The product of your faults

A wrong boy who lived story. Drowning in loneliness his most trusted companions are a snake and two globes of crimson red that fills his vision whenever he sleeps.

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. If I had the opportunity to imperio J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter would never have married Ginny. He would have been in a hot and smexy sexy relationship with my lovely Draco and have smoking hot *cough* every night.

Warnings: This is a quite dark and heavy story: Dark harry, violence, suicide attempt, murder, Sexual interaction between minor and adult (age at least 16, completely consensual).

There is slash in this story. You have been forewarned, so go fuck yourself if you don't like this.

Pairings: HP/DM, HP/TMR;HP/LV,


The small child shivered as wind seeped through the crack underneath the door, embracing his body and ruffling the slight unruly thick locks of ebony hair. Shuffling further away from the door, he pressed himself against the cold wall, hand squeezed inside of a small crack to retrieve his only friend though the time he had been here. Warmth met his fingers as they touched the scaly Surface of his small friend as he removed her from the crack which he usually hid.

"hello my hatchling" a voice hissed, while its owner slid up and wrapped itself around the child to keep him warm.

"h-hello loved one" the child whispered in an afraid voice that played against the wind in a melodically tone.

"Are they asleep my hatchling?"

The child hesitated before answering, listening for any sound that the wind might lead towards him.

"Yes, the lights have been off for a while now and the wind has not spoken"

A forked tongue flickered out against his ear, before the head of the snake rested in the crook of the child's neck. Snuggling against the snake the child laid down of the battered mattress pressed against the wall before covering himself with the thin blanket that had his name written on it.

"Why won't my human mother get me, love?" the child asked his warm grass coloured eyes dimming slightly as he asked a question he had asked multiple times before. Foolish hope filled the child once again as he looked at his most trusted companion hoping that she might have an answer, or actually know how to find his mother. Coppery red filled his vision as he closed his eyes, and for a moment the child believed he might have seen her. His mother. But once again, the colour narrowed into two globes of crimson red that filled him with unusual warmth that slowly swept him away from his freezing conscious state.

"We are all you need my hatchling. All you need, and all you will ever need" the snake hissed to the now sleeping child. If only her master was here to accompany her and her hatchling, then they would be safe. Safe from those people he called family. Safe from those muggles.

English is not my first language, so if there are any grammar/spelling mistakes please just ignore them.
So this is my first HP story ever xD