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A young fellow sat on the edge of a cliff watching over the Outback under a navy-blue sky. He laid on his back, hands behind his head and watched the sea of stars singing in a clear spring night. By the look on his face, he admired the beauty. Down below, the sound of people laughing and singing didn't make this a quiet night for the boy. The voice of a large man called out for the boy. With a thick Russian accent, the man was able to speak proper English.

"Jack! Come down lad. Bunny barbecued more steaks" said North, the Guardian of Wonders. He preferred to be called North than Santa or Mr. Claus.

Jack jumped off the cliff and flew down to a make-shift patio of wood and metal. It was connected to a carved out home made of rocks. According to Jack, Bunnymund lived in a cave. But not to Bunny, the cave shaped home led to an underground sanctuary of tunnels in which he used for traveling around the world.

On the patio, was recycled furnitures and an old Texas barbecue grill. North was relaxing on a bench that was hand-craved by the natives. On the bench were carved images of the Guardians. Tooth, the Tooth fairy, of course, was having a friendly conversation with Sandy about the time when she pulled out a saber-tooth tiger's loose tooth. Bunny was happily whistling an Australian folk song. The small party just made Jack smile.

"Ah Jack! Grab yourself another plate. I have more of my Jumpin' Wallaby Beans!" Bunny points to a heating pot of brown beans jumping in weird looking chilly sauce.

Jack didn't found the pot of beans delicious. "Nah I think I'll have more of those Plombir ice cream that North brought." Jack rushed over to a large red colder, lifted the lid, and pulled out two small waffle ice cream cones. He tossed one to his buddy, North. North caught it ninja-style and happily began eating it.

Everyone enjoyed each others company. Jack never felt so relaxed in his life. You might think Jack only works whenever winter comes, true, but nowadays he's on the clock making sure the weather patterns on Earth is on point throughout the year. Especially, with the strange climate changes, him and other Guardians had to dealt with keeping the climates around the world normal as possible.

When Jack was about to take a bite from his waffle cone, a roaring sounded echoed throughout the Outback.

"Crocky! Look at that" shouted Bunny as he pointed to a smoky trail in the sky. At the end of the trail was a burning large rock diving straight to Earth.

"Gosh is that a shooting star?" asked Tooth excitingly. Everyone looked at Tooth as if she is nuts. Tooth became red. But, everyone just laughed and smiled at her cuteness.

"No that's just a meteorite." North corrected her. Everyone took a moment to admire the mysterious beauty behind this astronomical phenomenon.

Just as the meteorite hit the Earth, Jack screamed out, "Body Slam!" out of nowhere. A giant flash of light illuminated the night sky. Everyone shielded their eyes from the light. After the quick light show, the night sky became silent again and the Guardians just heard the bands of crickets and desert toads singing under the moon.

"Body slam? Really mate. You need to lay off the sweets or Tooth is going pull out your choppers later" Bunny advised Jack. Jack shrugged his shoulders and continued on eating his ice cream. Tooth gave them a friendly wink.

"C'mon let's go check it out" Jack went over to grab his staff that was leaning against a wooden railing and took off flying towards where the meteorite crashed.

When North and the others started running after Jack, Bunny suggested they should use the tunnels. They said no to the idea because they wanted to race under the stars. Who doesn't? So Sandy casted a golden cloud and jumped onto it. He rode it like he was Goku on a flying nimbus. Tooth opened her wings and ran after Sandy. As for North, he didn't brought his sled and reindeer during his weekend trip to Australia, instead he brought his new invention, a magical hover-board.

Just as he hopped onto his board, he asked if Bunny wanted a ride. Apparently, there was room for a second rider. Unfortunately, Bunny hates heights, so he said no and preferred to use his tunnels. North shrugged his shoulders and jet off after the others. Bunny ran to the nearest tunnel that seems to head towards the direction of the meteorite crash.

Everyone rendezvous at the crash site. The impact caused a large crater to form on the ground. The crater spread as long of football field. Jack walked barefooted on the cold desert floor, the cold doesn't bother him. He walked towards the edge of the crater and looked down below. His crystal blue eyes scanned for the meteorite.

"There!" without thinking, Jack jumped down to the center of crater where he saw a bright light rays shining through the ground. Sandy and Tooth happily followed Jack.

North stood and watched the three while waiting for Bunny. Beside North, the ground started to give in and a large hole appeared. Bunny emerged through the hole and hopped himself onto the surface.

"Did I miss anything? Bunny asked North. North replied, "No, the lad just found the falling meatball." Bunny laughed.

Down below, Jack dusted off the dirt that was covering the baby-sized meteorite. The rock was white as snow, but looked like a block of Swiss cheese because of the large holes that covered its body. Jack and his friends were astonished at how beautiful the rock was. Especially how it glisten under the moon light.

Jack held the rock and studied it. "Why did it come here?" Sandy and Tooth said nothing. Jack took a closer look at the rock, but, it began to crack like an egg and white light rays shined through the surface. "Whoa! Holy Aurora Borealis."

The light rays were so bright, it nearly blinded the Guardians. However, the lightness caused Jack to drop the rock. In a moment, the rock stopped shining. On the ground the rock was cracked in half, but, revealed a small white lion statue with wings.

"What is this?" Jack picked up the small statue and showed to his friends. North and Bunny met up with the three. The big jolly guy asked if he can see it. Jack handed it to him.

"This is some astounding craftsmanship" North admired the artwork. But burst of light appeared.

"Not again" said Bunny annoyingly. How many burst of lights flashing before their eyes tonight.

The light disappeared and appeared a winged lion fluttering its wings in the air. He was made of stars, but, not completely. More like a figure you might see from a connect-the-dots activity game. He looked down at the confused and frighten Guardians. Jack grabbed his staff tightly with both hands, but kept his friendly face on. North and Bunny drawn their weapons, the furry creature had his boomerangs and the jolly old guy had his duel swords.

"Nothing to fear Guardians. I am Leo, one of the Man in the Moon's messengers. I've been order to sent out a message to the Big Five." Leo said it as if he had the voice of Thor.

"A message from Mani?!" said Jack in great delight. "That's awesome!"

Leo scowled down at Jack, he doesn't know whether Jack offended his master by not calling him the proper name. He cleared his throat. "Yes Mr. Frost. The Man in the Moon sent you all a warning about a large wave of great danger that is coming for you all."

"Great danger? Any details mate" Bunny asked in a concerned tone.

"Evil will once again roam on this world and won't stop until it brings down the wall that separates peace and chaos in order to bring forth destruction." Leo's message caused the Guardians to shiver in fear and questioned why.

"Sounds like we have another fighting missions" Bunny acknowledged his friends. Everyone agreed, except North.

"Bunny, I think there's more to Leo's message" said North.

"Quite true. Mr. Claus. The Man in the Moon, doesn't wish you all to head into battle. But to hide from harms way." Leo announced.

"Hide?! That's crazy Pussycat" shouted Jack. He crossed his arms over his chest while hugging his wooden staff. "We are the Guardians. We don't run away from danger."

"I admired your bravery Mr. Frost, and the Man in the Moon as well. But he believed that its best for his Guardians on Earth to hide from harm until this mystery solved." Leo went on. "It's my master's orders."

Jack started to fly off the ground and wanted to talk some sense to Leo. But North grabbed his shoulder and asked him to calm down. He obeyed his friend's favor. "Master Leo, tells us why, we Guardians, need to hide from this Evil?"

Leo answered. "As if for now, we do not know the source of this Evil, but we sense a large dark force coming soon that we fear have no knowledge about. But, recently, other Guardians has been either kidnapped or gone missing. Therefore, according to my masters orders, you are sent to go hide where he sent his other Guardians from danger. Here you all need this."

Leo flapped his wings and in thin air, five small boxes appeared in front of the Guardians. "Here are gifts from my master and please read the cards. I personality picked out each cards that fits your tastes."

Bunny looked at his card and it had a female rabbit wearing a pair of hot red bikinis. His face turned red and looked around to make sure no one was looking.

"But I digress. Guardians please read the instructions inside each of your boxes. And start following them as soon as possible. That is all. Time for me depart." In a matter of minutes, Leo burst into a large ball of light. The Guardians shielded their eyes. There was no sight of Leo, just a small glittering white dust raining down from the sky.

"Reminds me to bring along a pair of sunglasses at night" said Bunny.

The Guardians looked at each other, then at their gifts. In a matter of seconds, they began opening their gifts like crazy five year olds in Christmas morning. In the ground, the Guardians put down the five boxes with several papers and small items inside them. They all looked confused at their gifts.

North picked up a scroll from his box, there was no other scroll but his. "This might be Mani's instructions."

"Go on mate, start reciting" said Bunny, the rest agreed.

North cleared his throat and began reading the scroll. The four patiently listen to North throughout the night under the painted sky with its dancing lights. While their big friend, Mani, watches them high above the Outback sky.

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