After Edward left me I became angry. As a way to release that anger in a controled way I learnt to fight and fight well. I was spotted by an undergrond fighting scout and offered a spot to fight and make some money. I took Simon up on his offer and started to fight. Every fight I had I won. It was a brutal sport no holds bared. weapons (not including guns) allowed.

I was riddled with scars but never on my face. It was a rule I made before a fight would take place no weapons used on my face. They either agreed or I didn't fight them. Only once did someone break this rule and lets just say he was never able to fight again. So the only scar on her face from fighting is from a pair of brass nucks just above my left eyebrow. I was lucky it could be explained away easily as me just being clumsy. I had moved out not long after I started fighting so hiding injuries became even easier.

It was 3 yrs after the Cullens left that I or Athena as I'm as known on the set was offered a spot in one of the biggest street fighting events. Its held once a year in Mexico, and you can only enter by invitation. Only the best of the best are invited to compete. I couldn't turn it down so I made plans to go for a "holiday" to mexico for a few months. A month before for training in that climate and a month after to recover if needed.

Her dad had left her alone for the most part, as it seemed that after a week of catatonia she was back to normal, just with more attitude than he'd like. But at least she wasnt moping around after that fool left her in the middle of the woods. And he had his new girlfriend to worry about and Bella could always look after herself. So her going on a trip to mexico was easily accepted. The flight was uneventful and the fights organisers had the accommodations set up for her, so it was just a matter of jumping in a cab as soon as she was off the plane and going to the villa that was setup.

She arrived unpacked and spent the next month training. What she didn't know was that she was being watched. Maria had picked up her scent while hunting and was intrigued, so she followed it and watched. She watches as Bella ran laps trained hard, ate, slept and repeat. Maria saw the potential in the girl and knew she was training for the big fighting event coming up. She stayed untill she heard one of the organisers stop by to check on her and Maria got the name Athena. Now she had a name she left but knew she would watch her fight. After all, it's always a good idea to see how skilled her new recruit really is.

It was fight night and Bella was ready her opponent was a champion from Canada and only arrived a day ago. Bella knew she hade a big advantage. She knew from her time traveling from Forks to Arizona that the air is very different and unless you give your self at least a week to get use to the change you will tire out quickly.

So no mater how good a fighter he is if I keep him moving he will exhaust himself and it will be an easy win. Of corse that's only if I find his skill to out mach mine, if not ill take him out as quick as I can, no point wasting energy if I don't need to. As it turned out he wasnt as skilled as she thought he would be and relied on his size and brute force to win. Unfortunately for him so do most of her opponents and this was a weapon free fight. He was tapping out before the 90 second mark. She did play with him for the first 60 seconds. Then set him up and put a choke hold on him no one has ever gotten out of. It was over and she had won without him getting even a hit on her.

She was offered another fight then another then another untill she ran out of opponents. 7 fights later 11 fights in all, they all met a similar fate. She won them all with only cuts and bruises to show for it. As she was leaving her first opponent jumped her and broke her leg with a baseball bat. She fought through the pain and came at him with a vengeance. She beat the ever-loving crap out of him and was going to go in for the final blow but was stopped by an icy hand on her wrist.

Maria watched Athena fight over and over entranced. She saw her assessing for weak points in her opponent. Athena and knew how to take them out within seconds of the fight starting, and then played with them for a bit, before she would end the fight. Maria knew her new warrior could have ended every fight within the first 30 second. She played with them to give the crowd their moneys worth. She came out of 10 fights almost unscathed and some of her moves Maria hadn't ever seen before, and that's saying something. Maria knew she would train Athena to be her new god of war, after all she is named after the goddess of war and wisdom. Once she is ready maria would send her out to bring back her Major and his Capitan. No one escapes maria and lives they have had over 60 years free. With her new soon to be general they wont be free much longer.

Maria left to go turn Athena and was just in tim to see that big Canadian break her leg. To Maria's utter astonishment Athena fought back and fought back hard. As she was about to knock him out Maria darted to them and grabbed Athena's wrist. Stopping her she said "allow me" and grabbed the guy draining him quickly.

Bella knew it was a vampire as soon as her wrist was grabbed by a cold hand, but she did not react, nor did she show any emotion to her attacker being drained. She just remained silent Maria dropped the corpse and approaches Bella "You will be my newest soldier. You will turn then train, and when your ready you will lead and train my newborns. When the time comes you will go and retrieve my Major for me. The you will get his Capitan and we will destroy them together. We will rule the south. Don't disappoint me." With that bela was bitten and began the change. She was picked up and Maria raced back to her camp shocked yet again as Bella remained silent. She laid her down on a cot in her quarters so she could keep a personal eye on her, there was no way she would risk someone killing her newest prize.

As Bella burnt she was able to push away the pain and think around it. She was pissed. She no longer wanted to be a vampire and this bitch turned her and wanted her to do her bidding. Fuck that. Bella refused to make a sound, she wouldn't give the bitch the satisfaction of hearing her in pain. She was glad when she was with the Cullen's that she listened in when Emmet and Jasper would talk about his time in the wars. Bella was well aware of who the Major and his Capitan were, even thou she never meet the Capitan personally. She was even well aware of who Maria was so she knew she had to bide her time and do as she was ordered untill she was fully trained. That shouldnt take her to long as far as fighting and general control goes, its the blood lust she is concerned about. She would serve out her newborn year and maybe a little longer to make sure of her control. Then she would put her plans in motion. She also found her shield while she burned, a slight pressure around her mind that stopped dickward reading her mind. She could feel it growing stronger and stronger. and she decided to keep this a secret as long as she can, as well as the fact she was almost positive that she would remember everything when she woke up. Them more Maria don't know, the bigger my advantage. All maria saw was a great fighter, so that's all she will get.

Bella continued to plot untill she awoke 3 days later. As she expected she remembered everything. She felt her throat burn like the firy pits of hell, and knew she could think thru it but Maria was looking at her. She whimpered quietly and rubbed her throat. Maria nodded and disappeared only to return with a human. He looked like he was a fighter, and not th good kind. With out hesitating she latched onto his throat and bit down gulping down as much blood as she could. Some escaped down her front as she hugged him to her feeling his ribs brake and crumble. Bella dropped the corpses as soon as it ran dry and looked at Maria "Who are you? What are you? What am I?" She asked already knowing the answers.

"I'm Maria, I am your sire, and we are vampires" She stated with so much pride because Bella seamed so in control. after they had fed most newborns are feral. Maria knew Bella was special and that showed with her control. Maria then went on to explain to Bella that her name was Athena and Bella didn't correct her, she was then told that she would train and learn to fight. If she was good enough she would then start training the newborns herself and if she worked hard she would lead Maria's armies. Bella was informed that if she did as she was told she would get as much blood as she wanted but failing to do so she would find herself starved and punished

Over the next month Bella fought and trained and was soon the best in the army, surpassing her trainers quickly, She was given blood at least twice a day to keep her sated. Maria even gave Bella her meals of choise big beefy criminals. Rapists and murderers were her favorite. They tasted better to Bella for some reason. By the time Bella was 6 mths old she was leading the army.

She was never allowed to hunt for her food, it was always brought to her. This was her biggest fear how could she leave without her blood lust under control. She fought and won every battle and scars littered her body from the neck down. She culled the newborns when there time was up. It was then that she thought of a way to try to learn control.

Bella asked Maria if she could start trying to turn her meals for the army. Maria agreed because if Bella could turn her meals, she would be able to have a bigger army. Bella succeeded. It took her till 5 yrs after her new-born yrs to be able to turn someone without feeding at all, and not long after that she would only feed once a week. Bella only fed about once a month now and even then her meal was changed. Maria felt Bella was ready for her next mission and called her into her office. She gave Bella her orders to hunt down her Major. It took longer than Maria wanted but her army was stronger than ever and she wanted to keep Bella at the compound untill it was. Bella was told to choose 3 newborns to go with her and Bella took the three she saw as the biggest threat after her of corse. It was time for Bella's plan to be set in motion.

They left the compound and traveled north for 3 days before Bella killed all 3 of them and shattered their ashes so as not to be discovered. Luck was with her and it rained for a week later. It took 6 mths to track down the Cullens and she found them in Alaska. She hid and observed them for the next 2 weeks and saw Alice and Edward constantly putting Jasper down and giving him a guilt trip about his latest slip. When Edward started on him about how it was Jaspers fault that the family left me, and it was his fault I was dead I had had enough. I silently appeared behind the asshole "Edward it isn't Jaspers fault that you were to spineless to change me when I asked, nor was it his fault that you are to much of a pussy to even break up with your girlfriend like a man. JASPER DIDNT MAKE YOU TAKE ME INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE WOODS AND CALL ME A PET AND A TOY BEFORE RUNING OFF LIKE THE COWARD YOU ARE. YOU DID THAT AND IF YOU FUCKERS WOULD KEEP YOURSELVES FEED BETTER JASPER WOULDNT HAVE TO CONTROL JUST HIS OWN BLOOD LUST BUT THE BLOOD LUST OF 6 OTHER HUNGRY VAMPIRES" I finished in a roar. If vampires could have a heart attack im sure Edward would be having one now. I then turned to Jasper and spoke calmly"Jasper you and I need to talk and it would be an idea to have your Capitan present when we do so." He was still in shock and could only nod. Edward was still standing gaping at me he then had the audacity to tell me " Bella love that is not the type of language a lady should use and why would toy want to speak with an animal like him?" he stated in that condescending tone he has as if im a 5 yr old, the last was said with disgust pointing at Jasper.

I ignored Edward and turned to Jasper and said the only word that mattered.