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Tiny shoes ran down the corridor of a small convenience store in the city of Fujiyoshida. The shoes stopped at a metal door that was in the back. A pair of small curious hands opened the door with all it's might until the outside light peaked through the dark room. Inside was a young man napping peacefully on top of boxes that contained ice cream bars to frozen TV dinners. The young man was busy talking in his sleep. But, a ten years old boy walked up to the man and poked him to wake up.

"Izo. Psst. Izo! Psst." said the little boy speaking in Japanese. "C'mon wake up." He begged. "Please?"

Izo grumbled in Japanese. "Kenta. I'm on break." Izo used his hand to fan away Kenta as he turned his back on him. While making himself comfortable on his makeshift bed.

"But, Izo you promised to play with me whenever you're on break." Kenta said in a drama queen-ish tone. "Plus we have customers wanting help in the front." He mentioned.

"What?" Izo rolled over his back and fell onto the cold floor. While picking himself up, a jolt of pain climbed straight up from his chest to his head. Sending a mild painful sensation of having a slight heart attack and a sharp headache.

Kenta saw Izo in pain. "Are you okay?" He asked in a concerned tone. Izo grit his teeth. He touched his chest while getting up. "Yeah. Nothing to worry about."

Izo ruffled Kenta's black hair and walked out of the dark cold room. Kenta followed him. "Hey kiddo, closed the freezer will ya." Kenta obeyed him. The kid closed the store's only freezer. Kenta caught up with Izo, walking by his side. He looked up at Izo with his curious and energetic eyes. "Whatcha dreamt about?" Kenta asked curiously.

The two took a small turn down a hallway that led to the front of the store. Izo rubbed the back of his neck. "Nothing really. I was somewhere in grand ballroom that looked like a winter wonderland. And saw two little girls, I think they were sisters, playing the snow." Kenta quirked an eyebrow. "Hey I'm not a pedo bear," said Jack.

"What else happened?" Kenta curiously asked. Izo went on explaining how he saw them enjoying each other's company. Then some thing took a turn to the worst. The little sister was jumping over snow peaks. The older sister cast other snow peaks while catching her sister. But the little sister was quickly jumping off the peaks while her older sister tried to keep up.

"Wait! This girl had ice powers?" Kenta interrupted. Izo was annoyed. "Okay okay what else?" Kenta asked. Izo continued on saying how the older sister suddenly slipped and lost control of her powers. She accidentally struck her sister in the head. The little sister tumbled down a snowbank and landed, unconsciously. The older sister ran after her and took her into her arms.

"I ran to help them. But I realized I was ghost. I hated watching them helplessly." Izo softened his eyes, sadness decorated his face. "Hey it was just a dream." Kenta smiled at him. "Yeah I guess." Izo shrugged his shoulder.

"But hey, why do you always hang out in the freezer?" Kenta asked Izo. "The cold doesn't really bother me." Izo simply told him.

"Oh! I thought you wanted to escape from the heat." Kenta replied. "Nah, the freezer is just a nice place to think sometimes. Escape from the world for a bit." Izo went on explaining. "Is that how you got your white hair?" Kenta giggled while asking. "Whatever you say little man." Jack chuckled.

Apparently, Izo is actually, Jack Frost. Jack hardly remembered the night of falling from the sky and crash landing onto a cliff that was nearby Mount Fuji. He can't remembered his previous life. From being a Guardian to anything else, was completely gone since being away from home, for three long years.

Just the boy's dreams kept his mind wandering to find his true identity. In the back of his mind, the repetitive dreams of mythical and magical creatures tried to help him connect back to his memories. But, the dreams hardly last. He sometimes had dreams about an angelic young woman that kept on calling him by his real name. But, Jack doesn't concluded that it's his actual name. He assumed it was someone else.

But, his dreams also shifted into nightmares where he faced an evil man with supernatural powers in which was busy enslaving an army of mythical and magical creatures in his so-called empire. Jack noticed the man was ruling in an island of towering buildings and vast urban streets. Overall, Jack's dreams and nightmares are scattered puzzle pieces where he had a long way to put them together in order to understand the bigger picture.

The two walked through an opened doorway where it led to the front of the store. "Well here they are." Kenta pointed at woman in her mid-forties, reading a box of cereal in Japanese. She wasn't alone. There was a big-boned man, in late forties, wrestling with three young identical boys. The boys was a little older than Kenta.

"You should go help them." Kenta advised Jack. "Why me?" Jack was leaning on his elbows on top of the counter. "Whatcha mean 'Why me'?" Kenta found Jack's question stupid. "Go help them stupid."

"Hey watch your language little man." Jack picked his lazy self p. "Whatever. Izo-san. My English is still in the works." Kenta chuckled happily. He watched Jack walked toward the lost woman, while sitting on top of the counter. Jack turned his head around and stuck his tongue out at him. Kenta done the same.

"Can I help you ma'am?" Jack asked the woman. The woman was stunned. "Oh my! You can speak English?" The woman asked happily in a thick Scottish accent. "Um yes ma'am I can speak both Japanese and English." Jack replied.

"Oh that's wonderful." The woman handed Jack the box of cereal and began digging into her large summer bag. She pulled out a large map of Japan. After a quick minute the woman folded the map to the page which showed nearby roads outside Fujiyoshida. "Can you please tell me, what's the quickest route to the Shinto shrine?"

"Oyy Elinor why do you have to ask directions? We have Google Maps on the i-Paddy." The man said with a thick Scottish accent too. "I wouldn't if a certain someone wasn't playing a whole four hours of this so-called Infinity Blade game." Elinor explained feeling so annoyed.

"Hey don't blame me. The boys was watching Toy Story on the bus. The whole trilogy!" A young girl with outrageous red curly hair popped her head behind the shelf of dried ramen cups and snacks.

"So what's your point, Curly?" The triplets said in unison. The girl went after the boys. The boys sticked out their tongues. "Harris, Hubert, Hamish. don't stick out your tongues. A snake will come and bite them." Elinor said motherly.

Jack felt super awkward by being in the middle of a family dispute. He looked over his shoulder and saw Kenta playing on his 3DS, ignoring his poor friend. The Scottish family was busy arguing, all of them, except the father. He walked up to Jack and asked a couple questions. But, his wife asked him to take the boys outside. The man obeyed his wife's orders.

"Sorry about that." Elinor apologized. Without continuing to ask Jack for directions, Elinor went to browsing down another aisle. The red head girl scowled at her mother.

"Um you still need the directions?" Jack asked the girl. The girl looked at Jack. "Yeah, I guess." Jack told the girl to follow him to the counter. He took out a pencil and paper, and went on writing down the directions.

"I'm Merida, by the way." Merida introduced herself. Jack looked up for a moment. "Izo." Jack extended his hand. Merida politely shook his. "So Izo, were you born here?" Merida asked curiously. Kenta looked at Merida, then looked at Jack. Jack met Kenta's eyes. Merida saw the boys exchanging looks. "Was it something I said?"

"Oh no. It's just I rarely tell others where I was born." Jack explained. "Well to be honest, I hardly can't remember where I was born or even lasted lived before moving here." He confessed.

"Is that why you have white hair? Too old to remember who you are." Merida laughed. Kenta and Jack was quiet. Merida cleared her throat. "You boys can't take a joke?" Kenta and Jack let out a small chuckle. "You two need to loosen up." Merida commented.

"So I bet you're from Scotland, right?" Jack asked Merida. "That's right! Good old Scotland." Merida said proudly. "Hm Scotland. Your name is Merida. And your mother is Elinor. Do you by chance be Princess Merida?" Kenta paused his game and looked at Merida. Merida blushed. "How do you know that?" She asked the kid.

"I've learned about European monarchies in school." Kenta closed his 3DS shut. Jack continued on writing the directions while listening to the two discuss and list the remaining monarchies that are still around. When Kenta and Merida mentioned about a kingdom called Arendelle, the point of Jack's pencil, broke.

"Wait that place is real?" Jack asked them. The two nodded their heads yes. "It's somewhat still a kingdom according to my friends. One of them are related to the royal family who used to leave there. Now it's just a peaceful little town in the south of Norway." Merida went on explaining.

Jack stopped writing for a moment. He stared down at the piece of paper, thinking of the name, Arendelle. "Why does that place sounds familiar?" said Jack. Merida and Kenta saw Jack's lost face. Jack was stuck inside with a flashback.

A blurry dream of Jack sitting down on a table inside a school library. Across the table, was a big-body built teenage boy with blonde hair. He was busy doing his Pre-Cal homework while chatting about his hometown.

"Arendelle is magical place. The mountains are high enough to kiss the sky. There's a massive fjord where my cousins and friends used to go swimming and ice skating on. And the town? Man, the people there are super friendly and nice." The boy laid back on his chair and gazed outside the window, which looked over a busy city street. "Man I miss that place. You should go visit it." He smiled at Jack.

Merida and Kenta's voices echoed inside Jack's mind, trying to wake him up from his quick trip from the past. Jack snapped back to reality. "Why can't I remember that guy's name?" He whispered inside his head. "You alright, laddie?" Merida stared at him. "He might had a flashback." Kenta said it without being so worried. Jack reached inside counter and took out a pen.

"Flashbacks? Does this happen a lot?" Merida asked curiously. "Since I met the guy. Yes." Kenta replied. "Izo, are you able to control these flashbacks?" Merida saw Jack busily writing. "Sometimes. But, they're mostly triggered by something. Like when you just mentioned about Arendelle it took me back to some memory I guess." Jack confessed.

"And you can't remember anything in a memory whenever you have a flashback?" Merida went on asking him. Jack shook his head. "That's not good, lad."

When Merida said the word, lad, Jack's eyes widen. A rapid fast-paced of images was flashing before his eyes. Majority of the images was him and a big elderly man with a long white beard and small blue eyes. They were smiling, joking around, and spending time together. The fast slideshow stopped at a moment where Jack was busy building a music box with the man right by his side.

Merida stared at Jack with great concern. "You know he can't have this condition forever." She talked to Kenta. "Any suggestions?" Kenta was distracted at his game. "Hey Izo." Merida snapped her fingers at Jack. Jack woke up again. "I think you need to go to Arendelle." Merida advised him. Jack looked confused. "Why is that?"

"You need to go find the sources that are causing your flashbacks. Arendelle can be one them. Who knows something out there has the answer to gain back your memories." Merida explained to him. "Look, Izo, you can't leave like this. Having no memories is like having no purpose of leaving in this world. You need memories in order to survive."

Jack took a moment to understand Merida's statement. He looked at the broken point of his pencil.

"No wonder you're a princess. You give great speeches." Kenta commented. Merida smiled. "Thanks." She ruffled Kenta's hair. "So what do you say, Izo?" Merida turned around and found Jack was gone.

On the counter was a finished list of directions to the shrine. With a sidenote saying, thank you. "I guess he took your advice." Kenta told Merida. "I guess so." Merida placed her hands on her hips. Kenta jumped off the counter and sighed. "I guess I gotta go tell my dad to put out the help wanted sign again."

Jack rode his bike down the street, dodging the incoming traffic during a scorching summer day. The bike took a sharp turn to a trail which headed up to the back of mountain. There stood an isolated cottage deep inside a nearby forest. Jack got off his bike and placed it against a hollow tree. Even though, the air was blazing hot and dry, the trees provided some shade to keep the front yard and house cool inside.

The door quietly opened as Jack slipped inside. Then closed the door shut, trying not to let the heat come inside. He politely removed his shoes, slipped on a pair of flip flops and walked down a wooden hallway until he saw a woman in a white kimono. Teal flower designs trailed around her robe. She was quietly sitting outside in a courtyard with a small koi fish pond in the center of the yard. Jack walked over and sat next to her.

"You're home early my son." The woman said motherly. She was happily tossing fish food to the family of koi fishes. The woman had her long silky black hair tied up back into a bun with two chopsticks to be kept in place. She was beautiful, yet filled with many mysteries.

"Good afternoon, mother." Jack said politely. "So how was your day?" He asked her while relaxing on his back. "Very good." She replied. "And you?" The woman saw Jack with a wandering expression on his face. "Is there something in your mind, Izo?" The woman asked him.

"I met someone today. She advised me to go travel to this place that can help me regain my memories." Jack was busy watching the clouds passing by the blue sky. "The kingdom of Arendelle." He explained. The woman nodded her head showing that she's listening.

"When do you plan on going?" The woman asked him. "Hopefully by midnight." Jack replied. The woman's soft angelic pale skinned face was stunning underneath the summer sun. Her skin glistened while being tickled by the sun's rays. But, a bitter smile was formed with her blue lips pressed against each other.

Jack looked at her. "Did I say something wrong?" The woman shook her head no. "No my son, I'm just happy for you. That's all." Jack sat up, looked at her with his arms crossed. "You sure about that mother, you're face doesn't look so happy."

The woman soft chuckled with her sleeve covering her mouth. "No I'm quite sure I am. Now come with me. I need to help you start packing for your long journey." She got up and walked back inside the cottage. Jack followed her. The woman didn't seem to be troubled over the fact that Jack is leaving. Since that cold winter morning, three years ago, sooner or later Jack will try to find his way back home.

The two entered Jack's room. It was simple bedroom with a Japanese futon, a desk, a wall closet and a couple of drawers and dressers. The woman reached inside Jack's closet and removed an old raggedy backpack. It looked like Jack's old one backpack that he once had.

"I'm taking that old one? That won't last me for a week." Jack pointed at the bag. The woman slipped her hand out of her sleeves and snapped her fingers. Soon the bag was floating in the air as white and blue snow particles danced around the bag. After a minute, the bag looked brand-new. "You were saying?" The woman smiled at Jack. Jack chuckled happily.

"Now go pack some clothes. I'm going to get some things from my room." The woman walked out of Jack's room and came back with a small wooden box. She placed it on the bamboo carpet floor while kneeling down. Jack sat down to see what the woman had brought.

"Here, you will need these." The woman handed Jack a necklace with small pendant that was shaped like a katana, a small neatly rolled up scroll, and a worn out leather wallet.

"What are these?" Jack picked up the items. The woman began to explain what each items was for. "The necklace is actually a weapon. Whenever there's great danger it will magically transform into its true form." Jack put on the necklace, he looked at the pendent with great interest. The katana was bright silver with a crystal blue line running down the body of the blade.

"And this scroll. You will need it for something important." The woman mentioned. Jack studied the stroll. He unrolled it and saw ancient Japanese calligraphy written on a silky white paper. "It's a ofuda." She explained.

"What's this for?" Jack tried to read the ancient text, but couldn't make out with some of the symbols. "It's more than a normal ofuda. This one holds a special spell in which you can trap evil." The woman told him. Jack looked at the woman with great confusion. "What evil? I'm so confused right now." The woman placed her hand on his shoulder. "You'll remember why. Very soon." Next, she handed him his old wallet. She sighed, "Now let's give this another try."

"Wait this again. How many times did we try this?" Jack looked at the woman digging something out of the wallet. "I lost count my son. But it's been three years since you've been away from home."

"You really want me to leave?" Jack sounded disappointed. The woman bite her lip. Her tender-loving eyes softens. "No, my dear. But, I can't keep someone here who I knew had another life. It's not my nature. Aren't you worried that someone is out there looking for you?" She stared at Jack. "They maybe want you to come home."

Jack looked at the photos that the woman laid out on the floor. She asked him if he remembered anyone of the people in the photos. Jack studied closely at them. He narrowed his eyes, trying his best to remember. "Nope. It's not working"

"Try again. This time just focus on your center." The woman advise him. "My center?" Jack looked at a photo which had him with three other people. They looked like North, Tooth, Bunny, and Sandy all squashed up together taking a big group photo. Jack had a memory returning to him.

"Jack can you give me hand?" said Bunny who was carrying two fully stuffed boxes of Christmas decorations. "Yeah coming." Jack gave him a hand. He saw Tooth and Sandy putting up the stockings by a fire place. Inside one of the boxes, Jack found a Santa hat and beard. He happily put them on and imitated North. "Ho-Ho! You better watch out. You better not cry. Cause' a jolly fat man is climbing down your chimney tonight."

The three laughed at Jack's impersonation. But, soon stopped when they noticed North standing behind Jack with his arms crossed. Jack turned around and looked shocked to see the jolly old man. He wasn't mad at him, but, smiled happily.

Jack's face sunk in with pain. He felt heartbroken inside that he couldn't remember much about his old friends. Small tears began to formed in the corner of his eyes. He held them back and let out a tired sigh. "I need to leave soon. I can't take another of this." He grabbed the wallet and returned that photo of his family back inside. While doing that, he took the scroll and put them inside his bag. The woman got up and stood behind Jack. Both of their reflections was seen through the mirror that stood on Jack's desk.

"You finally remembered something." The woman placed her hand on Jack's shoulder. Jack looked at his reflection. He was the same height as the woman. Then, he noticed how he changed over the years. He doesn't look like the boy from the photo anymore. His hair grew a bit, but still reminded white. The features of his face changed a bit, a stronger chin and firm cheek bones. He has grown up to be a young man. Half-mortal, actually. Immortals can't age.

But, his eyes doesn't look so electrifying blue anymore. Instead, his eyes has a shade of blue that looked like frost on a winter morning.

"I used to have somewhat a family. not a typical family. More like friends. But, it seems like we loved each other," Jack explained. "Sounds like you're getting there." The woman proudly encouraged him.

It was midnight and the moon was still happily glowing brightly. It's reflection could be seen through the courtyard pond. The air was cool and crisp while Jack sat down at the wooden floor boards that extended out from the cottage to the courtyard. He gazed at the moon and stars.

"Why do I have the feeling that I know you?" Jack talked to the moon. "Do you know me?"

"Izo, who are you talking to?" The woman walked outside from the cottage. "Oh I'm talking to the moon." Jack replied. The woman gazed up at the moon and smiled at it. "You also need this." She handed him another photo. "You didn't picked this up from your room." Jack's eyes widen when he looked at the photo. He didn't reach for it.

"Is something wrong?" The woman asked him. "I can't take that with me." Jack replied. He avoided eye contact from her. "But, why? I thought it could help you out." The woman looked at the photo longingly. It was a simple photo of four good friends squashed up into one frame, smiling and hugging each other. She walked over to Jack's backpack and placed it inside.

"Lately, I've been having nightmares of them. They seemed to be in trouble. But, I have no idea why. I saw two of them wandering lost and one of them is trapped somewhere." Jack confessed with his eyes filled with great confusion and sadness. "I want to help them, so badly, but, I don't know how."

"I think they need you Izo." The woman handed him his bag. "It's time for you to go find your way back home." Jack looked at her while swinging his bag over his shoulder. Crystal-clear tear drops started to form at the corner of the woman's eyes. The woman opened her arms and gave Jack a strong-tendering loving hug. She combed the back of his white hair as the tears on her began to fall. "I miss you already." Jack hugged the woman back. "Me too."

The woman let go and looked at Jack once last time. "Ready?" She asked him. Jack confidently nodded his head yes. With both of her hands out of her kimono, she smiled and began waving her hands together. Suddenly, snowflakes burst forth and danced between her palms. Soon she opened her palms and let the burst of wind blow freely. The wind carried Jack off his feet, guided him out of the courtyard and into the night sky.

"Whoa this is amazing!" Jack laughed with delight. "Good luck on your journey my son." The woman waved goodbye to the young man. "Thank you for everything mother!" Jack smiled down at her. The woman smiled back while holding back the tears. "Now. Take my son to Arendelle!" She ordered the wind. In the midst of seconds, the wind blew across the starry night sky carrying Jack along with them. Soon, Jack was nothing but a dot in the sky flying over the city.

"Goodbye mother!" Jack's voiced echoed throughout the night. The woman let down her hand and gazed at sky. "Goodbye my son," said the woman. "Hope to see you someday."

She looked up at the moon. "He's finally awaken." From the sky, a deep warm-powerful voice could be heard. It was Mani talking to the woman. "Thank you for your help, Yuki-onna." said Mani.

"Anytime old friend." Yuki politely replied back. She continued on gazing up at the stars until the morning sun rise in the horizon.

Landing on foreign soil during dusk wasn't the best idea for Jack. Daylight was slowly disappearing through the forests that hide behind a quiet sleepy town that was settled by a large fjord. Jack could make out that a vast mountain ranges surrounded the town with it snowy peaks kissing the evening sky.

"Arendelle." Jack walked towards the edge of cliff that had a view of the town. It was actually how the boy from his flashback described it to be. Suddenly, a jolt of pain climbed straight to his heart. Jack squeezed his shirt and fell down on one knee. "C'mon pull yourself together." He breathed heavily. When the pain went away, he slowly stood up and began walking down a trail that led him inside the town.

The hike down the mountain took awhile, but, Jack just arrived when the town was still alive. He left Japan around midnight and the wind carried him for who knows how many hours. But, it didn't really bother him that much. He hold on the strap of his backpack and began exploring the town.

The town was lively with towns people going about their evening. The scenery was a mixture of modern and old traditional lifestyle. Cars and small trucks zipping on by brick roads. Small business owners running their shops. Jack walked down a narrow street which had chains of small restaurants and cafés. They were packed with citizens and tourist socializing and dining. He found a cute cafe that overlooked the fjord.

"I guess I can grab something to eat." Jack walked inside. The cafe was softly light and pleasantly cool inside during a summer night. Not that much customers inside. Some just came in and out, grabbing a quick bite and drink to go. Three people were working at the time. A cook at the back and two young adults worked at the front.

Jack walked up the front. He scanned the menus, even though the words were in Norwegian. "Can I help you?" One of the workers asked in Norwegian. "Uh I'll have a can of Coke a couple of meat cakes to go please." Jack replied back in Norwegian. The worker smiled and went to make his order.

"I know Norwegian?" Jack whispered. He watched the two make his order while chatting in Norwegian. "Now what to do around here? I need to find something that can help me get my memories back." Jack looked around and suddenly spotted a small portrait of a couple in royal attire by a wall.

Suddenly Jack had a quick flashback from his past. He was flying over heavy rocky waves. There was a small boat sailing alone at night during a monstrous storm. A couple was working together to ride out the storm. A man on the wheel while a woman made sure the sails were secured.

"Sir here's your order," said the worker. She handed Jack his drink and a small paper bag. Jack paid his order and thanked them for their service. They both welcomed him.

Before walking out Jack asked the two about the couple in the picture frame. "Oh that's the former king and queen of Arendelle." The male worker told him. "Former?" Jack asked. "Yeah they died five years ago." The female worker frowned. "What happened to them?" Jack asked curiously. "Ship wreck." The male worker simply said.

Jack gazed at the portrait. "Hey if you like to learn more about them and the royal family. You should go check out the tour at the castle. You'll definitely learn a lot about our town's monarchy." The female worker suggested.

"And they got an amazing gift shop outside the castle where you can buy snowman plushies." The male worker said jokingly. "Ronald." The female worker punched Ronald in the arm. "What Beth? I'm just saying." Ronald chuckled.

"Thank you. I'll go check out the tour." Jack told them. "You're not from around here, are you?" Beth asked Jack. "I used to leave in Japan for three years." Jack explained.

"I guess you're a traveler then." Ronald added. Jack nodded his head. "I want to travel the world." Ronald confessed. "It's not bad. But, it can get a little bit lonely, if you don't have company" Jack acknowledged him.

"Yeah I hear ya. That's why I feel content over here. My home." Ronald wrapped his arm around Beth's shoulder. "Oh Ronald." Beth gave him a kiss.

"Hey no making love in front of the customer." The cook yelled at them from the kitchen. Ronald and Beth laughed. Jack smiled. "I better get going. Thank you." Jack said to them. Before leaving the cafe, Beth and Ronald welcomed Jack to Arendelle. Jack exited out of the cafe and headed down the street.

"Oyy Ronny, Beth. You know the castle is closed for two weeks." The cook reminded them. The couple bite their lips and exchanged looks.

Jack sat by a stoned wall that looked over a boardwalk that faced the fjord. He just finished eating a simple Norwegian dish that had boneless meat chunks with brown gravy sauce and chopped up potatoes and carrots. Jack went on drinking his soda while admiring the view.

"Jack..." A ghostly female voice echoed by the water. "Where are you?..." The voice sounded hauntingly beautiful, yet, eerie. Jack heard the voice rambling around the area. He scanned for the source of the voice. "Jack…" The voice continued on calling his name. Jack looked behind him and nothing out of the norm except families spending time together. Young teenagers playing games. Old timers chatting about the good old days.

Jack stared into the water. Suddenly, the face of a young woman appeared on the surface. She had an angelic feature with big eyes that matched the color of fjord's waters. A small nose with little freckles scattered across her face. Soft small lips painted in a shade of purple. Her braid woven blonde hair over her shoulder. She stared at Jack.

"Why did you left me?..." The young woman said ghostly. Jack spitted out his drink when he saw the apparition. He blinked twice, but, the ghostly face was still there. "Jack."

"Lady I don't know who this guy Jack is." Jack annoying got up. "Jack." The woman said again. Jack picked up a rock and aimed it straight at the water. "Please..." The woman had a grateful tone, but determined as well. "Come home Jack…" Jack dropped the rock and walked away. "I miss you…" After saying those three words, the woman vanished.

Jack walked down a busy public area which had stands and booths all laid out. It was a little fair, where the citizens played Norwegian folk songs and some danced to the songs. The town was deeply connected to their roots. As for Jack, he was busy ranting about the strange lady in the water.

"Who the hell is Jack?" Without seeing where he was going, he bumped into a young lady with a short brunette pixie hairdo.

"Oh man, my bad." Jack apologized. In front of him, was fair skinned, light freckled girl in her mid-twenties. Her rosy cheeks was paired up with soft pink lips that smiled back Jack. The pair of green eyes exciting stared at him.

"Hi there!" The brunette said happily. "Um. Hi." Jack said awkwardly. "What's your name?" The girl politely asked. Just before Jack opened his mouth, A slender muscular man stood behind the girl. He placed his hand gently on her shoulder. He also had fair skin with a dashing dark brown hair with a goatee and light brown eyes. "Is this guy giving you trouble, honey?" The handsome man meanly glared at Jack.

"No Eugene, sweetie. He was just apologizing for bumping into me." The girl told him. "You sure? Maybe he made you say that. So he won't get his ass whooped." Eugene rolled up his sleeves. The girl prevented him to get any closer to Jack. "C'mon Rapunzel. Let me help you."

Rapunzel scowled at him. "Fine." Eugene backed off. Jack felt completely awkward. "Um. I'd like to apologize for bumping into you. And any other trouble that I've caused." Jack apologized.

"You better. That's no way to treat a princ-" Rapunzel elbowed Eugene in the stomach. "Seriously? What happened to keeping the royalty stuff on the down low today?" She whispered to him. "Oh sorry." Eugene apologized while in pain. "Can we just act like a normal couple tonight?" She asked him.

When Eugene and Rapunzel turned back to Jack, he was completely gone. "Oh look what you did. You scared him off." Rapunzel said disappointingly. Eugene carelessly shrugged his shoulders.

Jack crossed the stone bridge that led to the front gates of the castle. The castle had this holistic and unique design that took you back in time. As Jack stopped at the front gates a sign was placed on the doors. "Closed for two weeks. Interior and exterior renovation." Jack read the sign. "Yeah that's not gonna stop me from finding my memories here." He tried to find a way to get inside.

One of the doors that was by the gates swung open and a castle staff walked outside. He charmingly nodded his head hello as he walked passed Jack while heading to town. Jack looked over his shoulders to see the man was long gone. Then he opened the door and quickly climbed up the spiral steps of the tower.

Then he walked through an opened hallway of the castle which looked over the outer walls. Below was a vast courtyard decorated by stones and bricks. Down the hall, he found another door that he assumed would take him inside.

Jack opened the door and walked inside. There he followed a staircase leading him downstairs to somewhere. Another door was in front of him, he quietly crack it opened and peaked inside. There was no one inside a wide hallway. Jack slipped out of the door and into the hall. He looked behind his back and began walking down the hall. Above him was beautifully candle chandeliers.

At the end of the hall, a group of people was walking by while arguing and chattering. Jack quickly spotted them and swiftly hide behind a small narrow space where no one could see him. He overheard the group talking.

"It's been five years, Alexander, and the queen and princess hasn't return." A short man in an expensive suit with honorable pins and badges decorated his outfit. "Don't you think it's time to let go of this monarchy?" The short man asked.

"No. Marius. We're not ready to let go of the royal family," said Alexander. He was tall and slim elderly man with short gray hair and a long bread. The man looked very determined to keep the monarchy alive. "You're mad, Alexander. I'm the mayor of this town and it's final!" Marius demanded.

"Even though you're mayor, doesn't mean the townspeople are ready to give up on their queen and princess," said a nobleman that stood behind Alexander. "Not you too, Rolf?" Marius asked him in confusion. "We're part of the royal court. It's our duty to keep the monarchy alive, no matter what." Rolf explained.

"Whatever you stubborn fools say. Sooner or later, the town has to let go of the past, and look into the future." Marius acknowledged the group of men who wore their royal court attire. "Good-day gentlemen." Marius turned around and walked off. Jack saw the short man angrily walked down the hall. He looked back at the royal court who were still discussing among each other.

"What are we going to do if they don't come back?" Another nobleman asked. "Think positive. Fredrik. Queen Elsa and Princess Anna will one day return." Alexander said assuredly. Soon the men walked into another hallway and the hall was once again empty.

Jack crept out of his hiding spot and went back to walking. "Elsa?" Jack whispered. "Why does that name sound familiar?" When he took a turn into another hallway, a door opened wide where a two female staffs walked into the hall, chattering about the latest soap opera on TV. Jack quickly picked up his feet and ran down the hall. Up ahead he found a door, he quickly grabbed the knob, turned it, and slipped inside.

He closed the door behind him. While letting out a deep sigh, he spotted a wall of bookshelves placed in each side of a large library room. Jack explored the place. He scanned through the vast books that decorated the place. His index finger traced along the books' binds while he read the titles of the books.

"Lys og Mørk?" Jack pulled out a hard covered book with golden stitched text translated, Light and Dark, in Norwegian. He opened to the first couple of pages and found a short quotation at the center of a page.

"Those who escape from fear, leaves another day." Jack read the quote. "Hm. Interesting." Jack continued on flipping through the places.

The text was completely compressed into small text with no pictures. But, after a couple more pages, Jack stopped at an illustration that looked quite ancient to how the figures was painted, out of proportion. In the image, two group of people, one group looked human, while the other one looked more mythical. They were hold hands while extending their other hands at the sky. High above the sky was a black skull and ghostly claws reaching for the people.

"When two different worlds unite. Love is their only weapon to vanish the darkness." Jack read the small captions underneath the picture. He turned the page and found another illustration. Two figures stood above an island extending their hands over a city. A human and mythical creature was smiling at each other.

"Since the war against darkness, the two worlds leaved in harmony, no force of evil can break their bond. Let differences be pushed aside." Jack continued on reading. Over the island was a barrier of light that protected the city. Jack looked at the image for a moment, then continued on skimming through the book.

Soon Jack stopped at a page that had a piece of it torn off. Jack placed his thumb over the page and flipped through the book to maybe find the other piece of the page. Suddenly a piece of paper fell out of the book. Jack picked it up and aligned it over the torn edges. He tried to understand the image. "Happiness comes with a price. The bond didn't last long for the two worlds. Fear overtook the worlds. Now till this day, the two leaved lives separately." Jack reread the caption. "They are never ever ever getting back together." He chuckled. "But, can they fix the bond?"

"That is a good question," said a voice with a powerful tone. Jack turned around and saw a ghostly couple that stood in front of him. "Damnit. Not again. Seriously is this town haunted?" He studied the couples' appearances and soon realized that they looked like the king and queen from the portrait.

"Holy cow. You two, are the former king and queen." Jack gasped. He took a step back, feeling quite out of place. Jack's frighten face reminded the couple of their daughter.

The king and queen looked at each other with alarmed sadness. "Please don't be afraid, Jack." said the king in a calming way. "Seriously, who is Jack?" Jack questioned them. "He doesn't really remember, Akðar," said the queen sadly. "It's alright, Iðunn, we'll help him remember." The king said confidently. "Do you remember us Jack?" The king asked.

Jack studied closely at the couple. Suddenly, a memory he had before, returned to him. He was still flying over the waters during a stormy night. A small boat was being bullied by monstrous waves. Jack flew down to check the boat. There was only a couple maintaining the floating vessel. The king was manning the wheel, while yelling at his wife to go inside.

"The sails are alright my love, go inside where it's safe!" The king screaming over the howling gale force winds. "I will!" The queen replied. Suddenly, water climbed over the boat's railings and nearly swept the queen off the boat. She grabbed on a railing. The king let go of the wheel and ran after her.

The deck of the boat was showered with cold pouring rain and salty sea water. The king and queen went back inside the boat. Behind them, a towering wave was about to swallow them whole. In seconds, the wave was frozen in ice. The couple was stunned at the sight.

"Is that ice?" The queen asked bewilderingly. "Come on my love." The king led his wife inside the small room inside the boat. They huddled together, holding each others' hands. Little did they knew that Jack was casting ice to prevent the massive waves to crush their boat. The two saw layers of ice covering the sea. But, the force of nature outside, kept breaking the ice.

"There must be a winter spirit protecting us." The king told his wife. "It must be a Guardian." The queen acknowledged. "Maybe so. Hopefully one day, our daughter could control her powers like it," said the king.

Outside the boat, Jack continued on stopping the roaring waves from rocking the boat. He kept it stay afloat. "C'mon, I gotta get this ship back to shore." Jack scanned the seas for land. He went through the walls of the boat and found the couple, shivering over the cold. Deep inside, Jack wanted to talk to them, but, who knew if they don't believed him. "Hey are you guys okay?" Jack asked them. They didn't responded. Sadness falling onto Jack's face.

"We're so stupid to go find that wizard." The queen began crying on her husband's shoulders. "But, it was only for Elsa's sake. We needed to find a way to cure her powers." The king stroked his wife's brown hair, calming her down.

"I just wanted the best for her and Anna." The queen said. "We both do. We wanted the best for our daughters." The king started to cry.

Jack couldn't take in the sadness. He rushed back outside and tried his best to fight the storm. Suddenly, the king spotted a young boy flying over the water, casting ice from his wooden staff. He told his wife to look outside. She was stunned. "That can't be. He's real?"

The rain kept on hitting Jack's face. The hurricane gale force winds caused Jack to narrow down his eyes, making him blind. Without looking his back, a giant wave ate him up and dragged him to into the water.

Soon Jack came back to the reality. He was breathing heavily thinking of how he was almost swallowed by the sea. The king and queen was still there standing in front of him. "You were the couple from the boat." Jack remembered. "I'm so sorry for not saving you two" Sadness took over Jack's face. The couple acknowledged him that he tried his best to save them.

"Was finding that wizard that important to you?" He asked them. The couple looked at each, sadness and regret was shown.

"At first yes. But, during that storm, we soon realized that it was selfish of us to go find him." The king confessed. "We thought we were doing it for our daughter, Elsa. But, we were actually doing it for ourselves."

"But, when we saw you on that night. We had a change of heart." The queen placed her hand on her heart. "All I ever wanted was to see the world to accept our Elsa. I wanted to her to grow up to a beautiful woman. Confident. Strong-hearted. Proud of who she was." The queen smiled while thinking so positive. "I wanted to see her with someone who would just loved her the way she was." Ghostly tears gently fell down the queen's face.

Jack saw the king comforting the queen. At first, he thought the couple were selfish for not accepting Elsa's powers. But, when he heard the queen's speech, Jack had a change of heart. "I hope you understand what my wife and I had gone through." The king asked Jack. Jack took a moment to think. "Then who am I?" He asked them. The couple smiled.

"You're Jack Frost." Both at them said at once. Soon Jack's eyes widen. An extreme burst of memories stormed into Jack's mind. From his journey meeting the king and queen, images of his adventures as Jack Frost, the days he spent with the Guardians, those moments with Anna and Kristoff, laughing and joking around. The unforgettable days and moments he spent with Elsa. His memories took him really back to his past. He remembered his family, his mother and sister. Then lastly, he saw Mani on that night he took him out of the lake.

Jack was gasping for air. He squeezed his shirt, touching his chest. "I'm Jack Frost? Jack Frost!" Jack shouted excitingly. "I was once human. I had a family. And I'm a Guardian. The winter spirit. I had friends." He burst out his happiness. "I had human friends too. I knew your daughters!"

The king and queen both quirked an eyebrow. "You know our daughters?" The king asked.

"Yeah. I was friends with your daughter Anna. And Elsa and I went - " Jack stopped talking. Apparently, he still had the memory of going out with the king's oldest daughter. "Elsa and you?" The king asked with a firmed tone. The queen nudged him in the side. "Oh were friends too." Jack awkwardly chuckled while rubbing the back of his neck.

"Hey can I ask you two something?" Jack grabbed the book he was reading a moment ago. "What made humans and mythical creatures break their bond?" He asked the couple. Jack went on telling them the story, Mr. Gold, the friendly leprechaun, who once told him of how the two worlds used to leave together in peace, but, separated over something. Today, an invisible barrier kept the two worlds safe from evil, but, separated them from each other.

The king and queen exchanged looks. "Kinda reminds me of how you two treated your daughters." Jack explained to them, how their daughter told him about their childhood separation. "Please don't think us as bad parent." The queen begged him. "I never said you guys were." Jack smiled.

The queen looked at her husband. The man smiled down at her. The two smiled back at Jack. "I just feel like the bond between these two worlds should be fixed." Jack told them. "I believe so. Master Frost." The king bow his head at the Guardian. Jack was stunned. "You're a strong-hearted Guardian. You'll think of something." The king stated. "We believe you can do it." The queen added.

"They believed in me?" Jack whispered inside. "I guess our time is done here." The queen told Jack. The king nodded his head in agreement. "It was nice to finally meet you." The queen curtsied in front of him. The king again bowed his head. "Thank you, young Guardian."

"Why are you thanking me?" Jack asked. "You reminded us about how to think about others before our own needs. You told us how our daughters are doing well." The queen told him.

"Wait don't you guys want to see your daughters? I know they're not here. But you two should go visit them." Jack told them. "We will. When the time is right." The king told Jack.

The queen walked up to Jack. She placed her hands on Jack's face. Even though she was a spirit, he still felt her touch. "Please tell our daughters, that we've always loved them. And we wished them the best." The queen kissed Jack on the forehead. The kiss was filled with warmth. It reminded Jack of Elsa.

"Now Jack. It's time for you to go home." The king told him. "They need you." The queen added. Suddenly, a burst of light illuminated the library. Jack shield his eyes from the light. When the light disappeared, the couple was gone.

Jack spotted a table with picture frames of the royal family. He went over to looked at them. Jack spotted images of Anna and Elsa when they were small. They really loved each other. In the middle a simple photo of the king and queen cuddling their two daughters. It was a priceless moment. Then Jack noticed the two portraits that hung over the walls.

One was a painting of the king during his coronation day. Next to his, was Elsa's coronation day painting. Jack read the golden label on the painting. "Queen Elsa of Arendelle." He gazed up at the portrait of her when she was only sixteen. "You got some explaining to do, your majesty." Jack chuckled.

Jack spent the rest of his night at a tavern that looked over fjord. His mind was heavily buzzing with endless thoughts. Even though, he's old enough, the bottle of whiskey wasn't calming down his nerves. From being away from home for three years, he's curious of what might had changed, back home. But, the meeting with the king and queen was still fresh inside his mind.

"Elsa thought she was a monster. But, her parents just wanted the best for her." Jack looked at his shot glass. "Why can't I just undo things?"

Then the thought about the legend from the book came to mind. "If fear caused them to separate. There's something that can bring them back." Jack looked back at the story Anna told him three years ago. She told him that her sisterhood with Elsa was the answer to bring them back together. "That's it!" Jack slammed his drinking cup onto the counter. The bartender scowled at him. "Sorry." Jack apologized.

The bartender placed an ice cold glass of beer onto the counter. A waiter was going to pick it u[. Jack noticed the ice cubes swimming around the glass. He pointed his index finger and tried to melt the ice. After a minute he couldn't. "Great after three years, and I'm pretty rusty." He sighed.

"We only wanted her to be accepted." The voice of the king and queen echoed inside Jack's mind. Suddenly a shock of pain sting his heart. No heart attack. Just a strong pinched. Jack clenched his teeth. "Was does this keeps on happening?" He asked himself.

Jack took a deep breathe. "What's gonna happen if I go back home after all these years?" He said while pouring himself another glass of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. An imported Canadian whiskey. Back in the corner of the tavern, an old man was singing a song while playing on his guitar. Jack looked over his shoulder and heard the man sing.

"Tell me where the good men go

Before I wash away

Walk me down the old brick road

So I can die where I met you

Hold me like we're going home

Turn your tears to rain

Bury me beautiful

Heaven knows how I loved you…"

The man's song caused Jack to think about his family and friends. "Do they still love?" Jack took a quick sip from his glass. He started to think undoubtedly. "No they don't need me." He remembered the troubles he put his family and friends through.

The owner of the tavern turned on the television. It was showing the international news channel, where they were reporting about a strange snow storm in New York City. Everyone hushed up at the tavern and watched. Jack saw the TV's reflection through the mirrors. A female reporter came on and reported lived from the city.

"That's right Greg. I'm here in midtown Manhattan. And it's definitely strange how its snowing in late July." The reporter tried to asked questions from the random citizens that were walking by. She spotted a young woman around Jack's age and asked her. "Ma'am what do you think about this sudden change of the weather?"

The young woman was Angie. She just left work and was using her apron as a scarf to protect her face from the bitter cold. Angie took the microphone away from the reporter and stared into the camera. "I think Mother Nature is on her period. That's what's up. Ain't nobody got time for this. Screw this storm!" She handed back the mic. "Now excuse. I don't wanna be a dumbass who's out here." Angie glared at the female reporter before leaving the scene.

Jack smirked and laughed at Angie's outburst. The female reporter looked awkward through the camera. Everyone was whispering among themselves.

"We know a certain someone who can cast a storm like that." A drunk man acknowledged his friends around a table. The friends agreed with their beer glasses held up high.

"Do you think the queen is alright?" A female bartender asked her boss. "Hope so. Hope the princess and her are safe." The owner of tavern took a deep breathe. "Hope so."

"Kinda looks like their in trouble." Another bartender told the owner. "Look at that." The bartender pointed at the TV screen where a strange black light beaming towards the sky. "Now, we didn't see that five years ago."

Jack turned around and saw the beaming light. "Pitch." He took another sip. This time he finished the remaining volume of whiskey from the bottle. The old man continued on singing.

"Father hear your Son

Do the good die young

Did I raise you up, raise you up

Make you Proud

Let the sun go out

Tear the bridges down

I'm on my way, on my way

I'm going home


The owner screamed at the old man to stop singing. Suddenly, the front door swung open and slammed shut. Everyone was silent. Jack ran back up the mountain trail that looked over the town. He took a deep breath. "It's time for me to fix my mistakes."

Jack concentrated. He waved his hands together. Frost and ice suddenly, burst forth and dance freely between his palms, forming a snowball. He threw the ball high into the air. Snow bursts out and flurries around the forest ground. But, Jack slashed his hand through the air and all the snow vanished. "It's coming back." He grinned happily.

A burst of wind nearly blew Jack off the cliff. Jack maintained his balance. He was happy to feel his old friend, the wind. "Okay wind. Take me home!" Jack shouted at sky. The wind strong blew Jack off the cliff and carried him back into the night sky.

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