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The Straw Hats vs. Jacob's Crew

Colleen and Kaisetsu managed to return to the village and they gathered all of the villagers to meet at the center.

"Listen, the people who cause the curse that transformed you are planning an attack on the village." Kaisetsu said to them.

"They're what?!" Ackmor and Arrow shouted.

"So they're finally going to show their hand, huh?" Kinuko said

"They're going down to fight us?" One of the villagers questioned.

"Yeah but I've got plan." Colleen said. "We'll capture them and lock them up until they tell us how to change you back." The villagers talked among themselves about going along with the pirate's plan.

"The only thing is I'm pretty sure those three are powerful." Kaisetsu said. "They're going to be hard to catch."

"You're right." Colleen said. Then Colleen's face lit up. "I just had a brilliant idea." She said as she clapped her hands together.

"Nothing good can come of this." Ackmor said.

"What are all you doing out here?" Moka asked as he walked toward the pirates.

"Chief!" The villagers said.

"We don't have much time, sir." Kaisetsu said. "The enemy is going to attack any second now."

"Enemy?" Moka repeated.

"The ones responsible of the curse that transformed your people, they've been hiding in an old temple in the jungle."


"Is he still going on about that moon?" Arrow asked with a sweatdrop.

"Well you see, it wasn't the moon that did this to you exactly." Kaisetsu explained to Moka. "But now we know who did."

"YOU LIE!" Moka shouted. "DO WHAT I ASK OF YOU!" Two of the villagers grabbed both of Moka's arms and tried restrain him.

"Chief, please you have to calm down." One of them said.

"Come on, let's go." The other said.

"Get your hands off of me!" Moka shouted as the two villagers carried him. "Don't listen to her! She doesn't know what she's talking about!" The straw hats all looked on with a sweatdrop.

"Listen, I'm asking you to trust us on this." Kaisetsu said.

"Yeah, we're greatest pirate crew and the best chance you've got. So why don't you leave it to me. You don't to worry about it. It'll be a piece a cake." Colleen said.

"Someone is to get cocky." Arrow said to himself.

A few minutes later, everyone was gathered at the gate to the village and watched Colleen set up a trap for the enemy.

"It's done!" Colleen shouted. "My plan is going to work perfectly."

"I'm not so sure." Kinuko said.

"What do you mean?" Colleen asked.

"Uh, Colleen." Arrow called.

"Yeah, what is it?" Colleen replied.

"I hate to break to it to you, but I think you plan might be…stupid."

"Wow, thanks a lot for the encouragement."

"I just don't think anybody is going to fall for your trap because it's the oldest trick in the book."

"Now don't be silly." Colleen said with confidence. "A pit fall trap will get them every time."

"But you can tell what it is by looking at it." Ackmor refuted.

"It doesn't matter because there's only one way to get in the village. So the enemy is gonna have to over it if they want in."

"Well I still don't think there's any way they're fall for it."

"Me neither." Kaisetsu added.

"I agree with them." Kinuko said.

"Wha? You guys have no faith in the plan." Colleen said.

"Even if that trap were to work, I highly doubt it'll keep the enemy there for long." Kaisetsu said.

"Kaisetsu's right, Colleen." Ackmor said.

Colleen glared at the doubtful group and said, "Go ahead and doubt me, you'll see."

"Miss Colleen!" a villager shouted from the top of the gate. "Someone is heading this way!"

"It's gotta be them." Colleen looked at the villager. "Open the gate!" The gate slowly opened up to let the newcomer in. Colleen and the Straw Hats got ready in the newcomer was the enemy.

The newcomer was a boy with raven hair wearing a black t-shirt with a black jacket overtip, black pants, and black combat boots, "I'm looking for Nefertari Kinuko, the princess of Alabasta." The boy said.

Kinuko's eyes widened when she saw the boy, "You're Jotaro Ozowa, from Tall Plains Island. What are you doing here?"

"Doing the only thing that is right for my people." the boy named Jotaro said, "I was told that if I kill you, I get a cure for the plague that's killing everyone on my island."

"Jotaro, you don't have to do this." Kinuko said.

"I'm sorry, it's either you or my people." Jotaro then took out a shotgun and started walking towards the group but then he stopped and looked at Colleen's trap.

"What's with the grass?" Jotaro stepped on the trap. "AHHHHH!" Jotaro shouted as he fell down the hole Colleen made. The villagers, Kinuko, and the Straw Hats looked happened with widen eyes.

"He actually fell for it." Ackmor said with a sweatdrop.

"Yeah sorry we ever doubted you, Colleen." Arrow said with a sweatdrop.

"It's ruined." Colleen said with tears in her eyes.

The Straw Hats wasted no time in tieing Jotaro up at a pole. Kinuko wanted to talk to the boy alone.

"Jotaro, who sent you to kill me?" Kinuko asked.

"Some guy named Mr. November, but he said he spoke to me on behalf of the leader of some organization. They promised me a cure for the plague that's infected my island. I didn't know what to do." Jotaro said, "I guess, I should say sorry. It was a difficult choice for me."

"It's okay, Jotaro. A lot of people are trying to kill me, but maybe there's a way to help your people. Just stay here until my friends are done with what they're doing." Kinuko said.

"So how come Jacob's lackies haven't made it here yet?" Colleen asked.

"You know, that's a good question." Kaisetsu said. "We've left for the village a long while ago. I wonder what's taking them so long. I'm more worried about, Sakuya. She still hasn't come back yet." Kaisetsu said.

"I got it!" Colleen shouted, "Alright guys hurry and cover up that hole!"

"They're not going to fall for that!" Ackmor shouted.

One of the villagers looked at the sky and spotted something unusual. "Over there." He pointing at what he found, causing the Straw Hats to look at the sky.

"It's a giant fling rat!" Another villager shouted.

"And it's carrying a bucket!" A third villager shouted.

"What?!" Colleen shouted frustrated. "Now my pitfall is totally pointless!"

On the rat's back were Mr. October, Ms. August, and Mr. July looking on the village below them. "I didn't realize the Double Poison Jelly took so long to prepare." Ms. August said.

"We timed it perfectly." Mr. October said. "But that pirate was to make it back to the village."

"We cannot rest until the demon Korozas for the sharp emperor. Anyone who dares to stand in our way must die." It was at that moment that a drop of the substance that was in the bucket fell down towards the village

"What the hell is that?" Arrow asked, looking at the drop.

"Jelly?" Ackmor said confused the drop is getting closer to him.

"Watch out!" Colleen said as she moved Ackmor out of the way of the substance before it could hit him. As the drop hit the ground, the ground melted. Ackmor's eyes widen if fear when she saw that.

"That smell, I knew that thing was deadly." Colleen shouted covering her nose.

"That big flying rat has a whole bucket of it!" A villager shouted in a panic.

"No!" Another village shouted in a panic. "They'll drop it right on us!"

"Hideous." Mr. October said, looking down at the villagers. "Who would've thought that the Moon Drip could turn people into these beasts?"

"They look like the demon children of Korozas." Ms. August said, looking at the villagers. "Angelica, would you do the honors?" The giant rat named Angelica squealed and dumped the acidic jelly over the village below.

"How we protect ourselves from acid jelly!" Kinuko shouted in fear.

"I need everybody to the center of the village!" Colleen shouted getting into a stance.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Straw hats directed the villagers to head towards the center.

"I'm not going." Moka said, holding on his son's grave. "I won't leave Bo-Bo's grave."

"But chief, that jelly is going to get ya!" One of the villagers shouted, heading of the center of the village.

Meanwhile, Colleen was focusing most of her energy, "Flame Burst!" Colleen shot a large fireball at the jelly, dispersing it.

"She dispersed it." Mr. October said shocked.

"That girl must have eaten a Devil Fruit!" Ms. August shouted surprised. The acid jelly rain down on every part of the village but the center missing the Straw Hats and the villagers entirely.

"Oh no, Chief!" The villager that warned Moka to move shouted as everyone looked to shock and fear of the Chief's life. The smoke of the acid started to clear and it revealed a figure. The figure was Kaisetsu and she was holding Moka, who was unharmed.

"Kaisetsu!" Kinuko shouted happily. Kaisetsu released the village's chief but started feeling a little woozy.

"Are you okay?" Kinuko asked.

"I-I'm fine. Just a little dizzy." Kaisetsu said.

"The village has been completely dissolved." Ackmor said looking around.

"Whoa." Colleen said.

"Is anybody hurt?" Arrow asked.

The smoke continued to clear and it showed the gravestone Moka was holding to, untouched by the acid.

"Bo-Bo's grave is still standing." Moka said. Then his eyes widen when three figures knocked down the gravestone and walked towards the villagers.

"The sharp emperor ordered us to eradicate the village and its people." One of the figures said, revealing to Ms. August, Mr. October, and Mr. July. "We tried to show mercy by making your deaths quick and painless. Since that didn't work, we have to resort to bloodshed."

"50 villagers, 5 pirates, this shouldn't take more than 15 minutes." Mr. October said.

"I'm ready to kick your asses!" Colleen shouted.

"How dare they?" Moka said in anger. "Such disrespect." He tried to charge at them but some of the villagers tried to hold him back.

"Calm down, Chief!" one of them said.

"Yeah, you don't want to be caught in the middle of a fight!" Another one said. "Get him to safety!" The villagers nodded and dragged the chief away.

Colleen looks at Ackmor and Arrow. "You guys can take care of these three, right." Kaisetsu and Arrow nodded yes. "Good. I'm going to find Sakuya and that Jacob guy and kick his ass!"

"We're not leaving until every person in this village is dead." Ms. August said. "Angelica." The rat squealed as it jumped in the air and its tail started to spin. Ms. August jumped on the rat as it started to fly.

"WE'RE NOT GOING TO LET GET AWAY WITH THIS!" Ackmor yelled. Then he realized that he grabbed on to the rat's foot. "Oh no, I got excited and grabbed on!"

"Yep, he's stupid." Arrow said.

"More like insane!" Colleen shouted.

"Leave the villagers alone!" Ackmor shouted, hitting the rat's foot. "They did nothing to deserve this!"

"What does he think he's doing?" Ms. August asked herself, confused about Ackmor's action.

"Are you ticklish?" Ackmor asked, tickling Angelica's foot.

"Try all you want, it's not going to work." Then Angelica started to laugh, causing her tail to stop spinning. "Angelica…" Ms. August said to her pet rat. "You fight it, keep spinning your tail." Then the rat started to fall to the ground. "We're going down!"

"I did it!" Ackmor said, proud for himself. Then he noticed the rat was falling. "WHY DID I DO THAT?!" And the rat crashed in the forest. Colleen and the three Straw Hats looked with a sweatdrop.

"Oh great, he's going to be ticked." Mr. October said.

"I don't have any ticks!" Mr. July shouted at Mr. October.

"I wasn't talking about you." Mr. October replied.

"Do you think he made it?" Colleen asked. "That big rat probably crushed him."

"If that's so, he's a goner." Arrow said.

"Alright, I'm going to find Jacob guy." Colleen said, cracking her knuckles.

"We'll stay here and deal with them." Kaisetsu said drawing her sword out as Colleen ran into the forest.

Kaisetsu jumped down and hit Mr. July with hilt of his sword, knocking him down.

Arrow took out his rocket launcher and shot at Mr. October. Mr. October quickly created a shield and blocked the attack.

"One pirate carrying a sword while the other uses kicks." Mr. October said as his shield disappeared.

Mr. July jumped back to his feet. "I'm good." Mr. July said.

"You should know that we were members of a secret organization and should not be underestimated." A smirk then appeared on Mr. October and Mr. July's face. "So you shouldn't blow us off." Arrow shot another rocket at Mr. October again and Mr. October quickly dodged it. "Hey, cut it out! Listen when I'm talking to you!"

"Why?" Arrow asked. "Do you think we give a crap about what organization you guys are part of? You guys destroyed an entire village. And on top of that, you tried to kill our two beautiful ladies, Colleen and Kaisetsu. That gives more than enough reason to kick your ass."

Mr. October narrowed his eyes at Arrow. "Hey Mr. July, just stay back!" he shouted at the dog faced man. "You don't need to get involved! I got this!" Then Mr. October turned back to the two pirates and pointed his hand at them. "Wave!" A blue ball appeared on Mr. October's hand and got bigger as it got to Kaisetsu and Arrow. The two pirates moved out the way as Mr. October launched at them and it went pass Mr. July. "Oops, guess you weren't ready for that."

"Ice Slash!" Kaisetsu tried to slash Mr. October with an ice slash attack.

"Wave!" Mr. October created another a shield with his magic and blocked the attack.

"What?!" Kaisetsu said shocked.

"I ate the Wave Wave Fruit. The pulsing energy that is coming out of my hand defuses all types of attacks." Mr. October explained.

"My devil fruit specializes in desableing an opponents attacks and defenses. Even devil fruit users are powerless against me. Especially pirates like you!" Mr. October fire two wave diskettes at Arrow and Kaisetsu, who quickly moved out of the way.

Arrow then took out his Walloper and tries to punch Mr. October in the face and Mr. October put up his shield. As Arrow's attack connected Mr. October's shield, it went through the shield close to Mr. October's face.

"Would you look at that? My Walloper got through your little barrier." Then Arrow felt an electric shock coursing through the part of his arm that went through Mr. October's barrier, wrenching in pain.

"You put your arm in a vortex of magic energy." Mr. October said. "Not a smart move." Mr. October's eyes widen as Arrow continue to push his arm closer to his face.

"Whoa, he's pushing his arm farther inside the wave!" Mr. July said shocked.

"Your lame ass power is no match for my weapons!" Arrow shouted. "So what's you to do going now, huh!?"

"You may have broken through my wave but now your arm is stuck." Mr. October said still confident that Arrow can't hit him. "Your punch won't mean much as it's on the inside."

"It doesn't mean I can't attack you from the outside! And you gave me a great idea!" Arrow lifted his free arm and took out his Glove Bomb.

"He's going to take me down with his bombs?! That's crazy!" Mr. October thought.

"Here's our little present!" Arrow then placed a bomb on his other hand as the explosion sent both of them flying. Mr. October was out cold while Arrow was still up but was wounded.

"Well…that's one down." And the two Straw Hats turned to Mr. July.

"Man that was awesome." Mr. July said to Arrow.

"You've seen nothing compared what I'll do to you." Kaisetsu threatened.

"I'm not scared because I'm even stronger than Mr. October is." Mr. July's fingernails grew and turned green. "Check my mega jellyfish paralyzing claws. Bet you two wouldn't guess what these babies can do."

"Paralyze you?" Kaisetsu answered.

"How you do you know that?" Mr. July asked shocked. "Hey do you have ESP or something?"

Kaisetsu sweatdropped. "No, you're just…really dumb."

"Nobody talks to me like that!" Mr. July shouted angrily, swiping his claws at the swordswoman who blocked it easily. "With one swipe of my claws, you'll be frozen waiting to die!" Mr. July swiped his claws again and Kaisetsu blocked it again with her swords.

"Hold on, you have little something right here." Kaisetsu said grabbing a part of her head. Mr. July put hand on the part of his head that Kaisetsu was talking about and zapped himself with his nails as his body was covered in a green light. "Fire Slash!" Kaisetsu charged towards Mr. July and slashed him with her fire enveloped swords, knocking him out. "That was easy."

"You could say that again." Arrow said picking Bo-Bo's gravestone and putting it back in place. "Those guys were a joke."

In the cave underneath the Temple of Moon, Jacob was standing in front of ice imprisoned Korozas. Sakuya was uncouncious chained up to a wall. Mr. November approached him with some of the spell casters of the moon drip.

"Excuse me, Sharp emperor." Mr. November said. "I'm sorry to interrupt but I was wondering why you choose to spare the life of that pirate Sakuya?"

Jacob said. "I wanted to let her witness my greatest achievement yet. I will kill Korozas and prove myself as a true master of the Way of the Sword."

"You say that but ordering your minions to kill all those villagers tell a different story. It would appear that you have a soft spot for your former rival."

"Nonsense, I simply have no desire for getting any innocent blood on my hands. But if she happens to get in my way again, I won't hesitate to kill her."

"That's good." Mr. November smiled. "I'm glad."

Back in the forest, the giant rat, Angelica, lied on the ground unconscious. Ackmor opened hisr eyes and looked around.

"Wait, where's that weird chick?" He asked himself.

"Do you have any idea of what you've done?" Ms. August asked in tears, getting Ackmor's attention. "It's horrible. Because of you, the sharp emperor won't be able to trust. He won't love me anymore."

"Love?" Ackmor repeated confused.

"Look at what you did to Angelica?" Ms. August's expression turned from sadness to anger. "I'll make you pay!"

"Bring it on!" Ackmor challenged. "Let's see what you got!"

Ms. August pointed her hand to a nearby tree and magic circle appeared. "Wood Doll!" And the tree came to life and attacked pirate. Ackmor saw the tree attacking and quickly dodged it.

"That tree is alive!" Ackmor shocked surprised seeing the tree. Ackmor quickly punched the tree back.

"So you a close combat fighter?" Ms. August asked herself, seeing Ackmor's ability.

Ms. August smirked and said, "Well, your in bad luck against my powers. And you're about to find out why."

Ackmor was ready to attack Ms. August, but he suddenly stopped. Ackmor then uncontrollably, started headbutting a tree.

"Wh-What the…? I can't control myself." Ackmor said.

"The powers of the Puppet Puppet Fruit, you like?" Ms. August said. "It allows me to control any living thing like a puppet."

"Damnit…" Ackmor said.

"Fight it all you want but it won't make any difference. Oh I know, let's play a round of Russian roulette punches. Close your eyes and keep punching yourself." Ackmor, under Ms. August's spell, closed his eyes and threw a punch at himself. "This is fun. How can you last before you're worn out?"

Ackmor continued to punch himself until he was almost worn out.

"Are all of your pirates friends as pathetic as you?" Ms. August asked with a wicked smile. "This is just sad."

Ackmor suddenly became angry when the woman insulted his friends, "Don't talk about my friends like that!"


Ackmor was now moving on his own, "Those are my friends you insulting. That's the wrong move on your part!"

"No way…h-he beat it." Ms. August said surprised. "My Puppet Puppet Fruit powers failed me. How could this happen?"

"You're done!" Ackmor shouted punching Ms. August in the face knocking her out. "It's over for now…that was really annoying."

Colleen was on the ground all tired out, "Ahhh…I'm so sleepy…I didn't really get a lot of sleep…" Colleen then fell asleep on the ground.

To Be Continued…

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