Author's Note

Thus ends the third book of the Soul Chronicles, but fear not, the fourth and final book will be released here soon. The fight against Nightmare comes to a gripping conclusion and Dark Bolt reveals a nasty little secret. Once I am caught up with a few of my other fanfictions I'll start the last of the Soul Chronicles books, until then, as usual here's a sneak peek into the story of the last book.

"I'm fine, really!" Savage said as she walked around the base. "Are you sure?" Dustin asked as he walked close to her, "You're not going to flip out and go crazy again are you?"

"I promise I'll keep myself in check!" she said with a smile, "I want to stay as much as you do!" Dustin quirked an eye brow, "But, what about that whole 'ruling a small house in the woods' thing?" he asked. "I can do that later, but for now, we need to stop Nightmare!" she said. "Why do we need to get involved with their stupid war?" Dustin asked. "Because if we don't destroy Nightmare, then there will be no house in the woods, because there won't be any woods!" she reasoned. "Ah, #%$&!" he swore, "I hate when you make sense!" Savage smiled brightly, as if something good had just happened. She turned to a set of swinging double doors, the insides were decorated with flat half moon pieces of metal, but nowhere could she find a handle. "Just push on the metal parts!" Dustin told her, "They sing both ways."

"That's just unheard of!" she told him nearly angry, until the mechanic with the snake came out, a large burrito in the snake's mouth as she gulped it down, "Chew it Chelsea!" he said as the snake swallowed. "What, you don't like my biiig lips?" she asked with her voice dripping with sexual intentions. Savage watched with wide eyes, not as the two of them passed her by, but as the two doors swung out, and then in, settling after the second pass. "You humans are ingenious!" she said, and Dustin smiled. The two of them entered into the cafeteria, rows of tables with bench stools attached lined the back while others standing stood in line near the front, waiting for their meal. "I told you we'd be $#%& late for dinner!" he said with grumpiness in his voice. "Do you really want me to flip out on you?" she asked. "I'll shut up!" was all he could say.

There it is, I'll get started on it after I'm finished with my other stories, and thank you very much for reading by books. You all have no idea how important you fans are to my writing. I appreciate all of your support and wish you luck and fortune on your own endeavors. Till then; Read, Review and Enjoy!