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Star watched the crowd from the shadows of her corner. She scanned the crowd, searching for someone who really didn't fit in all that much, and wouldn't refuse a pretty girl the comfort of their home. A particularly well built and handsome boy caught her eye. He sat quietly, watching the other people party and have a good time. Star made sure her barcode was well hidden before stepping out of the shadows to meet her next victim.

"Hey," she said, sneaking up from behind the man.

He turned around, startled, before recollecting himself and looking Star up and down. Her golden hair fell just below her shoulders, and her body suggested she would have a very good chance at being a supermodel. He grinned that I-want-you grin. "Hey," he replied, sound dumbstruck at his luck. He grinned again, and Star worked hard not to cut that smile from his lips right there and then. There's a time and a place, she told herself.

She sat herself down on his lap and wrapped her hands around his neck. "Don't you wanna get out of here?" She purred, cocking her head sideways and pouting. This was so easy.

He smiled and carried her out of the bar. The darkened street was quiet except for the occasional cricket. Too quiet, Star decided. Anyone would hear his scream.

"Doesn't pretty boy have a car?" she asked.

"Have I ever told you I like your style?" The boy grinned. "The name's Robert."


They reached a red convertible, and Robert lightly set her down, and Star strolled over to the passenger side, her fingertips tracing over the car on the way. She slid into the seat, and Robert joined her on the other side.


"Home sweet home," Robert announced proudly, stepping into the apartment. "Bedrooms in there." He jerked his head in the direction of the hallway. It was clear what he wanted. Star groaned inwardly. Men.

She headed into the kitchen, pretending to explore the house. She stepped into the kitchen, and her eyes darted around the room, looking for -


Star made her way to the knife drawer, and selected her personal favorite for these kind of people - a large steak knife, razor edged. She held it for a minute, savoring how the light glinted across it's stainless steel blade, before putting in her back pocket.

"Star!" Robert called from the bedroom. She walked in to find him sitting on the bed. It was the time and place.

She leaned against the doorway of the bedroom, watching as Robert slowly undressed. "Are you ready?" She purred, walking up to him.

"For what?" Robert replied, thinking this was all part of her cute little game.

Star removed the knife that had been in her back pocket, and showed it to him. Robert's face transformed into one of terror. She smiled and licked the knife with the tip of her tongue.

"To die."


Star drove down the deserted highway, discarding a blood covered knife under a large sign.

'Welcome to Seattle'

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