Soul Chronicles: Madness in the Eyes

This is the the third book in the sequel to my Warrior's Soul books. I however do not own Bolt or any of its characters, Disney does!


I've done some pretty bad things recently. I could blame someone else for it though. You see, I was possessed by my dark self and just went crazy. Another of my friends had the same problem, except he didn't have anyone to blame. The interesting thing is, he actually tried to blame someone else. Me, I just can't help feeling like it's all my fault, though my wife tells me that it isn't. I'm sure she feels like it's all hers, but I know better. Oh, sorry. I'm a white American Shepherd with super powers. I can shoot lasers out of my eyes catch bullets in my fur without much more than an irritating pinch to my skin, and when I really bark, I can turn the street into a pile of rubble. I have incredible strength and speed, and I can mimic just about any kind of sonic attack. My name is just like the black patch of fur on my hip…

Chapter 1 – Regret

"Bolt?" Mittens the tuxedo cat asked, "Are you ok?" Bolt turned to her, his large blue eyes shining with unshed tears as they walked towards their destination, "Yah!" he said and lifted his paw to whip his eyes, catching some blood from his bleeding cheek as he did, "It's just, I've never tried to kill anyone before." Mittens pressed her side up against his, "I know, it's just…" she began, "…I shouldn't have run away from you in the first place." Bolt smiled, turning to her with understanding, "No." he said, "I'm glad you did. At least now I know how to hold him back if he ever does break free again." They both smiled to each other, stopping in their tracks as they gazed into each other's eyes. Mittens blushed under her black fur and giggled as they inched closer. They touched lips once, twice, and pressed into a passionate kiss, one that neither of them wanted to break. "I missed you!" she said when they did come up for air, and rubbed her face into his furry chest. Bolt lifted one paw, wrapping it around her shoulders gently, "So did I!" he responded, and cringed as he pressed his injured cheek to her head. "I can heal that for you!" she said as she lifted her face. "No, I…" he began, "I want it as a reminder." he said. "A reminder?" she asked as she lifted one eyebrow curiously. "Yah, so I never forget the strength you give me." he responded. "Well thank you bolt, but if you keep it then it'll just remind me that I hurt you!" she said and lifted her paws, gently grabbing him behind his ears and lowering his head. She softly planted a kiss on his forehead, "All you need as a reminder is me!" she said, "And I promise never to run away from you again!" Bolt lifted his eyes, looking at her through the tops of them, and sighed as he turned his eyes back to the ground, "Ok!" he said, "Let's see this new magic of yours!" Mittens smiled and moved her paws to his cheeks. She was very careful, only extracting one set of water claws and letting the water spread over his bleeding wounds. Bolt closed his eyes, completely expecting it to hurt, but quickly found it a tingling sensation as the water changed from a clear blue to a dingy green with algae. He opened his eye, the one closest to the water, and strained to look at his cheek. He saw the water swimming with green muck, just as it popped, and dropped to the ground. His cheek was perfect, the fur had grown back, and even his old scars had vanished. As soon as she had dropped her paws, he lifted his, feeling the flesh under his fur, "That's incredible!" he said in surprise. Mittens shied away a little, "Well, no not really. It was just basic water magic!" she said, "I'm still having trouble with more advanced healing, but just the fact that I can use it to heal was enough to master the element. I still need to work on it to become a master like Skylar."

"You don't say!" Bolt said happily, as the two of them began walking again. "Yah." she replied, "He saved my life." Bolt smiled again, "I'll have to thank him." the dog said. Mittens again snuggled into his side, and could almost feel his mood go cold, "Are you ok?" she asked. Bolt turned to her, a sad expression on his face, "I was wondering, did I really hurt that alien girl?" he asked. Mittens turned down, "Oh," she said, "You saw that?" Bolt sighed, "Yah!" he said, "Thought I was hoping it was something Dark Bolt had made up to throw me into a deeper despair."

"We left her a few cities back!" Mittens told him, "She's in good hands."

"I'd still like to say I'm sorry!" Bolt said gently. Mittens sighed, and wrapped her paws around his neck, "I understand." she said softly, and pulled out her grass claws, "If you run fast we can get there in about twenty minutes." and climbed onto his back, letting the claws root themselves into his fur. Bolt smiled, and crouched down, "You ready?" he asked. "No!" Mittens said nervously, and Bolt took off, leaving a streak of white and black where he raced.

Rhino stood still as he watched the unconscious shrunken Neutrosian lay there. He moved only his eyes as he let strange thoughts race through his mind. How would she react? What would she say? What should he say? Would she blame him for her injury? He waited as she just laid there, the dialed down equipment monitoring her heart and vitals. He turned his wandering eyes to the machine, the only thing they had that was of normal human size in the room at the moment. Rhino had to fashion a cable from tape, a smaller gauge cord and a headphone jack. It worked just right for her size. He could read the machine easily, as if everything were in everyday words for a child. Her heart was fine and the rest of the vitals were stable, so why hadn't she woken up? Suddenly he heard it, the small groan of the angel like person in front of him. "Ohhhh!" Angelira said as she shifted her head. She let her eyes flutter open, blinded by the light of the table. "Angelira!" Rhino said happily as he grabbed her hand. "You're awake."

"Oh, what happened?" she asked. "Dark Bolt took us by surprise!" Rhino replied, "But his energy signature has completely faded!"

"Is that a good thing?" she asked tiredly. "Yah, it is. It means that Mittens was successful in defeating Dark Bolt, and Bolt's original signature means that Bolt is back to himself!" he told her softly, "We won!"

After he had said those words, he was almost certain Angelira would have tried to argue, or say that he did very little if anything at all, but instead she patted his paw, "That is good news!" she said tiredly, "And me?"

"You?" Rhino asked. Angelira slowly nodded, "Well, you were knocked unconscious by Dark Bolt, and it was enough of a force to give you a concussion!" he answered. "Oh." Angelira said as she felt her mind begin to clear. "What about Mittens?" she asked, and then let her eyes open in realization, "Oh wait, you already…"

"She almost died!" Rhino said, interrupting her. Angelira let her eyes open wide in shock, "But you said…" she began. "You're brother helped to heal her, she wouldn't have made it without him." Rhino explained. "Skylar?" she asked. Rhino nodded, "So Mittens is still alive?" she asked. Rhino nodded again, this time with a smile on his face, "And she freed Bolt from his own mind." she told herself, and with a smile stretched her arms, before wrapping them around his neck, "You saved us both didn't you?" she said. Rhino wrapped his paws around her back, embracing her again, right before the door burst open. "Rhino!" General Ducker said, "We have a problem!"

Bolt quickly showed up at the hospital Mittens pointed him to, "This is it!" she said. Bolt took a cleansing breath, "Ok, let's go!" he said, and waked to the door. To say he was surprised when the door flew open would be an understatement, he actually ran as fast as he could to hide behind Mittens, "I'msorry,pleasedon'tkillme!" Bolt said as quickly as he could. "Wow!" Mittens said as she lowered her eyes in sarcasm, "Real heroic Bolt!"

"Tch!" the heard another familiar voice say, "What a wuss!" Bolt peeked from behind Mittens, finding Dustin standing there, a worried look masked with that of amusement. Bolt stood up straight, clearing his throat and trying to salvage some dignity, "You just startled me is all." he said, "I was apologizing to Mittens!"

Sure!" Dustin said, "And I'm #$!& Santa Claus!" Mittens growled a little, "Please don't use that word in conjunction with a Christmas icon!" she said. "Sorry!" Dustin said, "You just missed Savage, she glided away almost half an hour ago."

"What happened?" Mittens asked in worry. "She woke up and flipped out!" Dustin said, "She flew off that way!" the human pointed north east, back the way they came. "We didn't see her!" Bolt said. "You wouldn't have, she used the updrafts to make it to the clouds." Dustin said. "Tell us everything that happened after she woke up, and I don't want you to leave out any details!" Mittens said as she narrowed her eyes to the human.

End of Chapter 1