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"No, Loki..."

Never in the thousand years he's been alive would he ever have imagined that those two small words would shatter him more than anything in the world. Odin had rejected his attempt to prove himself worthy of the royal upbringing he had received. Just recently, he had learned that he was not the Asgardian Prince shadowed by his older brother as he thought himself to be. No, he was the monster-a Frost Giant…a Jotun-that all Asgardian children had nightmares about. How had his life come to this? How could they all lie to him for so long and expect him to still care for them?

And they always dared to call me the liesmith, he thought to himself, trying to contain his outward emotions as he followed Odin and Thor in silence back to the golden palace that he could no longer call his home.

They walked down the giant halls into the throne room. Loki and Thor came to a standstill in front of the gold throne just as the All-Father sat in it.

"What have you to say for your actions, Loki?" Odin sneered, anger showing through his normally indifferent mask, "You have created chaos on Midgard and attempted to take the life of your own brother!" Loki looked up at Odin with a raised eyebrow and opened his mouth to speak, just as Thor cut in and spoke instead, not once turning to look at Loki.

"Father, although I am deeply upset with my brother over his actions, please do not punish him so severely. He has just discovered his heritage that even I knew not of. You have lied to him all of his life, Father, and he is hurting." Thor stated, moving to stand in between his father and him. After everything that Loki had done to Thor after he was banished to Midgard, he couldn't understand why Thor was still insistent on defending him. They were not brothers after all, and Thor was not obligated to protect him.

This thought made Loki tense up in a sudden overwhelming grief, but he continued to display his mask of indifference in front of his former father and brother.

"I am fine now. You need not defend me so, Thor."

Although the naked eye would not be able to recognize it, Loki saw quite a range of emotions flash upon his fa-Odin's face. Grief, regret, and sadness. As soon as they were shown, they disappeared and settled into a semi-sympathetic expression. "Loki, your brother is right. We have kept your true heritage from you all these years past. But we have done so to protect you. You are still my son..." Odin trailed off as if in thought before his features became once again stern. "However, should you ever choose to repeat your actions and put anyone in danger, the consequences will not be so light again."

Loki felt anger rippling its way through his body at Odin's words, his magic deep within him attempting to settle near the surface. If Odin thought that some poor excuse of an apology will suddenly right his every wrong towards Loki, he was sorely mistaken. Loki tried to control his emotion, willing away the anger if only for the fact that he was only getting a metaphorical slap on the wrist for his actions against Thor. Deep down he had dreaded the consequences he surely thought would ensue in response to him trying to harm his "brother".

"Yes, father, I understand. May I return to my quarters now?" Loki inquired, not really interested in an answer as he turned away from Odin and Thor. Odin simply nodded and excused the brothers from his presence.

Once he entered his quarters in the palace, he slowly walked to his bed and let his body fall into it, resting his aching bones. He raised his hands to his raven hair and clenched into it, trying to process all of the information he had learned about his life (which had been all a lie), his true parentage, and the truth about himself. He still could not believe that he could truly be a Frost Giant aside from the fact that his skin changed when he had held onto the Cask of Ancient Winters. That was the moment his life changed forever. He was truly cursed.

He stood up from his bed and walked across his room to his mirror. Slowly, he closed his eyes and concentrated, thinking only of the deep blue that his body had been. A sudden chill fell over him, but this chill was different. It seemed to envelop not only his body, but his entire soul, in its coldness. He felt a hesitation, but nonetheless opened his eyes.

A monster. That's what he saw in the person standing before him in the mirror. Blue skin covered his entire body. Ridges of a deeper shade of blue protuded from all over his skin as well, more prominently on his forehead. His eyes were probably the most shocking change of all, however. No longer were his eyes the familiar shade of green that he loved and knew so well. These eyes were truly those of a monster; red all over with black irises. At this, he shut his eyes tight and felt a rush of anger, hatred, and hurt. How could they do this to him? Why did they lie?

He tried to calm himself to no avail and lashed his arms out, magic flowing through them. The objects in his room flew towards the walls and the mirror to his front shattered completely. He was now breathing shallowly and clutching to his hair once again, trying to control his emotions. His skin began to fade from the deep blue to his familiar pale ivory skin. He let out a few ragged, shaky breaths as he began to feel himself again.

I can stay here no longer or I will lose what little of my sanity I am able to retain.

With that thought, he gathered a few of his personal effects and held them close to his person. He knew that he had to leave Asgard; he couldn't handle living with the lie any longer. Where could he go? The first place he could think of was Alfheim, where he was welcomed with open arms by the elves under normal circumstances.

No, I couldn't possibly go there. I would still be too close to Odin's watchful eye.

He closed his eyes once again and concentrated on his teleportation spell. He knew where he must go now; somewhere that hardly any at all recognized him and he would be able to easily conceal himself from Heimdall, the all-seeing guardian of the nine realms.

At that, he let the magic flow through his being and disappeared from Asgard, reappearing in the one place where he wasn't known throughout the world for all of his mischief and trickery…Midgard.

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