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Two weeks later Hotch was lying in bed and JJ was slumped over his legs, reading a book with her head almost hanging over the edge of the bed.

Across the hall, Henry and Jack were fast asleep in their new bunk beds, but when Hotch had last gone to check on them, Henry had abandoned his dinosaur themed bed and clambered up in to the train themed one above, curling up and falling asleep beside his new best friend. The boys had made his time off work more than bearable, in fact, he was a little reluctant to go back to his office quite so soon. Strauss had been lenient with him, she had only suspended him for a fortnight for faking his own death; the rest of his misdemeanours on their trip had been forgiven. Apparently almost dying in a massive explosion was punishment enough.

"How about Anna?" JJ asked, bringing Hotch's attention back to his own book of baby names.

"That would always remind me of Anna Begley," Hotch said.

"Megan?" she suggested.

"Reminds me of Megan Kane."

"That call-girl who died on the balcony with you?"

"Yeah." There was silence for a few minutes except for the occasional flip of a page.

"Jane?" JJ suggested.

"Makes me think of Jane Gould. Remember her?"

"She was the one who kept that girl Molly hostage and crushed her feet with a hammer, right?"


"So we can probably discount Molly as a name too."



"Remember Claire Bates? The woman who abducted those little boys?" Hotch said. JJ gave a long sigh.

"This is never going to work," she said. "We've been at this for nearly four hours, Aaron. We will never be able to find a name that doesn't make us think of an Unsub. There are just too many of them." Hotch was about to agree with her she rolled up her sleeves, and a memory from weeks before came to the front of his mind. She was wearing his brown sweater, the one he had given her in the hotel in Green Valley, the one that had carried so many bad memories until JJ had put it on. Now it reminded him of only her, of her pale green pyjamas, the vanilla smell of her hair, her smile.

"I like Anna," Hotch said suddenly.

"What about that Unsub?"

"Whatever we name her will only remind me of you. You're the best thing that could ever have happened to me and that beats any memories of Unsubs." JJ smiled and shifted up to lie beside Hotch.

"Well, it only took us four hours to think of one possible first name, what about middle names?"

"Well Garcia is under the impression that her middle name is going to be Penelope," Hotch said.

"Emily was dropping hints as well," JJ said.

"That's settled then," Hotch said, reaching out to stroke the baby bump. "Anna Penelope Emily Jareau-Hotchner."

"It just rolls off the tongue doesn't it?" JJ said with a wry smile. She put the book down on the bedside table and climbed under the covers before clicking off the light. Hotch put his arm around her and she curled up with her head on his chest. They were silent for a moment and Hotch wondered if JJ had already fallen asleep, he peered down at her, only just visible in the moonlight that was filtering through a gap in the curtains.



"Speaking of names…"


"How do you feel about Hotchner?"

"It's a good name," she said. "I like it." He paused for a moment before he said,

"Do you like it enough to make it your last name?" He felt her smile against his chest before she propped herself up on one elbow and looked at him.

"I do."