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Chapter one

(First pic.) art/How-do-you-get-into-these-situations-378485837.

"I'm fine!" A young, white, earth pony, with messy black hair, said limping. His bright blue eyes locked on the older unicorn in front of him.

"Clearly" Was the elder's only reply. The sky blue unicorn walked on at a slow pace, not once taking his vivid red eyes off the limping colt. He watched as the boy stumbled again.

They had recently escaped the forest, in which they had to fight off a pack of strange wooden wolves. The colt was lucky that the elder had found him or the wounds could have been far worse than just an injured leg. Unfortunately, after being catapulted through a dimensional wormhole, which ended up changing both his and the others form, this just wasn't his day.

The stallion in front sighed shaking his head slowly, when unexpectedly he thought of something. An evil smile creped it's self upon the elder's face when his horn began to glow. Suddenly he wrapped the colt in magic and swept him off the ground.

"H…hey! Clockwork!" the colt whined.

"Honestly Daniel, your stubbornness is only going to make it worse" The stallion said, while setting the boy down on top of his long slightly torn purple cloak. He watched in amusement as the boy huffed and reluctantly lay across Clockwork's back.

The two continued on in this manner, down a path they found, before spotting what looked like a small village in the distance. Daniel or Danny as he preferred, looked up at the other confused.

"Hey Clockwork...where are we?

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