A/N: I had wanted to have this story done for New Years Eve. As you can see that didn't happen. I also was going to only post this as a one-shot. I'm close enough to being done and this story is long enough I don't mind splitting it up. If any of you Shenny fans go to the Today show site you will find an article and a poll about whether Leonard should remain Penny's boyfriend. After reading the article it has done nothing to change my mind about watching the show. I will say though my story bears a small resemblance to this episode. Also so you know right now without reading any further. This story is not nice to either Leonard nor Amy. Oh and I used a couple of cuss words too in case those offend you. You have been warned.

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December 30, 2013 7:00PM

Penny stepped into 4A and looked around. Everyone was here. Boxes of Thai food sitting on the coffee table. Plates dished up.

Sheldon gave her a small nod of encouragement.

Penny steps to the front of the coffee table as Leonard comes away from the fridge a beer in his hand. He walks over next to her and kisses her cheek.

"Can I have everyone's attention please." Penny says. She turns and looks at Leonard with a huge grin. He slides his arm around her waist.

"You all know the play I've been doing at the local theater." Everyone nods at her..."Well I didn't know it but last night there was a producer from New York City there. He loved my performance and he's offered me a small spot in his new play."

"Oh Penny, that's wonderful! It's what you've been waiting for!" Bernadette gushes.

"Well it's nice that you got an offer. But obviously you will be turning it down." Leonard says pulling her a little closer to him.

If anyone had been looking at Sheldon they would have seen, he was now staring down at his plate. Gripping his fork so tightly between his fingers it was starting to bend. He tried to control his breathing. Hoping beyond hope, that Leonard wasn't about to say something that was more stupid then had just come out of his mouth.

As usual Sheldon wasn't wrong.

Leaning back Penny stares at him. Her mind is whirling. She hadn't given the producer an answer yet. She'd seriously been thinking of saying thanks but no. Penny was sure that wasn't beer she smelled on his breath just now. There was something about the way Leonard had said "Obviously" and his tightening grip on her waist was setting off alarm bells and raising her blood pressure.

"You know how these things go Leonard. Most aren't a hit and only last a month if that. Regardless of how long it lasts it will be great for my resume." Penny says trying hard to control her rapidly rising temper.

"A month on some flop of a play isn't going to help your resume. We've been over this but you don't understand the concept. You need an education." Leonard practically snarled the words at her.

Penny pulled herself out of his grasp. She couldn't believe him.

"I'm going Leonard. That's the end of the conversation!" Penny said firmly.

"Listen when you've sobered up and had sometime to think about this foolishness you'll see I'm right." Leonard says as he steps closer to her.

"Sobered up! You think I'm drunk? Why don't you tell me what else you think I am!" Penny demands of him.

Sheldon is about to say something when Amy leans over and whispers..."Leonard is most likely right. She probably has had too much to drink. She should sleep it off."

Sheldon looks at her incredulously. He is about to admonish her when Leonard starts in again.

"You want to know what I think? I'll tell you. Some play in New York isn't going to make your resume any better. It has nothing of any worth on it to start with. A hemorrhoid commercial a couple of bad plays over a bowling alley and years of waitressing. An education might have helped you some. But you aren't getting any younger. Your best bet is marrying me. You keep up your looks and your skill in the bedroom and I'll buy you all the shoes you want. Forget this foolish acting business. Frankly you suck at it. Your best skills are in the bedroom." Leonard finished with a nasty smirk on his face.

"Are you calling me a whore?" Penny whispers stunned at his diatribe.

"Well like I said your skills belong in the bedroom." Leonard reaches over grabs her wrist and jerks her back to him.

"Let go of me Leonard!" Penny tries to pull away from him.

Sheldon has had enough. Yelling is one thing. Grabbing hold of her and not letting go. Well that is something Sheldon simply wont stand for a moment longer. Standing he moves around the coffee table until he is standing next to Penny.

"She told you to unhand her Leonard. I suggest you do it before I do it for you!" Sheldon says in a tone that no one has ever heard him use before.

"Mind your own business Sheldon! Go take care of your own girlfriend and stay away from mine. I called dibs on Penny years ago. Did you forget when we told you it's always Bros before Ho's?" Leonard snaps. He squeezes Penny's wrist harder and she lets out a soft whimper.

That whimper is all Sheldon needs. He grabs Leonard's wrist and squeezes hard. Leonard lets out a loud yowl and suddenly releases Penny.

Sheldon wraps his free arm around her as she stumbles away from Leonard.

The moment he releases his hold on Leonard. The smaller man lunges at him in a furious rage.

Sheldon swiftly moves Penny behind him. As Sheldon pushes Leonard away from him, he feels Penny grab the back of his shirt.

Leonard stumbles back a couple of feet but does manage to keep his feet underneath him.

Sheldon glances over his shoulder..."It's okay Penny. I wont let him hurt you."

Howard and Raj who've sat stunned at how quickly things have escalated so badly, are about to get involved when Leonard lunges at Sheldon again.

"Sheldon!" Penny gasps seeing Leonard coming again.

He turns just in time and pushes Leonard back once more..."Let her go Sheldon she's mine. I haven't spent all this time on her, to lose her now that she's figuring out where she belongs!"

"Yes Leonard on that we agree. Penny has figured out where she belongs and where she doesn't belong. It isn't here in Pasadena with you!" Sheldon informs him.

"Pretty soon those looks of hers are going to start fading. I'm willing to give her one more chance if she stops this nonsense about acting. The only star in acting she could ever have gotten is in porn!"Leonard smirks as he moves back towards them.

"I suggest you apologize Leonard. Then you need to shut up!" Sheldon growls at him.

"I'm not apologizing. Penny knows exactly what she is!" Leonard barely gets the retort out of his mouth before he finds himself, with Sheldon's right fist connected to his left cheek.