Jack sighed and turned to lay on his side. He was prepared to chat with Manny, maybe even the Guardians, but he wasn't prepared for darkness. That's all Jack found last night, when he went to bed. Darkness. Jack felt nauseous just thinking about that word. It made him think of Pitch, and it made him lonely. Jack loved all his friends in Storybrooke, but he longed to be reunited with his comrades. There was this urgent need to find them, his staff, anything, that would help Jack. Because while he's come to embrace Storybrooke and Jackson Verglas with all his heart, he wanted to become Jack Frost once again.

He thought back to how he found himself human again and frowned as he recalled the moment the curse broke. The moment he was reminded of sweet, little Regina's betrayal.

Jack woke up with a killer headache. He felt as if he had a snowball fight with the Yetis, who tended to play dirty and put rocks in a couple snowballs. Or when he annoyed Bunny too much and got whacked on the head with his boomerang.

Jack blinked as he sat up, clutching his head. He glanced around and became wary of all the dark, colors. Black was never a good sign. Especially, since the whole Pitch thing.

"Hello Jack, it's been awhile."

Jack startled. He turned to face the doorway of the dungeon-like room he was in. Once he caught sight of the owner of the voice, Jack was dismayed. He looked down, refusing to meet the owner's eyes.

"So am I your prisoner now, Your Majesty?"

The Evil Queen stared at the winter spirit with a hurt look. "Don't be ridiculous. You see, I've come up with a plan that will keep you with me for awhile."

"Plan?" Jack interrupted.

"Yes, a plan. I'm sure you've become more than aware of your...head injury. But do you know what the cause of it was?"

Jack slowly lifted his head to meet the Queen's gaze, which slightly softened as she stared into those blue orbs.

"...What have you done to me?"

"It's not what I have done, it's what I will do. Tell me something Jack, do you even remember how you came to be in my company?"

Jack's confused, hurt look slowly turned into one of horror. He gripped his head, desperately trying to recall anything, but his mind was blank. The only thing that came to mind was the color green. But Jack couldn't recall why. The last time he interacted with the spring spirit was decades ago.

"W-Why can't I remember?!"

"Don't worry. It's nothing terrible. Just a spell. You see, I summoned you, and before you could open your eyes I cast a spell. This spell was meant to take away something precious from you," at this point, the Queen let her tears flow. "I'm so, so sorry, Jack. But it's for the best. I don't want you to experience this pain, but in this new world, you won't ever have to long for something you can't remember."

"W-what? New world?"

The Queen looked on as Jack Frost's eyes froze in shock as his body was immobilized, and she arranged it so that he would be in a comfortable position until the curse hit.

The Queen swiftly turned and as she shut the door, all emotions were wiped away and all that was left was the empty look in her eyes,

"Let me guess, the compass if up there."

Captain Hook nodded. "Correct."

"Now how do we get there?"

"It's not the climb you need to worry about, it's the Giant at the top."

Emma sighed as she moved forward, secretly wishing Jackson was going to be at the top, so this would be much easier. But, alas, Jackson Verglas is Jack Frost and not the Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, like she mistakened him for all those days ago.

It's rushed and not all that great, but it's something. I hope you like it. Even gave you something with Regina and Jack right before the curse.

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