This is just something I've been posting on Tumblr for the past couple weeks and decided to share here, since I haven't posted anything in a while. I will respond to everyone's lovely reviews in the last chapter of The Dark in You and the alternate ending, but I haven't had much time for anything other than quick things like this. There's a couple parts already written that I will post over the next few days. Starts off really short because I only intended for this to be an angsty drabble, but then I kept getting ideas. I have a few more and know where this is ultimately going, but if anyone wants to see anything specific let me know in a review or something.

Warnings for abuse. Future chapters will have more warnings, as well as warrant a rating change.

Pitch didn't even remember what had started the argument. It was obviously insignificant, but when it began it seemed incredibly important. Jack too stubborn and Pitch too prideful to let it go, they allowed things to escalate from harsh words on the couch to nearly screaming in the kitchen.

Jack was making his point for the umpteenth time and Pitch was ready to refute him with the same thing he had been saying all night, when something inside Pitch snapped. He was sick of listening to Jack, annoyed at not having his way, and done with this entire argument. The next thing he knew, his fist was flying and Jack was sprawled on the floor, eyes wide with shock as he put his hand to his cheek.

Pitch immediately knelt by his side, apologizing profusely and hovering, sure Jack wouldn't want his touch, but offering it anyway. Jack assured him he was fine, it was fine, everything was fine and let Pitch cup and tilt his face with long-fingered hands to examine the slowly darkening skin.

Though it was only a bruise, Pitch felt incredibly guilty and took extra care in helping Jack to bed. He seemed to enjoy the attention and quickly fell asleep under Pitch's hair petting and reassurances of love.

Pitch tenderly ran his finger from Jack's temple to his jaw, tracing the outline of his bruise. When they first started dating, he swore he wouldn't allow anyone else to ever touch Jack, though he never quite thought it would be touching to hurt him and certainly not coming from himself.

Swearing to never do that again, Pitch leaned up and brushed his lips over Jack's dark cheek. He pulled Jack close and tucked his head under his chin, falling into an easy sleep.