You finally got that I don't own anything! Lets begin the story

In a kingdom called Arendelle,there lived a king a queen with two daughters and they were really close with each loved to play outside in the one day,Raven discovered that she holds an ancient ability to create and manipulate snow and used this ability to play with her sister and would always have fun until one night...

"Sister?" 5-year-old Star said."Please wake up Raven..." She shake Raven back and forth while she was sleeping on her bed.

"What?" Raven groaned. "Go back to sleep Star." She closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep.

"I cannot Raven.I want to play with you and your power to control of the ice and the snow." Starfire begged.

"We'll play tomorrow go back to sleep." Raven groaned with her eyes closed.

Starfire thought for a second and said to Raven "Do you wish to partake of building the snowman?" Raven's eyes opened and smiled.

They ran to the ballroom,closed the door and started to play with Raven's power."Are you ready?" Starfire nodded as Raven turned the ballroom to a playground of snow and were having a ton of fun,they laughed and Raven created a snowman and called it Belaf.

"Hello!My name is Belaf and I like warm hugs!"Raven says in a silly voice pretending to be the funny looking snowman."I wuv you Belaf!"Starfire said as she hugged the was creating snow slopes for Starfire to jump started creating bigger and higher slopes which became dangerous and Starfire was jumping quickly."Starfire slow down!" Raven warning Starfire and she wasn't listening to slipped on ice and Starfire falls down from the slopes."STARFIRE!"Raven tries to save her by using her magic,but accidentally strikes Starfire's ran to her sister."Starfire!"A piece of hair from Starfire turned gasped and yelled"Mama! Papa!"The whole room freezes making the room look like a snowstorm hit it.

Her parents heard Raven crying,ran to the room,breaking the frozen door and seeing their daughters."Raven!This is getting out of control!" the king said. "It was an accident."Raven queens picks up Starfire and touches her gasped."She's frozen solid!What are we going to do?!"

"Wait,I know where we have to go." The king grabbed a book from the library and took a map that would lead them to royal family took off riding on hores and followed the journey to the legendary Valley of the Living Rock.

Robin along with Cybear follow behind the other harvesters.