The Only Thing Missin'

"You know what, corrupt assholes like you are what really makes my job harder."

"Superman! What-What are you doing here?"

"The question is Mr. Roberts, what are you doing with these files?"

Stacks and stacks of printed evidence that Warwick Roberts, multi millionaire entrepreneur, was stealing from the people of Metropolis, preferably the middle class and the hard working folk of the Suicide Slums struggling to survive. Embezzlement and numerous years of tax evasion, bribery and even conspiracy to commit murder all racked up against Mr. Roberts.

"Hitman contracts? Really? The stuff you can find through well connected sources. You know, I didn't personally think you were capable of such things, but I guess I had you big business types all wrong. I thought that the whole dirty corporate asshole thing was just a stereotype, after all, you can't judge a book by it's cover. But it seems there are more covers to you than I thought. Looks like that shooting by the docks 6 years ago was all you too by the looks of things. I wonder, what was Tacware holding in that shipment that you were so afraid of huh? Guess it must be in this list of emails to your-"

"Okay, okay. What do you want? Please just name it, and it's done."

All the while Mr. Roberts was inching towards the clever little button under his desk that would alert the buildings security detail. Clark watched him, knowing he would do such a thing now that his back is against the wall.

"Justice Mr. Roberts, that's all." Clark had the advantage of the shadows, save for Robert's desk lamp, but he was more than a few feet away, by the windows no less. So the only light that shone on him was that of the moon against his back and on the side of his neck. He intensified his heat vision just enough so that it didn't shoot out and incinerate the man, but it was primed and ready, leaving his eyes a deathly shade of smoldering crimson.

"What-what." He stuttered. This was Superman! All smiles and cheery type, not this...Whatever it was. it totally just sent his mind on a loop, how can a guy go from public sweetheart to this?

Covers my friend...Covers.

Clark could hear the feet moving 2 floors down, they were swiftly sprinting up the emergency stairs to the hidden door down the hall to the left, of course, Clark had this very moment planned out since he gathered up all the evidence a week ago with the help of a certain resident of Gotham, and with his recorder behind his back, taping every bit of this conversation, he had all he needed to bust this bastard once and for all. He just needed the security to hurry up and...

"Down on the ground, step away from Mr. Roberts!"

Ah just in time, the security burst through the door and surrounded Clark as best as they could, one of the guards turned on the light and when they did, all gasped and nearly faltered on their bottoms.


"Yeah, yeah, it's me."

Clark quickly gathered the evidence, and Roberts in both hands, all in a blur, and quickly floated out the window. The guards were utterly frozen, for he moved too fast for the normal human eye to follow, with speed rivaled only by Barry Allen.

"Here in one hand is evidence pertaining your boss' involvement in more than 35 acts of criminal activity over the course of 10 years. I'll be taking him to the authorities now, please stay where you are so this doesn't get out of hand."

Still too shocked to move, the entire detail of security rushed to the window seconds after Superman was gone with their employer.

"Great, now I have no job, and Christmas is right around the corner." One of them groaned.

"I hear Queen Industries is hiring new security teams, stay clean and Christmas won't be a problem. Till then, Happy Halloween fellas."

Clark said through the walkie talkie he picked off of Roberts in mid flight.

"Please Superman j-just set me down, give me a chance, I can explain!"

"You know, naturally I would give a man or woman a second chance, but you see, in my strong hand I have the evidence needed to convict you and from what I see, it's 10 years worth of stuff you wouldn't want your mother to see, so let's leave it as, no, I'm not setting you down. Matter of fact my left hand is getting tired so keep it down before I actually do let you go."

He said nothing else.

Fifteen minutes later Clark was out in the skies again, with no real destination in mind. It was 11:07 p.m. and the city was fairly quiet. He sat on a rooftop, legs dangling off the edge when the need to see her again started gnawing at him. He had a Coke in his hand and he chugged it, loving the taste of the sweet cola washing through his mouth. He felt rejuvenated just having something to drink finally. She was most likely just getting in to her home in London, and while he wasn't too keen disturbing a woman who had just got off from a long tiring day, he found that it was best to take a chance, for he had a long day of his own and still wanted to see her.

Why not?

In a few moments he was off in the sky, but a voice from behind halted him in his tracks...

"Well played tonight, Clark."

Damn was she beautiful in the dark, her long, normally curly hair, was straight this time, it flowed past her shoulders and made his attention go lower down to her almost infinite leg. Eyes fixated on her shapely thighs for a moment, he hoped the darkness gave him the opportunity to take in her form. As a man, it was only natural, and even a "super" man is no match for the temptation to take what he wanted from a consensual woman.

"So you were watching huh."

"Yes I was. I'm surprised you didn't notice me sooner. But now I know the extent of your nightly affairs." She said with a smirk.

"Diana, this is more than what it seemed to be. Sometimes you just have to take matters in to your own hands. Superman busted Warwick Roberts tonight, but it'll be Clark Kent in the morning that puts the final nail in the coffin, so to speak."

"Yes, I can see that you are a true caretaker over Metropolis. I'm still not sure what city I should call my own. I have my home in London but I find myself in Washington D.C. most of the time due to my ambassador duties...They love you Clark."

"I dunno Diana. I don't do this for the praise or the fame. I have these powers because my mother and father sent me here to be something greater than my birth planet, I intend to do just that by helping the men and women of this city, this world."

"Sometimes I'm envious over you. How you can be two people under the same light. I imagine it must be easier for you to do what you do since quitting the planet, though by now it must be second nature to you." She said softly, her expression seemed troubled, as if she needed him for consolation.

"Don't be. If anything it's you that I should be envious of. You are who you are everyday, every minute, second and hour. You commit yourself flawlessly to your mission without any care as to what they say about you. I just wish I didn't have to hide myself away sometimes..."

"No..It isn't as simple as it seems Clark. There are things about me..." Her voice quivered with a sadness growing ever more apparent by the second.

"What's wrong Diana?

It took her more than a few moments, on instinct he floated slowly over to his, and placed his arms around her, then pulled her in close. She flinched against his touch at first, it was then that he pulled back to take a better look at her face. He then noticed the cuts and bruises of what he assumed was a fierce scrap, with emotional entanglements behind it. He felt ashamed for his lecherous oogling when she appeared minutes ago, he should have paid more attention to the real issue rather than allowing his eyes to wander.

"What happened Diana? Tell me. I'm here, I'm not going anywhere."

Something in her heart told her that she would like that very much. She was still so vulnerable, but she would never admit it. She had been in this strange world for about five years now going on six. At the age of 23, she was still in her teens on the emotional level. She was not used to the affairs of the heart, as the only other man there ever was, was one Steve Trevor. And that relationship was doomed to fail for Steve was asking for more than what Diana was even capable to give. But that was more than a while ago, the wounds had healed, truth be told, she was still happy to be a virgin, as she had not given herself to a man that she knew she was just not compatible with.

But there was something about this man that was worth exploring...Nothing too serious right now, but she knew now after she admitted this newest scar to him, that they could not be casual. It wasn't hard to tell either, even to a woman new to the world and her feelings, that he had been wanting to pursue something realer than a kiss at the Lincoln Memorial.

After all, what's life without the right to live it, with no regrets?

"I've just been really lonely Clark...More and more people keep on getting hurt by my enemies. I just need..."

"Someone who understands."

Her eyes of alluring sapphire met his cold steel cerulean.


She faintly whispered.

"Look, Diana. You know what kind of guy I am.. What happened at the-"

"Shh Clark. I know what I want now, I promise it won't happen again."

She whispered and then pulled his head in for a deep, passionate kiss. One that he happily reciprocated with every longing in his being

Nothing too serious...

But it's got time like all things

To grow.