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AN: I'm back! At long last here is my new story. I am trying to make this one a little bit different from what I usually write. I hope you enjoy it. Special thanks to my beta, toocute24. Thanks, Sally!


The beeping noise was the only thing that indicated she was still alive. The doctors had done all that they could; the rest was up to Bella.

It had been a long day for her family and friends, all of whom had refused to go home. Now, all but one sat in the waiting area and prayed that their loved one would come back to them.

One, however, stayed by her side and held tightly to her hand, praying that he hadn't missed his chance. He would never forgive himself for not telling Bella how he felt before now, but he planned to cherish her forever once she came back to him.

"Bella, please, come back to me," Edward whispered as he lowered his head and placed a kiss to her hand. He then closed his eyes and thought back on all the times they had spent together and how much more there was left for them.