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Ch. 20 Here's To New Beginnings

Cue Music – Cherry Blossoms: Jia Peng Fang

Kagome watched, misty eyed, as her two best friends floated across the marble floor. If she could talk without her voice shaking, she would simply describe them as radiant. The room was dimly lit, the majority of light landing in the middle where the newlyweds danced slowly. Miroku had always had an heir of grace around him, and it showed in his movements. Sango, who was also capable of gracefulness, had spent extra time practicing their first dance before the night actually happened to make sure she didn't screw it up.

Kagome had seen the dance before, since they so kindly asked her to judge, and she obliged with no hesitation. Even though it was nothing new, the dance was even more stunning with Miroku in his finely pressed black tuxedo, royal purple tie, and Sango in her white dress. She and Kagome had a ball picking out the perfect one, and Sango was so close to walking down the aisle naked until she found it.

It was a Japanese Camellia floor length dress. The lace and satin complimented each other in intricate patterns all the way down. Her long brown hair, which had seen too many days of boring ponytails, was done in a fine fashion where her bridal tiara was clipping a small portion of it together in the back, and the rest of the dark brown locks were curled in a funnel style down her back. She looked like a princess.

She watched as Miroku's eyes, so deep in color they looked purple when the light reflected off them, gazed into Sango's brown ones. Although the building was full of people, the two only saw each other. The music, traditional Japanese with an ounce of modern, sounded in the room, and everyone stood in a circle to watch the couple do their first dance. Sango left the song to Miroku's picking, and he had no problem finding something they could dance to.

"They look great together."

Kagome turned her head to her left, and looked down, although not too far, at Sango's little brother, who wasn't so little anymore.

"Yeah" she spoke dreamily. "They do."

Since both Sango and Miroku's parents were dead, Kohaku walked his sister down the aisle. Kagome, from her spot at the altar as maid of honor, had to bite her lip to keep from crying. Kouga, in his black tuxedo and hair down in public, smiled at her from the crowd, letting her know it was okay to cry if she needed to.

The whole day had been a swell of tears, really. She almost cried once Sango was all done up in her wedding dress. Thankfully, Ayame was alongside her, telling her she'd screw up her make up if she started crying. So, she didn't. But Kagome didn't know how much more she could take while looking at her friends stare at each other like there was no one else in the world except for them.

"He better treat her right."

Kagome smiled at Kohaku, who looked quite handsome with his sun kissed skin, thanks to soccer, and hair down with a nice cut. The sixteen year old had certainly grown up, and Kagome was sure all the girls were after him back home.

"You know he will" Kagome answered, and then the song was over.

Everyone clapped, some whistled, as the couple turned to bow repeatedly in all directions. Kagome clapped as loud as she could, touching the corners of her eyes with tissue, which she wasn't sure where it came from, to catch any tears. They sat down at their designated table; Kagome next to Sango, and Inuyasha next to Miroku.

It was only a little annoying that Inuyasha was the best man and she was the maid of honor. That meant they had to walk in together, and while it meant nothing, Kagome still found it awkward.

Even though the events of six months ago were long gone, there would always be memories. She watched as Kikyo came over and sat next to Inuyasha. She looked beautiful in her dark purple gown, off the shoulder. Her hair was down and perfectly strait as always, eyes with a touch of shadow to compliment her gown, and a belly full of baby.

Well, that was an awkward way to put it, but yes, Kikyo had the typical 'glow' in her pregnancy stage. Her eyes seemed a little brighter, hair shinier, and smile fuller these days. Kagome knew that had to do with the pregnancy, as well as the fact that she and Inuyasha were together and surprisingly happy. Actually, the two were planning on getting married after the baby was born.

And Kagome would be attending.

When Sango told her what Inuyasha told Miroku, Kagome was needless to say, shocked. She wasn't sure why or how, but for Inuyasha to accept such a responsibility when he and Kikyo were having so many problems was startling. She tried to wrap her mind around why a man would accept responsibility for a child that wasn't his, especially after what Kikyo did to him. Then she realized that maybe it wasn't meant for her to understand, and she noticed that the couple looked happier together than she had ever seen them apart, and that was all that mattered.

"Alright, move it, kid."

Kohaku, Kagome, and the new couple all turned their head to the left to find the origin of the voice, and smiled when they saw who it was.

"Excuse me sir" Kohaku cleared his throat, and moved down a seat while Kouga put a reassuring hand on his shoulder to let him know that it was all in good humor, but he really did want to sit next to his girlfriend though. He took the offered seat, and placed an arm around Kagome, who instinctively leaned into it.

"Are you done opening the floodgates?" Kouga teased, patiently and impatiently waiting for the toast so he could get some champagne. That was something he hadn't had in a while. Kagome smacked his chest playfully, and Kouga feigned hurt.

"I'm sorry" Kagome said, not really sorry. "They just looked so perfect."

The couple turned the heads to the married couple, who were standing up, shaking hands with fellow co-workers and doctors in thanks. Inuyasha was leaning into Kikyo, whispering something in her ear, causing the woman to laugh tenderly.

The room was decorated with round tables clothed in white and dark purple flowers and accents. Everyone dressed for the occasion, and Kagome spotted her mom and brother a distance away, chatting with other people from their table. Everything was perfect.

It was soon time for the toasts, and the people designated to speak first were of course the best man and maid of honor. Inuyasha, who seemed to have no problem speaking in front of crowds, stood up, straitening our his tux, and went around the wedding group table to stand in a good spot in front of everyone with a microphone, glass of champagne in the other. Kikyo's glass was full of sparking water, of course.

"Is this thing on?" Inuyasha spoke, smirking mischievously as he needlessly tested it, causing the crowd to laugh genuinely, the newlyweds to roll their eyes, and Sesshomaru, sitting at a table with people from the surgical unit, to sigh quietly, an excited Rin in his lap. He cleared his throat and began his speech.

"Okay. If any of you in here know me then you know that I'm not the perfect speaker. So, if I say anything that offends anyone, I'm apologizing in advance. I might let my tongue slip because while Mr. and Mrs. Perfect were taking photos for forty hours, I was hitting up the bar."

Everyone laughed, and he waited to continue his speech.

"Well, I didn't write anything out. When they told me I had to speak, I thought of all kinds of things to say. Most of them to embarrass Miroku, but I decided not to do that."

More laughter, and a thankful Miroku, he continued.

"Miroku has been my best friend for ten years. It started before we worked together, and hopefully it will continue. If you know him, then you know he is an honest, smart, funny, charming, too much for his own good, loyal guy, and Sango is a lucky woman to have him."

Sango had grown to accept Miroku and Inuyasha's relationship. No matter what stupidity Inuyasha engaged in, Miroku would always be his friend; that was a given. Granted, there were still things about him she didn't like, but that was Sango; so that too was a given.

"I've made some dumb decisions" he said. "I've said some stupid stuff, hurt people, and refused to take responsibility for my actions. Really, I shouldn't have any friends, but Miroku…he never lets me down. No matter what I've done, or what I do, he has always been and always will be there. If there was anyone who didn't give up on me, it was him, and I don't think I can ever find the right words to tell you how thankful I am for that."

Inuyasha's voice was a little choked, and Miroku had a knowing smile on his lips, as did the rest of the wedding table. They knew all too well the mistakes and decisions he'd made, and knew that yes, Miroku was with him the whole time, preaching in his ear even though he didn't listen.

Inuyasha cleared his throat and raised his glass, the crowd following suit. "Well then, let's make a toast to the new couple." He turned to face Miroku and Sango. "May you two have a permanently happy, loving, and fulfilling relationship. Sango, don't kill him please, and Miroku, don't piss her off…please."

The crowd laughed, Sango smiled up at Miroku, and waited for the couple.

"To the newlyweds."

"To the newlyweds" the crowd repeated.

"Let's knock 'em back!"

Kagome almost laughed out her champagne at that command, and laughed out loud when someone from the crowd cheered like it was a party. Kouga, who knew he wasn't supposed to drink all the champagne but did anyway, half-slammed his glass back on the table and cheered too. When Inuyasha took his seat, Kagome stood up, nervously, and walked to the designated spot.

Kouga watched her move in her dark purple dress. It wasn't tight, but it did cling to her slightly. Her hair was done like Sango's was, except not in funnel fashion. It was clipped in the back the same, and the rest was down and curly. She looked gorgeous, as he thought she did every day, he just didn't say it. She was complaining about how nervous she was to speak in front of everyone, and he only reminded her that she was confident in everything else, so of course she could be confident in this.

"Good evening" she said. The crowd greeted her back, and she took a deep breath before speaking.

"I didn't write anything down either" she started. "But it's always easier for me to speak from the heart, especially when the people I'm speaking about are already there."

The crowd awed, and Kouga smiled knowingly.

"I'm a little less trouble than Inuyasha" she teased, earning more laughs. "But I too have been through things that Sango, along with Miroku, have helped me with. I used to envy their relationship, actually. They have a strong bond that anyone can notice, and I said when I grow up I wanna be like them."

Sango smiled, and Miroku laughed.

"Their relationship taught me that when the right people are put together, adversities don't stand a chance. That when two people are in love, and honest about it, nothing stands in their way. I've also learned what it means to have a true friend. Sango is more like a sister to me than anything, and I am so glad that she's with someone that makes her smile, and laugh, and irritated as much as Miroku does."

The crowd laughed, and Sango nodded in agreement.

"But whatever happens, I know they'll still love each other. It was difficult for me to watch my best friend date, then love, then fall in love, then get engaged, find a wedding dress, make wedding plans, exchange vows, dance with her husband. It's difficult because I feel like I'll be spending less and less time with her."

Kagome let a tear fall, as did Sango.

"But it won't be like that. This is a new chapter in your lives, and no matter what, whether you want me to or not, I'll always be a part of it. Let's embrace it. Sango, you are so strong and beautiful, and you've found someone that appreciates that and you for all that it is, and all that you are. Miroku…" she broke off to regain her composure. "Take care of my best friend. She means the world to me, and I know you love her, so you should have no problem making her happy."

Miroku grabbed Sango's hand under the table, and looked into her eyes that were shimmering with fresh tears. Kagome lifted her hand, and the crowd did too, and she gave her final words.

"Sango and Miroku, let love carry you for the rest of your days. Let love bind you in the ways that everyone knows it already has. I love you both. Cheers."

Everyone sipped their champagne this time instead of knocking it back, and clapped as Kagome took her seat. Sango and Miroku stood up and bear hugged her almost, both impressed and happy with her speech.

"I love you" Sango said, voice tight with emotion.

"I love you too" Kagome replied, in the same boat.

When she sat down, she wiped her eyes with tissue, which she still wasn't sure where it came from, and leaned into Kouga's arm again.

"I knew you would do just fine" Kouga said, patiently and impatiently waiting for his glass to be refilled because he drank it all. Kagome laughed, and turned to kiss him briskly.

For the next few minutes, Sango and Miroku stood up to give their thanks and both refrained from telling embarrassing stories about the other. Food was served, and delicious, much to Kouga's liking. And soon, music was being played, and attendees were standing up to crowd the dance area. Before any of the couples at the wedding table could stand to dance, they watched another couple walk in the entrance.

"Oh my…" Sango stated.

"Is that…" Kouga added.

"Oh kami…" Kagome finished.

They watched the couple walk up to them, or they assumed they were a couple. They certainly were matching and linked up like they were.

"Congratulations" Hiten spoke to Sango and Miroku, who were staring wide eyed at the woman on his arm.

"Well, damn" Kouga chimed in, catching Kagura's attention. "I see why you got promoted so fast at the station."

Everyone laughed, even Kagura, who also seemed happier these days.

"It's not like that, Kouga" Kagura said, her voice as it always was, but a small smile on her face. She looked great in her Greek style purple gown, hair down and not in a tight bun, and fabulous nails to match. Her date was just as good looking, with his braid unbraided, hair down in waves, and dressed in a tuxedo.

"Are you two…" Sango started to inquire.

"Yes" Hiten answered quickly, and Kagura rolled her eyes, but Kagome noted the small blush on her cheeks.

"Congratulations" Kouga said. "Good luck with that, Hiten."

Everyone laughed, and the couple left to dance as well.

It had been a while since they saw the cop, but he had done so much for them, so of course they invited him. It had been a crazy six months on his part while he worked on one of the biggest drug bust cases of his career. After Kagome was shot and they brought in Renkotsu and Jakotsu, they both sang like a canary, ratting out that Bankotsu, their boss, told them to shoot Kagome. Only, it wasn't Kagome they were directed to shoot. It was Kikyo.

Turns out, Bankotsu was a secret drug lord with a normal job for cover up. Naraku owed Bankotsu some serious money, and needless to say, once he was sent to a mental facility, he couldn't pay him back. Bankotsu knew Naraku was involved with Kikyo from random guy talk. When he didn't get his money, he decided to hit Naraku where it would hurt, so he would learn a lesson.

Renkotsu and Jakotsu were given a picture of Kikyo, and directed to 'take her out.' They thought it was Kikyo they saw while they were at the club, they thought it was Kikyo they were following, and they thought it was Kikyo they shot.

All three were being put away for time that was currently indefinite, and Kagome didn't straighten her hair for a long time after that. Kikyo felt like shit, of course, but Kagome told her it wasn't her fault.

Kouga was livid, naturally, because he knew Bankotsu. He thought he was a good guy, and he met Kagome. On their first date when Kouga took her to Li's Palace, Bankotsu was the one that sat them and served them. It was all bullshit in his eyesight.

"What are we sitting here for?" Kouga asked loudly, standing up. "I'm ready to fucking move."

Everyone cheered in agreement, and even Kikyo got up to dance with Inuyasha. As soon as Kagome and Kouga linked hands, a song came on that she loved and really got the crowd going.

Cue Music – Too Young: Phoenix

"Oh yes" Kagome squealed; that typical noise when a girl hears her favorite song. Kouga grabbed her by the waste and the two started moving to the words.

"Baby when I saw you turning at the end of the street

I knew a time was gone and it took me like ages…"

"I haven't heard this in forever" Kouga said, while twirling Kagome. Kagome hummed in agreement, and looked around her. Souta and Kohaku were dancing with her mom, and Miss Higurashi was a giggling mess. Much to her surprise, Sesshomaru was a few feet away from Inuyasha and Kikyo, dancing with Rin.

"Can't you hear it calling, oh yeah.

Everybody's dancing, oh yeah.

Tonight everything is over

I feel too young."

Kagome moved and swayed, because the chorus was her favorite part. Here she was, surrounded

by people she loved, music she loved, and in the arms of the man she was in love with. This night couldn't possibly get any better. Kouga and Kagome sung loudly, both out of tune, at the bridge.

"Oh the rainfalls and hard times coming they won't leave me tonight.

I wish I knew what I was doing

Just do let this spirit survive

Everybody's dancing, oh yeah."

They looked in each other's eyes for the final line before the chorus.

"I guess I couldn't live without the things that make my life what it is."

The two danced the night away, not caring if their feet felt tired or if others were gradually leaving the dance floor. They stopped for a while to eat cake, which Sango glared at Miroku and dared him to smear any on her. Turns out Hiten had two left feet, and was only a little embarrassed by Kagura making fun of him.

As more people left, Kouga tugged Kagome's arm, and gestured her toward the side doors, so they could go outside and cool off. Kagome followed, and Kouga took off his tuxedo coat and handed it to her so she wouldn't get too cold.

"I'm having so much fun" Kagome cooed, spinning in circles while they walked slowly, the moon bright overhead. The location Sango and Miroku chose wasn't too far from the coastline, and there was a body of water over a small hill. That's where the two were walking.

"I was having a hard time keeping up" Kouga said, referring to her dance moves. Kagome laughed, and soon the two were standing on the hill, overlooking the tiny ripples of black water here and there from movement from an unknown source.

Kagome turned her head towards Kouga and took him in. He looked ethereal for a moment, with his hair down, stark as the night sky above them, and blue eyes shining in the moonlight.

"If you're going to stare at me, make it less awkward and start a conversation."

Kagome laughed incredulously, humored by Kouga's impression of her from when they first ate together at the hospital. If she only knew then that she'd be standing by his side under a clear sky and in love…

"I love you" she said, not caring if she sounded sappy. Kouga turned to her, and grabbed her chin with a rough, warm hand.

"Not as much as I love you" he said, then kissed her lips.

Kagome would never get tired of this. She'd never bore of the chaste kisses, cheek kisses, Eskimo kisses, long kisses, tongue kisses; it would never cease to light a fire in her that she knew could only be caused by him.

Kouga's heartbeat was increasing, slowly but surely. It started that morning, transcended to the afternoon, worsened that evening, and was about to kill him tonight. He could never recall himself being this nervous ever in his life. Damn Kagome and her ability to change things.

"Prove it" Kagome taunted. Such an innocent taunt.

"Kagome, I…" Kouga broke off, because he wasn't sure how to do this. He practiced, but practice didn't prove fruitful in an unknown situation. He wasn't sure how to go about this, so he started panicking.

Kagome noticed Kouga's nervousness, and was confused. His eyes were looking down, hands holding hers a little too tightly, and he was worrying his bottom lip; a gesture he picked up from her over the months. What was wrong? Now Kagome's heart was beating a little too fast for her pleasure.

"What's wrong?" she asked. When he answered her with a shake of the head, it got worse.

"Kouga" she grabbed his face in between her hands. "What is wrong?"

Kouga blinked, his eyes now locked on Kagome's, and she could see the edginess in them too. It was like a storm was brewing in those ocean orbs, and Kagome wanted to know what was causing it.

"It's nothing bad" he started, giving some relief. "I just don't know how to go about it. I'm at a loss for words."

"That's a first" Kagome joked, and Kouga laughed, still nervous. He moved his head out of her hands and fisted his hands in the pocket of his slacks. Kagome crossed her arms around her, not sure what was going on, and needed to hold on to something for support.

"Well, I don't know if this is too soon, but…" he broke off again to look at her. Her brown eyes were worried, and Kouga smiled at her in attempts to comfort her. It didn't seem to work. He took a deep breath and continued.

"I don't think you know just how much you've changed me for the better" he said. "I mean, months ago I wouldn't dream of living with a woman I could call my girlfriend, much less loving. Kagome, you mean the world to me, and I thank the kamis everyday that I crashed my stupid bike just so I could meet you."

Kagome laughed, tears brimming her eyes. "Kouga…"

"Wait, I'm not done" he added. He really didn't want to stop once he finally worked up the courage to speak. "You're a beautiful person inside and out, and I think I finally have the answer to your question."

Kagome cocked her head to the side in that adorable way she always does when she doesn't quite understand something, which wasn't often, and Kouga waited for her to speak.

"What question?"

"Remember our first date when you asked me if my views on relationships changed, and I said I'd get back to you on that?"

Kagome smiled fully, her cheeks blushing a bit, and nodded, confirming yes, she remembered.

"Well, I have your answer."

"And what might that answer be?" she asked.

"My views have changed. Not a little, but a lot. I didn't think I'd want anything serious for a long time, and here I am, seriously in love and saying corny shit because you like it."

Kagome laughed heartily, her eyes still brimming with tears. She wondered how many time she had 'almost cried' today.

"Matter of fact" Kouga said, stepping back slightly "They've changed so much that I don't even mind saying corny shit, because I love you. I don't mind listening to your stories about work, no matter how boring they are, because I love you. I don't mind you tangling yourself in my hair when you sleep at night, no matter how annoying it is, because I love you."

Kouga lowered himself to one knee, and Kagome's eyes widened and mouth opened in stark surprise. He reached in his left pocket while on his right knee, and pulled out a small box, and Kagome was about ready to die.

He looked up at her, smile wide and confident again, his eyes trained on hers, and spoke.

"And I don't mind spending the rest of my life with you, because I love you, Kagome."

'Almost cried' turned into 'waterworks.' Kagome could no longer hold in the flood of emotion she was experiencing in that moment, and her hands shot up to her face, one to cover her mouth, and the other to wipe tears.

"Kouga" she said shakily. "You're asking me to marry you?"

It was as clear as day.

"Yes ma'am" he responded, cocky as ever, opening the ring box.

"You're crazy" she laughed out, and he laughed to. Maybe he was crazy, and that was okay, because he loved her, and that was all that mattered, and all that ever would. Kagome let more tears flow, as well as a few sobs, and shook her head.

"Yes" she said, smiling. "Yes, Kouga. I'd love to."

And that was that. Kouga slid the ring out of the box and moved to put it on it's designated place. Kagome looked, trying to notice the detail in the night. Once it was on, she brought it up to her face and studied it, once she finally registered what it was, she spoke.

"Oh kami, Kouga, is this…are these…"

"Paws. Yes, they are."

Indeed, the gold ring was small, but the front of it was made so that two paws were slightly overlapping each other. It was creative, not too gaudy, and fit perfectly on her slim fingers.

"It's beautiful" Kagome said genuinely.

Kouga stood up, and hugged her tightly, not wanting to let her go. "Welcome to the pack" he said. He knew he wouldn't regret this at all. The two stood that way for a while, arms linked around each other tightly, Kagome's face buried in his chest, Kouga's buried in her hair. They swayed slowly to the push and pull of non existing music, enjoying the serenity.

"Did she say yes?" they heard a familiar voice shout from a distance. Kouga turned around and yelled back.


Kagome saw her little brother run off, probably to tell everyone, and Kagome looked up at Kouga in confusion.

"You told them you were going to propose?" she asked. Kouga smiled down at her impishly, a smile she'd never tire of, and spoke.

"I asked Mama and Souta for their blessings."

And that caused Kagome to leap up into his arms and kiss him fervently, forgetting they weren't exactly alone even though they were alone.


"Oh, yes" she hissed, enjoying every bit of attention her fiancé was giving her.

"You like it that much?" he asked breathily, resuming his licks and kisses to her creamy neck. Kagome only whimpered in response, and started unbuttoning his dress shirt with trembling fingers.

"I love you" he said, still paying his attention. He felt Kagome trying to work his shirt off, so he pulled back for a moment to help. Soon it and the undershirt was off, and he was back to kissing her neck, this time on the other side.

"I love you too, Kouga" Kagome moaned, and dug her nails into his back while he lapped at her ear.

It had been a while since they last had sex. Almost a month. Kagome practically lived at Kouga's now, but their conflicting work schedules and Kagome helping Sango with the wedding really killed the mood. Now that they had time and energy, all the pent of frustration could be released.

They were back at Kouga's, a home that would soon belong to her as well, although he already considered it hers. His place was closer from the area the wedding was held, and the two needed to get back to a private place with a bed as soon as possible. He had her against his bedroom door, trapping her with his strong, tattooed arms.

"Turn around" he commanded sexily in her ear, and she happily complied.

Kouga's hands went to the back of her dress to start unzipping, and he sighed when her ass pressed against his crotch. "Eager aren't we?"

His only response was a teasing grind, and he unzipped faster, helping her step out of it. When she turned back around, he almost gasped.

"Kagome, is that…"

He broke off when he saw her smiling impishly, an eyebrow cocked.

"A push up bra?" she finished, grabbing his hands and bringing them around her back to undo it. "Yes, it is."

Kouga laughed, not believing it, and promised to get on her nerves about that later, but for now, he watched those soft mounds expose once he pulled the bra off. He was quickly peppering kisses down her chest, causing Kagome to lean back on the door. He moved lower, so that he was on his knees, kissing her stomach, making her flinch.

"Kouga" she breathed, and blue eyes looked up at her in a way that had her more excited than earlier, and warm hands moved up her thighs slowly to remove her underwear. His eyes stayed fixed on hers when he moved them down. Cerulean and brown still met when he pulled her legs up to rest on his shoulders, but brown broke away once she felt a warm, slightly rough tongue lap at her entrance.

The room was a mess of breathing, moaning, cursing, and licking noises and Kouga stayed between her legs, enjoying the position. Even on his shoulders, they were still shaking, and he always loved when her hands unconsciously fisted themselves in his hair, digging into his scalp. He liked the teasing pain.

Kagome looked down, eyes half lidded, and watched Kouga watching her, and felt her end nearing. Deciding that he wasn't the only one that could dirty talk, she found a voice and spoke.

"You gonna make me come?" she asked innocently, causing Kouga to groan into her. The vibrating feeling turned her on even more, and she started pushing her hips to meet the thrusts of his tongue.

Kouga knew it was over when he snaked a hand up to smack her ass, and she gasped, letting herself go.

It was only a matter of time before Kagome was on her back on the bed, writing underneath him, as he entered her. Once he was all the way in, he spoke with a tight voice.

"I missed this" he said, rounding his hips, earning a pleased moan from Kagome. Both of her legs were in the air, curving with an unconscious arch, toes curled. Her arms were around his neck, and his were locked by her head.

It was bliss. Unlike Kagome, Kouga didn't always have the right words to say. He wasn't a talker, despite his wit and humor. He liked expressing through action, and considering the position he was in, Kagome liked it too. He wondered if it would ever be enough. Even if he had Kagome like this every day for the rest of his life, he could never get enough of her.

When Sango and Miroku's wedding approached the deadline, Kouga saw how happy and eager Kagome was for her friends. He wondered if her smile would be even brighter if she was the one getting married. He was nervous at the initial thought, but then he thought about a life without her, and it just didn't seem bearable.

"More" she keened, and he complied. He quickly pulled out to turn her over, and Kagome put her ass in the air before he could even ask.

"You want it like that?" Kouga asked teasingly. Kagome only wiggled her hips in response, earning a pleased sound from Kouga who was languidly stroking himself to the view. His hips met hers, and soon he was back inside the place that only he would know. He always meant it when he said she was beautiful inside and out.

"Yes" she moaned, pushing her hips back to meet his. Both moaned that the familiar and pleasing sound of skin against skin, and went harder.

This was one of the many reasons Kagome loved Kouga. Sex wasn't everything, but his passion and fire took to hers and increased when they made love. His strength, his charm, his humor, his understanding, his body, everything about him suited her.

Her sounds of pleasure were louder, not that they minded. Kouga reached an arm down to run through her cascading locks. He pulled slightly, because he knew she liked that, and then let go slowly, running his hand down her back gently while pounding into her quite the opposite.

"Fuck" she breathed, and Kouga felt himself closing. He loved when Kagome let her tongue slip with language she hardly used, especially because of him. She was so close to her end, so close to screaming, because she was already yelling. Kouga pulled his body so that her back was flush against his chest, and whispered in her ear.

"I love having you like this" he said, to which Kagome moaned. It was all she really could do. Kouga's hand moved around to her neck to turn her head slightly, so he could kiss her. Their lips met, followed by their eyes. Kagome's were glazed over, as were his, and they locked each other's gazes, because that made it all the more intense.

"Kouga, please" Kagome begged. "Don't stop."

He hadn't planned on it, and soon he found her screaming his name, her hips stilling, and her cavern clenching him in a way he could only describe as wet bliss. Once she came down from her high, he pulled his body and hers up along with him, and continued to thrust wildly, his motions faltering the closer he got.

Kagome heard the familiar groans in her ear, knowing that he was getting close. She loved hearing him like that, and decided to help him along. Even in the awkward position, she ground her hips, causing him to groan louder than before.

"Kagome" he said, his voice on edge. Kagome hummed in response, and moaned when she felt his hips still, his arms trap her body to his, and his pleased hum of completion in her ear.

He let her body down slowly, and collapsed on the bed next to her. They were still panting as he spooned her, and Kagome started giggling.

"What?" Kouga asked.

"Nothing" she wheezed laughing harder. "It's just…you should have seen your face when you saw my push up bra."

Kouga started laughing too, his voice low. "I cannot believe you did that to me."

Kagome laughed even harder, and buried her face in his chest. When the laughter died down, she snaked her fingers up to trace over the thin scars where the long-since-removed stitches were. Kouga said they were significant, because it reminded him how he met her, and how lucky he was.

It was a wonder. A long time ago, she didn't think she could truly stop feeling anything for Inuyasha after the heartbreak. It was amazing how the right person could come in and sweep her off her feet. It was also amazing how fast everything happened. Getting heartbroken, falling in love, and getting shot were the craziest events that had happened in her lifetime, and all under a year.

"What are you thinking?" she heard him ask.

"Just how crazy everything is" she answered vaguely, still kind of lost in thought. Although Kouga wasn't exactly sure what she meant, he still hummed in agreement, because whatever it was, she was probably right.

"Hey" she said quietly.

"What?" he responded with the same volume.

"Since we're getting married, we'll have the same initials" she said excitedly, laughing at Kouga's disinterested roll of the eyes.

"Both our text signatures will say K.C." Kouga went along.

"Oh, our wedding programs should have two K.C.'s on the front linking together somehow, and a wolf paw right in the middle."

Kouga laughed, because he knew she was joking. Him, not giving a fuck what something looked like, could even tell that would be tacky.

"Anything you want" he added, kissing her temple. "As long as you don't wear a push up bra on our special day."

They both laughed, and kissed each other lightly, enjoying the company.

"This is so crazy" Kagome said, more so to herself. "I'm getting married."

Kouga smiled fully, and spoke. "Well, don't stress yourself. We have plenty of time."

And they did. They had all the time in the world, but Kagome, being the 'eager' one she was, didn't want to wait too long. She couldn't wait to charge head first into the next chapter with her new love, to her new life.

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