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A Broken Heart and a Soft Kiss

The wind blew her raven hair off of her shoulders. She knew that he was in the clearing below with her. Why had she wandered off? It seemed to only lead her to the one thing she had been trying to avoid. Kagome's heart thundered loudly in her ears. It's roar reminded her of her strong will to live while simultaneously surprising her that she couldn't hear the sound of it breaking. A twig snapped behind her, and she whipped around. The tears were flowing down her face silently, and she hadn't had the time to wipe them off.

"Oh, it's just you Sango," Kagome breathed. The anxiety and tension in her chest eased slightly at sight of her best friend. Sango's face looked worried, and she knew why she was here.

"I-I was worried about you, Kagome. You shouldn't go wandering off. Who knows what you'll run into." Sango reached out and gently squeezed Kagome's elbow. Kagome smiled back.

"I'm sorry to have worried you. I was just- well, you know." Kagome finished sheepishly. She didn't like to admit to her weakness, even to her best friend.

"Kagome, I- I- I don't understand it. I'm sorry, I just don't understand why you put up with this. How can you let yourself be hurt this way, and just accept it?" Sango snapped. She paced back and forth as she talked, almost shouting in indignation.

"Sango…" Kagome paused. She was just wondering the same thing herself. How could she answer, when she didn't have an answer? She looked up at Sango who continued to pace. It began to make her anxious. Why couldn't she just stand still? Didn't she realize how infuriating it was to have feelings for someone who couldn't return them? She walked up to Sango, grabbed her arms to stop her from pacing. Before she even knew what was happening, she felt the pressure of Sango's lips on her own. Kagome stood still. She didn't know how she felt. Did she want this? What was going on?

Sango took a step back, tears springing to her eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Kagome. I just- I just-" Kagome cut her off, shocking the both of them. She firmly pressed herself against Sango. Kissing her back, gently, passionately. Her hands wounds through Sango's deep brown locks. Her kisses found their way to her best friend's neck. She stopped questioning herself, and just let go. A deep chuckle emerged from Sango mouth. Kagome stepped back, confused once more.

"Sango, what?" Before she had even said what, the answer to her question became apparent. Sango's face was replaced by a deep purple face with four bright, gleaming green eyes. Kagome's scream got lost in her throat. A rushing sound and deep thunk echoed around her. Sango's hiraikotsu had lopped off the demon's head. Sango walked toward her. She didn't know what to say. Had Sango seen her? How had she known that she was in trouble? What would she say?

Sango cleared her throat, looking down at the demon.

"I've heard of these type of demons before. They often spirit away heartbroken lovers. I've heard the smell of the tears from the lovers attracts them." Sango looked up at Kagome, reaching a finger out and wiped a tear off Kagome's cheek.

"Sango, I-" Kagome stuttered.

"Shhh. Kagome." Sango wrapped her arms around Kagome, as she burst into sobs. Kagome looked up at Sango. Sango met her gaze, and her lips softly found Kagome's.