared as he struggled to enter his own blog, the entrance to the portal constantly bouncing and blocking his attempts back; obviously he was experiencing the same problem.

"What's wrong, Emo?" Auggie asked as he and Shipper walked over to the angered hedgehog.

"My blog has a damn bug or something! It won't let me in!" Trying and failing once again to enter his blog, the emo hedgehog let out a strained, furious snarl.

"Hey, if it makes you feel any better, Auggie's having the same problem," Shipper commented.

"Do you know if the others are experiencing this as well?" Auggie asked.

"How should I know? I've been trying to shove my way through this damn portal! My weed is in there, and I can't survive on my last five cigarettes for long!"

"Maybe it would be best to accompany us to the others and not think so much about your blog."


The three headed over to Double's and Ecstasy's blog, Happy's blog directly across from it. Both their blogs had the same bug, for the three were trying to shove their way back into their own blogs as well, but to no avail.

"Try again," Sexy Penny Ling from inside Happy's blog encouraged, gaining a slightly worried look.

"It's no use, Sexy Penny, I just can't get through," Happy sighed sadly.

"You aren't alone on that one, Haps," Ecstasy called over to him as Double tried using X-Scissor on their blog's entrance to slice whatever invisible barrier existed that prevented them from entering. "Not one of my magic spells could break whatever curse this is, and Double's Pokémon attacks aren't working either."

"What are we gonna do? I wanna go home!" Double fretted after he found his attack had no effect.

"Yep, that proves that everyone's having the same problem," Auggie sighed from the sidelines.

"What is even going on?" Emo growled impatiently. "Why can't any of us enter our blogs? What's up with this damn bug coming out of nowhere?"

"I'm not sure. But I'm determined to find the answer before anyone misses their homes too much."

"Hola, Seńors," Mexican greeted as he, Littlest, Fun, and Geek approached Happy, Ecstasy, and Double, his voice sounding deadpan.

"You can't get into your blog either, Mexi?" Happy asked.

"None of us can," Geek answered. "And actually, it's not a bug at all like how you all are stating it is. I know what the real problem is, and luckily Nerd Sunil was able to toss out this book, The Forgotten Guide of Tumblr," He pulled out a light gray-blue hardcover book with the Tumblr symbol on the front, the book the same size as a textbook.

"The Forgotten Guide of Tumblr?" Auggie echoed as he and everyone else gathered around the student hedgehog.

"That's right. It has a lot of stuff in here that such as our mods don't know anything about." He opened the book and began flipping through the pages.

"If our mods don't know about this, how are we even here?" Fun asked.

"Sometimes we have the power to do things on our own, you know, such as now." Geek stopped flipping through the pages and stopped at a page with a picture of a dark blue orb with what looks like light blue and white aura surging through it.

"What's that?" Littlest gasped, straining on his toes to try and see; Mexican picked him up so he could get a better look.

"It says here that it's called the Tumblorb," Geek reported before reading the text below. "The Tumblorb is a powerful orb that keeps all of the Tumblr Multiverse in peace and unity, keeping it all in tact. It was founded by creator of Tumblr David Karp, and he has always used this orb to help mods and other humans access the website, as well as protect those who live within it."

"So... This Tumblorb is the thing that made all this happen?" Fun asked.

"That's right. And now none of us can enter our own blogs, which most likely means the website itself is down. So that could only mean one thing..."

"Wait, are you saying that..." Auggie gulped.

"That's right. The Tumblorb has been stolen!"