This is going to be a very AU Fuinn story. The title for this story came from the song 'There is.' by Box Car Racer

will I shake this off pretend it's all okay
that there's someone out there who feels just like me
there is

1. The Pancake Batter-(Quinn.)

The sky outside is dull and dank. A light drizzle, is being blown through the foggy air by the early morning, autumn breeze. Quinn stands looking out of her bedroom window, with a disgruntled look on her face. She should be starting her first year of college this month, however, she is living in New York, in her childhood home with her parents and older sister, Dani.

Quinn makes a disgusted sound at the back of her throat. Usually, the view from her window is much nicer. It is something that Quinn has always loved about this room. When you look out through it, you can see a nice park, and a great view of a small lake. In the winter, it looks very picturesque. Quinn has attempted to draw it many of times, but, has failed on all accounts. But today, with the drizzle, and the fog, all Quinn can see are the faint outlines of the trees.

She turns, on her heel and walks out of her bedroom. She starts to walk down the stairs slowly, and groggily. She can hear the clanging of pans and dishes, she rolls her eyes at the noise. She walks straight to the kitchen, to find Dani stood by the stove covered in flour, and eggs. Her blonde hair tied back in a high, tight bun. Parts of her hair have come loose, and spiral down the side of her face in loose curls.

Neither, Dani nor Quinn are at college. When they graduated, they both went straight into work. They work together, at a small coffee shop near their home. The wage isn't great. But, with them both still living with their parents, they don't have to worry about buying their own food. They do, however, give their parents small amounts of money from their wages each month, as a small 'thank you' for letting them stay in the house.

Quinn's parents had wanted her to do Law at college, and had found a lot of ivy league schools, that offered great Law classes. She had the grades, and the brains to do it, just not the motivation.

Quinn had applied to all of these places, though, that was more to appease her parents than her actually wanting to go. She had been accepted into college, at Yale. She had gone along with this, until the time came for her to actually leave, and then she dropped the bombshell that she didn't really want to go to college and do Law. Quinn's passion was literature, she wanted to write, her parents hadn't wanted that for her though, they said they wouldn't give her any money to help her out.

but she hadn't been too fussed at the time, she had just figured she could do that anywhere, and didn't strictly need college to be a writer. Though, since she graduated high school, she hasn't written anything.

Dani hadn't even applied to college, when their parents had tried talking to their eldest daughter about college, she would flat out refuse to listen, and would often walk away from them. Their parents had wanted Dani to pursue a career in mathematics, it was the only thing- other than music- she really excelled in. She avoided them at all costs, she did this, until it became too late for her to apply to any colleges, and she had missed the deadlines.

Quinn has to admit, she liked Dani's way of avoiding a situation more than her own.

"Morning, Q," Dani says brightly as she sees Quinn approaching her.

"It's too early to be that happy, Dan." Quinn says. Quinn has never been a morning person, and quite frankly, she doesn't understand people that are. Dani, is the complete opposite.

"No it's not." Dani replies, with a smile that never falters. Quinn rolls her eyes at her older sister.

Quinn is the youngest child of three, she is eighteen-soon to be nineteen- Dani is the mild child at nineteen- though she is soon to be twenty. Dani and Quinn have always been close, usually, wherever Dani is, Quinn isn't too far behind her. Their elder brother, Christopher has just turned twenty-two, he graduated from college with a degree in Medical science, and is now on his way to grad school to further his academic career. Chris, is engaged to his high school sweetheart.

Their parents had always tried to push them in their academics. But, much to their parent's dismay, Dani and Quinn had never really cared at school, and any good grade they got was more down to luck than actually trying.

Quinn sits on one of the high stools at the breakfast bar in the large kitchen.

"Do you want any?" Dani asks, nodding in the direction of the bowl, filled with flour, salt, caster sugar and baking powder.

"Sure," Quinn says. She runs a hand through her matted blonde hair, and lets out a huge yawn.

Dani smiles at her sister before adding a lightly beaten egg to the bowl. "So did you have a good sleep?" Dani asks. The elder blonde glances at Quinn, trying to read her expression.

Quinn has had trouble sleeping for a while now, it's not often at all she gets a full nights sleep. Quinn shrugs half-heartedly. "Yeah, I guess." She says, "I got a couple more hours than I am used to. I think I went to sleep around, four, and woke up a couple of minutes ago."

"Well that's good then." Dani says, trying to flash Quinn a smile.

Quinn sighs, "What about you?" She asks, though she has a feeling she already knows what Dani's answer will be.

"I always sleep well." Dani says in a matter of fact tone. "I don't know why you ask." She says.

"Politeness." Quinn replies dryly. She knew for a fact Dani had no trouble sleeping, but still she feels the need to ask her every morning.

"Whatever," Dani says. "How many of these do you want?" She asks, pointing at the bowl, that is full of a lumpy mix.

"How much is there?" Quinn asks.

"A lot." Dani replies. "I didn't know how much to make." She divulges.

"Mix it all together and see how many we can make from it." Quinn suggests. "We'll share them out the best we can." Usually, Quinn would be the one making the breakfast, but for a change, Dani was the first one up, so the job fell on her.

In the past, Dani has proven she can't cook, and has on many occasions, burned French toast. Filling the kitchen with a thick, black smoke. Still, she keeps trying. Dani moves the mixer to the large bowl containing all the ingredients to make pancake batter.

She puts the end of the mixer in the bowl, and turns it on full power, just as Quinn yells. "Cover it with a towel!". The mixer turns on too fast, spraying the batter everywhere. Covering both girls in the mix.

Quinn lets out a high pitched squeal, covering her face as best she can with her arms.

Dani shuts it off as fast as she can, and gives Quinn and apologetic smile, and a slight shrug of her shoulders, "Opps." She says, with a slight chuckle to her voice.

Quinn looks at her sister, and sighs as she takes in their surroundings. The black marble counter top, is dripping with the pancake batter, so are the cupboards under the kitchen sink. The walls have a slight covering of the mix running down them, as does the fridge. Dani shakes her head biting back her laughter as she looks around the room, both girls feeling thankful that their mother isn't at home to see this.

Both girls, stand covered in pancake batter. Dani smirks, and tries to avoid eye contact with Quinn. The younger Fabray girl, glares at her older sister, and shakes her head slowly. Clearly unimpressed.

"Will you help me clean this up?" Dani asks, in a quiet voice. Pancake batter dripping off of her nose and chin. She smiles sweetly at Quinn, hoping this will help her cause.

"No." Quinn snaps.

"Please, Q?" Dani begs.

Quinn sighs, "Do I have to?" She asks. "I mean, I didn't even make the mess." Quinn's hair is covered in the mixture, making her hair cling together, it drips from the ends of her hair, and her jaw line, hitting the tiled floor with a tiny patting sound.

"Yes. Look at the place." Dani complains, holding her arms out. "It'll take me forever to clean this up!"

"I warned you to use a towel." Quinn says. "But did you listen? No!"

"Are you going to help me or are you just going to sit there and ridicule me?"

"Fine." Quinn sighs. "But, only because mom and dad are due back today, and if mom sees this mess, she'll kill us both. And, I would prefer to stay alive."

"Thank you, you're the best." Dani says, before she wipes the pancake batter from her face. She throws the small towel towards Quinn, who does the same, trying her hardest to get it out of her hair, but to no avail.

It doesn't take the two girls long to snap into action. Quinn washes the dishes, and the mixer head, while Dani wipes down the counter tops. They work silently for a while, until Dani breaks the silence.

"This shit has gone everywhere." Dani grumbles, trying hard to get the batter of all the crevices that it ran into. Dani has to open several of the lower cupboard doors to clean up all of the batter. "Why do you get the easy job?" Dani moans.

"I didn't make the mess." Quinn says again, she looks over her shoulder and watches Dani, scrubbing the cupboards. "I did get covered in the mess though." Quinn says. She finishes washing up, and leaves the cooking equipment on the rack to dry. She grabs an extra rag and helps Dani clean up the kitchen. "Promise me you will never try making pancakes again," Quinn says. The two girls, start to chuckle, as they work hard to get the kitchen back to an immaculate state.

"Yeah, I'll stop trying now and leave all the cooking to you." Dani says. "Well, whenever mom isn't here."

Their parents had gone away for the week, leaving the two girls in charge of the house, and for the most part they had done a good job. The living room, though it isn't up to their mothers usual standards, it is clean. As is the bathroom, and dining room. The guest rooms haven't even been touched since their parents have been away. No one has come to stay with the two girls. So, that room is in perfect condition.

Quinn's bedroom on the other hand, could look better. There are glasses and bottles scattered around on her bed side table, paper screwed up, and thrown into a corner where she has tried to make starts on novels, but has quit. She hasn't bothered to straighten it up. She is the only person who sees it. She has all the intention to clean it. But everytime she gets close to neatening up her bedroom she puts it off, claiming she'll 'do it later.' Quinn doesn't even know if she can call it procrastination anymore, or if it is just sheer laziness.

When the girls have finished cleaning the kitchen, and straightening out the living room. Quinn makes some breakfast-without making a mess- and Dani showers, to remove any of the pancake batter that still clings to her hair.

Quinn eats her breakfast quickly, as soon as Dani enters the kitchen, the younger girl rushes up stairs and showers. Trying to remove every bit of the evidence of the messy pancakes before her mom comes home.

She gets dressed and puts her make-up on. While their parents have been away, Quinn and Dan have been participating in a lot of lazy days, which consisted of the two girls, staying in their pyjamas, and watching their box sets of old comedy shows. But with their parents coming home soon, they can no longer do this. Their mother hates it, she thinks that if you are awake, and out of bed, you should be dressed and ready for the day. She believes that the only time you should stay in your pyjamas through the day is if you are ill.

Quinn walks into the living room, to find Dani watching season two of friends… Again. Quinn drops herself onto the couch next to Dani, and watches the TV.

"You done washing the dishes?" Quinn asks, her eyes fixed on the TV screen.

Dani nods slolwy. "Yeah," she says. There is a beat of silence between the two girls until Dani speaks again. "Y'know, Q. I don't think we've done too bad." Dani says, having a small amount of pride in the pair of them for the state of the house. "We have been alone for a week, and nothing is broken, everything is clean, and we are alive." She says. Quinn rolls her eyes. "You and I both know this is an achievement." Dani says.

Quinn nods slowly, "I guess." She says, with a slight laugh. Dani and Quinn aren't the neatest people in the world, unlike their mother. And in the past they have proven that they aren't the most responsible people in the world either, especially when they are together. So the fact that nothing is ruined, is a huge accomplishment for the two girls.

They watch 'Friends'. Laughing loudly at the jokes they have heard multiple times before but still find funny. Clapping loudly, and in unison to the theme song. As well as singing the theme song as loud as they can, trying to sound worse than the other purposely.

Dani checks the time, after they have been watching the sitcom for roughly two hours. She sighs loudly.

"What?" Quinn asks, peeling her eyes away from the TV screen to take in Dani's face. The younger Fabray girl nods in the direction of the large clock on the wall. Twelve-thirty.

Quinn curls her lip in a frown. "Only an hour and they'll be home." Dani says, sound unimpressed at the thought of their parents returning.

Quinn rolls her eyes, and groans quietly. She'd like to say she had missed her parents, but that wouldn't strictly speaking be true. Ever since the college debacle, Quinn and Dani haven't had a great relationship with their parents. Not that they had great relationship with them before.

Quinn sighs. Oh the joys, she thinks, as her parents return looms ever closer.

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