Author's Notes: This is my first story, so I wanted to take it easy. Nothing too complicated, but still interesting. I'll update this every chance I get. This story is inspired by "Slow Burn" written by Boy On Strings. I wanted to do something different so it's not a Sterek story, but I'm not saying I won't work it in there somewhere. Without further ado. Here is my first chapter of Transfer.

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Chapter 1- Pack Problems

Stiles Stilinski was impacted with a frigid cool on every part of his body at once. "Mhhmh." he grunted pushing his face into the pillow of his now sheet-less bed. Why is it always the cold? He thought. Why is pulling covers always the go to?

Scott was rummaging in Siles's room and closet, finding things for him to pack. Stiles was to lazy and easily distracted to pack his own things alone. He would start and get one thing packed in a hour. "Stiles, come on. Get up. Derek is already ready in the van, and Lydia is waiting to be picked up."

The mention of Lydia was all it took. Stiles was out of his bed and looking through all his clothes faster than anyone without a bite could have thought possible.

"Wow, I should say stuff like that more often if it gets you moving that fast." Stiles was frantic tearing things from his closet and drawers. Throwing them on the floor. "Well, when you love someone, and you get to spend a vacation alone with them, you don't want to keep them waiting." Scott rolled his eyes jokingly. He understood. Even if he didn't feel that way any more, after him and Allison had stopped dating, and she started spending a lot of time with Isaac. In fact, they weren't coming on the vacation with the rest of the pack because they had already made plans with each other.

Stiles had liked Lydia for a long time. When he finally asked her out and she didn't completely ignore him everyone was surprised. The general consensus was that she felt lonely since Jackson was no longer a part of the picture. Scott had even told him about that. Stiles didn't even care, he had the girl of his dreams. Weather it was out of love or attention.

"One more minute, I can't find the shirt she bought me last week. Have you seen it?" He turned to see if Scott was going to answer, or if the even heard at all. He was pointing to a very, maybe a little too full, suitcase sitting next to the door.

Stiles went over, got on his knees, and unzipped it. When he pulled over the front clothes spilled out all over the carpet around him. A snarly huff came from Scott. He was trying not to laugh, and failing."It's not funny." Stiles said frustrated. "Actually it kinda is."

Scott came over to help put the clothes back in the suitcase. They were almost done when Stiles jumped up with a shirt in hand. "Found it finally.". He pulled it on and turned to his dresser. He was looking at some trinket or toy. Turning it around in his hands. "Come on Stiles. The drive is gonna be a while, we need to get going now. Derek is waiting."

Stiles wasn't having being pressured by the all frowns, dark and mysterious, now turned beta, wolf of Scott's pack. When he was the Alpha he got respect purely from his power and position. Now he had neither of those. He was a part of Scott's pack. "That grumpy mess of fur can wait."

"Hey, this is supposed to be a time for the pack to come closer together, not pick each other apart. Derek is still a part of our pack." Stiles poked at Scott's sides playfully. "I don't care. That doesn't mean we have to be bff's"

Scott poked back and in no time they were having a war. "You never know, he might like you more than you give him credit for."

"Derek can go screw himself for all I care. I'm taking my time."

Scott sighed. They hadn't even left yet, and he was already about to break up an argument. Stiles didn't have werewolf supernatural hearing or smell to know someone was coming up the stairs to the room. Maybe he didn't like Stiles more than Stiles gave him credit for.

"I can what?" said a voice in a low growl. Stiles flinched. He knew he was in for it now.

He felt claws as he was pushed into a wall. The shelves on the walls rattled and a few old toys and such fell to the carpet with a thud. One of the hands grabbed his shirt, tearing it a little, and spun him around so his back was against the wall. As soon as he had turned there was a big, strong, hairy forearm against his windpipe, preventing escape and slightly constricting the airway.

"How about I screw you to this wall? How about I put a screw right through here, huh? How does that sound Stilinski?" It was Derek Hale. His eyes were glowing blue, and his voice was soaked with fury as he taped a clawed finger on Stiles wrinkled forehead, right between his eyes.

"Scott. C-Can you tell him to s-stop, pl-please?" His voice was thin and chocked from the arm held firm across his neck. "Derek, come on. That's enough." Derek held firm, leaning more weight into his arm. "Seriously. Cut it out." Derek growled low and quiet. He was still pinning Stiles, who was coughing and sputtering. "He's suffocating Derek." Scott's own anger began to rise as his pack member refused to cooperate. He grabbed both of Derek's shoulders and tore him off of Stiles throwing him on the bed.

"Stop!", he growled as much as he yelled. Eyes glowing a bright red.

The three of them were silent. Scott and Stiles stood gasping, staring down at Derek who was staring back up, propped up on his elbow, laying on the end of the bed. No one said a word until after both of the wolves had returned to normal. "I don't know what just happened. I'm going to the van." Derek stood from the bed, and pushed between the two smaller teens to get to the door. The bed creaked as he got off of it. Stiles and Scott both saw the blood stains on Derek's shirt where Scott had grabbed him as he went through the door and left.

"He's such a pain in the ass." Stiles commented as he finished putting his clothes back in the suitcase. Waiting to make sure he heard the door shut and that Derek was out of range."I think you should bite me just so I can beat him up myself." Stiles shoved his arm out in front his friend's face, and paused waiting for a lecture of all the reasons why that would be a bad idea. Scott didn't say anything. He just stood staring at the doorway.

"Scott, buddy. You okay?" His gaze was distant and distracted. "Ya I think I'm fine, I think. I don't know about Derek though. You finish and bring your stuff down to the van. We'll wait for you, then get Lydia.", he said as he pushed past the arm in his face.

"Can you tell him he owes me a new shirt while your out there?" Stiles yelled after him.

Scott slid into the passenger seat and shut the door. Neither dared look each other in the face. Scott sighed and started: "I just came-" Derek held up his hand next to his alpha's face. "Don't. I know. You came to make sure I was alright." He sighed. "I don't really know why I did that. Stilinski insults me all the time, I just lost it for some reason."Scott turned and looked at Derek who was still looking down.

"I hope this trip was a good idea. I mean I hope it brings you guys together and doesn't make things worse." Scott's gaze was finally met. "It'll be fine." His gaze fell downwards again. "A good alpha makes sure his pack is okay and function well together. That's what your doing right now." Scott felt tears in his eyes. He shifted in his seat, suddenly uncomfortable. No one actually knew how sensitive he was. He rubbed his hands together as he did so. Derek sank down, hunching in his chair. "You're gonna have to help me with this alpha stuff. Give me lessons or something. It's like becoming a wolf all over again."

Scott patted Derek on the shoulder. Derek hissed in pain. He puled back his hand. It was stained with blood. "I didn't mean to Derek. It's like I said, becoming a wolf all over."

"I'll live, it'll heal. It's gonna take a little longer than I'm use to though.", he said voice strained from looking over his shoulder to try to see the wound. Scott chuckled. "That was funny?" The chuckling stopped immediately. "No. No not really."

They sat in silence an uncomfortable tension growing stronger. Scott desperately thought of something to say. "Oh!", Scott said suddenly making Derek jump. He was lost in thought. Or maybe tired. Most likely both. "Stiles said you owe him a new shirt. You know, from tearing it.", Scott said, rubbing the back of his neck. "Do you really think that's necessary."

"Well, ya, sort of." Derek sat up in the driver's seat, and stared Scott right in the eyes. "Here's a good lesson."

"Your the Alpha now right?" Scott nodded slowly in affirmative. "The Alpha needs to be decisive. Yes or no. Not sort of, not maybe, not so so." Derek sighed and continued, with, "Now. Just as a test, do you think it's really necessary for me to get Stiles a new shirt?"

"I already-, Yes." Derek slipped a half smile. Scott stared him down. "That was funny?", said Scott, and Derek's expression returned to his normal scowl. "No, not really." The moment of transfer of power and experience hadn't gone unnoticed by either of them.

The door to the house behind them swung open. Stiles tugged and yanked on his suitcase trying to get it through the door frame and into the van. "You need help buddy?" Scott called out the window. "No I got it."

He tugged at the suitcase moving it a few inches at a time. Scott was amused watching the display. He heard the door slam on the driver's side. Looking over he saw Derek walk, or more, stride around the front of the car over to Stiles. "No, Derek, I got it. Let me do it." He pushed at Derek with one of his hands. His request was denied when Derek picked up the suitcase with one hand and carried it over, around to the back of the van and shoved it in the trunk.

Scott couldn't help but admire Derek as he picked up the suitcase with one hand. Stiles couldn't even drag it along, let alone do that. He also felt a little bit aroused at how Derek's bicep bulged as he picked up the weight. The trunk door slamming shut snapped him out the daze.

"I told you I had it.", Stiles grumbled as he slid into the back seat behind Scott and shut the door. "What was that?", Derek responded. He turned on the van and started to pull out of Stiles's driveway. "Nothing." Derek smiled. He might not have all the advantages of being the Alpha, but he could still smell the scent of fear coming off of Stiles. He grinned wider when he saw Scott give him a look, from the corner of his eye. It was off to Lydia's then to a vacation.

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