2 Hours Earlier

Zod just couldn't understand humans.

He wished to Rao he hadn't had to harm the human commander, but never was he one to allow another to disrespect him...Not on Krypton, and it would not change on Earth.

The arrogance of that human! To think he could stand up against a Kryptonian, a Kryptonian high general no less.

He came with a Martian, which was almost enough to astound Zod, what brings a Martian to this backwater planet of all places? Surely the humans must have more influence in the mix of things than Zod expected. Zod didn't recognize the Martian but was deeply saddened to hear that his entire people perished, in a war against each other, over something as petty as skin color no less.

"Can you communicate? Do you know our language?"

Zod could tell a threat immediately. In his life as an eternal soldier, he had to always be ready to adapt...Adapt or die.

And while Zod wasn't to overconfident in his newfound skills to think he was unstoppable, he seriously doubted this human could take him on.

The Martian however...

For now, the Martian remained impassive, he was either quite the stoic, or this was the most emotion he was capable of deriving anymore. Losing one's entire way of life just to be thrust into another would do that to you. Of course, the Martian wouldn't stay quiet forever however, red eyes, seering like Rao's horizon, boring into Zod's body, much like the blaze Zod himself unleashed from his own eyes the first time he immersed himself in Earth's environment.

Rao, this Martian was quiet. Unlike the human, Zod actually snorted at the distinction. The human looked like a soldier himself, a man who has seen war and death, same as the Martian and Zod, but unlike them, didn't know true loss.

If he did, they would not be having this one sided conversation, on this backwater planet.

Zod scowled, he wondered why he had even allowed his presence to be heard and felt so soon. He disabled the stealth system and flew in and out of Earth's space about a good 3 times before they picked up his ship's foreign identity in their logs.

Primitive, yet so were my people at one point. They have potential.

"You came here looking for Superman."

Zod's eyebrows jerked upwards, he hadn't even spoken of his intentions yet! In his confusion, he swore to the depths that the Martian actually broke his wall and smiled, however slight.

"I read your mind, or at least, your purpose for being here. I could not ignore it, you emotions are strong, they amplify your thoughts. Superman, in specific."

Zod frowned, it was clear the privacy which was his mind, was not safe anymore around the green skinned man. He did his best to tuck in his thoughts for a more...reserved time.

"I thought I was alone. I caught word a man of my race survived, it was a call I could not ignore."

Zod didn't even dare bring up Faora, even though he knew she could handle her own, the last thing he wanted was to bring about any unwanted attention. The human, whom Zod forgot to even remember his name, immediately spoke up, once again the Martian remained silent, "Ah, well you should be pleased to hear that he has a female cousin, and a younger twin brother."

Zod raised his eyebrow, but this time in pure curiosity, Younger brother? I was not aware Jor and Lara bore two sons?

All the more reason to find Kal-El.

"Where can I find him?"

The human had a glint in his eye, as if an opportunity just struck him deadset in the jaw. At this, the Martian stirred, and turned his head slightly in the human's direction. It was clear he read the human's thoughts and found something he didn't like, but once again, remained quiet, If you can hear this Martian, you are truly a strange one.

I know.

Zod was hardly surprised to see the man picked up on his comment, but Zod was rather...taken aback when he spoke to him without speaking!

The Martian smiled knowingly, "You'll get used to it." He said, like it was the easiest thing in the world, like it was learning to handle a foreign weapon, or learning to use tactics in war school. After about a couple hard seconds of clear mental deliberation between the Martian and the human, the human coughed into his fist and spoke up once more, "While we have no personal issue with granting your wish to meet with one of your own, we would implore you to come with us, to a safe place, where we can process your arrival and ask you some questions."

Zod could see where this was going. He knew their "questions" were a guise for their less than welcoming intentions. No doubt they wanted to perform tests or to disect him like a feral alien beast they probably thought he was. He, a Kryptonian, a race considered at one point as the the pinnacle of evolution, was being looked down upon merely because of this inferior race's paranoia! It burned to the core. Zod narrowed his eyes and tightened his fists slowly.


Both men were clearly displeased with Zod's firm decline, but neither were surprised. They truly hadn't expected Zod to come peacefully, to whatever den they wished to drag off to, under the guise of "questions and processing". Zod knew these two were not the hierarchy of Earth, for there was no true "hierarchy" of Earth. From what he gathered, there were seperate rulers that governed each province equally but in some cases, not so much. Zod surmised since he was in a region called "America", these two must answer to the regent of this land. Regardless. he was not leaving this spot, not with then at least.

We do not seek conflict, let us resolve this in peace.

...I agree, but I am more than content with doing that here.

Moments passed before anyone spoke, Zod could see that in the moments of silence, the two men were in mental deliberation, there was no doubt of that.

"My name is J'onn J'onnz," the Martian stepped forward in a non-threatening way, "Me and my colleague Steve Trevor only wish to get you situated on Earth, we will not detain you, nor are you a criminal or suspect of any kind. This is merely procedure."

"Yes," the human nodded, "Surely they had other worldy visitors on your planet?" The human, Trevor, shot Zod a smile that could have been saved for one of the human females, Zod had no need for it, or his attempt at humor, and while Krypton had a very strict no "in and out" policy, Zod decided to not embarrass Trevor at this moment.

"Hmpf." Zod grunted.

"Clearly not a talkative bunch these Kryptonians are..." Trevor grumbled. "Look, you have to come with us, I don't make these procedures up, I just follow through with them."

"I know what your people did to Kal-El. He made it public in an what your people call an "interview". If you take me for a fool..."

"No, no! That's not-Those weren't my people. One thing you have to learn here is you cannot hold the many accountable for the deeds of the few."

Zod narrowed his eyes again, and Trevor could of swore to Jesus they were glowing red around the edges..."J'onn." He said expectedly.

The Martian stepped forward again, this time with more urgency, "This matter is unavoidable I'm afraid, but I'm confident no one will get hurt if only you agree to our terms."

"I'm not the one who'll get hurt here." Zod said confidently, seeing no point behind more words, he spoke into his earpiece in Kryptonian, and stared right through Steve.

"Do you have the means to pass along a message from me to Kal-El?"

"Yes." Trevor spoke up almost immediately, this was almost too easy.

"Tell him I am here, in this desert. He won't have to look far, for I will know when he's arrived. Until then..." Zod then at the blink of an eye rushed through Trevor and J'onn, purposefully nudging Steve with enough force to break something.

"Argh! Dammit!" Steve growled in pain, J'onn turned swiftly and made to pursue Zod until he had seen the man jump into a ship that had just came out of stealth, then as soon as it had arrived, it was gone again.

"Jesus christ, Kryptonians are dicks. He broke my ribs with a damn poke with his elbow!"

"He is adept at masking his intentions. After he learned of my telepathy, he locked his thoughts and emotions away, the only thing I felt was...a calm apprehension. I doubt this will be the last time we meet before the day ends."

"Whadd'ya mean? We can't keep up with that ship, I dunno if Superman can for that matter."

"Because he gave away the one thing that would bring him out of hiding."

It didn't take Steve long to fogure that out, "Superman. We bring Superman to him and we nab him, right?"

"Yes," J'onn nodded in agreement, "Except I doubt he will allow us to take him into custody all the same."

"He's outta our control J'onn, we gotta at the very least keep tabs on him, this can turn really ugly, really quick. He wasn't raised on Earth, he was raised on Krypton."

"I did not spend my life on Earth either." J'onn almost sounded offended, almost.

"You're different, you didn't just break a man's ribs like he did."

"Think about what your people did to Superman when he had made his public appearance. They tried to chain him and experiment on him. To disect him, see what he looked like on the inside. Kryptonians are many things, but they are not foolhardy, they would not rush into a situation without proper planning. Logic is their way. Maybe we should follow in their example."

"Yeah, you're right I guess. Still pissed about my ribs though, but I'll live. Gave me a nasty scratch too, still, the good news is he may not be as strong as Superman, so maybe Kryptonite could make things a little easier."

"Steve...I seriously hope you're not considering..." J'onn's voice sounded grave, nearly disbelieving."

"Not too much to kill him, but enough to restrain him. If there's one thing Luthor is good for, it's that he planned ahead. Good thing Waller kept some just in case, and while you may disagree now, it'll get results."

J'onn crossed his arms, "I hope you know what you're doing human."

Steve wasn't a fan of underhanded tactics and he knew J'onn wasn't either. But as a soldier, you needed every advantage in your arsenal to stay ahead of the other guy, so you could survive another day to finish mission.

"I do, trust me on this J'onn," he placed a reasurring hand on J'onn's shoulder, "Let's get moving to London, I have a feeling an old friend of mine can help us get in contact with Superman."


Clark and Diana arrived at the Mojave Desert and upon landing, Diana instantly took notice of the anxious look still etched on Clark's face. It was clear he couldn't wait to meet another Kryptonian, and he had told her he had something deeply important to speak with her about that concerned his birth parents, but it would have to wait until this issue with another Kryptonian was settled.

She agreed, not wanting to have to cut the discussion short in favor of wrapping up business first. As a princess and now ambassador for Themyscira, she found she had little time for actual pleasure for herself. Most of it however, was now spent with Clark, and even then, she had to count her blessings considering the hectic life they lived (or in Clark's case, lives).

Diana opted to remain silent, but didn't know if it was right this time around. Usual companionable silence between them was different than this. And between Clark's jealousy for seeing her patch up a shirtless Steve and his anxiousness at meeting another Kryptonian, she thought there was something more she could say. A defiant part of her asked what the point was, she had done nothing, in fact, she soothed his jealousy, she was happy for him at this very moment even. Happy that he was finally getting around to seeing he wasn't truly alone.

Diana sighed again, and Clark turned around, he caught her biting her lower lip in thought, and inwardly, he thought it was cute. It was obvious she was worried for him, for some reason he hadn't yet fathomed. It was that, or she was somehow feeling guilty for something, Clark honestly had no clue. His mind was only processing looks he'd seen before, if Diana had a problem, she could just come out with it, and he knew she would, so he didn't worry too much.

"Why would they want to meet me here? How am I supposed to know if I'm in the right spot..." Suddenly, Clark felt awfully stupid once he asked that. He had forgotten to take into account that he was waiting on another Kryptonian, and even if that Kryptonian was here for a little while, he or she no doubt would have no real issue tracking him down in a place like the Mojave Desert. All of a sudden, Clark could feel something...different, in the air. Vibrations, from the west were turning his attentions upwards, but stilll towards that direction. As if something big was zooming towards at high speeds, almost faster than he could keep up with.

"Kal." Diana said in a sort of warning tone, she could feel it too, it was getting pretty close now.

"I know, it's getting closer."

Kal almost grinded his feet into the dirt, whatever it was, it was going at a speed that greatly rivaled his own, easily the fastest aircraft he had seen, or in this case, felt. More seconds passed before the Mach 10 speeds came to a halt, and not a screeching one, as if someone hit the brakes last minute, well, they probably did, but Kal had a feeling those brakes were something Vin Diesel would kill for, because if anything that big, can move that fast, and stop that quick and smooth, it's a street racer's holy grail.

Diana still couldn't see anything, but she could damn well hear it. She didn't know about Kal though, with his vision, he probably could have seen it before she heard the sonic boom en route to where they stood. She walked up next to Kal, still dusting herself off from the mini dust storm that followed in the ships wake. She looked at Kal, who started upwards at what Diana perceived to be thin air, and called his name, giving his forearm a light squeeze for good measure. He responded to the squeeze with one of his own, and shared a look with her that said "are you ready?" before actually answering her.

"Whoever it is driving that thing Diana...They're here, and they're right above us."

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