Oh my God, does anyone remember me? ! ANYONE? ! :'D It's been so long since I posted anything! Real life's a real drag on fic time, am I right? But I'm back now! And have a new fucked up fic for you boys and girls.

Warnings for mpreg, unsexy sexy times, being GROSS, being completely un-PC, and other offensive shit. You know, my usual stuff.

This is the first half. It got too long and I didn't want to post a super massive fic all at once. (Edit, second chapter now posted, obviously.)

America's POV.

Edit: There's a pic for this fic! Check it out! (take out the spaces) (also it makes more sense once you read the story lol) :

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You know how it goes. You need to stop by Wal*mart just to pick up some Goldfish crackers, a pair of Crocs, and a Colt LE6920 Carbine Semi-Auto Rifle. You know, normal stuff. You figure you'd be in there like ten, maybe fifteen minutes tops if there's a long line. Next thing you know you're getting your ass pounded in the one of the display tents in the Sports and Outdoors section.

That's what happened to me. I told England to keep it in his pants until we got home, but NOOOOO! Like the name of the biggest size of Coldstone ice cream, he's just GOTTA HAVE IT! Wal*mart is the place for rolling back prices. ROLL BACK PRICES ROLLIN'! But England seems to think it's the place for rolling down pants instead.

"Oh God, yessss …" he moaned above me. He had me pinned to the floor and was giving it to me good from behind. "Christ … you're so fucking tight … nnm …"

I was on my knees and elbows. That was the best way to see my iPhone during this. "Uh huh," I said. I was texting. Texting while dicking. (Less dangerous than texting while driving.)

"And you … wanted …" England was panting in between his words. "… to wait … until we were home …"

"Shh," I said. "I'm gonna accidentally type what you're saying." Oh my gosh, you ever do that? Someone's talking to you while you're typing or writing and then you put what they say? So annoying!

"Mmm …" said England, still pounding my ass. "Then tell whoever you're texting that you're getting the fuck of your life … that your arse is just eating up my cock … that you can't get enough … your body wracked with pleasure … your own cock dribbling onto the floor from—"

England went on and on, but I tuned him out so I could continue texting.

'LOL who do u think has the smallest penus i bet it's china am i right? ?' I texted.

'No, I think it's probably North Korea. All this nuclear missile business is clearly compensating for something,' was the reply.

'LOL buuuuurn dude! So true omg im gonna tell him that next time i see him. but all the weapons in the world dont make up for it! By the way i just bought a semi automatic rifle at walmart today :) '

'Don't you think you have enough weapons already?'

'u can never have enough. 2nd amendment bitch! By the way who do u think has the biggest penus?'

'I don't know. Who?'

'LOLOLOL why r u asking me! Like iv fucked all the countries lol plz'

'I don't know your personal business. You've shared some stories about you and England though that I would have been perfectly happy not knowing about.'

'hahaha oh yeah him. he always wants to fuck me it gets so annoying. Its like damn give it a rest am i right! sometimes he does me so many times in 1 night i can barely poop the next day! It hurts my butt. God getting all that seemen out the next morning is the worst to! i hate that I told him to were a condom but he says no cuz it doesnt feel as good. Hes even rough for oral but thats what ice cream is for! Sooths a sore throat thats why England brings ice cream with him a lot for that reason. Doesnt work good for lube though i learned that the hard way i got so cold i lost my boner and also it hurt like hell when he put it in.'

'That was too much information, America. I'm actually disturbed now. I'm going to go now.'

'ok bye obama! Say hi to michelle for me!'

Why do people only text me for short amounts of time? ! Was it something I said? I don't get it :/

I glanced back over my shoulder to see if England was close to being done. As rough as he was being, I couldn't imagine him taking very long. He was all sweaty and grunting under his breath as he fucked me with quick thrusts. He had to be quiet. After all, we were in a tent inside Wal*mart! What if people found out?

"You almost finished?" I asked.

"Getting there," he panted.

"All right. I'm gonna check my email."

I was reading Amazon's recommendations for me when I felt it. Silly Amazon! You think you know what I like just because I've ordered a couple things from you? Just because I bought that Boyfriend Arms pillow doesn't mean I also want to order a Forever Comfy. They look like dog beds! I can find one of them at PetSmart for cheaper. Anyway it was when I was reading that email from Amazon that I felt England jerk inside me. I glanced back and from the look on his face he was obviously cumming.

When he was done, he pulled out of me, and sat back, panting.

"Took you long enough," I said, looking back to my iPhone.

"Don't you want me to finish you off?" he asked. "Turn around. I'll give you a good wank."


"No?" He looked all confused. "You want to walk out of this tent and back into Wal*mart with an erection?"

Silly England. We're still in Wal*mart. In a tent in Wal*mart. Still in Wal*mart though. This counts as public sex! Once we had public sex at a Publix bathroom so then it was public Publix sex. Say that three times fast!

"Uh … ya know …" I glanced down. I wasn't that hard. Just a little but that would go away pretty quickly. "I don't really have a boner so … yeah, I don't really care."

He looked a little hurt. OH WAAAH! "Oh … I thought you were enjoying it, too, I—"

"Come on." I stood up, still texting. Not easy to do. "Let's go home and finish this."

Then he looked a little happier. "Oh— all right."

"If I keep texting and emailing here I'm gonna use up all my data plan. If I go home I got free Wifi."

"Oh." He frowned again :(

I guess he thought I meant continue sex at home. NOPE. If we kept having sex, how will I win Doodlejump on my phone? That game is very sensitive to movement. And England ramming me in the ass is enough movement to fuck it up.


So some time went by and I was getting very worried. England had gone back to England. But that's not why I was worried. I mean I can always just text him. That's almost as good as IRL face to face talking. Or at least FaceTime is. I mean, it's got 'face' right in the name, duh.

No, I was worried because I was pretty sure I got knocked up. But it wasn't all fun and games with Judd Apatow and Seth Rogan like in that movie with the same name. No, I was really scared! What would people think? They will judge me and the verdict in the court case of everyone v. me would be that I am a whore :(

I first suspected I was preggars from the Wal*mart sex when I started throwing up every morning. And afternoon. And evening. I threw up a lot. You know when you throw up and you smell the puke and the smell is so gross it makes you throw up again? That's what happened to me.

The timing with the first sex I'd had in a couple months (don't make fun of my dry spell!) made sense, so I decided to do an internets search to see if I had any other symptoms of pregnancy. By the way, if you go to Yahoo (yeah, I still use Yahoo, what of it) and type in 'early symptoms of pregnancy' the VERY FIRST THING that comes up is from a website called americanpregancy dot org. AMERICAN PREGNANCY! American—well that's me! It's like they KNEW! How did they know I was pregnant? That freaked me out. Also true story. Try it if you don't believe me.

I read the list and a lot of them applied to me! D: And I don't just mean the vague ones like headaches and backaches and fatigue. Also the ones about tender, swollen breasts and darkened areolas! YEAH MY NIPS GOT ALL DARK! WTF? ! Who knew that was a symptoms of being pregnant? ! I also had a solid A cup going on. Maybe A+. Couldn't play with them though because they were all tender and sore.

I had to know for sho though. Was I really prego? (Pregnant not the spaghetti sauce.) I had to get tested. And I didn't think regular pee-on-a-stick pregnancy type tests from CVS would work on me. After all, I'm a dude. We're not even supposed to get pregnant. But I'm a country so things work a little differently for us. Like God, we work in mysterious ways.

Luckily, I knew how to tell if there was a bun in the oven without an embarrassing trip to Walgreens. All you need is a rabbit. LET ME EXPLAIN. England told me about this when I was young! You take a rabbit, and you pee on it, and if it dies, you're pregnant. No, wait. That's not right. I'm trying to remember … it was like two hundred years ago, cut me some slack, all right? What did he say … oh yeah! You kill the rabbit, cut it open, pee on its ovaries, and if they change, you are pregnant.

So I went on down to the local pet shop and bought a rabbit.

It was so cute! With its soft fur and long ears and pink button nose and its little mouth like :3 It liked to nibble on stuff. I petted it and let it sit in my lap and gave it a piece of lettuce. It nibbled the lettuce.

"Aww, you're so adorable!" I said to the rabbit. "I'm gonna call you Munchie, hehe. What a shame I'm gonna have to kill you and piss on your organs."

So I went and got my shotgun. I would have liked to use my new Colt LE6920 Carbine Semi-Auto Rifle I got from Wal*mart but I'm pretty sure if I used that there wouldn't be any ovaries or rabbit at all left when I was done! Kinda makes me wonder why it is sold in the Sports and Outdoors section at Wal*mart. I mean, it's not like people are hunting with a semi-automatic rifle, right? Well, maybe Ted Nugent. He's kind of a dick but I like that song. CAT SCATCH FEVAAAAAA!

(Cat Scratch Fever is a real disease that affects over 22,000 people every year in the US alone and can cause serious complications, so I dunno why he chose to make a song about it.)

Well, anyway, I took the safety off my shotgun and cocked it (LOL I said cock.) I pointed the rifle between Munchie's eyes at point blank range. Munchie was still like MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH on the lettuce. I gripped the trigger. Sorry, Munchie …

But then my hand started to tremble. I slowly lowered the gun. Then dropped it to the floor.

"Ohhh, I can't kill you, Munchie!" I exclaimed. I hugged Munchie. "You are too cute! And you don't deserve to die just because England wanted to put his penis inside me in a display tent at Wal*mart."

So I went back to the pet shop and this time, I got an UGLY rabbit. So that when I pointed my gun between its eyes, I would have no problem!

… or so I thought. Until I my hand started shaking again as I held the gun to its head.

"DAMN IT!" I yelled, throwing the gun across the room. "I CAN'T DO IT!"

How did Elmer Fudd do this shit? ! I've been through wars and other wars and even recent wars I started just for the hell of it. It's not like I'm a stranger to violence, all right? I saw all the Saw movies. Yet I don't have the balls to shoot a rabbit? ! What was wrong with me? !

Why couldn't I kill these rabbits? Even the ugly one? It was like something in me just wouldn't allow it. But I couldn't explain what. Ugh, I hate when I have problems I can't Google! (or Yahoo.)

But then I didn't have to because I suddenly remembered. An incident that happened to me years ago that I'd forgotten. I'll tell you the story so get some popcorn or something. My favorite is Orville Redenbacher. First in flight! :D

It was many years ago, before I was independent from England. I grew up really fast and one day when England came to visit he was like :O because I grew up while he was gone. Well that :O didn't last very long. Pretty soon it was more like :d (That was supposed to be a face licking its lips. Not sure how well I pulled that off. :P just looks too playful.)

So yeah, I'd hit puberty, and England was all into that. He saw me differently then. I had the body of like a fifteen year old. He liked my fresh, nubile body. I was like a ripened peach to him. And he wanted my juicy fruit (not Juicy Fruit the gum.) And one day, after I'd milked the cows, gathered eggs from the hens, and checked on the spider web above the pig pen, England got his wish. He laid me down in the hay in the barn and had his way with me. I lost my virginity to the CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK of chickens around us, and it was magical.

Okay, not really. Because when I kept puking all the time after that, England was very worried he'd gotten me pregnant. And while back then it was okay to have sex with underage people (people got married at like 14 back then) it was NOT okay to have a baby out of wedlock. People sure judged you for that! England flipped his shit and said he needed to do a pregnancy test right away. That's when he told me about the rabbit test.

I had a pet rabbit as a kid. Like even when I was a little kid. I carried her with me. She was my friend when all this happened to me. Until England got a hold of her. England took her from me, killed her, gutted her, and made me pee on her. I cried the whole time.

Holy shit. How did I forget something like THAT? I bet I REPRESSED it. I was so traumatized that my brain must have hid that memory for me. Freud taught us about that. But then again, he also taught us that all kids love oral and anal and are in love with their opposite sex parents so who really knows.

I got so pissed at England when I remembered that. He killed my childhood pet! And yeah Marmalade was pretty old and was gonna die soon anyway, but STILL! That doesn't mean she deserved to die like that. I buried her in my backyard and even though my body had blossomed into a beautiful young w—I mean man, I cried like a little baby.

That night (modern times, I'm done with my story now) I sat on my couch with my two new pet rabbits and watched a movie. I saw Space Jam in a whole new light that night :'D

(Because it has rabbits in it.)


So some more time went by. But not once did I talk to England. He tried but I refused to answer his calls or texts or emails or letter or AIM messages. LOL, yeah he thought I still used AIM and signed up just so he could try to talk to me! But even though that is AOL's messenger and AOL stands for America Online, I was not online. Not for him, anyway. I didn't want to talk to that RABBIT MURDERER.

One day I was just chilling at my house trying to figure out if I like the regular nacho cheese Doritos Locos Tacos better or the new Cool Ranch ones, when he tried calling me YET AGAIN.

He'd been doing it so much even though he knew I wasn't going to answer. Especially not with Cool Ranch dust on my fingers. I like how it is Christmas colored :)

My phone had been like BZZZZZZ BZZZZZZZ all day like it was Bee Movie in my house. That was a good movie. I like Jerry Seinfeld. But I don't like England blowing up my phone.

I took a gander at the latest text message he sent when I didn't answer, and spewed taco bits all over the place out of my mouth.

'I'm coming to see you. My flight landed about twenty minutes ago and I'm on my way,' said his text.

GRRR! Time for some ANGRY texting. Angry texting is when you type your message while mashing the buttons really hard and making a mad face! By the way, don't ever try angry sexting. It doesn't work for some reason.

'no way dude i dont want 2 talk to u! so get back on the plain and go home u ducking doosh bag' I texted back. I didn't type 'ducking' … stupid autocorrect made me look dumb!

England texted back, 'I don't know why you're so angry with me. You've ignored me for months. Whatever I've done to offend you, don't you think it's been enough time to forgive me for it?'

'its been way longer then a few months but whatevs i'm still mad'

Try like over 200 years!

'Is it because I can't sexually satisfy you? I'll try harder. Whatever it takes. We can try new things. I'm up for anything.'

'yeah I bet u r arent u'

'I can't tell if you meant that to sound annoyed or if you were being playful because you liked that idea. Hopefully it's the latter ;) '

'wut do I need a ladder for? And dont use a winky face to me who do u think u r! I dont want to see u so DONT COME!'

Then I very angrily held the home button and the top button down on my iPhone! That's how you turn it off, for those of you who are not cool enough to have an iPhone like me. That'll learn England.

But he showed up at my house anyway! He kept knocking on the door but I didn't answer. Hehe, I was smart. Before he came I locked all the doors, drew all the curtains, and turned the lights off. Now he'll think I'm not home! Even though I usually DO leave a light on when I leave so burglars think someone's here. I also leave the TV on for Whaley because he thinks that the people talking on the TV are real people and it keeps him company. BUT ENGLAND DOESN'T KNOW ALL THAT SO IT'S OKEY.

"Come on, America!" yelled England from outside the door. "Open up!"

"No, I'm not home!" I yelled back. WAIT SHIT—

"I know you are," he said. "Let me inside. I just want to talk."

"I don't wanna talk to you. Even though I'm doing it right now through the door OH MY GOD GET OUT OF MY BRAIN WHAT IS THIS SORCERY—"

"Listen," said England. "I understand why you're upset. I would be too if my partner couldn't satisfy me. It must be very trying to simply lie there and not enjoy yourself, knowing full well that I am. It must seem very selfish. Like I'm using you for my own pleasure. But I assure you that's not what I intended—I didn't realize you weren't enjoying it. I promise, from now on I will make sure you have just as pleasurable an experience as me. If not more so. What are you into, America? What turns you on? I'll try whatever you want."

"SHIT ENGLAND!" I yelled back very angrily.

England took a moment to reply. And when he did, he sounded disturbed."… I-I see. Well, it's not my thing, but I did say I would try whatever you wanted. If that's what it takes, I suppose I can—"

"You dummy. I didn't mean like 'I'm into shit, England,' I meant like 'SHIT ENGLAND WTF IS WRONG WITH YOUR DIRTY ASS?' …. duh!"

"Oh thank God …"

"Everything is always about sex with you, isn't it? We go to Wal*mart, you bang me in the display tent. We go to Build a Bear, you bang me in the stuffing machine. We go to a funeral, you bang me under a table. I don't think Princess Di's ghost appreciated you doing that very much. Like that movie with that big ass white dog dragon thing Falkor, it never ends, England!"

"Ah, I think I understand now," said England. "You think we have sex too much, and it's too much of a good thing. It's become routine and stale, and thus boring. But don't worry, we can still spice it up—"

"WOW!" I exclaimed. "You are REALLY not listening to me. I'll say it plainly for you so pull the penises out of your ears: I AM NEVER GOING TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU EVER AGAIN."

Awkward silence.

"In fact," I continued, "I'm never going to have sex with anyone ever again."

"Come now," said England. "You can't possibly mean that."

"Oh, trust me. I do."

England sighed. "What's going on, America? This isn't like you. Something's obviously on your mind. Talk to me."

"NO," I pouted.

"Then you leave me no choice," he said. "I didn't want to do this, but I don't see any other way. If you're right behind the door, I suggest you move."

"WHAT THE! Don't you break down my door!" I yelled at him. "If you do you better believe your ass is going to Lowe's to buy me a new one! Their slogan is let's build something together but you gotta do it on your own—WHAT THE!" As I was talking, the door opened and England pushed his way through. He had to squeeze but yeah he got in. "HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT? !" I interobanged.

"I unlocked it," he said, holding up a key. Oh yeah. I gave him one a long time ago, back when we were buttbuddies. "I really didn't want to do that. Letting oneself in is rude and improper. But you didn't give me a ch—dear God." Something shut England's ass up real quick. "No wonder you didn't want me coming inside! What is going on in here? !"

I didn't know what England was talking about.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I said. I pulled at my shirt and took a few steps backward.

"This!" England motioned everywhere. "There are rabbits everywhere! God, there must be dozens of them! Everywhere I look!"

"Oh. That." I waved him off. "They're just my pets. Don't pet them. They're not used to other people and if you scare them they're gonna piss everywhere."

England was trying to walk through the room, but he kept stopping and stumbling because there were so many rabbits in the way. Um, did I invite him into the other room? No, I did not! England just presumed he was allowed! You know what they say about when you PRESUME! You make an ASS out of U and ME. Wait, crap, that's 'assume.' Oh well, same diff.

"How did you end up with so many? !" asked England.

"Um, well when a boy rabbit and a girl rabbit love each other very much …" I started sarcastically. But then I stopped myself. "Actually, you know what? They don't even have to love each other."

England looked confused. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"LIKE WHAT? Anyway, they had babies. And then their babies had babies. And then their babies had babies. And now I got a whole lot of inbred rabbits."

England gave up trying to walk into the next room. There were too many rabbits and too many rabbit poops in the way. Rabbit poops look like Milk Duds. They don't taste like them though. "I knew something was going on," said England. "And not just this. Look at yourself."

I quickly crossed my arms. I didn't want England looking at me. "What about me?"

"You've let yourself go. You're wearing baggy sweats, you have bags under your eyes, you've gained half a stone, something is around your mouth, Lord knows what …"

I wiped my mouth and licked my fingers. Ah. Cool Ranch dust.

"You look like you haven't had a bath or a good night's sleep in a long time," said England. "You just look so … weary. You can't keep living like this. Let me help you. How about you come stay with me for a while? I don't thinking living in this house in this state in good for you. You know … full of feces."

"HEY NOW! Stop dissing on New York."

"I meant state as in condition. So what do you say?"

"I SAY NO WAY! I like living with all my rabbits. I can tell them apart and know them individually and they all have names. The one pooping on your shoes is named Nutella. Good boy, Nutella."

England quickly stepped away from Nutella and the Milk Duds he was leaving on his shoes. "I feel like something else is going on …" he said all dramatically. "This isn't really about the rabbits, is it? Something is off about you."

"Well, it's not my clothes, so you're probably not interested, you pervert." OH BURRRRRN! I love it when I can actually think of a good comeback at the right time. Normally I can't think of anything and I'm just like 'Oh yeah, well, YOUR MOM!' and then later in the shower or something I think of the perfect thing and am like DAMN IT! That would have been awesome.

England looked at me with a very serious face. "I mean it, America. Something is going on. You need help. Please … I'm begging you. Talk to me."

"Uhh … no."

"Whatever it is, I'll help you. I know you think our relationship is too physical, but I really do care about you. A lot." He was staring me in the eyes DRAMATICALLY. "America … I love you."

I stared back. He waited anxiously for my response.

"Oh yeah, well," I started. "YOUR MOM!"

Then I kicked him out of the house.


Sun goes up, sun goes down. Every day. Never a miscommunication. That's how Bill ORLY knows God exists.

When it went down that day, England didn't leave. Even though I'd kicked him out. He stayed in my yard. Every now and then he'd knock on the door or bang on my window or yell at me, but I ignored him. It really sucked. I had to turn my TV up really loud while I watched The Big Bang Theory. It was hard to hear Leonard bitching about Sheldon's annoying aspie idiosyncrasies while England yelled about his concerns and gay feelings for me from outside. UGH!

"They use too many big words on this show, but boy is Penny hot," I said as I petted Munchie on my lap. "So is Raj."

"I'm going to sleep now!" I heard England yell suddenly. "I'm sleeping in your garden! If you change your mind, come and wake me."

I don't have any vegetables in my yard. England just calls yards 'gardens' because he's weird. Same reason he calls an elevator a 'loo.'

I couldn't believe he was really gonna sleep in my yard. There are a lot of possums where I live. But aside from that, it's pretty desperate, am I right?

"GOOD NIGHT!" I yelled back to him. "SLEEP TIGHT! DON'T LET THE BED BUGS BITE!" Ya see, that's funny because here in New York we really do have a bed bug problem. Don't stay in a hotel here unless you are prepared to wake up as one itchy bitch. Bloomberg should really get on that, but nooooo. He's more concerned about how many ounces of soda we drink in one cup! But joke's on him because that law failed. IN YO FACE BLOOMY!

Now, I know what you're thinking. 'America, stop acting so bitchy and let England come inside. And let him bang you so I can read about hot yaoi sex.' NO. Stop rubbing your clitoris because that ain't gonna happen. Nevar again. Because last time that happened, I got pregnant.

Yep, fo reals. I was over eight months along. BUT SHHH DON'T TELL ENGLAND! It's a secret. No one knows. Not England, not any other countries, not any of my citizens, not even Obama. He'd probably rag on me anyway. Like 'With ObamaCare, birth control is free. I give that stuff out like candy. Why didn't you use it?' SIGH! I should have. Or done the Republican way of birth control, and put an aspirin between my legs. That way I wouldn't be stuck with this eight month old fetus inside me.

In case you're wondering, being pregnant SUCKS. I threw up more than Lindsey Lohan when she was a bulimic. Haha, just kidding. She's still a bulimic. Anyway, I was tired all the time, my back hurt, and my boobs hurt a lot too. Oh yeah, did I mention I got boobs? And not just that A cup I had going on earlier. Oh no, they were a solid B cup. And I still had those dark nips.

But that wasn't even the worst of it! I had terrible mood swings. One minute I'd be happy as a clam, the next I was angry as a clam growing a pearl. Did you know pearls are bad for clams? They make pearls when a grain of sand gets inside them and irritates them so they make a protective barrier around them so it doesn't hurt them as much. The protective barrier is the pearl. *THE MOAR YOU KNOW*

It was the hormones. And it had other effects too. If you know what I mean. Like … sexually. I think that's why they call them hormones. Like WHOREMOANS. Because you moan like a whore, duh. It's no secret that the crazy amount of hormones when pregnant make a woman (or pregnant dude) super horny. It's not my fault, it's like science. Look it up if you don't believe me, bitch. I'm tired of you not believing me all the time. If you actually Google this shit, you must not trust me. God, how can you be so heartless!

Oh, God, I'm SO SORRY, boys and girls! I didn't mean to yell at you. I love you, baby. I confide in you. It's these crazy hormones! You see what I mean? Like a steering wheel in a pirate's pants, they are DRIVING ME NUTS!

Anyway, yeah, I'd been horny as fuck lately. And since I was mad at England, I wasn't gonna bang him anymore. And since I didn't want anyone to know I was pregnant, I didn't bang anyone else. What if they saw my tummy? I got away with it (BARELY) with England by wearing that baggy sweart shirt. He just thought I'd gained a few pounds, that dummy. But if I took my shirt off, it'd be very obvi.

So what did I do? I fapped a lot. And I do mean A LOT. In all kinds of ways. To my imagination, to DVD porn, to internets porn, to sexy dreams I woke up in the middle of. Sometimes I used my hand and jerked off, sometimes I humped stuff, sometimes I shoved stuff up my ass. Just depended on my mood.

I was so glad when England finally went to sleep in my yard. Because I was feeling particularly frisky that night, but I didn't wanna jack off while he was still yelling from outside. That'd be weird. What if he looked inside the window? He didn't deserve the show. Because y'all know I'm still hot and sexy even with a big ass baby bump. I CAN STILL WORK IT.

That night I was extra horny. I didn't know why. BUT IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ENGLAND VISITING, THAT'S FOR SURE! Get that out of your filthy minds, boys and girls. Oh who am I kidding. JUST GIRLS. Anyway, I just wasn't in the mood to jerk it. I definitely wanted some anal play. You know when you just gotta have something up there, ya know? Again, nothing to do with England's visit. It just feels good, OKAY? ! The prostate and all. Yeah.

But when I went to get my dildo, there was a problem!

"TRIX!" I scolded. Trix was one of my rabbits. She was named after the Trix cereal rabbit, DUH. And unlike how Trix is for kids, what my Trix had was definitely NOT for kids. It was my dildo in her mouth. "You chewed up my dildo! DAMN IT!"

She chewed it up really bad. It was too messed up to use anymore. With all those jagged notches, it would not feel good all scraping up my rectum. Plus she fucked up the battery part so it wouldn't vibrate anymore. I liked the vibrations. That's my favorite part!

See, this is why you should always have a back-up dildo! But alas. I did not. I started freaking out. I was horny as hell from the hormones, and I knew the only thing that would satisfy me was a good dicking. WHAT DO?

I took a deep breath and thought hard. There had to be something around the house that could go up my butt. TO THE KITCHEN!

I raided my fridge. Oh, if only those stereotypes about craving eating pickles and ice cream were true! A pickle would have worked great. It didn't vibrate but it was good and penis shaped. Thicker than England too, hehe. But unfortunately the only food cravings I've had were for tacos with Doritos for shells and Taco Bell had me covered on that one.

I looked around my fridge. A mayonnaise jar? Ouch. My ass couldn't handle that. I'd be stretched like the Grand Canyon and you don't come back from that. I'd probably poop myself uncontrollably all the time after that. Plus what if it broke while inside me? ! I didn't want to reenact '1 Guy 1 Jar.' You guys ever Google that shit? Quit lying.

I looked around some more. A Coke bottle, no … a can of Pringles, no … a frozen Jimmy Dean Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick, no. AUGH! Can't these companies make something just the right size and shape to go up someone's ASS? ! I mean, is that really so hard? ! They're all either too big or too small or have something that will scratch me like a cap on the bottle and it's not like you can put a Band-Aid up your ass. You just have to hold some toilet paper or paper towels down there until the bleeding stops. N-not that I know from personal experience or anything.

I looked around the rest of my house. The remote control, a shampoo bottle, the handle on one of my pots or pans, a Ped-Egg, the Pocket Hose … noooo! None of these would work. You seen the new Pocket Hose by the way? It's by the same brilliant people who brought us GEMS such as the Snuggie and the Chop Slap and the ShamWOW. The Pocket Hose is a garden hose that's small enough to fit in your pocket, then expands automatically to a giant full sized hose! Just like my PENIS. God, I was so horny then! It was expanding automatically to a giant full sized hose the more I thought about putting something up my butt.

I couldn't take it anymore! Dildo or no dildo, I needed to masturbate, RIGHT NOW. I decided to just use my fingers like a poor person.

So I got on my bed, got out my bottle of lube, and pushed off all the rabbits onto the floor. I can't get off if they're like nuzzling me and shit while I'm diddling myself, ugh. So anyway, I took off my pants and squirted some lube on my fingers and went to town. Rectum Town. Population: two fingers. A third resident may also move in. Depends on my mood.

I was on my knees and elbows. Well, one elbow. My other arm was reaching back and under myself, fingering my asshole real good. I closed my eyes and moaned. Lost myself in the moment. I'd been doing this a lot, thanks to this stupid baby of England's, so I knew exactly where my prostate was. Only took a few seconds and I'd already found it. My cock, which was half hard before I even got my pants off, responded VERY EAGERLY to this. It didn't take much fingering before it was fully ERECT and HARD and TURDID … TURRID … TURGID? Something like that. Whatevs. You want sexy, fappable literature go rent a book from a library, you nerd.

It felt good up in my ass, but kinda awkward otherwise. I had to reach around my big pregnant belly. WORST KIND OF REACH AROUND EVAR. You weren't picturing me with a big preggo tummy while getting sexy with myself, were ya? It's okey. Please don't. I didn't want to admit it but I'm secretly self-conscious about it and feel less sexy like this :(

Anyway, I was moaning and bucking back into my fingers but it WASN'T ENOUGH. I needed moar. My dildo had spoiled me. It was the perfect size and shape and it VIBRATED! You know how GOOD it feels to have something vibrate against your prostate? Just holding it there buzzing away, as the pleasure shoots up your spine, and you melt into a puddle of sexy goo. It brings me to orgasm in literally SECONDS.

Now I gotta do it all old school way with just my fingers. LAME. Why don't I just get a pager and a VCR and some Beanie Babies and other shit we don't need anymore while I'm at? At least a pager vibrated. Actually, that would probably feel pretty nice …

Thinking about that and UGH I couldn't take it anymore. I groaned as I wormed another finger inside me. Like HHHHGGGGHHH! But then it was right back to thrusting them in and out of me. Like it was my dildo. Like it was a real dick. Like it was E—



That was my phone. It made a BZZZZZT noise as it vibrated on my nightstand beside the bed. Who was texting me at this hour? I knew it wasn't Obama because he told me he wasn't gonna text me anymore because he said I sent him too many selfies :(

I pulled my fingers out of my ass so I could lean over and see who it was. TAKE A GUESS. You knew it would be England.

'I can't sleep. I'm thinking about you,' was what his text said.

Good! I was glad he couldn't sleep. I hope he's cold and miserable outside, and that the possums come and curl up with him with all their little babies all falling out of the hole in the front of them and it's super creepy. You know possums are marsupials, right? They got pouches like kangaroos and wallabies (that's what Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life was.) (But they never showed his pouch for some reason.) (I guess because that's not appropriate for childrens.) (Or because he's a dude.)


'How about you? Can you sleep?' England texted.

GRRR! England had ruined my concentration! There I was, minding my own business, pleasuring myself with my fingers, and then ALL OF A SUDDEN England's gonna text me and distract me! Now all I could think about was HIM. How would I get off then?


'I miss you. I wish you'd let me back inside.' (That was also another text of England's.)

Oh, I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you, England? You'd find me sans pants, bent over on my hands and knees, asshole slick and stretched and begging for a cock, even your rabbit murdering cock.


'Please … I want to come inside,' England texted.

I knew he meant come inside my house, but all I could think about was him coming inside ME. And my RECTUM. (After some sex.) And then it dribbles out of my hole and down my thigh but I don't care because I finally got the hot dicking I needed so bad — WAIT NO! What was I thinking? ! This was ENGLAND! He's not allowed to put his penis inside me anymore. Even if it would feel really good because I really don't like using my fingers, something about being distracted by being able to feel inside myself with my fingers like how there's two sensations at once, it's just not as good as—ASJWEJPFOJPOZ; SHUT UP BRAIN


'I love you,' texted England.

Okay. That was it. I couldn't take anymore. Those texts, one after another, drove me to it. England sure was persistent! I gave in. Please don't judge me for what I did next. Anyone else in my position (hands and knees on the bed) would have done the same thing if they were as horny as me! It's this dang pregnancy that made me do it. Yeah. I'm gonna blame that. The hormones were why I grabbed my iPhone and shoved it up my ass.

I mean, it seemed like a perfectly logically thing to do at the time! Like you've never thought of it. PLEASE. None of us are saints here, okay? We've all looked at our phone while it was vibrating and thought that'd feel real nice in the right spot. AM I RIGHT? … no? Well, screw you guys. I told you I like vibrations. And every time England texted me, my phone vibrated. HOW COULD I RESIST?

I had the iPhone 5 (stop being jealous with your Samsung POS) so it was longer than the iPhone 4. And slimmer, but there's TWO widths on a phone, and that second one really counts! That's called physics. Ask Sheldon. Anyway, it stretched my asshole pretty good but I got up there pretty easy since I'd already lubed up and fingered myself and all.

Then England texted me again.


I could tell because I felt it. OH HOW I FELT IT! The vibrations inside me were AMAZING! Not as good as my dildo but still pretty good! It was right on my prostate too, mmmm yeah. I flopped on the bed on my side with a derpy grin on my face and just let England do all the work.

He kept texting me over and over. And each time he did, I shuddered in pleasure. Wait, is it 'shuddered' or 'shuttered'? One of them means like what a camera does and the other means like what I do when something vibrates in my ass. Anyway, this went on for a while. England texting, my phone vibrating, me squirming and moaning, like I was being fingered by Steve Jobs' holy ghost. Hey new guy who took over after Jobs died, I got a message for ya: VIBRATOR APP. Set it to just vibrate as long as you want. Then you turn it off with a voice command just in case your fingers are wet and dirty, hehe. GET ON THIS, NERDS. I'll buy it.

Anyway, after text after text and text buzzing in my ass, I'd finally reached my limit. Not my data plan text limit, my orgasm threshold limit. One last text and I jizzed all over myself and the bed.


That was me cumming. The inguinal canal is the passage which the testes descend into the scrotum and contains the spermatic cord. *THE MOAR YOU KNOW* So that totally made sense there and wasn't suspicious at all so don't think on it. Think about something else. Like how now there was some cum that shot and stuck to the bottom of my big baby bump. I didn't mean to do that but, but come on! I was eight months along. Baby bump cumshots are unavoidable sometimes.

I heaved a big sigh of sexual release and just kinda laid there. Soaking in my gasm. And drying fluids.


When the phone vibrated again, it was just annoying. I was spent. So I reached down to get that thing out of there. But when I stuck my fingers inside to grab it, I couldn't feel it. I reached deeper but I couldn't grasp it. It was pretty deep in there. Too deep to grab.


IT WAS STUCK. I kept trying to get it out with my fingers but I only pushed it deeper! I started to freak out, you guys!


I panicked. I didn't pay $399.99 plus $81 a month for my AT&T data plan just to lose that thing in my juicy cavern. Plus, I just can't NOT have my iPhone. I'm lost without it! It has all my contacts (I haven't memorized someone's phone number since like 2006!) and my schedule with my important dates like when the next Games of Thrones comes out and it tells me the weather so I know how much clothes to wear and it has my GPS so I know where the nearest Chili's is and I always need to ask Siri stuff like what was that show from a long time ago with the puppets and the girl wizard and the dragon that always hits stuff with his tail and the blind bat that always ran into stuff? (Eureeka's Castle. Thanks, Siri.) SEE? I can't live without my phone! It's like glued to my hip. Except now I guess it's like inside my hip :/

WHAT IF I MISS AN IMPORTANT TEXT? ! Also it's probably like bad for my health to have something stuck in there I guess.

I was freaking out, man. I started crying and sobbing. Like gross, Chris Crocker type sobbing. How would I watch the new funny viral K-mart commercial on youtube now? I was in a panic, but not a panic at the disco. This was panic at my rectum. I threw on some clothes and opened the door.

"ENGLAND!" I yelled out the door. "Quit spooning with the possums and help meeeee!"

England jammed for the door so fast! He pushed past me and was inside before I could barely finish my sentence.

"I'm so glad you let me inside," said England, rubbing his arms. "It's quite nippy out there."

"STOP TALKING ABOUT NIPS!" I yelled. I closed the door behind him. "Jesus, it's always about sex with you. I can't help that they're dark. But I got a bigger problem!" (The iPhone 5 ain't small. Nearly five inches! Five inches isn't small. T-trust me. It's how you use it, okay? Shut up you size queen.)

"Eh? What's … what's going on?" asked England. He looked very confused. Because he was staring at my tummy.

SHIT. I forgot to wear a sweatshirt to cover it up! Instead I threw on my velour jumpsuit and some house slippers, and a dookie brown leather jacket. Mackelmore knows what's up.

Well, I guess my secret is out.

"England," I said very dramatically. "I'm pregnant."


"With a baby," I said.


"It's yours," I finished.


England looked at me INTENSELY and then back to my tummy and then back to my face again. "You're … you're serious?"


Now that that's out of the way, we can get to a more pressing matter. The matter pressing up against the sides of my rectum.

"So a funny little thing happened a few minutes ago—"

"This is amazing," interrupted England which was rude. "I can't believe it. You're really pregnant. This … this is wonderful!" Whoa, England was smiling. England hardly ever smiles. At least not like that. He was friggin' beamin'. A rare :D face from him. "We can be a family!"

"Whoa, whoa," I said, taking a step back. "Calm yo tits, England. I got something else to tell you—"

"Oh, I'm so excited," said England … excitedly. "I've always loved children. When are you due? You look huge—it mustn't be long. Oh, we have so much to do before the baby comes! Why didn't you tell me sooner? Is this why you've been acting so strange? Oh! What shall we name him or her? I have a few ideas …"

Jesus. What, was England a twenty years old girl? Who knew some baby could make him gush like every female friend evar of a girl who gets knocked up, at least to her face because you know secretly they're thinking 'Ugh I'd hate to see you as a mom' or 'Oh that was an accident and now you're acting like it was on purpose' or 'You ain't even married you whore' because they're catty bitches. What the hell was I talking about? Oh yeah. England was getting way too excited about this …

"Oh, America …" England wiped away a tear because he was like :'D "I'm … I'm so happy."

"Ugh, don't be a pussy—"

But he was because he hugged me. Wrapped his arms around me as I stood there awkwardly. My belly rubbed against his and it was weird.

"This is the best thing that could have happened to us," said England, still hugging me. "Just think. Inside you right now is a tiny, little bundle of joy just waiting to come out and be held in our hands."

"England … you don't know the half of it." :/




"Search ... 'objects in rectum," I said to my new Google Glasses. Wait, it is Google Glasses or Glass? Oh well. Imma call it Google Glasses. Because they are glasses. For those of you wondering, no they're not out yet, so yes you can be jealous I got mine early.


I needed to revise my Google search. (Okay, Yahoo search. Yes, I used Google Glasses to go to yahoo . com and search something.) Because what came up was all kinds of crazy kinky porn of different stuff in people's butts. But I wasn't looking for fapping material. No, I was trying to figure out how to get something OUT of my butt.

"Damn it, new search. 'How to REMOVE object from rect—holy shit is that a whole baseball up someone's cornhole? !" There was a link to a video! Damn! Can you imagine watching porn with Google Glasses? ! All the images, videos, etc. are right IN YO FACE. It'll be like you're RIGHT THERE! In the porn! Plus you know they'll make porn just for it. POV porn, where like they film it wearing the glasses so when you watch the video it's like you're really there. It's totally gonna revolutionize the way people jack off in the future.

"Hmm … let me … just click on that right quick—"

SLAM! went the front door.


I quickly took off the glasses and hid them under a throw pillow.

"I'm home!" said England, walking into the room with a big bag. He wasn't really home. He was at MY home. Even though I didn't invite him. But he thinks that just because his limey ass knocked me up that my house is suddenly a Hotel Motel Holiday Inn (by Pitbull.)

"Swiggity swag, what's in the bag?" I asked him.

"Things for the baby," he said.

"Oh. So not Taco Bell then."

England flopped on the couch beside me. I scooted away from him. "You know," he began, "I find it disturbing that you haven't bought a single thing for the baby yet. Not one nappy, not one blanket, not even a crib! Where were you expecting the baby to sleep? We need to get rid of these damn rabbits and clear a room for-"


"… um, what the hell was that?" asked England, glancing around. "Where's that coming from?"

Shit. It was my iPhone, ringing in my ass. It sounded muffled but I kept my ringer up pretty loud so you could definitely make out Taylor Swift's shrill wailing of a song about feeling twenty two. Whatever the hell twenty two feels like. Kinda a very narrow topic to write about. Not everyone is gonna relate. Esoteric even. Yeah, I know that word. Learned it from Family Guy.

"Th-that's my phone," I said. "It's in my pocket. I, uh … better take this in the other room. Could be about important government secrets or some crap."

"You know, we are allies, America."

"Yeah, well, I don't trust anyone and spy on my allies so BRB." No use hiding it now that that WEASEL Snowden blabbed to the whole word. That pasty ass NERD.

I went into the kitchen. But it wasn't to answer my phone or fry up some tater tots. No, I needed to find something. I pushed past all the rabbits and went through my drawers. Ah, there they are. My tongs. (Not to be confused with thongs.) I don't use them for much besides getting hot dogs out of the pot after I boil them. And now I will never be able to use them for that again once I use them for what I was about to do :(

(Use them to get my iPhone out of my ass.)

So I went to my bedroom, laid down some towels on the bed, and got out the lube. Thank GOD I had lube. My phone couldn't get in my ass without it, and it wasn't coming out without it either.

Now while I was originally going to tell England, that was just a moment of panic. After I slept on it, I realized how FRIGGIN' EMBARRASSING what I did was and decided to keep it from him. Plus I didn't wanna hear him bitch about it, ya know?

"TONYYYYY!" I yelled.

Tony opened the door and made a question mark sound at me.

"Yo, Tony," I said. "I need you to do me a solid. Don't tell England but I accidentally shoved my iPhone 5 up my ass and now I can't get it out. I'm gonna try and use tongs but it's gonna be hard with like the angle for me to do it myself, especially with this big pregnant belly. Can you help a bro out?"

Tony started cussing up a storm, saying fuck this and fuck that and that I was racist for assuming ALL aliens liked anal probes and such. Only some do and I shouldn't prejudge and that's politically incorrect or whatever the hell he said.

"Fine, screw you too," I said.

Tony left the room and I had to do this all on my own. So I took off my pants and underwear and got the lube and laid down on the towels. This felt like I was about to fap but trust me. There was nothing sexy about this. I was actually kinda scared, you guys. Just how many calls and texts was I missing? D:

I lubed up the tongs good and slick. Then slowly slid them in, with them all the way closed. I took a deep breath when I felt them hit the iPhone. I was so close! I was touching them with the tongs. If only I could text with them too! So close and yet so far. It was a tragedy. I had to get that thing out of me.

I opened the tongs. They didn't open very much. I tried to move them around so that I could grab the phone. I kept moving and trying different angles but I just couldn't get it. It was like playing one of those claw grab machines at an arcade. You never win those things! And like those little toy aliens who lived in one of those machines in Toy Story, I was going "OOOOOOHHH!" Except instead of saying it in awe like them - I was saying it in pain and frustration. Jamming things up your butt when you're not sexually excited just kinda hurts. Weird how being horny makes such a difference! Science, you are ever constant elusion.


That wasn't the beginning of a knock knock joke, but someone a rapping upon my chamber door. My chamber of secrets.

"Is everything all right in there?" asked England on the other side. "It sounded like you were groaning."

The door handle jiggled but luckily it was locked. "Uh, yeah," I said quickly. "It was a contraction so go away."

"Do you want me to take you to A&E?"

"I love Duck Dynasty and Storage Wars as much as the next person, but now is not the time, England."

"No, no," he said. "A&E is the emergency room. What if the baby is coming early?"

"Then we should have dinner early. Go get me some Doritos Tacos Locos from Taco Bell. Both the Cool Ranch kind AND the cheese kind."

"But what if the baby—"


I heard England huff. "Fine. I'll be back soon."

When England was gone, I tried using the tongs again. But try as I may, I just couldn't get the phone outta there. Eventually, I gave up and threw the tongs in the trash. SIIIIIGH. Looks like I won't be eating boiled hot dogs any time soon. Oh well. At least I could have boiled peanuts. Ooh I should have them now and then take a pic with my phone and upload it to Instagram because people need to know what I eat and—oh yeah. Never mind :(

To be continued!