Author's Opening Note:

A few months ago, I promised myself that I was going to stop writing.

That clearly didn't happen. Better luck next time, me.

The following story is the direct sequel to Dreamgirl. If you're interested in reading this story, then I strongly encourage you to go back and to read Dreamgirl first. Otherwise, this story might not make very much sense.

There are also a series of short stories/drabble collections in this series, although you certainly don't have to read them to understand this story.

The order of the stories goes like this, if you'd like to read them all chronologically:

Birthday Dreams


Perchance to Dream


A Dream Deferred

The Wildest Dreams

(The easiest way to do this is probably to go to my profile and click on anything with "dream" in the title. I do wish there was a way to organize my profile by story...)

I'll be updating A Dream Deferred alongside this story. Every time a new SEES character appears in this story, they will get their own chapter in A Dream Deferred.

Now, as I mentioned at the end of Dreamgirl, this story takes place in Minako Arisato's universe. According to Atlus, Minako and Minato are separate characters who exist in completely different alternate universes and interact with different timelines.

We already know, of course, that the story of Minato Arisato's friends continues with "Persona 4: Arena," and now, apparently, "Persona 4 Arena 2." Those games deal with the aftermath of events in Minato's universe.

But…what happened in Minako's universe? In many ways, her timeline was different, and her relationships to the characters in her world were very different as well. What happened to her friends, to her mission, and to the rest of her story after the events of P3P?

This story proposes to answer that question. I hope you enjoy!

Sincerely and enthusiastically,

Ari Moriarty