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He had seen her at the battle, fighting beside her friends, getting thrown against the wall and managing to roll to safety. He ran to her as fast as he could, leaving behind his brothers. He got to her, taking down a death eater along the way.

"Ange," he panted, rolling her onto her back. She started to cough. George could hear an explosion behind him, some hundred yards away. He ignored it, explosions were occurring everywhere. Angelina's eyes widened.

"Fred..." she murmured, her face strangling into a form of terror.

"No stupid, it's George." He almost smiled, pulling her to sit up.

"No... Fred!" She pointed and started screaming as the cloud of dust cleared from the explosion. He saw Percy throw aside the rubble of the explosion and pulling a limp form from the mess. Harry and Ron skidded up, gripping the body too. It was only when they moved away from the body, Percy dashing off screaming something uncomprehending, that George saw his twin, his mirrored brother, the second half of his soul lying tight into a niche in the wall where his brothers and Harry has left him.

George was paralysed, except for his heart. He could almost feel it crumble in his chest and explode in horror. He couldn't move his legs, he couldn't stand, for if he stood, he would have to walk and if he walked over to the body of his twin, it would all become real.

"Fred- Fred- Oh fuck-" He heard Angelina whisper as though she was a thousand yards away. It was only when Angelina struggled to her feet and pulled George with her that he fell back into the present.

"Come on, we have to go." Angelina grasped his hand, ready to run back out.

"To Fred..." George whispered, his eyes glassing over.

"No, George, to fight." She left him then as his feet did not follow her when she tried to pull him out. Left their dark corner moments later, composing himself. He found Lee Jordon struggling against a death eater...

The rest of that night was a blur. He remembered crying by Fred's body, he remembered Harry, lifeless in Hagrid's arms until he tumbled down and the fight ensued. He remembered Voldemort's, as still as his brothers. He remembered waiting for the sense of relief when Voldemort died. He remembered the small spark of contentment in his stomach until he turned his head to the but found an empty space. The spark died. His natural instinct to turn to Fred had burdened him. The rest of the night was a blur. He didn't eat or and only slept when his body gave up on him, but only to be woken up when his dreams were invaded by images of his brothers body.

Waking with a jerk, he got up and moved from the soda in the Gryffindor Common-room where he sat beside Lee Jordon. He exited the Gryffindor Tower and and made his way down to the great hall where they bodies were still laid out, awaiting the carriages that would take them to their homes or desired locations.

The door of the Great Hall was open half a foot, so he slipped in quite easily. There were a few people fathered around fallen family members and friends. He saw Angelina crouching over Fred's body, holding his hand, tears running down her face.

"Ange..." George sat cross-legged beside her and looked down at Fred.

"What happened to your head?" She asked curiously. It was only then he realised that they hadn't seen each other in over a year.

"Mishap with Severus Snape last summer."

"Snape? Wha-" Angelina stopped talking and sighed. He wouldn't tell her. He didn't tell her anything last time they were talking, even when she brought up order related issues. She knelt up onto her knees, trying to stand up. "I'll leave you here with him alone."

"Please don't." He muttered.

"He looks peaceful."

"Percy said he died laughing. I shouldn't be alive if he'd d-" George's voice choked and Angelina took his hand.

"Don't you dare say that, George." Angelina squeezed him tighter, pressing her forehead to his shoulder.

"We were born together..." George choked,

"And you have to live on for him."

George didn't reply. Angelina stayed with him and held him as his body shook and his eyes streamed out tears until he couldn't cry anymore. Her hand was pressed to his chest, as if she was trying to conceal the hole, no, the cavern, that was forming through his heart.

Rosalie Maeko