I love life and I wish it had a bigger fan base

When Crews was tackled by the bloody groom she wasn't worried. In fact it was sort of funny. Especially when they fell into the pool. To survive twelve years in prison having to fend off serial killers and giant violence hungry men and the exonerated cop was taken out by a drunk sobbing groom When they didn't show a sign of coming up she sighed in resignation. It was up to her then to get her new partner out. With a small smile on her face she pulled out her tazing baton.

After Crews was pulled out of the pool Reese crouched down and looked at him. She wondered what it was like being in prison. She cocked her head to the side, hopefuly Crews didn't stick around long enough to prove he still had prison traits. If he did her life was going to be interesting to say the least. She patted his cheek calling his name trying to wake him.

When Crews did wake up he felt awful. Everything hurt. He looked up to see his partner looking at him in amusement and annoyance. He looked around, he was soaking wet and Reese had a tazing baton in her hand. Great, only his first week back and his partner had already electrocuted him. He looked up at her and saw a familiar look. He knew that face. The ones some guards got when yo u were puking your guts out or walking slow because you had just gotten the crap beat out of you. It was one that said they thought your pain was funny and were annoyed that you were making their job harder. He felt a wave of pain and anger roll over him. He ignored it though, prison had taught him that much, it had also told him that no one cared and so with gritted teeth from the pain he got up and put on the show he always displayed. A big smile and eager attitude. And so the two partners walked into the hotel one thinking of the poor bride the other how no one had cared and even though he wasout of prison nothing had really changed because no one cared.